WestJet Christmas Miracle: Fort McMurray Strong

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Fort McMurray Strong

This story begins before Christmas was a thought. The story is happy, the beginning is not. That night, we got reports that there was a forest fire. Fairly close to town. I looked out my office window and I I saw what was an orange glow. From the driveway, you could see Wildwood Estates was on fire. And all of the hills were on fire. So you were just driving into fire. I don’t really ever think we thought our home was in danger until it was gone. You go through trying to search for any sense of belonging you know there was nothing, it touched everything. We knew that we had lost our home and everything in it. As we go into Christmas and so many people, ourselves included, aren’t in our homes I think it would be nice just to celebrate
where we are at and how far we have come. The town needed to know that while things may seem rotten This too shall pass. They have not been forgotten. There was food. There was song. So they could all smile and dance. Christmas could still be merry, it just needed a chance. WestJetters worked hard, away from prying eyes. Nobody knew they were planning a very big surprise. Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! The crowd was amazed. A surprise from above.
Special gifts in the sky. Tiny boxes of love. Each gift was a keepsake to remember the night.
And everyone in every family also got a free flight. And it turns out these folks may have lost all their things
but they never lost hope and the courage to sing. Gather ‘round the tree, voices raised in song.
Together they stand Fort McMurray strong.

100 thoughts on “WestJet Christmas Miracle: Fort McMurray Strong

  1. Well done Westjet. What an amazing thing to do for people whose Christmases this year will be different from what they have known.

  2. went up there to help restore the collage and hospital, had to leave camp once cause wind switched direction and fire was coming back to the town and to the camp. stayed up there till we got the keyano collage, hospital, and syncrude building cleaned up. i can tell you guys that place was not pretty. but we got that collage all ready for when they wanted that town opened up. God bless Alberta, God bless Fort Mac #FortMacStrong #YYM #AlbertaProud

  3. This was wonderful. The idea of the jingle bells from Santa's sleigh just as the little parachutes started coming was incredible. Whoever had that idea deserves the Order of Canada. The look on the children's faces is Christmas to me.

  4. Just when I feel West Jet can't out due themselves from last years they do it again in the most amazing way. Good on you West Jet.

  5. A lovely generous donation to all The Families of Fort McMurray.
    What a great gesture. It warms my heart to listen to this.

  6. Aww stay strong Fort Mcmurray….I hope everyone who was affected by this horrible event has an amazing christmas 😌 and that everyone will be ok soon

  7. God Bless you all and may all of your wishes come true… WestJet is the kind of company we wish we had here in the USA… are you hiring? lol

  8. Merry Christmas Fort McMurray from a fellow Canadian just a province over. 🙂 All the best to you and a full recovery!

  9. Merry Christmas to all Fort McMurray residents who have known how valuable Hope can be. May the gesture of our Canadian company, West Jet, keep our sense of belonging and solidarity strong and growing. From Oakville a heartfelt "Hats Off"!

  10. What a GREAT and inspiring commitment to Alberta. WestJet has outdone themselves with Christmas cheer. Good on WestJet

  11. As someone who went through this through May and June (I live in Fort Mac) I can honestly say this touched my heart. Me and my family were lucky enough to live where the fire barely touched but many of my friends still have no home to go back to. I read a lot of these comments and it's nice to hear that so many people support the rebuild. I am proud to say I'm Canadian. Stay resilient Fort Mac ❤️

  12. It's things like this that really cement my preference for WestJet over Air Canada. They just get what makes people happy and do a really good job of that.

  13. I lived in Fort Mac before this happened but we moved this makes me really happy that people are doing very nice things for every one that's there

  14. I cried tears of joy when Santa dropped those boxes and when the first was opened and there was a photo. a photo of hope and beginning. Canada loves you and stands by you all. May you all have a Wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

  15. Strange how when the boxes came down with the parachute that a lot of the family's got THERE pictures and not anyone else's….

  16. The people of Fort Mac got to see first hand what fossil fuels are doing to our climate. Am i supposed to feel bad for them?
    They need to find a industry that is green and sustainable.

  17. I haven't have the pleasure of flying through Canada but when I do I'll be flying WestJet for sure! Love their commitment to Canada 💖✈️🇨🇦

  18. Nice video, but I can't help but think that so many companies are thankful that there was a large scale tragedy to exploit and make commercials about.

  19. I dont think there is a Corner in Canada, that the Fort McMurray fire did not touch..
    My cousin had just finished paying off his house in Beacon hill 4 months before the fire took everything from him..

    Thank you West Jet, for giving back to the City of Fort Mac..

  20. I've been a shareholder of WestJet ever since I discovered the WestJet Miracle's. Great to be part of a company that is ran well and contributes back to its community! Amazing

  21. i've never flown with west jet but this makes me want to even more!
    thank you for doing this westjet and merry Christmas ❤️

  22. Thank you Westjet for making community count… your love and kindness just had me in tears… of joy. Many blessings to everyone 🙂

  23. Well done, again, WestJet. Yes, I know it is for pr, but you go over the top and I hope you can keep making miracles for the people that need.

  24. Congrats to West Jet. What a wonderful, meaningful way to give back to a community that needs it. O.K. Air Canada, maybe this is a challenge to you to give back as well!

  25. West Jet, you make me wish I was a Canadian. You are definitely a high class company. I tip my hat to your entire team.

  26. Altough I've no access to Westjet's network, I must say, I love this Airline! I don't know any Airline on earth like that.
    I am always amazed by Westjet's x-mas miracles! year after year! Sometimes I've got tears in my eyes 😀 If I could live in Canada, I would love to be employed by Westjet, because I think this is a company you really could identy yourself with.

  27. Truly truly beautiful, fantastic as always Westjet, I would love to be part of your team, a magical caring company, if there were more people like yourselves in the world it would be a much happier place.

  28. West Jet you may not be the BIGGEST Airline company BUT you have the BIGGEST HEARTS. God bless you in doing these yearly good things.

  29. How spectacular to see gifts descending on little parachutes from the sky. And the creative activities, food, and song to warm their bodies and hearts. Truly very touching to see this demonstration of generosity, caring, and love. Blessings to all! 💓☮️💓

  30. Special treat is always deeply full of emotions, hope, strength and love. It is very remarkable and I always adore every events…plus to share with all that even strong person can't avoid or hold back tears. May the Lord be with you all and God bless you all.

  31. westjet always makes me cry…a tears of joy and happiness just seeing a lot of people happy…😢😢😢

  32. Wish This was happening in my country… hey they dont even believe in soul of light and love… anyway there i believe a few stars shining… which will brighten all..

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