working out and eating healthy (EVERYDAY for a week)

working out and eating healthy (EVERYDAY for a week)

Hey guys, what’s up, so for this video? I’m basically trying to eat healthy for the whole week meaning eating full meals and trying to eat healthy snacks throughout the day instead of Snacking or going to starbucks all that stuff. So obviously not like a diet I had pizza a few times, you know life happens I’m not gonna starve myself. That’s what eating healthy means to me. I just wanted to cut out snacks So I hope you guys enjoy and let’s start with Sunday Okay, so as you can see breakfast I had some fruit and then I had this health shot and then I also had some water and for lunch I kinda ate the sushi fast, but I did have sushi, and then I got ready for my workout. I have a 6:00 yoga class and it was very last minute I don’t like to go to the gym when there’s a lot of people there. Tonight as my first night of working out Well, okay the week before this. I’ve been working out a lot But for this video this starts the week protip though always have face wipes In your car because this is super last-minute and I just didn’t have time to wash my face at home. Oh my gosh, that was the Sweatiest I’ve ever been the most intense yoga class I’ve ever been to oh Look at me. Oh my gosh. I feel great though I’m gonna go home have some dinner with the fam and I feel great workout complete for the day So I did not film it but for lunch today at school I had sushi once again, but this time I caved and I had a couple Ritz crackers Which I feel like isn’t that bad. But anyways People still aren’t out of school yet. So Hi, I’m trying to zip to the gym right now I can get my workout in alone and grind for At least 30 minutes and then I’m gonna find like a healthy snack. So let’s go gym time So I’m gonna run another lap of the track and then do some machines and then do some Oh Pre-gym we’re.. We’re You and I are getting tropical smoothie I’m going to Emily’s after this and I want to bring her some tropical smoothie cause im a good friend ooh I’ve been recently trying to be oh, there’s someone coming up I’ve got that’s really awkward. Oh Yeah, there’s just a girl going into tropical smoothie job to watch all that. So anyways, you want to add me on snapchat I’ve been trying to be active on that Hanna underscore Melosh and if you’d like it if you saw me as remnants out Hey, lush. Okay. Here we go. I all have to Island greens and then can I put But it ran apart And then we have this little boy He wouldn’t walk anymore once he saw a dog and he wanted to say hi to it So I have to carry him home like a little baby. You little baby. You little baby. Yeah, although baby because is my dessert I’m obsessed with this and I also have to remember for a little sure while editing My question is why am I geared? I’m trying to eat healthy it’s cheap then as the Rockettes a And I’m getting bacon sausage repeat Bacon we worked for this girl Cheers Sorry, I feel like a baby I’m not gonna like act like everything’s fine to you guys cuz like this sucks Hey guys, so it’s a nice beautiful sunny day out. I Did not log when I was eating today or yesterday I didn’t work out because I had some very upsetting news And I just I just needed a day break I got bad news about my tooth. That’ll probably be in different videos but it took some time yesterday to put it into perspective and just Realize it’s not the end of the world. Everything’s gonna be okay, and I just needed to doubt that Yeah yesterday. I can’t even remember what I ate. Oh god. Yeah. I had a piece of pizza just bad And then today I had another piece She’s bad. I had a juice for breakfast went to school after Ella’s wisdom teeth removal That’s where I was I have this immune booster from this morning that I knew I was gonna want to take before the gym So yeah, basically, I’m not gonna like sit here and lie to you guys or whatever I’m telling you honestly what happened? I didn’t think it would happen. I expected to work out any healthy yesterday But from now on I am determined to stay healthy and now I’m on my way to the gym I’m gonna work out for a good 30 to 45 minutes. Okay, so I think like a really bad party. He’s not Oh my gosh, look at the Sun because the guy next to me. Oh, he just pulled away. Thank God I felt so uncomfortable I swear to god he was like shoving drugs up his nose. Maybe I’m so wrong but like he was literally I look over and he was like Okay, so this is a immune booster it’s just let’s do it oh Are you for real? I just spilled this all over my leggings. Okay Put the plant Alright, I am all done with the gym. It’s 3:15 now headed home. I’m gonna take a shower Edit then probably go get something to eat So yeah, I’ll catch you guys. I’m sorry. I’m like really exhausted Next day, but after I’d filmed that clip of me saying I’m gonna healthy from now on I came home to my dad’s and he had ordered pizza. So I did have that but it’s a new day We’re starting over. I was very hungry when I got home too also because I literally had me an all day So I was like I’m not gonna like try and make something right now I hadn’t eaten in like 7 8 hours And I went to the mall and I avoided all the gross food even the home of starving and it looked so good It’s worth it. So this morning it’s Saturday morning I had a banana and now it’s 12 ish and this is my little snack of the day I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go out to lunch in like an hour So I just made myself some avocado toast and had some carrots with that. Stop drinking lots of water I’m trying to edit right now. And then I think I’m gonna go Okay that video I know it got a little bit messy towards the end But let me know if you’re interested in me doing more of these types of videos I am definitely starting to get into working out and eating healthy a lot more and I’m on a bad streak For a little bit, but I’m back on a roll so if you have any tips or suggestions on ways that I can help myself or help others leave them in the comments below and I think that’s it If you want to see more content from me, you can follow me on Instagram snapchat or subscribe to my blog channel I post on there every week too as well as here. I try for every Monday I haven’t done a proper out early who’s in a while, but I love you and thank you brought to you by Yeah in a park, yeah My question is why I made you wait a month cuz you wait, please like the monkey news. Really? I don’t know what Malta

