Vocal Coach Reacts To KISS – I Was Made For Lovin’ You – Live – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Vocal Coach Reacts To KISS – I Was Made For Lovin’ You –  Live – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey everybody welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I keep getting asked over and over again Ken how can I get your singing course.
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or something and you just want to know more about it you can go either all the
video tutorials I have on YouTube or stop by my singing forums it has
thousands of singers in there and let them speak to you and tell you what it’s
done for them. So with that said I want to do KISS “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”. It
looks like it’s live at Dodgers Stadium and 1998 according to this. Haven’t seen
it so let’s do this together. Here we go. That’s a really odd way to start a song. Some people didn’t like it. Some people this that
whatever but when you hear it live like is the recording not good enough. I
don’t know weird but a lot of people do like the song that’s why I’m doing it
because I got this by request. So I do this by request so if you guys have
requests you know put them in the subject or not subject. Put it in the
comment section and I’ll do my best to get to it so here we go. Look at those boots. Those outfits look like something
straight out of Ziggy Stardust. A lot of these bands in the early 70s and
through the 70s there was a lot of kind of like Rocky Horror band picture show
stuff and so there were quite a few bands that dressed like this and if you
go back and see some of those bands that were around at that time some of the glam bands. So KISS sort of took that to yet another level and and by the
way this this song so that we’re clear on this, I don’t know exactly when it was
written but I know that the melody of this and I want you to check me out on
this (sings) right. Go to blondie “Call Me” (sings) and the only real differences is (sings). Is the syllable you know an extra syllable in Blondie and at the very end (sings) rather
than (sings) right so check me out the melody’s are like the same. So
anyway I thought I point that out because eh good composers borrow and
great composers steal I hear. So let’s go. Nice stage. Now I want to say another thing. Again
KISS has been around a long time and has just performed amazingly over the
years so. I know Paul Stanley has had some pretty severe vocal trouble here
recently. I also heard he had a surgery, I’m not sure how his voice is doing now.
You guys can put that in the comment sections let me know. I haven’t seen them
since his surgery. So I pray that he’s doing better. Now for
all you others that are out there that know, I actually did get a chance to
write some songs for KISS. They had one song placed on one of the
records actually a couple songs on not only the KISS album but also Gene’s the
Vault. So I have a connection to the band and I’ve seen them work very very very
hard. Tommy Thayer is actually a great guy
worked with him also with one of my artists Gabriela Guncikova on a
project that he had and just a hard-working dude and really great
straight-up quality businessman which is a hard to find in this music industry. So
Tommy Thayer two thumbs straight up and KISS just overall has just been an iconic band
over the years. So I thought I’d bring that up, here we go. Killer stage man. And he’s going into falsetto there so
you can actually already hear him you know struggling a little bit with his
voice. Now I saw an interview from Gene recently and let’s remember these
guys are getting up in their years now. This is a while ago so this is 98 but
then there’s 2008 and then 2018 so this 20 years ago but these guys have continued to do this for another 20 plus years and I
heard Gene say that I think that the outfit he wears including the boots and
everything is like 50 pounds or something. So imagine straddling 50
pounds of I don’t know potato sacks on you, whatever you want and then going out and playing like that and playing hard and sweating and this
that whatever at that age even still. That’s pretty dang cool. It’s pretty
pretty tough and a lot of stamina to be able to do that. So I wanted to mention
that as well in addition to the makeup. I mean there’s probably 50 pounds of makeup there too. No I’m kidding anyway let’s go. Combine that with the bass guitar Ew Gene come on. You know I’ve never understood that.. you
guys know that guitar is my first instrument right and so I’m a pretty
accomplished guitar player, in fact if you want just kind of look anything up
that I’ve done. Check out my Wake The Nation’s album
which includes everybody from Doug Aldridge to gosh Richie Kotzen’s on there, Kee Marcello’s
on there. Jeff Watson from Night Rangers’ on there
and I’m trading licks with a lot of guys. So guitar’s my first instrument is my point. Stop bragging Ken. Sorry about that. Just pointing out that guitar was my first
instrument. Did I say that. Guitar is my first instrument but anyway I’ve never
understood having all of those rings and things on your hands when you’re playing
because they’re just so distracting and I guess gosh I can’t imagine being able
to have really good fluidity and good dexterity wearing all the ornamental
things all over your person. Now there is one time I figured something out for all
you guitar players out there because we used to do a lot of shows throughout
Europe for example. Some were in winter time outdoor festivals and your
hands get freezing cold. So I designed something really cool and that is to
take latex gloves the real thin ones put them on your
hands and cut off the fingertips. In fact I showed this to Lemmy from Motorhead
and he was so stoked he started doing it way back in the day but anyway so you
put those on and it keeps in the hand.. hands stay warm. Now you have to practice
with it that way because they do have pull and tension on your fingers when
you go to do it but anyway it keeps your hands warm and you can actually play
pretty normal once you practice with a little bit in your hands stay nice and
warm because of the latex. So a little bit of a hint there for you guys and
let’s continue here we go. That’s cool. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere as near
those things when they’re going off. Nice. Cool. They sounded good man. Sounded good. So again I know Paul’s suffered some vocal stuff but anyway if you guys liked
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100 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reacts To KISS – I Was Made For Lovin’ You – Live – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. Hi, Ken. I’ve been watching many of your videos lately! Great content that I’ve been trying to incorporate into my delivery. I’d love to hear your take on “Jesus Christ Pose”-Soundgarden or some Bush—Glycerine, Machinehead, Greedy Fly.

