WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: healthy meal ideas that are EASY!

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: healthy meal ideas that are EASY!

hey everyone welcome back to my channel
welcome to another what I eat a day where I show you all the healthy
delicious meal ideas that are easy healthy and good for you if you are new
my name is Liv and I would love to have you here feel free to subscribe join the
fam and like I said today we’re doing what I eat in a day but it is an extra
special what I eat in a day because I am collabing with Health Net nutrition who
is a fellow Canadian youtuber as well she makes delicious healthy recipes
wellness style videos plus she has the cutest dog cashew I mean that’s just
like the perfect name I think for a dog cashew how precious is that so make sure
to check out her video she’s gonna be making some of my recipes and I am going
to be making some of hers and she has a fabulous cookbook I mean guys look at
this cookbook and so I’m gonna be making some of her recipes today so I was
flipping through and this curry spinach omelette really spoke to me I mean guys
come on how delicious does that look but if you just like flip through her whole
book I mean look at all these pictures if you’re like me you eat through your
eyes and like all of them look so delicious but I’m hungry now let’s go
ahead and get started on breakfast okay so I’m about to take my first bite
let’s go ahead and have a taste it is so good they’re so much flavor it’s like a
subtle little curry flavor but like still delicious so this is definitely
gonna be like a new recipe that I make in my kitchen a lot because it’s just so
flavorful so I’m gonna go ahead and eat it while it’s still warm so I just got
back from the grocery store I decided to walk especially because it’s a very nice
day out in Toronto it’s like the nicest warmest it’s been in a very long time so
I don’t really nice walk I’m gonna quickly show you guys what I got it just
got a couple things but I really like to walk when I can get some movement in
listen to a podcast yeah I’ll show you just a couple things that I grabbed so I
grabbed some coconut flour because I want to make these brownies from
Nicole’s cookbook and I was fresh out of coconut flour some coffee for the week I
just like a dark rose French I make sure to get organic coffee that’s really
important some baby spinach and arugula lemons and I’ve been craving midday
squares if you guys haven’t tried these they are super delicious and they have a
little bit of crunch anyways just got a few things and that’s it so because it
was so warm outside I’m really craving like an iced coffee and I remember that
I have cold brew still in my fridge so I’m
gonna have some cold brew but I’m gonna some almond milk to it and if you guys
saw the video um 10 foods I eat every week which coincidental Lighting’s bad
which funny enough was inspired by Nicole I love this brand milk it this is
the vanilla one so coffee tastes really good but it’s only four ingredients
water almonds vanilla bean and Himalayan salt so I’m gonna add a splash of this
into my cold brew and just get to work I don’t think I mentioned that it’s Sunday
um while Fleming this so like I do do work on Sundays when you work for
yourself but I don’t know I finally do at least a little bit of work or tidying
or organizing the week just to set myself up so I’m gonna be doing some
organizing drink some cold brew and I’ll check in with you guys next time I eat
something so it’s about two o’clock I’m a little peckish so I am going to have
this vital proteins collagen bar this one’s 11 vanilla I haven’t tried this
flavor before but I’ve tried the chocolate almond that was really good
6 grams of fiber 1 gram of sugar 12 grams of collagen and 17 grams of
protein so then I go ahead and eat this so I thought I would do a little Sunday
baking and Nicole has a recipe for these almond swirl chocolate brownies which
sound absolutely delicious and that way I find them like you make a baked good
on Sunday you can have one like what every day throughout the week so I
always like making like a little sweet treat on Sunday so we’re gonna go ahead
and make this but first we have to take dinner out of the freezer before I
forget if you guys saw my three ingredient meals video which was the one
before this I made like spaghetti squash and meat sauce I froze part of it
because I wasn’t gonna be able to eat it all that day so I’m gonna have that with
some leftover spitty squash but anyways this has to defrost so the brownies are in the oven in the
house smells so incredible I wish you guys could smell us along
with me but you’re gonna smell it when you make the brownies I wanted to
mention that I am doing a giveaway of her cookbook on my Instagram so make
sure to head on over there it’s just keep up with love on Instagram so you
can get a chance to win her cookbook and you can make the delicious recipes and
I’ll leave a link for her cookbook too in case you want to pick that up
so the brownies have been cooling for about 10-15 minutes just finishing up my
mason jar of water and this is basically your reminder to hydrate so grab your
water and let’s hydrate together right now so this is how they turned out I’m
about to take them out of the tray I will note I used a nine by nine because
I don’t have an 8 by 8 and they still overly turned out perfect so I’m gonna
pop them out and slice them up I was gonna wait till after dinner to have one
but I can’t resist we have a taste test right now Wow
they are so chocolaty so fudgy I’m definitely gonna have one after dinner
and probably finish off this one little bit but like I’m really pumped I made
these and that I have them for the week so if you have our cookbook or when you
get it definitely make these almond swirl of brownies so it’s about five
o’clock and I’m about to make dinner if you follow me on Instagram or if using
my one ie today that’s true I eat early I’m a big like I eat at 5:00
5:30 normally like 6:00 is normally later for me um I do also do
intermittent fasting so I like to eat earlier I feel better when I eat a bit
earlier because you don’t want to eat like two or three hours before bed
because that affects your sleep because there’s too much food your body’s
digesting instead of resting and recuperating so I like to eat early and
I showed you before we’re defrosting some that me sauce to have with the
spaghetti squash that was in my three ingredient meals video which if you
haven’t seen I will leave it here and down below I’m gonna heat that up and
I’m also gonna make a little side salad it’s just spinach and arugula mix like
that you get from the greens Ben I add olive oil salt and pepper and I kind of
eat that while everything else is heating up just to get some greens in
and I really like just like adding that to meals that’s one of my top tips that
I like to give to people is focus on adding to what you’re normally having
versus taking away that way you’re not like thinking of it as
depriving you’re just adding to whatever you’re having so there’s starting with a
base of simple olive oil ingredients is a great way to start your meal and then
you can have whatever you’re having for your meal after so we’re gonna go home
and do that now so this is my ball I know it doesn’t
looks fancy but honestly it tastes delicious and I’m gonna watch working
moms which if you haven’t seen on Netflix working moms is so good plus
it’s Canadian it was set in Toronto so I’m gonna eat and yeah watch my show so
yes I do change into my pajamas pretty much right after dinner if not like
right before dinner well it’s cooking and now I have my delicious almond
butter swirl brownie I’m so excited again I hope you guys enjoyed this what
I eat in a day don’t forget to check out in a Kohl’s
and thanks again to Nicole for collabing with me I hope this gave you some really
good ideas and kind of just shared you know another really good creators
recipes so I hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in
my next video bye guys

