20 thoughts on “Why You Need to Add Moringa to Your Keto Diet

  1. If you can't get fresh Moringa leaves almost any Indian Grocers carries powdered moringa . Also while you're there you might as well pick up powdered amla which is also called Indian gooseberry and has much much more vitamin C than citrus and also will help reverse gray or white hair and make it coming out it's not full color at the roots… the shorter the hair the more quickly it recolors it .
    Also most Indian Grocers also sell Noni powder you can save money by not buying the juice which is very pricey at the health food stores
    Noni powder is called Indian Mulberry and is very good for the skin…. but it will also make it much more easy for you to quit smoking cigarettes drinking alcohol or doing opiates .
    Go to the Balu Kudroli channel and look for a vid titled something like Indian Mulberry : the most powerful healing medicinal plant on Earth .
    It is a short animated film and tells you how Indian Mulberry helps break addiction .
    You can also get your ashwagandha powder at almost any Indian Grocers… it's not just good for men it also balances hormones for women as well as men…. you're supposed to take it with shatavari powder which you can also buy their . Shatavari is very important because it helps keep us lubricated and it helps keep the fluids in the brain from drying out…. what's the fluids in the brain start to desiccate is when all kinds of Dementia and neurological problems can set in including just aging .
    Shatavari also balances the hormones for men and women alike take them both with either milk or some kind of protein a little bit before bedtime .

  2. I grow moringa in 1 galon tall pots indoors under led, just like microgreens. the sprouted roots taste like horse radish. the seedlings don't produce a ton of leaves but if you grow them in flats like with microgreens, you can supply enough for your household. I don't like to consume any plant everyday like people do with lettuce eating salads everday. Instead grow a wide spectrum of plants beyond what stores sell so you can have plenty of variety flowing through your digestive system.

  3. Hey doc, off topic…is there a natural remedy other than hemp oil that will quell hyperactivity? Hyperactivity that's not induced by any event. Just comes from out of the blue.

  4. Hi Edward, have you ever tried Gynura Procumbens? I grow that along side my Moringa trees. It is really good for stabilizing sugar levels in all people. I was first interested in it because I developed Diabetes type 1 when I was 22 (An allergic reaction to some food I ate). Whether someone is diabetic or not, stabilized sugar levels lead to better brain clarity and improved production of Dopamine and access to dopamine through the blood brain barrier. If someone has high sugar levels, the blood brain barrier blocks out all dopamine and also the conversion of L-Dopa into Dopamine stops – thereby starving someone of dopamine and creating a condition of ADD until the sugar levels are returned to normal. I once heard a brain doctor jest that if you want to give someone temporary ADD, give them Skittles Candy. I didn't understand how blood sugar levels affected Dopamine but now I do, so I understand what he meant. I used to use Blueberry leaves to stabilize sugar levels but I found the growth of blueberry trees to be too slow for this purpose.

  5. That smoothie looks sooooo good! Am going to try it! I grow moringa……Baker Creek Heirloom seeds has moringa bush seeds…..easy to grow in a pot🤗. One of my faves is boiling cinnamon sticks for 15 min, add fresh ginger & boil 2 more minutes ….remove from heat & add fresh moringa. Great hot or cold👯👯👯👯👯Plus it tastes sweet😇

  6. My smoothies, along with the fresh moringa from my tree, I add spring mix, a beet, broccoli sprouts, berries (frozen), cacao powder, celery juice, & protein powder.

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