  2. Paul is right this live version of this song is much better. I had the album way back in the day and a lot of people didn't like it because especially this song sounded disco. On the album it seemed a little slower and the vocals were lower too. Here's he is kinda of screaming out the lyrics. Were as on the album he was singing without all the straining.

  3. Kiss being one of my favorite bands ever when you think of Kiss I don't necessarily think amazing vocals but I've never seen a better concert ever

  4. Hi Ken,

    I'm a big fan of your channel. Can you breakdown and give your thoughts on Foreigners "Waiting for a girl like you " sung by Lou Gramm. Their is a great 1981 video you should be able to find right here on YouTube and it's a live almost uncut version where you can really hear Lou's raw voice. I hope you can do it.


  5. In the studio version (I think) Paul is singing an octave lower during the verses. To me it sounds better to me than this.

    The reunion tour was the last time the four of them played together. Unfortunately a lot of drama in the band….

  6. Hey, bro, since you are taking requests, how about doing a version of purple rain? Hell, I know it's worn out, but the ending kills it, along with the rest of it. However, I am a deadhead, so I would be up for any dead tune you would be willing to cover. By the way, I like the rest of the music you do, so no pressure. I'm probably literally the biggest Alanis' fan on earth, so I appreciated your Uninvited, for example. You nailed it, man. I used to live a block or so from the Chinese theater, and I saw Kiss there posing one day while I was walking by.

  7. I always felt like this kiss song's studio version sounds too much like donny osmond. This live version doesn't though.

  8. My favorite band. Paul Stanley is pretty much my hero. He always had a strength and range that was very enviable. Of course it’s taken a hit over the years, he’s almost 70 and still was able to pull of the notes for years. I suspect that the main reason for the End of the Road Tour is that they just can’t hardly do it anymore. So much of their music is severely underrated because radio wouldn’t play them and a lot of people wouldn’t listen because they’re just “that makeup band”. The makeup grabbed my attention but the music is what made me a fan. Songs like “Nowhere to Run”, “I Stole Your Love”, and “A Million to One” deserve far more recognition than they get. Great commentary Ken. I would love to hear your opinion on a Meat Loaf performance. He never was much on technique, it didn’t seem, and he just bore down and forced it out. It’s taken it’s toll on his voice for sure over the years but look up “Life is a Lemon” in Orlando 1993.

  9. Im 53 now. Not sure how old I was but was in grade school when I joined the KISS ARMY. Sent in my 2 dollars (cash) in the mail and finally got my membership credentials 3 or 4 months later. KISS Alive 2 was my first piece of vinyl I owned all by myself..

  10. I know some on here will cringe but I'd really like to see you do a reaction to Stryper The Way from the 2004 Puerto Rico concert. Michael is one of the great vocalists of all time and since he chose to do Christian metal, he is continually overlooked. The fact that Tom Scholtz chose him to temporarily front Boston after Brad Delp passed should tell those who don't know of his work what kind of vocalist he is. Thanks in advance.

  11. Have u ever commented on simply red
    Some of the older songs like, stars, holding back the years, something got me started and the like
    Would love to hear ur comments

  12. Sorry Ken, I missed what your first instrument is…. 😀 I've never been a KISS fan but I am a Van Halen fan. In this tour they are doing together I've been impressed by how much better David Lee Roth is sounding. A few months ago he could barely sing. He's never going to join an opera but it sounds like he's been working on his voice. Plus his band is super hot! Maybe try to react to one of his recent live songs

  13. Hey. I would real
    y like to see you doo your own song from Magdallan with Radio Bikini. Cause That song is amazing. Promote yourself dude. You sound amazing here and a FUCKING great song. !!!!

