Watch a robotic hysterectomy at UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Hospital

Watch a robotic hysterectomy at UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Hospital

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  1. I had this done 3 yrs ago and it went well! Only thing that was uncomfortable for me was the gas they put in the stomach. The discomfort didn't last long tho! Happy I had this done!

  2. Just had this done today, I can say that I'm in little pain. But every thing went well. I'm in the hospital right now I should be home by tomorrow. And 8 weeks of recovery.

  3. wow amazing! it's neat that a new technology is already working so smoothly. what would have improved with the vessel sealer? how does it seal?

  4. i had this exact same surgery exactly 2 weeks ago today, except they did a cystoscopy as well.Not sure why but they did. i was definitely up and moving quickly and off narcotics in 1 week or less. Only issue i had was diminished sensation to my right groin and pain during my urine stream, that is in my lower bladder area. I’m hoping it will subside

  5. My sister just had this done a few days ago. These doctors are so amazing at what they do!! Thanks for sharing!! 👍

  6. My mom had first laparoscopy and doctor makes some mistake they cut one of nerve by mistake and bleeding doesn't stop at all after that immediately they started doing hysterectomy and it is so serious operation she is near to die at all everything is fine but she fill very weak day by day and some gastric problem

  7. There has to be another way to create life a less painful natural way..this womb thing degrades the female quality and experience of life …now i would still like to carry a baby in my stomach but periods no..i wish i was like a kangaroo

  8. I had this done on Tuesday and today marks 4 days post op and I am doing better than expected. A little sore but I'm glad I got my stomach binder. It really helps with supporting my stomach. It's cool seeing what the surgery looks like. Kind of glad I waited until after my surgery to watch this video though.

  9. Typical surgeons. No mention of
    – reduced blood flow to the upper vagina resulting in uncomfortable dryness with sexual intercourse
    – removal of half the suspensory tissue that protects against pelvic organl prolapse (POP).
    – removal of bladder fascia with inherent nerves leading to incontinence issues later.
    This woman would likely have reduced uterine bleeding via a healthier diet and other lifestyle factors that reduces excessive stimulation of sex hormones.

  10. How incredible! The commentary was very interesting and clear, even though I do not have a background in the medical field. Thank you for sharing this!

  11. Her intestines fell out through her vagina after the patient arrived home. Almost 90% of the hysterectomy done with the davinci ended in a woman being vaginally gutted.

  12. I have had this surgery I did not have less pain I had plenty and they ended up reopening my c section scar this surgery is pointless, everything they do to you before this surgery is very degrading in regards to a patients privacy its not a minimum invasive surgery it is a degrading surgery and its not fair to not properly inform your patient about what your going to do and no students should be allowed to watch you without the patients verbal and written consent its a matter of time before someone slaps them with a lawsuit!!!! These surgeries cost a lot of money I did my research online the reasons more and more doctors are doing this is so your insurance companies pay so they can afford to pay off these robotic machines here it is a money making business off of you as a patient always do your research don't given in so easily!!!!!!

  13. I had mine 4 days ago and the pain went on day three hardly any pain to be honest.. Only when I had wind really. Feeling good although tired and sleeping early. Please don't be scared if you go for one it's such a wonderful op.

  14. I endured severe suffering almost all the time because of one little fibroid present in my own uterus. However I am happy that at last I stumbled upon this fibroids treatment “Tαnsοvο Tdα” (Gοοgle it). I`m surprised there were no more suffering and indications of the disease by the 3rd week. .

  15. Watching this helped relieve anxiety for the unknown, my daughter is 50 and having a hysterectomy today, im not able to be with her so this helped a lot.

  16. Had this surgery on 7/15/2019. I can say there was no pain just gas discomfort. I stayed overnight and went home the next day. No spotting and eveything was fine. Couldve went back to work the 2nd or 3rd week, but I just wanted to rest.

