Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Mental Health – SNL

Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Mental Health – SNL

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  1. What do they call it when you cant make your own decisions anymore ooh yeah America . i know sueicide hurts orhers but really let people figure it out if you need or want help cry out if not let people do what they need you dont know what they have to deal with .

  2. BPD isn't a form of depression…unless he was diagnosed with that in addition to his BPD diagnosis. BPD is a Cluster B (emotional, dramatic, and erratic) personality disorder.

  3. Someone here from the statement from twitter that he doesn't want to be in this earth anymore?

    -yes, I was comming to look at that comment..but saw nothing then I write that sry fo r explaining ma whole life 😀 xD

  4. BPD is not a form of depression, it is a personality disorder. Most people with BPD also struggle with major depression. So they can, and most often do, co exist. However, they are two different diagnoses.

  5. Depression – a made up illness so that pharmaceutical companies and doctors can cash in on your "disorder".

  6. I feel like the many people saw this were eating two bowls Frosted Flakes and a blueberry muffin because I did

  7. I follow all Muppet on twitter instagram. In my childhood Sesame Street was only show for kids. On my black and white TV after school I used to sing songs with Elmo. I still love Elmo. It's very nice to see Mr Pete talks sometimes about politics. It's just my mom died in 1994 I'm 77 born as long she was alive she never showed me a single Bollywood movie. Only Sesame Street, Chips, Wild West movies, & news channel. Newspaper news. I basically grew up watching politics News so I don't know anything except politics. Still I'm not enough qualified to be given a ticket in elections so I just write speech of my boss he speaks whatever he likes but once in a moon he uses things wrote by me. I was hated on Google Plus because I pull politics in everything. I white dude fought with me for like few months he trolled me blocked me from following few things with help of his friends. He said bad things about politics. So I stopped going on Google Plus & now I hear in Feb 2019 Google Plus has been shut down. Mr Pete won't like me in real life because I watch news of politics of any country & like to talk about it my all jokes are also about politicians. I've started to follow him on twitter account in his name available on Google I'll not write him anything about politics. Same thing I do with fan club of Mr Keane Reeves. They gave me warning don't write to us if you are straight ground worker of Rahul Gandhi or you are his spy stationed in his enemy land we don't want to talk about your interest in politics. We will block you. So I try to only write them things related to them.

  8. If you’re depressed just be happy it’s not that hard 🙄🙄
    -everyone who isn’t diagnosed with depression

  9. This was fantastic. Props to Pete for being open and honest about his mental illness. BPD is so common, yet still so taboo.
    Good for him for finding some humor in the struggle and continuing to raise awareness for so many who struggle in silence.

  10. Please use Pete in more sketches , please! I can’t say please enough… he speaks for so many of us and when we see him, there is a ray of hope we can make it out.

  11. Please use Pete in more sketches , please! I can’t say please enough… he speaks for so many of us and when we see him, there is a ray of hope we can make it out.

  12. Although funny, depression comes from feeling purposelessness & hopelessness. We have a void in our hearts (soul) that can only be filled with Jesus Christ. I pray he finds God through revelation & Pete seeks The Most High because Earth is not our final home & life continues forever after death. It's very important we make peace with God (Yahuah) and have our sins forgiven before we face Judgement, because our Eternal sentence is forever. Bliss in Heaven with Christ, the angels, the Church , the Father & the Holy Spirit; or hell with Satan & all the demons in the lake of fire.

  13. I thought NYC the people, already voted to discontinue the main office of mental hospitals. Why was St Mary’s Hospital, and other facilities removed from NYC? I could be wrong, I already witnessed strange activities around NYC areas, not returning to school, not returning to work, and there still NORMAL. I already sent a message to MD doctors, if there’s a possibility to remodel all hospitals, without any contamination, that is already spreading through out the country. I follow my doctors for a yearly check, Dental, Optical, MD, etc. If anyone disagrees about Mental issues, you have to send the message to nyc.gov. There are the authorities to remodel any mistakes.

  14. Hey Pete. I'm 26. Clinically depressed Borderline with PTSD Threatening to drink bleach to my abusive father in grade school. Where is my love and understanding? Do you understand fully? Feels like you're milking it… Can top all your shit guaranteed. Used to like you… Because i learned of your Borderline diagnosis not long after mine. Damn.

  15. Bpd is not a form of depression. It’s pervasive of the individual’s life and it implied a lot more than just depression.

  16. “how have I not been fired??!” Honestly love him I’ve never watched snl but am currently marathoning all his scenes lmao

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