The Role of Biblical Nutrition in the Fight Against Cancer | Dr. Josh Axe at TTAC LIVE 2019 Anaheim

The Role of Biblical Nutrition in the Fight Against Cancer | Dr. Josh Axe at TTAC LIVE 2019 Anaheim

Dr. Josh Axe: You want to help your eyes? Eat a carrot. You cut it in half, it literally looks like
the circles around your eye. You want to help your blood. You squeeze some beets, it looks like blood. Beets help your blood. You know what medical research has shown this
over and over again. Reishi looks like your kidneys, which is right
where your adrenals sit, which is why reishi is known as one of the ultimate adrenal tonics. Rehmannia, another amazing herb, probably
the most prescribed herb in Chinese medicine for adrenal fatigue. It’s a great one there. By the way ashwagandha, a lot of you guys,
how many of your guys have heard of ashwagandha? Most of you? If I would’ve asked you that 10 years ago,
nobody would’ve raised their hand. Here’s something I’m excited about. Most people don’t know what rehmannia is. In 10 years, people are going to know what
rehmannia is and andrographis and Schisandra and dong quai and all these other herbs that
have been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine that we haven’t brought
over and started using today and it’s going to be so amazing for our health. All right. We’re going to talk a little bit about biblical
medicine here. And so let’s dive in. So I love this verse. James 5:14. “Are any of you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to
pray for them and anoint their head with oil.” So in the bible, when you read there was actually
an oil blend. Eric Zielinski talks a lot about this in his
book and you can check out his website and he gets into this, but “Are any of you sick? Let them call the elders of your church. Pray for them and anoint their head with oil.” There’s a very specific oil blend. It was cinnamon. It was cassia. It was myrrh, calamus, and olive oil. And they would just pour it over your head,
but can you imagine. Have you ever used cinnamon oil? I mean these are powerful oils. They have so many benefits and so they used
essential oils and prayer for healing, so again, I want to talk about biblical medicine
in terms of prayer, using essential oils, and acting in faith. Healing oils in the bible, some of my favorites:
frankincense. You know frankincense has as compound in it
called pinene, beta-pinene, And pinene has been shown to really support your brain and
nervous system. I saw a study that really talked about if
somebody is in a car accident or has a head trauma, using frankincense oil and it actually
calming brain or neural inflammation. So frankincense too is used in a lot of church
ceremonies. That’s why it’s called frankincense. It’s incense, okay. So they would use it an incense so you would
smell that fragrance and for years it’s been used for spiritual connectivity with God. And the reason why it would work that way
is it can help clear your mind, because think about it, if you have inflammation going on
anywhere in your brain in these areas, it’s going to cause you not to be able to think
as clearly. Some things like brain fog. Frankincense is going to help clear some of
that out. It’s going to help reduce some of that inflammation
and really helps modulate and supports the brain, which is why people noticed that clear
thinking and prayer. You ever try and pray when you’re just sick
or have a migraine headache or headache and not feeling well? Its hard to do then and so people would use
frankincense to actually help their body when they’re spending time with God and in church
ceremonies. Myrrh essential oil, and by the way frankincense
has powerful anti-cancer benefits. Myrrh oil, what’s interesting is myrrh is
probably the most bitter of all the essential oils. If you ever taste myrrh, it’s also very more
thick and goopey, but myrrh, when you are looking at clinical studies actually probably
has even more powerful results against cancer than frankincense, and those are probably
my top two. I mean there are some other amazing ones including
oregano, and some of the carvacrol and thyme oil and some of the other things there but,
that being said, myrrh oil, because it is so bitter—here’s the thing to know about
cancer. Cancer likes damp. Microbes, bad microbes, like a damp environment
so when I’ve talked about dampness earlier, getting more bitter herbs and foods and these
things. As we’re talking specifically about cancer. Abnormal cells, viruses, bacteria, lyme, these
different things, they love to thrive in a damp environment. Myrrh is probably the most anti-dampening
of all the essential oils. I just do a drop of myrrh on my thumb and
frankincense, rub it on the roof of my mouth. Actually our dogs, one of our dogs had some
dental issues and so we just started brushing his teeth with a little bit of myrrh. It’s amazing how great it was for his gums
there as well. Lavender oil and spikenard are very, very similar
oils in terms of their properties of really calming the body, reducing cortisol. This is so important. This is why I’m a fan of things like lavender
oil. Why I’m a fan of, I’m sure somebody will talk
about it, CBD oil. We live in this sort of fight or flight state
all the time. These emotions. And when you’re in a fight or flight state,
here’s the thing to know. Your blood and energy leaves your body and
