Trump Impeachment Going Strong

Trump Impeachment Going Strong

100 thoughts on “Trump Impeachment Going Strong

  1. You are all banking off Trump and you know it. The Vatican and the Jews have been pulling the two face since the begining of time. You are all on the same side. Im suprised no one mentions it.

  2. Trump will win again and Jimmy Kimmels ratings will continue plummeting into the abyss!! 😂🤣😂🤣😅 Trump power!! MAGA!! Trump 2020!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 All you libtards get your crying closet's ready!!

  3. So let me get this straight, Kimmel has always been a pawn for NBC Universal pushing anti-Trump propaganda, Biden was the front-runner until these FACTS came out and now he’s dead as roadkill… The Dems know he is corrupt as well…
    Yet Trump is the bad guy for asking for evidence? The guys is corrupt, it’s not surprising, can u not even remember the Clinton’s and the worst corruption, crime and sexual scandals that the White House has seen in over a century…

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  5. I know how Trump feels when the kids were walking away and ignoring him because that's exactly how I feel in the comment section on YouTube. 😆

  6. Jimmy Kimmel Live "Trump impeachment going strong" …. CNN: "Trump likely to stay where he is after all is said and done"… entertainment has a new wide eyed target crowd… 😀 HAHAHAH

  7. When you work in Hollywood you erroneously believe that your view is in line with America's views. Well, it clearly isn't, hence not a single Republican voting yes on the impeachment inquiry. Guess what? The Senate has to vote to convict. What are the chances of that occurring? Sry, libtards, this isn't going to happen. Sorry to say, Trump 2020 and the Dems will lose the house because of the horsesh!t.

  8. I dont watch ANY of you late night host who get PAID and sign a NON-Disclosure to influence the public by sick Democrats whos belief system is to EXPLOIT others, just as in their slavery and KKK. I don't care what the Boss asks of ANYONE, its his job to be on top of things – if you see something, say something – goes for ALL! u silly sick no integrity can't tell the truth democrats! unemployment at 50yr low and Obama nearly had us BANKRUPT and still gave Billions in cash to Iran, in the cloak of darkness and In CASH and all hush hush! who does that? criminals do….

  9. Lock him up. 14k lies and strong, USA reputation if there is anything left is on the line come 2020 election if this guy isn't brought down.

  10. Everyone who's old enough to remember 9/11 can remember exactly where they were and what they were doing. That's How strong these terrorist attacks were. And that's how it affected every American citizen to the point where that Act of Terror is embedded into our memory. And yet, the Republican Party wants us to believe that this guy was more vicious and repulsive than Osama bin Laden. He was a repulsive guy but I bet 90% of Americans didn't know this guys name or even know of his existence.

  11. Daum some people are dumb af. Hateing Trump and dividing the country. Making Donald look like a monster while in reality the us has the lowest homeless people ever.

  12. No wonder I gave up late night comedy when Jay Leno retired. These garbage, not even funny, monologues are so so poor. Is this really all they have to offer? OMG….pathetic!!!

  13. That's why we have punishments. If you don't know the laws and you refuse to learn, then you need, are asking for, punishment. Impeach him!

  14. The Democrats are controlled by racist AOC and the ISIS-loving Squad who want to destroy America from within. The Democrats seem to forget that all people who voted Trump are the hard working people, who pay for everything in America, including the Democrats’ communist hobbies…

  15. The stupid Democrats are walking into a political trap with impeachment. The President can invoke the tu quoque defense and call Obama era officials to testify that Democrats did the same things he is accused of doing. Investigations by John Durham, Attorney General Barr and various inspectors general should be completed by then making it easier to drag the Democrats through the mud.

  16. The fact that the kids are skipping him.. makes me feel bad for him tbh but he’s done this to himself for being an absolute jerk

  17. Just one thing : both Bin Laden and Ben Laden are valid spellings. The pronunciation in Arabic is inbetween "in" and "en" and transcriptions vary. The same goes for his first name, Usama or Osama are both used, and again the Arabic pronunciation is in-between.
    It's pretty common to have a variety of transcriptions into the Latin alphabet for Arabic words and names, like Abd Al/Abdal/Abdel/Abdl, Shirin/Sherin/Cherine, Shayk/Cheikh/Shaik, Zein/Zayn/Zain, Bakr/Bakar/Baker, variants with or without a silent H or with doubled-letters (Amina/Aminah/Ameena/Ameenah, Alia/Aaliya/Aaliyah/Aalyya/Aalyyah, Amir/Ameer), etc.
    Arabic transcription can be messy… as can Chinese, Hebrew, Wolof transcriptions etc, which all allow for orthographic variations, depending on which rules one chooses to apply.

    In the French-speaking world Bin Laden's name is transcribed as Oussama ben Laden, and it's as valid as Osama bin Laden, and actually sounds the same when read by an Arabic speaker.

  18. Celebrities that don't talk trash about Trump or the Republican Party these days don't make it in Hollywood or get any new acting roles like Adam Sandeler and many more I thought were always funny,just shows theirs a hidden agenda.

  19. trump is 6ft 3 . melania is like 6 ft . def a dude just like michael . bushs wife wasnt a dude . jared kushner u know is registered as a female voter . he looks like a ftm . ig u want tp see a real woman . look at hips . shoulders . skull deep ete sockets height . karlie kloss is 6 3 , most women know , men r deceived cuz models show a lot of skin , they r taking lots of estrogen so we r naturally attracted to pheromones

  20. You are soo funny, when you don’t talk about politics… I wish I could just watch comedy without people bringing politics into it.

  21. Giuliani's Tweet also has the grammar mistake of "I and my fellow Republicans" rather than "My fellow Republicans and I" also after the "…@RealDonaldTrump" should be a "?" Not a "."

  22. I thought it was real! And for the moments I thought it was real, I respected Trump for a tiny bit. After finding out it was real, it lost the little respect that just grew.

  23. Ben Laden is actually closer to the actual pronunciation than bin. In the early days you used to see both spellings. It's not like it's originally written in Roman characters.

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