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  1. Even Dr. Kalper admits that during the Paleo period the humanoids ate meat when they could kill it. No one denies the need for fruits, nuts and lots of vegetables in one's diet. It is just the fact that some meat is also part of a healthy and natural diet. The absents of any one of these results in problems. The presents of all 4 makes for a robust, natural and healthy diet.

  2. Kale isn't healthy for the thyroid. Kale is rich in glucosinolates. Glucosinates form a substance called goitrin that can suppress the function of the thyroid gland by interfering with iodine uptake. Many people today are low key iodine deficient already.

  3. Love this presentation. I'm French and I wish I could add French subtitles to this video, so my friends can watch it too !

  4. My lung Cancer Metastasised and spread too other organs, thai peppers from local farmboy grocery store saved my life. I had too eat 6 a day and boy are they hot but in a single day of treatment you feal a noticeable difference in your over-all health and keep going with the spicy treatment. spicy Thai chilli peppers are allot more effective than any thing you hear about on youtube just look at how low cancer rates are in thai land. Dont trust the baking soda bullshit or mixing cottage cheese and flaxseed oil in a blender they dont work. B17 is not effective enough for cancer too trust your life too it i've tried. I even tried heated oil from indica plants and it didn't do a bit of good as far as i could tell. These small red Thai Peppers are the Cure too Cancer! Stay away from Dairy and Soda if you Have cancer currently! my lung cancer metastasised back in 2007 and i never went too hospital for treatment. I swear too you im telling the truth!!!!!!

  5. wish he would tell us the name of the vit tablet he recomends and not leave us knowing that is is good but go find it

  6. Coffee enemas are good thing to put in with the all vegan diet to get rid of toxic waste and to heal the body…

  7. I use low sodium iodined salt to get my iodine. Way less sodium, quite some potassium, enough iodine. The sea stuff isn't good available here and oftenyou don't know how much iodine you get from it. You could overdose per accident.

    I wonder how many people have an EPA/ DHA shortage, because I hardly ate fish before eating plantbased and certainly never ate flax seeds or something similar. I know so many people who are like that. Never eating fish or other omega 3 sources.

  8. Neanderthals are from the northern hemisphere not from Africa. Homo sapiens are from Africa. Please visit Africa before talking about anthropology. Neanderthals are not what we refer to as humans. They inter bred with homo sapiens in order to produce Caucasians. I just want to give acurate scientific information. Also lots of animals and humans have fat as their primary source of fuel. Bears, inuits etc. We are omnivores not herbivores. Yes some people do have longer canines. We are not even able to break down plant cellulose like cows and goats can..

  9. Meharry Medical College, class of 1991 : thanks for an actual integrated biochemistry of Nutrition course.

  10. It's funny that he says for the taste of flesh but we really dont know what it taste like because they are pumped with salt and condiments. I have now been trying to change my ways and its been 3 weeks that I stopped eating meat and processed food. Except cheese. Im struggling there. I will tell you though I feel so much better and have already dropped 7 lbs. I am also sleeping so much better. I hope to be able to continue. I can tell you about what he says about children is so true. I work with children they refuse fruits and veg. They'd rather starve. So sad.

  11. Dr. Klaper is the best speaker for Whole Food Plant Based Diets of anyone I've ever heard. I"ve worked in hospitals and clinics for almost 40 years. I have seen people get worse and worse following their doctor's prescriptions. Doctors to this day (2018) still never tell their patients about nutritional alternatives. More and more doctors themselves are turning to Whole Food Plant Based diets but not telling this to their patients. My son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. His doctor told me that all of these patient's eventually get cancer of the colon and die. My son when Whole Food Plant Based with no oil, salt,sugar and they now took this diagnosis off his problem list because they could not find it on his colonoscopy any longer.

  12. Well, I pretty much know now how to master my vegan diet, and heal my thyroid. Michael is the best speaker yet! Thank you so much!

