Ultimate Nutrition ISO-SENSATION 93 Review

Ultimate Nutrition ISO-SENSATION 93 Review

hey everyone
DJ with fitness do news Fitness still news reviews and today we’re gonna
review the bucket yeah when was the last time you held a protein powder of any
kind that was bigger than you yeah anyway this is the ultimate nutrition
ISO sensation 93 it’s quite a veteran in the isolate protein market it’s been
around for some time we thought we’re gonna review this it’s we just hunted
down a deal on this product recently and thought it would be a good opportunity
to actually finally review this product so this is the this you know protein
powders coming different varieties you have the protein blends you have the
wave 100% whey proteins or whey proteins and you have the isolate and then you
have hydro isolating a couple of others anywhere the difference between them is
first the mixture of what is the protein actually made up and then the other one
is the process that they go through and then some of it is also what what’s the
content of actual protein in every gram that you consume of this thing so you
know so you see 25 grams of protein in a 35 gram scoop that means that the
protein is 25 grams out of 35 which is about 66 percent and then you’ll get and
see other varieties anyway this one is an isolate which means it is the purest
form of protein that you will usually find this one specifically goes to what
ultimate nutrition calls the ISO chill process which is a double micro filtered
protein isolation process which promises that the protein that you get at the end
of it is going to be just in the high very high quality the other thing that’s
amazing about this thing it’s called ISO sensation 93 which means it’s 93%
of the perserving is actually protein which means there’s not a lot other than
protein in each scoop which actually reflects itself amazingly in the label
the Lego a hundred and thirty calories but listen what’s there what are they
made of 30 grams of protein pair 33 grams scoop so that means that 30 grams
of protein 4 calories per gram 120 calories of the hundred and 30 or
protein that is basically that means that this is basically protein that’s it
and by the way carbohydrates are one gram and fat is zero this is an isolate
protein now in addition to that this what ultimate nutrition did they added
to this a couple of make complexes what they call so there’s a glutamine complex
there’s the insulin sensitivity complex and there is a digestion complex which
are all supposed to come in and act the quality of this of the protein to help
with digestion to help with enzymes and to help with recovery through the
glutamine complex so so the label is amazing and again 30 grams of protein
per serving one scoop when was the last time you had
any protein isolate hydro isolate whatever isolate that had 30 grams so
it’s amazing I mean this looks amazing and and the package contain the
packaging a bucket I have to tell you though we’re gonna try this obviously
because it’s great I mean the leg looks great the complex is 30 grams of protein
69 servings per five-pound which is great again shows 697 servings of 30
grams of isolate protein per bucket of 5 pounds
amazing just amazing and so we’re gonna try this so I have to tell you I’m
looking at this and I’m not sure how to open this thing um I
think it’s here it says press here whoo okay I got it I guess and then are we
gonna try and do ah okay so this doesn’t I already worked out today
so I don’t want to work out again so okay low marks for opening for ease of
opening yeah right good thing I saved the other whoa okay wow this is really
hard by the way – okay this is the double chocolate flavor right chocolate
fudge chocolate fudge so this is the scoop and this scoop has 30 grams of
protein in it and basically nothing else so we’re gonna try it out see how it
mixes we’re gonna see the taste let’s go I’m gonna add water this was hard to
open I tell you what I’m gonna do I have I have an empty obtain nutrition 100 a
hundred percent gold standard I’m gonna just drop this thing in because I’m not
gonna deal with this opening and closing every time okay so yeah shake it shake
it real good and we’re going to see what happens
hard to listen okay we’re good next mix nicely smells like chocolate see the
taste since nice it’s not the best protein
powder I’ve ever tasted so it’s not you know what reminds me 100% gold standard
it’s mild taste not really hard yeah you mean you taste choke at 100% gold
standard double chocolate that’s a taste it’s not very sweet it’s noticeable but
it’s really soft it’s not like it’s not BSN syntha-6 but the mixability is
amazing by the way this is there’s nothing there’s no women
there’s not even a small club I like it I actually like it and this is 30 grams
of protein and nothing else how amazing is that now here’s the better news which
I just I mean I don’t know if when you see this video it’s going to be the deal
is still gonna be available but we hunted the deal down on all star health
a couple of days ago I think two five pounders for $62 yeah ten pound for $62
over 30 grams isolate 69 servings each that’s a hundred and forty servings
basically for sixty to ninety nine anyway okay but close this really hard
so the summary profile amazing 29 30 grams of protein out of 33 grams scoop
all these great complexes additional glutamine complex the digestive complex
the instrument sensitivity complex that the amino profile you are not gonna not
going to read it through it’s just unbelievable and mix mix is really good
the taste gets whatever and the eight out of 10 I would say because it’s not
very sweet but it’s okay it’s great you like this video then show
us like it you want more reviews subscribe you want to save money
WWWE fitness deal news.com I’ll see you later people

