Thoughts on Keto Diet for Improving Mental Health

Thoughts on Keto Diet for Improving Mental Health

Hello and this is my first post talking about my ketogenic lifestyle journey which is something that I started two and a half weeks ago but I wanted to record my journey so that I can stay motivated and I want to have a record of how I have progressed and sort of sharing my challenges and my successes and you know it’s kind of like a little bit of a journaling exercise except it’s on youtube so yeah to start off with I am a female I’ve got five kids I’m 38 years old and I’ve just started the ketogenic lifestyle and basically what it means is I am eating a highf fat moderate protein and I’ve completely reduced my carbohydrates to less than 20 grams I have been interested in the ketogenic lifestyle for almost 18 months and that’s because I had read good things about it with regards to depression so I arrived at the ketogenic lifestyle not so much for weight loss it’s not something that I’ve ever struggled with personally but it was more to do with depression and mental health issues and I’d read that there were some people who felt that it had helped their depression and I’m at that point in my life where I pretty much will try any alternative things to help with mental health and with depression plus I’ve I also strongly believe in the power of what you eat helping your body so we have an allotment and we grow a lot of our own vegetables and a little fall or in fruit and we have an orchard where we eat a lot of so we eat a lot of organic fruit and vegetables and I do truly believe that has made a difference to my physical health and when I quit sugar I did find that there was some difference to my mood and my energy level so it sort of made sense for me once I started reading about the ketogenic lifestyle but okay I’m gonna try that and I do wish I tried it earlier because even though it’s only two and a half weeks in that I feel such a huge difference already in my mood and in my energy levels and in just how I feel the first week was a little bit dicey obviously because I’ve read that you can expect to get the keto flu it wasn’t as bad as I expected I have to say but you know I probably had one or two days where I just said like really bad constipation but once I realized that I was forgetting to take electrolytes and I had some bone broth that absolutely just disappeared and so now I make sure to remember to either add a lot of extra salt or to drink my boo Yong or bowling Pro from that makes quite a quite a big difference I haven’t been using macros I know a lot of people calculate their macros and and they use that I haven’t I just signed up to the diet doctor website which I’ll put the links in the description box down below and I’ve just been using their meals and the meal planners and they’ve just been amazing and absolutely excellent and I recently bought some keto sticks so that I could check if I was in ketosis because I wasn’t too sure since I wasn’t counting macros I was a little bit worried that maybe I’m eating too much protein but I’m very happy to report that this morning I had a nice bright purple result on the keto sticks so I’m very very happy but I just felt really strongly that I wanted to share in I wanted to record my journey and to share my journey of how I am embracing this ketogenic lifestyle it’s been two and a half weeks and I’m very I’m very happy with how it’s going the most amazing thing actually about this last two weeks is how I have lost cravings for it just basically cravings so before that I’d have like a craving at around 10 o clock and I just I had to eat something I had to eat something and I’ll snack on something and then later on it’s all just constantly snacking cuz I had these strong cravings like I must eat I must eat I must eat and drop everything and eat and I’m not having that it’s like I’m completely full and satisfied and I can walk past like a double chocolate fudge cake which used to be my weakness nothing no hunger and that’s just being incredibly incredibly amazing because I never you know I never realized that the body can be like that the body I just assumed but yeah I’m just I’m learning a lot and I’ll be doing a lot of videos just sort of like you know brain dumping and and and sharing the experiences with you but yes so that’s me Hila doing the ketogenic lifestyle and of course my family kinda gets dragging dragged along so hence ketogenic mom life but yeah um I’ll see you later right

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Keto Diet for Improving Mental Health

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, I hope you are feeling much better since posting this video. It's so important to eat the right foods for our mental health too!

  2. Hadn't realised keto was beneficial for helping mental health and depression issues, but it makes sense, especially the point you highlighted about the impact sugar has on the body. Thanks for sharing.

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