Why Nutritional Yeast Will Change Your Vegan Cooking FOREVER!

Why Nutritional Yeast Will Change Your Vegan Cooking FOREVER!

100 thoughts on “Why Nutritional Yeast Will Change Your Vegan Cooking FOREVER!

  1. So this month my cat was not feeling well (the cat food we bought was off, maybe because the corporation had an ownership change). He was not touching his food bowl at all. Then we sprinkled some nutritional yeast on it and he went crazy for it's nutty flavour. Was the only way we could get him to eat enough food for the laxatives to work (which helped flush the bad food out of his system). Am so so glad that worked. But who knew cats love nooch too!

  2. Yaaaas girl!!! Nutritional Yeast is a GAME CHANGER!!! I love my noooch 😍 thanks for sharing girl!!! I love all of your content 💜🙏 I just uploaded my first video to YouTube I'd love some support!!!💙😍

  3. I was introduced to nooch long before I went vegan by a roommate (also wasn't vegan). She did work at a health-food store though. And she told me to try it on some popcorn. Best way to have popcorn in my opinion.

  4. Is there a type or brand that DOESN'T taste like chicken broth? I bought the NOW brand powder and I can't tolerate the chicken noodle soup taste it brings to everything. And I don't like eggs either. =/

  5. I will say I am quite intimidated by seitan or tempeh. Feel like I won’t enjoy the taste or texture. Please do a video on one of those ☺️

  6. For soup, I like to mix it with some water or broth (~1/3 cup nooch in 2 cups water for a 10-12 cup soup recipe) and let it settle for a few minutes so the sludge falls to the bottom. When it's time to add it to the soup, I pour the stock out carefully so the sediment stays behind. You're left with a clear yellow liquid that gives a slightly more appealing look/texture. Miso's another great flavor-booster you could cover 🙂

  7. I'm still iffy about Nutritional Yeast… I was so excited to try it and purchased the Braggs version since everyone recommends it. I sprinkled it in a spaghetti dish, it tasted great but I felt horrible afterwards. It made me get a stomach ache and it took me days to feel better. Is there any way to get something similar to it? I've read that there are people who are sensitive to Nooch. I'm sure I am :/

  8. Oooooh yes. Love this stuff and have been using it for years. In my house is goes in soups, tops pastas, and yes in mac n "cheez" lol

  9. You are awesome! I’m new to this vegan thing but the more I learn, the more exciting it is.
    One thing I struggle with is tofu. Haven’t been able to stomach it yet. Maybe the texture, but I think it has potential. Can you suggest some ways to make tofu interesting and tasty, please?

  10. I feel like I'm the only vegan who isn't in love with nutritional yeast 😅 like I'll add it to recipes, but I can't get with eating it on its own.

  11. What I'm wondering with me and nutritional yeast is: do I eat too much of it? :'D
    I put it litterally everywhere, eating a ratatouille with nutritional yeast as I speak…

  12. I do all of the things you mentioned in your video but also put it on my avocado toast. I pretty much put that ish on everything: salads, spaghetti, pasta…..you name it.

  13. It’s also great to add to plant milk with cinnamon and maple syrup to make French toast!! Adds that ~little something~

  14. My son puts it in everything including dessert. I love it too just not in everything. Thank you for sharing 💚💚💚

  15. Maybe I'm a super dumb-dumb, but I have trouble making my own seitan. It always turns out kind of gummy! I would love a seitan 101 video!

  16. I used Nooch once to replace yellow miso. I was making something and realized that I forgot to pick up the yellow miso that it called for. So I took some soy sauce and some Nooch and created a paste. Since it was the 1st time I had made the recipe, I couldn't tell if the flavor had changed since it didn't have the miso. However, when I made the recipe again w/ the miso, I could say the flavor wasn't that much different. I actually liked the Nooch paste version better…particularly since finding miso in my grocery store can be hit and miss.