31 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: healthy meal ideas that are EASY!

  1. Enjoy this What I Eat In A Day! Don't forget to check out Nikole's channel and pick up a a copy of her cookbook ASAP 🙂 I appreciate you watching <3

  2. Such a beautiful video Liv! When you mentioned Cashew she was on my lap and I screamed with excitement haha seriously the way to my heart. Your cookie and cream chocolate bars were soo good and I can't wait to steal another one from my freezer today. ps. I also need to try those midday squares they sound good with the crunch.

  3. That brownie and all of the meals looked amazing! I went and entered for the giveaway! I would love to try the cookbook 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  4. Hello from Healthnut Nutrition! 👋🏻 You should try her almond flour parm! It’s the best!!! In soup or on top on your spaghetti squash! 😋 I can’t believe I haven’t tried her almond swirl brownies yet, they looked soooo good!

  5. Hi, Liv! Yes! I definitely eat with my eyes as well… So I love it when cookbooks have beautiful photos of every single recipe! And, thanks so much for the great tip on Malk Almond Milk! Looks wonderful… Off to my kitchen now to whip up a great spinach omelet, thanks to you!… Subscribed and looking forward to your next videos… ✨😎✨

  6. I came over to your channel, because of HealthNut Nutrition and I love it so far. I have already found a lot of recipes I have to try out on Monday. Mostly the bagels, because here in Germany it is hard to find good ones.

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