48 thoughts on “Ultimate Nutrition ISO-SENSATION 93 Review

  1. By far the best whey protein out there. 30 grams of protein per 32g scoop is unbeatable, taste is almost invisible so you can mix it with pretty much anything.

  2. I like the natural flavor as I can mix it with different juices and, most important, I can digest it very well. So my overall rating is based on this one. I have also tried chocolate and vanilla flavors which are ok, and strawberry which i found really disgusting.

  3. Nice ratio: 32g of powder for 30g of protein. amino acid and all, digest well and taste depend on the flavor. banana is correct on juice, vanilla is great, café bresil is amazing!

  4. TJ thanks for the info on the promotion.  Got it at the same site for the same price/deal.  Best Isolate Protein deal on Earth!!!!

  5. Love the cookies and cream and love when its BOGO online. Allstar health has the deals sometimes. Recommend subscribing to Fitness Deal News emails for the best deals.

  6. Hey Guys, the team here at FDN hunted a coupon that brings this deal to $57! WHOA! I am not sure how long this coupon is going to be available, but you should give it a try (January 8th 2017)

  7. sorry, im newbie. im really sorry if this sounds so stupid. but what is main purpose of whey? i go to gym now, tried to lost some weigh. my others question is:

    is it good choice for weight loss?
    is it has a good taste for me who never tried any whey product?


  8. I've been only consuming Optimum Nutrition's, TwinLab's, and VP Laboratory's protein isolate until 2014 (and since 2010).
    After I've tried the '93 (as I like to call it) for the first time (it was the Coffee flavored one) and after I've found out about it's INSANE quality-to-amount-to-price ratio, I've never gone back to any of the aforementioned three, when it comes down to protein. Don't get me wrong – there's absolutely nothing wrong with ON's, TwinLab's, or VP's products. All of them are top tier quality. But, unfortunately, in comparison to the '93 they're simply losing it completely and utterly by the sheer pricing factor.

  9. I Just Started Gym so my Q: Sir it contains Soy also which is Not at All Good for Men. So is it Safe to take this protein & how much % of Soy it contain any idea?? Pls Reply & Confirm as i need to Buy It..

  10. How is this so cheap compared to other giants like ON & MuscleTech? I've heard a lot of professionals say that the only way you get protein for cheap is if it's cheap protein. I'm sceptical about Iso-sensation. Maybe they spiked their nitrogen percentage. Can somebody post an amino acid profile test from a third-party lab? I really don't understand how is this so cheap! If anyone has an answer, please tell me.

  11. Deal is back on!!!!! 2 for $60.00+…..this will be my 3rd order of this deal over the past couple of yrs. Thanks again…..great product and deal!

  12. Have you tried the cafe brazil flavor? It is too sweet in my case , please help me as i doubtful about it's authenticity

  13. Can anyone tell me about that lid? Does it get better after the first opening? I just found the 5 lb bucket for $45 but I don't want to fight the damn thing after a tough workout.

  14. I realize that It's just the worst package design ever in this world. I might have a strength to crack a wall before open this.

  15. You used waaaayyy too much water bro. 6 ounces max. Much better that way! That killer deal is still going on, and I am stocking up!

  16. Hi everyone,
    Has anyone of you tried the cafe brazil flavor? It is so sweet that I add a lot of water but it probably mixes up the concentration and reduces the effectiveness. It says 1< sugar on the package but I think its too much. ON Gold Standard is not as sweet as this one you dont almost fill sugar in it.Please share with you thoughts or ideas. I have already started to think about junking the package.

  17. What kinda shit way to review anything? What’s with your way of speaking? And moreover if you haven’t tried it yet how come you’re reviewing it? Anyone can read off the label

  18. I try to grab this deal everytime it comes around. The only other iso I can comepare to it is the one from myProtein

  19. Hi, now that the company has shut down. Which product do you suggest as the next best alternative? Also, any product you've come across that matched the cookies n' cream flavour? Or even had cookie crumbles like this one did?

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