The Strong Shall Stand: U.S. Air Force Special Operations Tactical Air Control Party

The Strong Shall Stand: U.S. Air Force Special Operations Tactical Air Control Party

Our job is to bring that firepower to
the enemy and integrate everything that is air-to-ground and vice versa. TACPs are best utilized by other branches. We’re going to be working with the Army, the Marines, even potentially Navy. You’re going to be
relied upon as a sole individual to be the Communication specialist and that
joint fire specialist for potentially thousands of individuals.
Whatever’s flying you can talk to it. Whatever’s on the ground you can link up with it. TACPs are always working on radios
for communication, map skills for targeting, and knowing what’s the latest
and greatest. Our job while not deployed is to train as if you are deployed. That’s how you’re constantly developing your skills, so that once you do get downrange it’s second nature. When you want to become a TACP, you graduate Basic Training just as anybody else would, and you go on to the TACP schoolhouse.
After the TACP schoolhouse, you’ll continue on to survival training,
and once that’s completed you go on to your unit where
most of your training is going to be conducted. You’re going to find what you’re
truly made of both physically and mentally. If you have that mental fortitude to press on even when you think that your body is giving in then you’re going to make it. What motivated me to be a TACP initially was I wanted to be actively engaged in combat. I wanted to go and I wanted to fight
whatever enemy was opposing America. I wanted to be one of those individuals
who was doing some sort of specialty work. When we get downrange our job is not
only to take care of ourselves, but it’s to take care of our counterpart. It’s not just to bring the capabilities that we have;
it’s to quite literally pick up that extra weight. If we need to cross load and take some of the gear,
we’re going to do it. If there is somebody within that area of
operations that needs you, you’re going to be going. Tracking friendlies is the most important part of our job and ensuring that they get home from the battlefield.

11 thoughts on “The Strong Shall Stand: U.S. Air Force Special Operations Tactical Air Control Party

  1. TACP isn't special ops, 95% are ACC(Air Combat Command). I know I've been a TACP/JTAC the last 10 years. While the controlling is fun, most of our job is sitting in an office doing cbt's (computer based training) and additional duties. I highly recommend you go CCT as it's all AFSOC and you still have the possibility of going TACP if that doesn't work out. We are mostly stationed on Army installations and most TACP's will support conventional Army echelons.
    Pro's: calling in air strikes, tdys, bonuses, and great issued gear.
    Con's: living with Army/ 9 month deployments get old. We get told we aren't door kickers and don't always get the training we should get. With all that said I've been doing this for years and enjoy it.

  2. I Am a great Soldier, a much more Elite Soldier (Ranger) , because, first and foremost,I was a really good Marine (Force Recon Marine)!! I Am proud of you Special Warfare Airmen of AFSOC Special Tactics ( Pararescue Jumpers, Combat Controllers,TACP, SOWT, and Combat Aviation Advisors). You Air Commandos rock solid and steady on the battlefield downrange deployed and I will always be here for You and Your Service, The United States Air Force, as well as My Battlefield Brothers and Sisters in the Marine Corps,Navy, Coast Guard, and Army. Hooah 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪 🤘💀!!

  3. Puppy Kicker, this is John Rodriguez: I Am merely a American Citizen of Puerto Rican, Spanish, French and 2/3Norwegian ethnicity , who desired most ardently to serve My GOD Almighty and My Country as a US Marine and Army Ranger. I Am also a Militarist by nature, and, I Am attached and attracted to all things and personnel Military Forces. I Am no Super Hero, nor, Am I GOD. I Am Blessed by GOD to have served My Country in The US Department of Defense, and, I will gladly do it again and again and again!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪🤘💀

  4. Love these guys…one of the most misunderstood career fields in the military, full of some of the sharpest and best trained warriors the US has to offer

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