  13. Insane fuck, wants the whole world to follow his diet or he will judge everyone, tries to create connotations between eating meat and destroying the environment the "our children's future", so that later they can start enforcing draconian laws against meat eaters because they are "criminals".

    Look into the research on beta hydroxybutyrate, they are finding amazing this about it, it prolongs life as seen in rats, downregulates mTOR, IGF-1 etc etc… Ketogenic diet is High fat LOW PROTEIN because high protein is converted into glucose which kicks you out of keto. This guy is a fucking bigot and an idiot, too fanatical to be objective.

  14. DO NOT GET IODIZED SALT!!! That iodine is a industry waste product and is actually harmfull instead of good for your body. The same way fluorid is an industry waste. Go for some Kelp (tablets or powder) as it is a natural source of Iodine. For salt go with himalayan salt / stone salt from Pakistan, Salt Range etc. No table salt! No industry NaCl !

  15. I'm 47 and i haven't had ANY animal food in 40 years. I'm a bodybuilder here at Gold's Venice. I NEVER had any medical condition and have NEVER been sick of deficient of anything. Last time i had a cold was in 1997. Go Vegan Today!!! The clock is ticking.

  16. Elaine Amphlett I think this guy is one of the best speakers the vegan movement has, always interesting. Check more here: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/elaine-amphlett #ElaineAmphlett

  17. This is one of the most important lectures on the plant-based vs. the paleo diet, I've ever heard! For any family who has cancer in the family already, all paleo is doing is playing Russian Roulette and the chances of avoiding the bullet continuing to play the game. The same is true if it is diabetes, arthritis, leaky gut, heart disease, high blood pressure.

  18. Paleo is not a "meat" diet. It involves meat, yes but any serious minded practitioner of it knows it is a "fat" diet. That said, while my brain fog cleared the honeymoon hasn't been without its fights.

    I prefer plants. I've missed my beans actually. In my search I've come to realize a few things. Meat eating probably should be mostly separate from carbs. As this MD said it should probably be a special event and fasting and "Carb'ing" should have their time too.

    I refuse (at this moment in my search) to believe that we are herbivores though I agree with this guy that meats are not an everyday thing.

    Another trouble is that meat eaters generally don't respect the animal by eating the whole of it. Organs for instance are more nutritious than the muscle. People will roast a chicken but through out all that nutritious bones and skin and not make a bone broth. I wonder if adding a little but of that good glycerol to those bean soups would be a much more balanced thing.

    Everything this guy said is accurate but in "paleo" times we did in fact hunt. We fasted and we rummaged. So my wonder is how to combine all thought and seek the advantage of them all.

    Plus, maybe it is good to get slightly fat only to fast. Our GI tract needs its breaks. I've all but abandoned the 3 meal a day idea. I see my cats don't eat that way and it just doesn't make sense to me in terms of an animalistic idea.

    But I'm intrigued. I'd like to play around with beans, potatoes and grains again. I truly missed them and honestly, I'd like to enjoy them more than with the occasional binge where I eat way "unclean." But, alas, I'd like to understand more.

    For the last few days I've looked at the veggie crowd's arguments and I'm not bowled over except by the the no dairy arguments which I kinda already knew. I like that this doctor dabbled a little in science. We need more of that to compel me to believe in his path.

    Again, true paleo people are looking for foods which are "nutrient dense" like veggies. My last thought is that if a hunter gatherer bagged a kill, they would be keenly aware that it was time to make hay while sun shines. That means they probably would eat of it all day, gain fat, eat it before it rotted and in essence "celebrate."

    So I'd like to know more about vegetarianism. At this point, I'm not giving up my eggs and meats but I'm truly curious and I never thought I'd be.

    Hats off to the good doc. Thank God these doctors are starting to wake up. I'm so sick of needing to learn medicine because you all decided you were above understanding nutrition. I always said there is a reason they call it "your practice." It just sucks now at 44, I really could have used your help at 28 years old.

