Weight Loss Motivation – Why You Haven’t Started – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Weight Loss Motivation – Why You Haven’t Started – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

have you ever wondered why it takes so
long before people do something about a problem like your whole world can be
falling apart and then you say Ok I should fix this but like you could fix
it months or even years before hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist and the reason I make these
videos is to try to help people to understand that your physical health and
mental health come together to create the overall sense of well-being if an
experience is not noticeably different from one moment to the next by our
senses it’s as if it’s not happening think about aging for a second like you
don’t look at a picture from last year to this year and say oh my god I’ve
gotten so much older but look at a picture that’s 5 years old look at a
picture that’s 10 years old and all of a sudden you’re like whoa what happened to
me there’s certain things that change for us that because they change just
that amount slowly we don’t actually notice it we don’t notice it until
something forces us to see it now here’s the problem we only correct things when
something’s uncomfortable for us so the only way that I’m gonna work on my
weight is if somehow my weight becomes uncomfortable for me and the only way
for me to see that my weight is uncomfortable for me is to actually
notice that it’s changed from one level to another I’m not gonna notice a three
pound change in my weight most people won’t but you wouldn’t notice a 15 or 20
pound change in your weight if it happened overnight but that never
happens so now we’re in the dilemma right because yes it’s possible for me
to gain 20 30 40 pounds over the course of years and not notice it and so
therefore all of those years where I could been working on my weight I’m
actually not doing anything now there’s another problem that comes with this you
see when I do notice that I’ve gained weight and it’s usually because
something uncomfortable is gonna happen to me so either I’m gonna see a picture
of myself five years ago look in the mirror and go what
or I’m gonna go to do something like tie my shoelaces or try to do some kind of
activity and realize that I can’t bend or contort the way that I used to be
able to and be like when did I get bulges there what’s horrible about that
way of figuring out that you’ve got way too little to lose is that I’m also
gonna be ashamed of myself I’ll be like what the heck how did how do I get to be
in this position and what happens when we’re ashamed of ourselves a lot of the
time for the majority of people if I am ashamed of myself
I try not to look at the situation that’s causing me shame so now what I’ve
just done I’ve just identified a problem and said
oh my god I can’t I can’t deal with that and then I keep walking forward so
what’s happening maybe another year or two of the wait continuing to rise now
the other thing that we sometimes do is give ourselves excuses as to why we for
example in this case put on weight right well I’m older and it’s normal to put on
weight when you’re older or maybe because I’ve had children it’s fine like
you of course you gain weight when you have children and all of those things
are somewhat true of course I’m not gonna be as thin when I was 20 as I am
when I’m 40 but does it mean I need to be overweight you have to stop and ask
yourself if I’m overweight that means that I’m even more than it would be
normal for me to be at 40 does it mean because I had a kid or two or three that
the weight that I gained during my pregnancy I allow to stay on my body and
caused me to have excessive inflammation caused me to have joint issues because
I’m carrying around all this extra weight caused me to have possible other
issues of insulin resistance and other things because I haven’t addressed the
extra weight that I’m carrying and I have to feed this extra weight right
it’s not just there I have to feed it because I need the energy to to move my
body giving ourselves a reason why it’s okay to be overweight keeps us in the
story where we are overweight and then because I’ve given myself that reason
I’m back to feeling ashamed of myself it’s important for us to understand that
these ideas are happening in our head and that it’s not my fault because like
I said when something is coming up on me slowly over time it’s normal that I
wouldn’t have noticed it this is not about fault it’s about what do I do when
I notice in order to address this there are a few things that we need to be
clear about first there’s a reason that so many people in North America are
overweight and that reason has nothing to do with laziness it has nothing to do
with lack of motivation and it doesn’t have anything to do with fear of failing
so the reason I’m talking about has to do with poor planning the first part of
this story is what have we all been told about food in order to feed a large
number of people you need to have crops that can feed large numbers of people
you need to have meats and vegetables and so you need to have the food for the
masses what’s the most expensive food to produce wildlife so actual like animals
aren’t the most expensive what’s the cheapest crops so grains and and these
kind of things on a governmental level we are constantly pushed towards grains
we are constantly pushed towards the cheapest foods that we can eat why
because if you need to feed a lot of people and you have a budget of course
you try to feed them in the way that’s gonna be the most cost effective and
that’s fine because the government’s goal initially was to keep us all alive
so they were thinking about short-term goal we need to feed these people not
necessarily the long-term goal of what will the health look like 20 40 50 years
from now staying alive Trump’s my health in 40 years that’s obvious
however for myself as an individual it is important for me to know but how does
the food I’m actually eating affect the health I’m gonna have
forty years from now these are two separate ideas so that’s the first thing
I’m gonna say is that yes our health is affected by this piece of information
but now there’s more to this because now that I know that I have to question is
the Food Guide that the government says you know eating like how many servings
of grains per day is healthy is that really healthy for me let’s talk about
carbs so another reason that we don’t take action beyond being told that carbs
so grains are good for us to eat is that we don’t actually know how eating
carbohydrates affects our bodies and the most important element that I feel like