  17. I had a laparoscopic robotic assisted hysterectomy August 5th, I really didn't have too much pain afterwards. The only pain I had was pain in my upper back and shoulders. Found out from the pathology report that I have cancer
    I start 3 treatments of radiation starting September 25th

  18. I closed my eyes for a couple minutes woke up and the procedure was over, it's like riding in a car you think you fell asleep for a couple of minutes you wake up and you're in another state

  19. It’s Amazing 😉 How These Top Well Know Surgeon 😷 Do These Surgery’s With These Robotics Nowadays Back In The Day’s It Was Very Different Back Thankful Time’s Have Changed Now In The Operating Room’s

  20. What a nice calm demeanor you have, very thorough explanations of everything- thanks to your patient and your entire team for sharing. You guys work like a well oiled machine

  21. I was after that week identified as having 2 little fibroids in which placed an enormous pressure on my own bladder. By using conscientiously for Four weeks this fibroids treatment solution “Tαnsοvο Tdα” (Gοοgle it), I’d seen a lot of development around 70% in my fibroids had shrunk. Later after seven weeks of constantly sticking to the treatment plan, I had taken an ultrasound examination and noticed that the medium-sized fibroids are eliminated. .

  22. I just had my hysterectomy two weeks ago. Went great, feeling great. My surgen said i could eat whatever food after i wake up. For some reason they had me down for clear liquids only. I told them i was aloud but they refused to give me any food except jello and broth. When my surgen came into check on me she wasnt happy they didnt feed me. I didnt eat for like 36hours….. my hunger was worse than the soreness of the procedure lol

  23. I had this done Aug 20th. I've had nothing but problems..had a huge amount of endometriosis he said the worst case he's ever seen plus cancer. I just got outta bed anf it ripped the vagina cuff. Had to go back for a second surgery to fix. I'm still sore around my incisions and still spotting. How long am I supposed to be sore around them

  24. I just had surgery 9/16/19. I am doing great just sore. My doctors had a big challenge because I had lots of scar tissue. God blessed their hands and I came through with only an overnight stay in the hospital. God bless Dr. Crews and his staff in Mississippi.

  25. My respect to this doctor and all team i got this kind of surgery this tuesday 10/15/19 in las vegas sunrise hospital but my sugery is going to be a total hysteroctomy ,thank for share this video

  26. My doctor is heavily suspecting I have endometriosis. I don't want kids, ever. I have autism, I don't wanna pass it to my children because the world is still very cruel to us, and because of my autism, it makes bonding with children damn near impossible and I can't stand them for long. I'm not meant to be a mom, and I'm 100% okay with that. But because I'm only 22, I highly doubt they'll actually listen to me when I say I want a hysterectomy because I don't want children. They'll pull the whole "Ohh you're still yoouuung you'll change your miiind". No, I'm pretty fuckin' sure I won't. And if I do, there's this amazing thing called: Adoption.

  27. Applying this fibroids treatment plan “Tαnsοvο Tdα” (Gοοgle it), results can be seen soon. All of my signs and symptoms was gone away in just Four weeks. Additionally, there were no more signs of my big .2 centimetres and 8.5 centimetres fibroids.. .

  28. Had this procedure done this past Monday(October 21,2019) I'm still recovering but this is heaven sent. Zero pain. I was so afraid for no reason. Dealt with stage 4 endometriosis without ever being diagnosed. My doctor said i was one of the worse cases he's seen. If i would've known this existed earlier i would've had it done 5 yrs ago when my cycle became unbearable.

  29. I am having this next friday… my uterus started cramping as I was watching this 😢…i think she offical knows whats to about to go down… I love my uterus but she is trying to take my life… and zhe just forgot I was her ride to the party . I have had 4 myomectomy and my uterus has seal to my colon… anemic due to many countless fibroids largest the size of a baseball … my uterus normally 4ins now 12 inches across…madness
    I trust God but getting a bit nevoruse because it's not a normal anatomy my drs going into like thos one.

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  31. Well I think I have to throw up now. I have uterine cancer and now I'm so scared to have this operation done. Thanks for showing it. I just don't have the support of a family to get me through this. I wonder if I will die if I don't have it done. Maybe dying is better.

  32. I had my hysterectomy done on Oct 21st …. Everything went well and I'm returning to work after 4 weeks ..light duty of course😊 My doctor did an amazing job!!! I'm feeling like myself again

  33. I had a full hysterectomy thank god i never had a pain pill i never hurt but i do recommend ladies to talk to someone counselor etc idk if it was me or what but i have never had children and hearing the baby announcement ever so often was hard i had my hysterectomy due to cancer thank god im cancer free now

  34. Just had my hysterectomy done Wednesday Nov 13, 2019. Looking at this video now I understand that need to rest and stop trying to move do quickly my body really went through. But I feel good healing quickly. Its all God. God also blessed me to have one of the best doctors out here in Kenner La.