    So please, keep moving in this direction. Good stuff. And not just anecdotal – "these are not canine teeth" arguments please. Trust me. I can understand your mitochondria lectures. I truly want to understand so I can just focus on my job while you do yours. I never wanted to be aa doctor. All of your ineptitude forced me to learn and it sucks. Man up. I wasted 15 years.

  19. Thank you Dr. Klaper for putting together all the missing pieces to the puzzle for me about how our bodies become trained to eat meat from childhood. After your lecture it should become clear to anyone seeking to subsist on a plant based diet that they can do it and for some people, the transition may need to be done over tIme. As an allied medical professional, over the past five years, I gradually began cutting down on meat and fowl because I distrusted the safety of the foods and at the same time became more aware of the inhumanity the animals were subjected to. I also began to avoid fish and other products of the sea as I became aware of not only the toxins, but of the plastics they were ingesting, until I stopped eating seafood altogether. I am struggling with a few remnants of my past diet, namely, butter, eggs, and half and half for my coffee. I am not all plant based, yet but I the past 3 years my blood lab results are 95% improved. As my doctor said, you are the poster child patient , you are getting better. I keep listening to videos by the leaders in this movement like Drs. Kleper, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, J. McDougall, J. Fuhrman, Milton Mills, Pamela Popper, an authoritarians “like Brenda Davis…there are others, too.
    I don’t need to be convinced, I just need to commit a little more, I do not beat myself up. For 3 months I was able to give up those three items. I have eliminated other dairy products like cheese and oils. I am only human, and I see the dangers of dairy products, and of caffeine. I will release them from my palate when I am ready. In the meantime, I feed my mind regularly with the knowledge to keep this goal foremost in my mind, to grow totally committed to plant based nutrition. The film Knives Over Forks started me on this journey, and reading The China Study. The film lead me into a view multitude of other documentaries like Cowspiracy and most recently, What the Health, as well as every night I look up YouTube videos by the aforementioned people. But this lecture by Dr. Klaper tied up all the missing pieces for me and unified all those previous lectures an$ documentaries I have been studying. It is the most important work you are all doing to raise our awareness of this need to move to a plant based is what will save us but will save our planet, Gaia. Thank you.

  20. What makes a carrot YELLOW? 35:25 What's he talking about yellow? Where do you get yellow carrots? m'm something's wrong here?

  21. I do Whole Food plant-based but I definitely eat coconut oil organic olive oil Himalayan sea salt Celtic Sea salt and I'm not giving up well and salt I don't do refined sugar raw organic honey

  22. I'm sure the AMA and big Pharma do not like the fact that a whole food plant-based diet can cure all these diseases lifestyle diseases but they are counting on people not willing to change their lifestyle and they just prefer to eat the same crap and take medication it's very sad but they're addicted it's a meat and Dairy sugar addiction AKA food addiction

  23. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. I worry
    about when a population becomes distracted by trivia, people who put
    junk culture on a pedestal when its a tool to distract for the people.
    Meanwhile, the face of our planet, the biosphere, is being sharply
    changed by man, destroyed by "psychopaths" corporations, people die
    every day and the world goes on like nothing happened.

    The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of democracy, a prison
    without walls in which the prisoners would not dream of escape. A system
    of slavery where, through consumption (Apple, Rolex, Nike, Johnnie
    Walker, Armani, Ferrari, Louis Vuitton…) and entertainment (Marvel,
    Disney, NFL, Star Wars, Adele, NBA, Pokemon GO, Game of Thrones,
    UEFA…), slaves would love their servitude (producing dictatorship
    without tears, a kind of painless concentration camp for entire
    societies). That system is our enemy. It is all around us. It is the
    world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth (a
    prison that you cannot taste or see or touch, a prison for your mind).

