Trump admin declares public health emergency over coronavirus outbreak

Trump admin declares public health emergency over coronavirus outbreak

20 thoughts on “Trump admin declares public health emergency over coronavirus outbreak

  1. contagious while asymptomatic, in incubation, AND in sequelae that is what is so scary! Its been reported from within Wuhan that 5 million people left the city the day before lockdown ( following the Chinese New Year)… so the numbers they are reporting of people who could be infectious, is EXTREMELY conservative. Its probably closer to 300,000 +. Major dishonesty in reporting.. this began in early DECEMBER and was shut up!! This virus could hold through MAY before the PEAK!! And the big QUESTION, is it true there is a human manipulation aspect within the virus, and has it been manipulated with something that will come back around months from now… I heard someone speculate it could possibly be injected with HIV??? ALSO was this potentially released on purpose as opposed to coming from BATS in the meat market? This virus is doubling every 6 days in number of REPORTED cases with every single infected person, passing it to at least 2 people.. not counting who you could still be infecting AFTER you are feeling well… SO MANY QUESTIONS… people should be educating the public on measures to take NOW that will help.. like ascorbic acid, iodine rubbed in nostrils… oscillococcinum. But the most important thing is that THEY SHOULD BE HONEST IN THEIR REPORTING, third world countries will not survive this if we cannot get all the CLEAR FACTS!! AND PRESIDENT TRUMP IS ABSOLUTELY doing the best thing for AMERICA with TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS!!

  2. don't worry..Mike Pence has put together a powerful task force which includes Falwell jr, Robert Jeffress, Franklin graham and Paula white.. they are going to go to china to find the Witch causing the plague…and then burn her..but you have to burn her properly…otherwise the plague will continue. They will protect themselves from contracting the virus by keeping posies in their pockets..

  3. So are we clear lets not give over to are enemies the basics of life and National defence with our jobs from manufacturing ect…. Lets make a deal your defence for a few more cents gained per purchase

  4. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s communist China trying to slow down USA economy it was made in laboratory NOT FISH MARKET , I don’t trust them Chinese it effects older people and China has ageing population problem.

  5. Pence is just a statue, gutless moron, this fool hasn't a clue about anything. When you sit back and let religious stories rule your schizophrenic mind, this is what you become……..second in charge of the Asylum. Pence has been put in charge of the Coroner Virus situation because he's too stupid to realise if things get worse, Trump will blame him for the outbreak in the USA and the drop in the economy, stating it wasn't his fault. Talk about ' DUMB & DUMBER '. Only a matter of time before Trump and Fox News blame Democrates for the virus.

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