  17. 💚 Can someone recommend brands? I’m very open to alternative foods/condiments etc and the one time I tried it I hated it which is very unusual for me since I tolerate a lot of things most ppl don’t 🤪

  18. I cannot get on board with tempeh- idk if it’s the texture or what but I will ALWAYS go with tofu instead. Any tips for that would be great!

  19. While I like it, I don't get the raving over it from fellow vegans. It doesn't taste like cheese. It doesn't taste like chicken. It tastes like yeast. The so-called faux cheese sauces mimic texture, but honey, they taste nothing like cheese.

  20. I like adding nooch to gravies and sauces as well! one ingredient ive always been super intimidated by are all the various gums and starches people use to make cheeze and sauces and desserts

  21. been vegan for almost 3 years, had heard of nooch before, even had some given to me, but it got bad because I didn't know how to use it (!!!!!!)— now finally I'm enjoying it and basking in its glory
    ~ spreads on the floor and rolls on it ~

  22. I find if I put a lot in a dish it smells fishy, which I don’t want. Could it be the brand? I do like it in a tofu scramble.

  23. Have you tried to make a sweet custard with nutritional yeast? I've made one that hot for food has on her channel. She made dessert trifle with the custard. It was very yummy!!

  24. For all those who don't like nutritional yeast and/or are asking about brands, here's my experience. I tried the most readily available ones, such as Bragg's and KAL. Didn't like them at all. Figured out that those are fortified with B vitamins and all I tasted was B vitamins. I now buy UN-fortified. There are several brands – Sari and Frontier come to mind and taste just about the same to me. They are mildly nutty tasting, not really cheesy but add a nice savory note to things. They do work well in vegan "cheese" sauces. Bottom line: Try UNFORTIFIED.

  25. Can you make a video about soy-free vegan options? I am a vegan but I have a soy intolerance and it is hard for me to find soy-free mock meats and vegan foods that do not contain soy.

  26. You've grown fat, strong and looking incredibly hot now. Can you do a body show on YouTube posing in your underwears ?

    Look at those…🔫🔫💣💥 bomb sexy !!!

  27. I love nutritional yeast but I think I’m on the only vegan who doesn’t think it taste like traditional cheese 😭

  28. If a recipe calls for x amount of nutritional yeast I usually double it 🙂 Always add it to soups and sauces and DEFINITELY mashed potatoes, tofu scrambles, gravies…literally EVERYTHING!

  29. Should maybe talk a little about the differences between synthetic fortified Nooch and non-fortified Nooch…for those who want naturally fortified or not fortified Nooch…use this a lot in my own cooking! Love your videos, lots of good info on commercial products for vegan cooking!

  30. I try to avoid anything with yeast in it, including bread (for bread, mostly I eat Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 tortillas, solid sprouted grains, they're awesome). I am not at all persuaded yeast can actually be nutritional but I could be wrong.

  31. Hi there!
    Two out of my three dogs have skin allergies to grasses and other plants. They get itchy dry patches and their hair falls out in patches. I started putting nooch on their dry food and within about three weeks their hair grew back. Their coats are shinier, eyes are brighter, and they are more playful and full of energy. I would highly recommend for any sickly, underweight or older 🐕. Will improve their quality of life. I got the idea when I saw yeast tablets in the pet vitamin section in the store.I compared ingredients that they are basically the same except the vitamin tablets have filler and binders to make them a certain size and keep the tablet sticking together. All of my dogs love the taste. They mow it down even if it's on a dogfood brand they don't usually like much.

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  33. I feel a ton smarter just because I can eat cheese and meat without guilt (I know that as humans we need it to be healthy). But hey, good luck to you all vegans, enjoy your fake animal products. Because a vegan diet is so 'natural' that vegans can't survive without trying to mimic animal products the best way possible.

  34. I have seen and bought small quantities of flaked and powdered nutritional yeast – and firstly they do taste different and some have more flavour than others – more umami taste and so better than others for making a "cheesy" sauce etc.
    I have also heard folks say you "shouldn't" use nutritional yeast with tomato based dishes – most of my dishes do involve tomatoes – is there a clash of flavours or something?

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