happens for our personal understanding of how carbohydrates affect us is how
addictive they are if I don’t understand that carbohydrates affect my brain so
the center in my brain that causes a dopamine response which is the same
Center in your brain that causes you to chase alcohol that causes you to chase
drugs if I don’t understand that carbohydrates touch that part of my
brain and cause a dopamine response and make the connection that carbohydrates
and sugar are two words for the same chemical then I’m not gonna recognize
the fact that well all fruits are carbohydrates and all grains are
carbohydrates and that means if I’m eating fruits and I’m eating grains
that’s eliciting that response from my brain bread is made of grains oatmeal is
grains like think of all these healthy things that we think we’re eating
healthy but we’re actually eating grains and fruits
that cause us to have a dopamine hit which means that now we’re chasing sugar
and once we start chasing sugar so starches like potatoes and carrots are
all the under the ground vegetables when we start chasing the carbohydrates in
these foods our ability to say no to a meal to say no to excessive amounts of a
meal is really decreased and we don’t even know what’s happening because when
we do addictive behaviors oftentimes it’s beyond our thought process so
what’s the effect of us chasing carbohydrates that’s the beginning part
of the story right I eat an apple it’s sweet it goes into my body when this
sugar from the Apple gets put away a few hours later my brain is looking for more
of a hit I eat a banana or I eat some bread or I eat right so and this loop
that I’m in it happens over and over the question is what’s the result that comes
from that well the more I eat carbs I need to put them away because
carbohydrates are low very exciting for my brain are not great for my blood you
can only have 5 grams of carbs floating around your blood at any particular
point in time so your body tries to keep that pretty stable which means that if I
eat an apple it has to put away the carbohydrates in that Apple or I could
have a toxic reaction well where does it put it away it puts it away as fat now
we have multiple people who are overweight even towards the obese side
of the scale that are having trouble managing their weight because they don’t
know this piece of information if I eat a lot of carbs I will not be able to
keep those carbohydrates floating around in my blood my body has to put them away
and they put some way as fat that’s a piece of information that just is
reality what happens when I know that I can make different choices here’s
something else that we often don’t know there are a lot of diseases today that
are related to the amount of carbohydrates that we have in our system
now I’m not a doctor so I’m not going to talk about how these things are related
I feel like you know we can go to a lot of doctors online who are talking about
this information dr. Beckmann dr. Westman dr. Fung there’s a lot of
doctors talking about how these things are related what I’m gonna say is
diabetes PCOS Alzheimer’s disease many of the inflammation scenarios that we
all live every single day they’re all related to excess of carbohydrate intake
PCOS didn’t even exist as a as a condition 70 80 90 years ago these are
all conditions that doctors are believing come from eating excess of
carbohydrates until somebody makes the link between
problem and then outcome so problematic eating like eating too many carbs and
then a bunch of diseases that people are living until somebody makes that link
we’re not shocked enough to take action to change what’s happening in our lives
if it takes too long to become a problem oftentimes we’re willing because we’re
not looking that far into the future to keep doing a bad behavior but then when
we’re living the consequence were dreading we’re regretting that we didn’t
make the change years ago I think smoking is a great example of that of
how many people know that they need to quit but they’re still smoking and
they’re still smoking because well that problem won’t hit me til years ago two
years from now and then when it hits it’s devastating because it’s not fun
and obesity diabetes which can lead to blindness which you lead to amputation
Alzheimer’s disease PCOS all of these conditions that
doctors are telling us are coming from excessive sugar consumption so excessive
carbohydrate consumption can be changed the problem is that we don’t make
changes until we have a smack in the face that says change it I want
everybody to look in the mirror are you the weight that you would like to be you
know not it’s not about a scale look at yourself do activities are you exhausted
are you are you able to move your body the way that you want to move your body
are you able to live your life whether you want to live your life are you able
to do the things that you want to do it’s not just about a number it’s about
feeling good too because you might be a good number on the scale but because you
eat a lot of carbs inside you might still have a lot of inflammation and not
be able arthritis another condition that believed they believe is really related
to sugar you might be in the position where your body isn’t behaving the way
that you want it to behave because you are eating too much sugar trust me I was
not aware of this until it hit me in the face with a hip issue and I couldn’t do
what I wanted to do but once I knew the information and made changes to my life
my god is a different everybody needs to look at their situation and ask
themselves am I really living life the way that I’m comfortable am I really
doing the things that I want to do is my life okay
the recommendations that we get from doctors the recommendations that we get
from the government is focused on keeping us alive in the moment they’re
not necessarily always focused on the long-term how will your life look 15 20
years from now it’s my job to be worried about how my life is gonna look like 15
20 years from now and in order for me to do that well I need to know how food
affects me happiness takes work you need to invest in yourself to have the
happiest life you possibly can have so come on wellness warriors let’s get out
there and invest in us I’d like to know what was the thing that caused you to
decide that you needed to change your way of eating was it wait was it
inflammation please comment down below what caused you to decide to change your
way of eating thank you to my wellness warriors for stopping by anyone who’s
not subscribed please subscribe I would love to see you here again next week I want
to thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet and I
will talk to you next time