    This system organizes our economy, our politics, our habits, our lives, and
    even provides us with rates and credit cards and gives us the appearance
    of happiness. And this seems to be the final revolution. You've felt it
    your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world, but
    accepted as normal (wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it). Like
    everyone else you were born into bondage. It seems that we have been
    born only to consume and to consume, and when we can no longer consume,
    we have a feeling of frustration, and we suffer from poverty, and we are
    auto-marginalized. And many are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on
    the system, that they will fight to protect it.That's how it is with
    people – nobody cares how it works as long as it works. I only hope we
    understand that reason before it's too late. Fact is that when we are
    mesmerized by someone (corporations) we lose all sense of analysis and

  24. Nobody sees a problem with using science to disprove science? It is all probably wrong. Science is a mistake! Nature is the only healthy way to go.

  25. Been Vegan under a year (8 months?), loving it but still finding my way. Started The Starch Solution with Dr.Mcdougall…feels great ..But Dr.Klapper..WOW..this was so informative . Excellant. Love Both Doctors. This should be taught in schools very early. Thank you for this post, I learned a lot.

  26. I hear you Michael and now thrive on a Whole Food Plant based diet. I feel better, I did not get sick (not even a cold) have less time for meals to cook and I pay less for more foods and tastes. Thank you!

  27. I suffer with UC and I never thought I’d have such a keen interest with diet, I started a plant based diet yesterday. Cannot wait for results!

  28. I love this presentation. It cuts to the chase. I learned a lot. Best of all it's information I can use. Thank you for sharing.

  29. https://youtu.be/IvlaQJImt9w?t=5723
    I'm confused. What happened to Lipogenesis? "Lipogenesis is the process by which acetyl-CoA is converted to triglycerides (i.e., fat).[1] Acetyl-CoA is an organic compound mainly used to transfer to other compounds the energy obtained by the breakdown of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fatty acids, and ethanol."(Wikipedia) So what does he mean by saying the body cannot convert glucose to fat? My understanding was that excess energy from glucose is stored as fat and used in a fasted state later. Can someone please explain? Thanks!

  30. Brilliant talk by a very open, nice guy. I wish someone had explained even half of this to me thirty years ago. My instincts have led me to avoid the very worst of what our society throws at us in terms of food. Now I know why my instincts were for the most part correct.

  31. For those of you wondering what the vitamins he recommends are, they're Dr. Fuhrman's, at this writing $48 for a two-month supply on amazon.

  32. For years I was asking my doctors about the best diet to help me have better numbers, but they probably didn't know about Plant Base Diet. I have been a Vegan for three month and now my numbers read NORMAL. Horay!!!!
    My task now is to let them know!

  33. I pretty much agree with Dr. Klaper except when he gets to the part that we are not designed to eat animal flesh. That's absolute nonsense. We don't have the intestines of pure plant eating Gorillas or Monkeys. We lost most of our large intestine therefore we can't hindgut ferment cellulose. We don't have the stomach structure of herbivores and therefore can't break down cellulose following that method. And let's see you find plant matter in the midwest or further north during six months of the year? You can't. During that period Paleo man ate meat. And during that six month period we sure did have a freezer to store meat between hunts. It's called the great cold outdoors. Our problem is we simply eat too much meat, fat, salt, sugar and oils. And one more thing. Where in the world does Dr. Klaper get the idea that Paleo is ketosis? That just isn't so, and he's showing ignorance of another way of eating. It's obvious he hasn't done his research and that will make Paleo people and others throw out all his good points when they hear such nonsense.

  34. We're getting all kinds of great results!
    We'd love to have you come along on the journey with us!


  35. This presentation is just as cherry picked and misleading as the presentations by the paleo followers. Like someone else said, this information is biased and incomplete. Our ancestors were not vegans. They ate less animal flesh then we do today but they did eat it. Small animals, bird eggs etc. The idea that choline is bad for you is nonsense. Choline is has been determined to be an essential nutrient. Most traditional diets make some use of small amounts of animal foods/products for very good reasons. As for B12, our ancestors DID in fact get their B12 from animal foods. They were NOT vegans. Total veganism is modern concept.

  36. In the very end ,he sayd the body cannot store excess carbohydrates into fats? Not following here? He must know about the convertion of glucose to triglycerides so what does he mean with this?