  35. hi how long does it take to do it with a robot than a open cut very good video love the robot we have one in our hospital for doing postate over in the uk we are the first in the country to have it i also love key hole i had my gall bladder with key hole and no pain my port holes had glue to close up never looked back and the scares you cant see them now

  36. Cons of this
    Poor hemostasis
    Risk of conversion to conventional methods
    Collision of arms
    Trauma due to multiple repositioning
    So on

  37. My procedure is in a month and a half. I'm am OR Assistant so I have seen the DaVinci and these procedures but it's different when you're the patient. I'm still scared to death have this done TBH but my symptoms are very much the same as hers. I have an awesome caring and knowledgeable doc but still scared ya know

  38. I was extremely nervous up until ,the day 12/10/19, I little sore for two days . The worst is the Gas . But I'm up and moving around. Still get tired and try to not do a lot despite feeling that I am okay 😊

  39. This is fascinating, thank you for the post. I had this done 5 days ago. Feeling really good but taking it easy. Took motrin a few times on day 2, nothing since then. Grateful for this type surgery.

  40. I'm having this surgery in two days. This video was very informative. I will definitely follow the doctors instructions for recovery.

  41. Just had mine this morning. As I expected, the gas was the absolute WORST part. I was in so much pain from it. I was also up and moving around pretty much as soon as I woke up. Kept giving my nurses fits 🤣🤣 Watching this helped me go into my surgery well-informed and ready-not-ready

  42. Thanks for posting this video! Absolutely amazing!! I had no idea how the surgery looked like. My total hysterectomy went well, 8 weeks ago so now I'm fully aware of what's what. Good job doctors.

  43. 10/31 went to my obgyn
    (3 months after symptoms –
    post menopausal light bleeding)
    After pap,
    then transvag sonograms,
    12/4 hysteroscopy,
    DnC with Vascular Polyp removed, cauterized n biopsy taken
    12/9 DX with Endometrial Cancer
    thankfully only "grade 1"
    12/19 met with surgeon
    1/8 Radical LAVH surgery scheduled
    A girlfriend mentioned it and checking out YouTube.
    Never thought to do so.
    This video was high on the search list. So, so, so Very Glad I watched it. Learned the skills needed of my surgeon (Dr. Colleen), her dedicated staff and what to expect myself.
    Will take 12 days off then resume full time PCA job with client of almost 14 years, reduced physical output of course.
    Pray my Pathology results 1/24 will be fine.
    1/31 – 2/8 Preplanned/Prepaid Florida vacation now means:
    NO pool or hottub /°°
    But a whole lot of doing Nothing!

  44. Thank you so much to the patient..doctors and hospital staff for sharing this video with all of us. I have a hysterectomy coming up in February 2020 done with this exact robotic procedure. My anxiety is through the roof and watching this video puts my heart a little more at ease to know what I can now expect. We as women go through a lot with our bodies and God has given us the knowledge and know how to be able to perform these types of surgeries. Praise Be To The Lord Above! And Thank You again for sharing!

  45. Thank-goodness I didn't see this before my operation so scary However, it went well no vomiting , a little pain, was home after spending the night. I went shopping lots of walking and there after the next day slept all day and was feeling exhausted. 2nd day doing normal activities. No lifting more than five lbs no excercising. Thank God it's over!!!!!Tina Trepanier

  46. I just had my hysterectomy done yesterday. I waited to watch the video because I didn’t want anymore anxiety. I just wish there was a way to get rid of all the gas that’s left in the abdomen. That’s my biggest problem today! Thankful for a safer and quicker option though!

  47. This was amazing! My mother had a Robotics Hysterectomy back in 2010 at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Ga! She literally walked that day shortly after her surgery. It was incredible and she continued to heal extremely well! I am such a fan of this procedure, and it was pretty cool to actually see it in action. God bless the woman who allowed us to learn thru her procedure and certainly God bless this awesome surgical team! In Jesus Name. Amen!

  48. I just hate it when people said they were up the next day doing theirs things. I’m a nurse and I also had this surgery done. Being up the next day doing your thing is why we see patients back weeks after surgery because of complications. Doctors are not crazy giving you 6 to 8 weeks to recover. The outside may look healed, but the real deal is inside you. Please ladies rest after the surgery.

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