24 thoughts on “Weight Loss Motivation – Why You Haven’t Started – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. GREAT job Violet keep up the great discussions.

    Its DEFINITELY the 'comfort' thingy you mentioned. But there are other triggers. For me it was a photo of me shown on a projector in front of hundreds of people. Technically, that is uncomfortable, but I could not account for that massive weight gain. It sneaks up on you and you do not notice it (in its totality) until you 'see' it. So it became a visual discomfort. If that is not motivation enough for us as individuals then laziness is the reason you're (we're) stuck in obesity (not the cause).

    Food (as ketonians we already know) is the culprit for weight gain or loss. Exercise or massive activity plans will result in minimal weight loss. When I lost the 60lbs I did not exercise (at all) and I was just a smaller version of myself. No muscle tone or hourglass shape. So I was healthy but not happy. More emphasis needs to be put in the results of weight loss. Some of us think all we need to do is change our eating habits and (BOOM) the god like body will appear. Nope . . . you have to build it. That's where exercise and fitness comes in.

  2. Weight, pain, inflammation and pre-diabetes is what caused me to change my eating habits.  If I knew about keto 30 years ago, I would probably not be overweight today; being younger then, things were much easier to stick to.  I thought it was always about calorie counting.  I can remember every diet I went on was counting calories, all foods counted; and the most common foods that I would eat were the majority of carbs such as grains, breads, juices, etc.  Knowing what I know today, all of the wrong foods while calories were restricted between 1200 to 1500 calories per day.  Exercise was moderate part of my routine but exercise eventually becomes a boring chore.  I manage to stay on such diet for a good 6 months and lost 60 pounds but that was short lived because I gained the weight back and then some.  We've all heard these type of stories before, though.  Still today, my doctor only preaches calories in, calories out but if not a calorie controlled diet, then bariatric surgery.  I will hear of no such thing.  I believe bariatric surgery is the worse thing a person to can do their bodies because many people I know who had the surgeries wished they never did it.  Great topic, Violet.  Thanks for mentioning starting a change.

  3. Inflammation and the last 15 pounds. Got rid of the 15 pounds. Still working on the inflammation. C Reactive protein test next month.

  4. I started at 59 for weight loss, but that very quickly became secondary. I stay with it for overall health, and how amazing I feel at 61. With my change in paradigm, I completely changed my life. I shed 60 pounds. I was slim until I was 30…I had forgotten what that feels like. But more importantly, I am no longer pre diabetic. I no longer suffer debilitating hip pain . I sleep better than I have in 40 years. My brain is sharp. I can shovel snow and dig in my garden like a kid. I work on being happy daily (love that!). I’m gonna ROCK my next 30 years! Thank you for spreading the word. We can only lead by example. ❤️

  5. Well I got a hysterectomy at age 39 and I was previously working on my weight. After the hysterectomy I was put on hormones and gained even more weight. I visited my primary care doc she ran some test to make sure my cholesterol was ok so I could come off the estrogen. It was good and then I began my journey. It’s been a little over a year. I am 50lbs Down and I feel great inside and out. 🤗 I decided to take my health seriously

  6. Very motivational & informative video, Violet! Well done!

    I started keto with a friend, to lose some weight. I had an amazing added surprise that helped me decide to make this my lifestyle. My knees started feeling better after just a few weeks! I hadn’t lost a drastic amount of weight yet, but the inflammation issues were subsiding. I didn’t even know that was the problem with my knees! I’m 45 & was thinking I would need surgery or even knee replacement in my 50’s, but not anymore 🎉. I am down 60lbs, but being able to climb stairs with no knee pain is my biggest joy.

    Thank you for keeping me motivated 😁. Proud to be one of your wellness warriors!