  37. This really was a very informative and enjoyable presentation. However, we need to help Dr Klaper better understand "global warming", which is another one of the great scams of the century. People need to look up from their phones are realise the big tic-tac-toe board above is blatant evidence of an extremely sinister programme: Stratospheric Aerosol Injection". This programme is in use worldwide to, among other things, blanket our planet with even more toxic substances to "cool the planet and prohibit global warming". Those chemtrails contain reflective particles that expand and spread out in order to deflect the sun's rays away from the Earth! Please do the research. No sunlight = plants don't grow, people feel gloomy, etc. etc. The substances they contain are also used in conjunction with electromagnetic radiation to manipulate the weather. Weather modification has been around for decades. (See my channel for a few vids). But worst of all, proponents and pushers of global warming, oh sorry, I mean "climate change", cooked the data to attempt to depict a warming planet. It's not warming. When people caught on and the docs were leaked, they changed the term to "climate change" which is crazy because the climate ALWAYS changes…..

    So many people have woken up to the big agri-business nutrition-deprived "food" scam. Let's also wake people up about the conscious destruction of our planet through this invention of "global warming".

  38. I do love Dr Klaper & his in depth advice, however he has contradicted himself in part of this video…So I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me out! He states not to use Kelp tablets as kelp has too much Iodine, however on his multivitamin list….its listed Iodine (Kelp)? Also he states not to take B12 the same day as Iodine (sea veg) as it has a structure similiar which will block the real B12 absorption, however both are listed on the multivitamin list? I'm trying to sort my vitamin tablets out to be balanced & am now confused! Help! 🤯

  39. what a freaking idiot. Vegetarianism is the biggest contributor to illness today. These atheist hippies are making money on all these supplements and crazy food requirements. Just eat meat to supply our crucial food requirements.
    Vegetables sit in the system for days, while meat speeds through in less than an hour because our bodies are made to digest meat, not plants.

  40. I would find it hard to eat the variety of fruit, veg and legumes to get all the nutrients i need. Does anybody have a simple one meal preparation that covers all the nutrients that I can start with to make the move to a plant based diet?

  41. Very good info. Thanks Dr. Keep up the good work and let these hardheaded meateaters know meat is dead and so r they when eaten. Plants r excellent and I love it. I am 73 yrs.and do everything now as I did when I was 25 yrs. Old. Thanks again.

  42. Why do some speakers want us to distrust the government and the food companies and big farm companies but they want us to trust the supplement companies?

  43. Ulcerative colitis patient here
    Bleed for a year straight said screw medicine went vegan adding in anti flare fruits and cooked veggies also raw cacao powder best decision ever. Feels like a brand new life. Ups and downs some days but diet did more than medicine ever did. Every doctor including my gastroenterologist said diet does not matter. Funny that the week I changed my diet symptoms got better and continue to stay that way. I used to body build eating 14 lbs of meat a week plus to many eggs to count and I'm positive that's what gave me this disease. For anyone who is doubting this information do your research and I promise you will live and feel better than you ever have.

  44. Dr. Klaper is my all time favorite doctor. I took his advice two and a half yrs. ago, in 10 wks. I quit 6 meds., lost 17 pounds, and my arthritis vanished. Also my life time constipation was gone, and when I quit milk my life time migraines were gone. There's no way I would return to the standard american diet (SAD) it's a killer. What's really sad it's going around the world and making the whole world obese and sick.

  45. I've just gone vegan slightly more than a month back. This guy was one of the reason after watching What the Health and The Game Changer.
    But can someone compile a list of what i should BUY? and eat on a weekly basis. I mean i love him, but the science behind this is a lil too much for me to digest. Any kind soul out there?

  46. Its truly beautifull, wise, very, very informative and inspiring lecture – I wish I had known this much earlier in my life, but better late than never
    but what a big cultural change is necessary to get that knowledge out and easily available everywhere

  47. Probably one of the best talks ever! And I've watched thousands of talks on dietary protocols by scores of doctors and nutritionists. I love Dr. Klaper!

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