  14. I never really thought about those two songs sounding about the same but now that you pointed it out they do sound a lot the same

  15. sorry to hear about Paul. I didnt know that. That may explain why many said the final Kiss tour wasn't very good vocally. Lots of tracks being used so I hear. MAYBE he can get healed up and the band can go out and perform a handful of venues down the road. I CAN'T WAIT! Thanks for sharing Ken. Video brought me some cheer. Been on the road alot as of late. Military stuff with our son. God Bless.

  16. Yes !! You found a solution for cold hands on stage !! I'll try it 😉 Remembers me that I was wondering what was the red glove you were wearing duriing the Mickael Jackson Medley haha

  17. Dam I just hit your notes whitout chest voice. It sounded terrible, but it was there. hehe (Yes I am taking care of my voce, but I am not a singer) So dont worry. I judt ding along to the Radio Bicini!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. pleas make a video how to sing like all of them that being paul gene tommy eric carr eric singer and peter … love from slovenia

  19. I've often wondered how to ask you to do a reaction and this vid tells me how. I never could decide if Geoff Tate or Michael Kiske was the better singer. Care to do a reaction to A Tale that Wasn't Right or Keeper of the Seven Keys by Helloween?

  20. Oh someone beat me to it Ken, Blondie copied KISS NOT the other way around lol. See, everyone has to trash on KISS LOL, Im just messing with ya Ken.
    About Ace and the rings, Ace is truly one of the most underrated rock guitarists in the world. Listen to his live performances, even without the makeup and stuff he wears those rings and yet plays flawlessly most of the time. I have seen one of his stage guitars up close and man the face of that guitar is all beat up from him hitting those rings on it lol. Paul Stanley said that when he first started wearing them you could hear the rings hitting the guitar sometimes lol. I play guitar as well and I can't wear anything like that, especially not on my fret hand.
    As for Paul's voice – With this latest and supposedly last tour there has been a lot of accusations that Paul is using backing tracks and he is just lip syncing. BUT… I have spoken to and read comments and reviews from MANY people who say this is not true at all. There are a few songs during the show that portions of the song "might" be lip synced but no one knows for sure. I have heard his voice from watching numerous videos of different performances on this tour, yeah his voice is shot man. Even when he is just talking, the closer you get to the end of the show his speaking voice is all raspy and he sounds like a 4 pack a day smoker. But darnit if he isn't still out there doing it at almost 70 years old and doing the best he can do. One of the people who didn't want KISS to do IWMFLY was lead guitarist Ace Frehley, he hated it! So I have a feeling that may have been a little dig at Ace by Paul right there lol. When Dynasty came out and this song was on it in 1978, I didn't much care for it at all. For years I just didn't like it and then in about 1992 or 93 KISS released KISS Alive 3 and had this song on it. WOW, I love it now, when it's performed live it just has a totally different vibe than the original recording. It sounds less Disco now lol. Hey, someone said that Gene actually has a wider vocal range than Paul, even the high stuff, Gene can get higher than Paul – what's your thoughts on this?
    I also wanted to say thank you Ken, thank you for those kind words about Tommy Thayer. As a person who became a KISS fan in 1977 at 12 years old, of course I hated seeing them break up again in the early 2000's but I have to give credit where it is due. I have read Paul's, Ace's and Peter's books and let me tell you, Ace and especially Peter deserve to NOT be in the band any longer!! Peter was always my favorite member but after reading HIS book, I have to say I pretty much have zero respect for him and think that he does not deserve all the love he gets from KISS fans. Ace finally is off the booze and drugs and seems to be better but when he was back in KISS the second time he made an ass of himself and was totally unreliable. Tommy and Eric stepped up and into those iconic roles and as far as this old KISS fan is concerned they have done very good and treated not only KISS but KISS fans with much more respect than Ace or Peter ever did! Tommy seems like such a cool guy, I even have one of his signature Epiphone Les Paul guitars and it is AWESOME!! But anyway Ken, thanks for those words about Tommy, he gets a lot of flack from KISS fans but the man has been in that role for almost 20 years now and he has EARNED the respect of KISS fans everywhere as far as I am concerned!

