Who Will Win The Power Squad Trophy? (Season 11) 🏆 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Who Will Win The Power Squad Trophy? (Season 11) 🏆  #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(intense music) – So we’re here today at Valley Ranch for Jay’s Power Squad Workout. As a hopeful DCC, we do
need a lot of stamina for the kick line and
all the dances we do. So I’m excited and ready to get going. – Last year at Jay’s
Boot Camp, I actually won the Power Squad trophy, so
that was really exciting, and everyone’s like, “Oh,
are you doing to win again?” and I’m like, “You never
know, we’ll just see, “there’s some fresh meat out there.” (laughs) (drum march) – Hello ladies. (all cheering) Today we’re going to have
the physical fitness test. These girls need to be in the best shape of their lives right now. They’ll be dancing for four hours out there in 100 degree heat, so we’re going to find out what kind of shape these girls on in. [Jay] You have three events. Two-minute timed pushups,
sit-ups and a one mile run. You get 100 points at each event, the winner gets a deep tissue massage from the Hilton Anatole. We’re going to do pushups first. Ready? And go! (“Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson) [Jay] Come on, let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – [Woman] You can do it, come on. Come on, girl, push it.
– [Jay] One minute left. – [Woman] Come on! – [Jay] Three, two, one, done, time. – [Woman] Give me all you got! Way to go, good job. – I got 58. – I got 67. – 58. – I got 82 pushups. – You can tell me to
dance for two minutes, but I can’t do pushups for two minutes. – Okay, go ahead, do the same
thing for the sit-up event, (“Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson) – [Jay] Go, come on. [Jay] Oh yes, come one, come on, come on. [Jay] One minute, let’s
go, let’s go, let’s go. [Jay] Up and down, up and down. Three, two, one, time. (cheering) – You got 72 in two minutes. – You got 61. – I got 91. – Way to go. Okay, let’s go do the run. Go! (upbeat music) – All of us are out here because
we want to make this team. We’ll do whatever it takes,
and if it’s a one-mile in 100 degree heat, bring it on. – [Woman] Woo, way to sprint it in! – 6:35, way to go. – I won the mile, I kind
of got a second wind. I realized I was close,
had to keep pushing. And it wasn’t that bad. – [Jay] 6:49, way to go. Overall, the scores were
in the higher range. They rocked it. So I don’t want to throw
shade on you parade here. You came in last, but
I’ll give you some skills, how to improve that mile. Way to go.
– Thank you. – All right, here we go, you guys. The winner and the recipient of the deep tissue massage from
the Hilton Anatole is Allie. (all cheering and clapping) – I had the highest
score out of everybody, which was really surprising, shocking. It just makes me feel more positive and more excited about tonight, that you feel more confident in what you can have to show. [All] Sweat is sexy!

9 thoughts on “Who Will Win The Power Squad Trophy? (Season 11) 🏆 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

  1. Holly really was spunky. I didn't watch the show during her years as they happened, but seeing her now, I realize why she was/is so loved.

  2. Ok if I did maybe 2 pushups I wouldn’t be able to do sit ups until the next day. Maybe a week later I could run a few blocks. You have to hand to these women they are incredibly fit.

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