Viparita Karani – 6 Everyday Wall Exercises for All | Yoga for Beginners

Viparita Karani – 6 Everyday Wall Exercises for All | Yoga for Beginners

Hello friends! Namaste! Today I will show you Wall Exercise. It is called Viparita Karani also. It is good for leg pain, blood pressure problem,
varicose veins, menopause problems, and many others. So, let’s start! Starting pose To start with, keep your hips touching the wall. Press your feet against the wall. Now, keep your hands at 90 degrees and lie down. Now, raise your legs and stay there. Breathe in slowly for one minute. Now, make sure that hips and feet touch the wall. First Exercise
Put your legs together and stretch your ankles. Stretch your toes outwards, knees together
and breathe in. Hold your breath. And then relax your toes and breathe out. Again, breathe in and breathe out. Remember to tighten your thighs, keep your
knees together and stretch your ankle. Breathe in and slowly out. Exercise 2
Continue with the starting pose. Curl your toes inwards, thighs together, knees
together and breathe in. And slowly out. Again breathe in. And slowly out. And relax. Exercise 3 Slide your left leg down with breathe in and go up with out. Now, with right leg. Breathe in and breathe out. In and out. In and out and relax. Now, start with right leg. Breathe in and out. Breathe in and breathe out. In and out In and out. And relax. Exercise 4 Slide your left leg, stretch your legs, toes outwards, keep your knees straight, breathe in and stay there and slowly breathe out and come up. Now with right leg. Breathe in. Stay there And slowly breathe out. Again with left. Breathe in and stay there. Hold your breath And slowly breathe out Now, last time. Breathe in. And slowly breathe out. And relax Exercise 5 Pull your legs inwards to come in butterfly pose. Ensure that your hips and feet press against the wall before you come in butterfly pose. Now, keep your hands on the thighs. Press your thighs and breathe in. Stay there. Stay there Now, legs together and breathe out. Again, breathe in and spread out. Slowly stretch. And breathe out Very nice. Now last time. Breathe in. Stay there. And slowly breathe out And relax. Last exercise. Number 6 Now, fold your legs and come in Sukhasana and wrap your hands around your head. Keep your spine straight. Now concentrate on your breathing and your
navel. Close your eyes and slowly breathe in. And slowly breathe out. Now, switch your hands and switch your legs, and repeat the same. And breathe in, and breathe out. And relax And relax Hope you enjoyed our session! And if you have any enquiries or questions, Put your comments. And do not forget to Like, share and subscribe. Namaste!

39 thoughts on “Viparita Karani – 6 Everyday Wall Exercises for All | Yoga for Beginners

  1. Madam, if not in the morning on empty stomach, when we can do this after breakfast or in the evening. Pl tell me the gap of time after meals or breakfast. Thanks

  2. Can you also show in video how to get in this pose. Please
    I am a senior and don’t so lots of exercise .

  3. I wanted to like this video but the music is utterly annoying, so not for yoga. I won’t give it a thumb down either because I think the moves are good. Oh, and the sound quality needs improvement.

  4. Dear madam.
    Thanks for these tips that are affordable for seniors. I have crossed 66years age.l daily do but not as you show. Really it's fruitful especially for me. I shall practice as possible as I can.

  5. hey I am yog teacher I want to talk to u I am working in noida shall u give me your connect no. for more conversation

  6. Hi dear u'r video is too good🙂🙂🙂🙂…
    But one doubt😧😧😧 dear its helps only for yoga learners😒😒😒????? Also uses for reducing Tommy fat😨😨😨? Pls reply me

  7. I do this every night before i sleep, and i never know if it is exercise or yoga before i watching your video..
    Love from Indonesia ♥️

  8. Hello Ma'am, for quite some time I have been doing only leg raise. After watching your instructions I get motivated more with your exercises.

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