  7. I did keto for 1 month, I hated it. I am a natural bodybuilder, I tried this to get lean without having to starve myself, but truthfully it does not work as well as people say, all Bodybuilders I know get super lean with carbs. Count calories and lift weights, you will get super lean. I am 63 BTW.

  8. I've been keto.for nine months. I started for weight loss but in the way I realized it was also a possible cure for other ailments. My mom had pancreatic cancer so I knew it was likely I could have that in the future if I did not treat the metabolic conditions I had.

  9. I’m 39, my health insurance didn’t cover weight loss surgery, I was 150 lbs over weight and almost couldn’t walk. The pain in my hips and back was excruciating. I was on pills that causes stroke. I knew what my future could be and it wasn’t what I wanted. I knew I had to do something or find something that would be sustainable and worked. I resisted keto for a long time because there is so much bad info out there. People just eating keto fast food and bacon. I found allymcwowie, dr berry, and dr westmans videos and they changed my life. I’m -86 lbs down now and I’m 8 months in. I never thought I would get to the weight I’m at with just a diet change. It’s incredible and I’m still in shock over it. I can’t help but feel a little bitter about drs, medical professionals, and diet companies trying to keep my fat for their own good.

  10. A diagnosis of spondylilothesis (fractured vertebrae) and being refused spinal fusion surgery due to obesity. Loving the keto way of life and have lost over 90lbs in a year with no hunger and the misery of past diets. (The weight loss despite inability to exercise which to the calories in/calories out people would be impossible unless starved! Still have 30lbs to go) Life is good 🙂 Thank you for your great videos. So sensible, clear and informative.

  11. I started because in my late 30's started packing on the pounds and then ended up 204 lbs by age 58 ( I am 5 ft tall and now aged 61). At that time was diagnosed as prediabetic ( among other health issues too numerous to mention). Even though for decades I searched, sought out doctors, tests etc, just to be told the same old misinformation. I was not willing to settle for that!! Briefly in my 40's I did the Atkins for awhile but eventually went back to the carbs. Just over 2 years ago I found the keto lifestyle. Now I am back to the size that is comfortable for me, wearing single digit clothing again. Feeling like myself again. I just wish more people could make the connection between our food and the effect that it has on our health. I wish main stream medicine would stop perpetuating the same old government guidelines etc, that got us all sick in the first place. I loved how sensibly and logically you laid out this video.

  12. What changed my way of eating was October of 2018 when my A1c test results were 6.7 and my. Dr. prescribed metformin. I refused! 30lb later and now, as of August 15, 2019 my A1c, blood glucose levels are 5.5. My Dr. told me intermittent fasting and low carb eating were quackery! I adamantly asserted that in my case it seems to work. That the past 60 years of my life eating the SAD 😢 Diet had led me to a state of ill health. He stated that any improvements were due to exercise and a reduction in processed carbs. I affirmed that I have been an avid fitness person for all of my life and continued to gain weight. In fact, I probably exercise less now!

  13. Metabolic syndrome and weight for me. My high blood pressure was starting to scare me and the meds scared me even more. I'm pretty sure diabetes was on the radar too.

  14. I had tried to lose weight for thirty years, I tried all the different diets and exercise. Sometimes I'd lose 20 lbs only to regain it plus more. I was told about the Keto diet 15 yrs ago but was afraid to eat that much fat. I still cautiously tried it but didn't know about the keto flu, I had no energy and felt so lousy that I didn't stick with it. Then 3 yrs ago I stayed with my aunt while she recovered from open heart surgery, this is when i realized that my body couldn't handle this weight anymore. I was in so much pain that I physically couldn't care for her and do the things around her house to help her out. I was desperate to lose weight/get healthy, so I gave Keto another try, and the rest is history. Pain went away first and then the weight started coming off. I again felt lousy in the beginning but this time there was a lot more info on how to get through that adaptation phase. I'll never go back to eating carbs. 👍😊

  15. I couldn’t do the physical activities with my grandchildren, that I wanted to do. I struggled to play basketball or go hiking. I was tired of feeling so out of shape and unhealthy. So I started keto almost 2 months ago. I look better, but I feel much better. I’m on my way back to the healthy, fit person I use to be. Being thinner and looking better is a wonderful side effect of being healthy.

  16. I put my skinny clothes away and started growing bigger than my fat clothes. Then decided i would not buy bigger clothes. Refused. Yes, I was uncomfortable, sick, depressed, etc.

  17. What prompted me to try the Ketogenic Protocol was primarily weight loss. However, I now realize that there are many more benefits that this lifestyle provides, that go way beyond physical appearance.

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