  21. Suggestion :
    In my opinion this is the best Amy Winehouse performance ever. Her inflections and manipulation of the melody is off the charts https://youtu.be/0G0FRgX1wdE

  22. Hey Ken, request/suggestion for "something completely different": Damian Wilson. Damian has been singing a lot of hard rock and metal (Threshold, Ayreon etc.), but in this video he is performing a very personal song, about a huge personal loss he has experienced. "Just" a singer and his guitar: https://youtu.be/YyGPz2aS620

  23. Let’s see if I’m a KT fan…I remember something about a riff from maybe your ‘Tamplin’ album being, um, borrowed by Gene? Am I close? How’s my memory?

  24. I've had enough / I'll fight hell to hold you/ …. His vocals on these songs are amazing!!!

  25. Sir please checkout this live performance for a singing competition. Strong head voice you will love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxq3TV4Wyag

  26. Please do a review of Rik Emmett from the US Festival singing Magic Power. That entire show was a amazing performance by Rik on guitar and vocals.

  27. Hi Ken, love your videos and love your personality. Could you please react to 5sos youngblood, teeth, and easier video please, please, pretty please. here are the links. thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqsA0ZGaPWM, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T9rjhp_In8, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWcatDFBFOQ.

  28. Pleaseee react to Maria Aleida singing “The doll song”… she is AMAZING, her staccato is unreal and she reaches Ab6… I promise you won’t be disappointed

  29. hey another great reacts Vid Ken just wanted you to check this one out, the fantastic Jack Bruce in live performance https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=theme+from+an+imaginary+western+jack+bruce

  30. KISS has some of the most loyal fans in the music industry ……. I never really got their schtick, but that's just me. I know they must work their asses off to pull off a production like that!

  31. I saw them a few years ago in concert, and let me tell you that for guys near 70 years old, they still sound good and is a great show. Not great voices, but great show. Legends!

  32. On a different subject, pretty please Ken, please take this Girl under your wings and make her great, she has so much potential but needs someone like you to turn her into pro quality, I dont even know her at all whatsoever, but she is famous for her failed audition on x factor a few years ago. Had she got training from someone like you, she would have blown everyone away I believe. here is a link to her page, check out her latest videos and see what you think yourself, I even suggested on her last video that she hook up with you in order to improve her singing skill. Thanks very much and feel free to remove this comment afterwards if you wish, here is a link to her youtube page peace out!

  33. Wow Ken you r so right about the song similarities check out another the opening riff of Pantera I'm broken and the opening riff of led Zeppelin the ocean


    Caleb Hyles singing "Never Enough" – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUDEy32aQ90
    Jonathan Young singing "Limit Break X Survivor" – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPBWNJxJxiY
    Malinda Kathleen Reese singing "Africa" by Toto – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdYCIqCj7IE

    And finally…
    Linkin Park – New Divide – Madison Square Garden – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7ZIcHwbySY
    (I would also love to see you cover this one)

  35. I love the Dynasty album! Side question, have you heard The World Is Rated X by Marvin Gaye? It's off his 1972 album You're the Man that was released last year. You can really hear him just singing his heart out on that song (the whole album as well).🎙🎙🎙

  36. Muy bueno Ken!! Me flipa este tema de los KISS😎🔝🎸
    No dout..that this rock song..is one of the best rock song of the 70"s.

  37. Not a fan of KISS but will love to learn how they sang in Jesus Christ Superstar lol! Referring to the framework of song how it co relate to the sound that 70s style.

  38. Not many bands can rock stilettos. Makeup and lipstick. I never really got kiss when I was younger but the older I get I can appreciate some of their songs. I never thought they sounded great live tbh and gene simmons looks like something out of the power rangers. I doubt they care what I think! Thanks for your chats ken very entertaining.

    As a side note. Wilder the boxer said he couldn’t fight after wearing a 50 pound costume to fight Tyson fury. Just walking into the ring. So fair play to kiss for rocking for two hours in ludicrous clothes !

  39. Ken thanks for balanced comments on KISS. Get bored of the haters. Saw them in London last year. Awesome show, professional band. Been a fan of them for approx 40 years. Sadly paul’s voice isn’t what it used to be. Best frontman ever though.

  40. Saw KISS in London last year. The pyrotechnics were huge. I could feel the heat from the explosions. Im sure I singed my eyebrows off hahaha.

  41. Great performance from Paul in this one. Mr. Stanley in the late 80s through the mid 2000s were fantastic! Time and so much rock and roll does damage to one's vocals

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