100 thoughts on “working out and eating healthy (EVERYDAY for a week)

  1. Your lifestyle isn't healthy, you should learn amd inform yourself before this kinda things and not with popular beliefs or ig and pinterest pics lol. More like real facts and studies.

  2. A piece of pizza is bad? No wonder I don’t have her figure 😂. I’d tuck into a whole pizza no prob!

  3. Girlie a banana ain’t a breakfast!!
    Love you and I think you should consider eating a healthy balanced MEAL not a SNACK to start your day ❤️💕

  4. I like how this is a realistic beginner healthy routine. It makes other beginners feel better abt their progress and eating “cheat foods” or whatever 🙂

  5. How safe is the water you drink.?
    Every home should have 1.

    Absolutely insane. A MUST have item Sub me if you like.

  6. personally i’m lazy but I do have a body and i’m gonna put a bikini on it and that’s gonna be my bikini body

  7. You’re cute… but u gotta learn how to SPELL DESSERT… Desert 🌵 dessert 🍨 🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. Guys she said at the beginning that she was eating healthy and avoiding snacks. She wasn't trying to get y'all to eat what she is. She is skinny and doesn't need to lose weight just leave her alone

  9. She was done with school and the gym by 3:15 when I only get home from school at 5:23 and then workout and do everything I gotta do lol

  10. 7:05 sweetheart there are people dying and your tooth is the least of our worries, u baby. ur literally crying about you TOOTH!

  11. The thumb nail kinda gets me heated she is already skinny and for ppl like me who are over weight just thinking mmm I wish I had her “winter body” 😂💀

  12. Same sis ima start having those healthy juice smoothie cleanse things ….ima throw up but ay you gotta do what you gotta do right

  13. I can’t bring myself to eat that healthy. especially with all my allergies. like I’m allergic to raw fruits and vegetables believe it or not, I can eat them cooked and can also have citrus fruits. I’m also lack toes and taller ant , and I’m allergic to all nutsssss! 😎

  14. 10:18 I’m sorry Hannah but that is way too small of a dinner! three pieces of asparagus , I spoonful of mashed potatoes, and what? two baby ribs? I could never 😂😂👋🏽

  15. I don’t know her. But just because she only ate one banana for breakfast doesn’t mean she’s not healthy. Not everyone can eat a large breakfast so eating something is better than eating nothing

  16. a lot of people in the comments are coming at her for her serving sizes but honestly, i'm not alarmed. we all eat differently and we all have different appetites. personally, i am 5'4 and a healthy weight of 115 and i have the worst appetite. I can't eat breakfast or even lunch without getting a stomachache. i usually am only hungry for dinner, but i've always been like that my whole life and i can't change it. embrace who you are and stop putting others down, we are all different.

  17. For everyone hating on Hannah for having a banana for breakfast… First of all, some people don't eat breakfast or just have small breakfasts in general. Personally I always have a small breakfast not because i'm starving myself, or am trying to lose weight, but just because i'm not that hungry. For other people though, they get into a routine of having a big breakfast and have a big breakfast everyday which is fine but once again everyone is different, everyone has different body types, and everyone has a different metabolism!

  18. I wish this inspired me but it just got me down on myself. Her portions are half of what i eat for each meal and im still usually hungry between meals. How does she do it

  19. If you eat something unhealthy you really need to enjoy it,, and that you not feel bad if you ate it. Just a tip for everyone😘

  20. Eating “bad” isn’t as that bad as long as your not breaking a calorie surplus by a lot and you are eating the right serving size

  21. lol like it feels like when you try to eat healthy everyone is like I got pizza and cake and ice cream!! AND.. I'm over here like NOOOOOO

  22. wait I’m confused 😳 can someone tell me why she was crying? :^( all I understood was something happened to her tooth?

  23. Everyone in the comments are saying about how little your portions are and it’s me here eat just one meal a day and still feel like I’m overeating

  24. Claire
    you are loved and beautiful and enough and worthy. please give your whole heart to Christ. i’m not saying this cause of criticism or hate but of pure love for whoever is reading this. no matter what you’ve done, where you’ve been, or who you are. YOU are God’s masterpiece. God will make it less painful. He will give you strength through this undoubtedly hard time. He won’t necessarily make it a whole lot easier, but He will make it worth it. so worth it. just be patient and trust Him. love you (yes really YOUUUU

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