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  1. Excuese me, it is not always easy, more to say possible to prove one's psychiatry 'skill/level' to plung loudly! your tongue between your lips, what might be that ONLY test…

  2. Please correct a mistake about 2:25. There was only one sovereignty, Republic of China, in mainland China before 1949 BC, and the People's Republic of China haven't been established. The video maker misplaced the national flag of the latter, while the nation flag here should be the former's.

  3. Thanks for this comprehensive video. It is so great that our professor of public health recommends this video to us. However, there is a little mistake in this video at 2’22 – 2’34. In 1945, “China” stands for “Republic of China”, which politically incorrectly known as “Taiwan” for now in 2017. However, the national flag you put is the flag for “People’s Republic of China”, which established in 1949 and is the “China” we’re familiar with now. Hope you can revise it!

  4. So W.H.O. hero, murderer, thug, and ethnic cleanser,Robert Mugabe has been deposed bloodlesly. What does henchman Dr. ( Hur !! ) Tedros Adhanom think of that ? Will he go bloodlesly ? One things for sure, Zimbabweans will continue to go without drugs, nurses, doctors, and running water. Maybe Pol Pot could be Mr. Adhanom's new super hero.

  5. It's shameful Taiwan has been kept out of The World Health Organization at the request of the most murderous regime of all time (communist China). Accept what Taiwan has achieved and allow them to make the world a better place. Shame on you 'World Health Organization' for doing the work of the most murderous regime of all all time (communist China) https://youtu.be/K5fpDGHU5PQ

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