goes somewhere. So think about it. If you’re running or fighting somebody your
body says well I need to send all the blood to the brain for, one area of your brain for
alertness, and then do the extremities to either fight or fly. This is why you can’t run a 5k or be in the
middle of a hard workout and eat a cheeseburger. Because you’ll throw it up, right? Your body is literally like, “Whoa. What are you doing? I have all my blood in the brain and extremities.” You don’t have any blood in your gut and in
your liver and these organs because it has to send energy somewhere so that’s why you—Your
body operates on a spectrum. It’s either protecting itself or regenerating
and healing. It can’t do both. So it’s either here or here. The light from our phones. The constant updates. Like ping ping ping ping ping, it alerts your
brain. Emergency emergency. All the time. We live in a crazier fight or flight state
all of the time. And so I want to encourage you guys to be
thoughtful about that. No. You got to get yourself out of the emergency
state. It took me two hours to get here. The traffic in L.A. If you guys live here, wow. You have to do everything you can all the
time to build peace. Cinnamon oil is great for your blood glucose
levels, which is really important. Insulin, balancing insulin is key to fighting
cancer, especially certain types of cancer, like breast cancer. And then citrus oils are great for your lymphatic
system, really supporting the liver and the lymphatics is important that you’re moving
these toxins and things out of your body. One of the last things I want to talk about
here are how emotions affect our health. And I think it’s important to remember. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, I remember
thinking I’m not going to leave a stone uncovered. I’m going to do everything I can to figure
out how to support my mom in healing. And what I came across was and realized too
having a background in my relationship with God and knowing that it’s the most important
thing about me. What I believe in God is the most important
thing about me. And knowing that the emotions affect our health,
so I’m going to just say this today. In terms of if you ask me how to heal from
cancer, more than 50% of healing is emotional. This happens all the time. People will get a cancer diagnosis and they’ll
think “I’m changing my diet.” And you’ll change it maybe 50%, maybe let’s
say you change it 100%. Well you’re only 50% there at 100% changing
your diet and having the perfect diet. So just know healing your emotions is the
most important thing you can do period to fight cancer. Check this out. How different emotions can affect your—By
the way there is so many other different emotions too that can affect things or emotional blends
that cause different problems, but here’s an example. The emotion of fear affects your kidneys,
adrenals, and your reproductive organs. Think about how true this is. By the way our bodies tell us this. If a child has a nightmare and gets really
scared at night, they can wet the bed. Why would that cause them to wet the bed? Because the emotion of fear causes dysfunction
of the bladder, the kidneys, that area of the body. But the same goes for a woman that has fear
of failure or a man that has a fear of failure, but talking about women specifically. A woman has a fear of failure, fear of disappointing
their parents, just they’re fearful of things in life can cause infertility, can cause PCOS,
can cause all of these hormonal issues over time. Low self-esteem causes reproductive issues. And we know that inherently confidence strengthens
your libido, strengthens your reproductive system. So again, we have to combat that fear. I’ll talk about how to do that in a minute. Worry. Somebody studying for an exam. They’re worrying. They’re overthinking. They can actually give themselves an upset
stomach. Worry affects your upper GI. Your stomach, your spleen, and your pancreas. So worry can actually contribute to diabetes. Worry can contribute to breast cancer. Anger. Liver and gallbladder. And it’s not just anger. More so it’s the emotions of frustration and
impatience. They back your body up. Impatience is feeling like I’m not moving
forward fast enough. It’s trying to get out in front of God a lot
of times, is actually what happens. But it’s like I’m trying to make things happen
myself and things aren’t happening fast enough. That frustration. It all starts building up disease and dysfunction
in your liver, in your gallbladder, so you can’t digest fats as well. It starts to affect your—You know your liver
is responsible for so many things hormonally? Your liver is responsible for getting rid
of xeno- and phytoestrogens. Those bad estrogens we’re exposed to from
plastics and Teflon pans and all these things. It’s your liver that has to deal with toxins. So looking at this, anger affects your liver
and gallbladder or frustration and impatience. So if you know you’ve got that emotion, you’ve
got to heal it to beat cancer. Grief builds up in the colon and lungs, which
is your immune system. I had a patient one time and her daughter
moved away to college and her daughter was her best friend and two years later she developed
an autoimmune disease. And we changed her diet, got about 50% better,
but then it would not get any better, and we found out that she was still grieving feeling
like she lost her daughter who had moved away for two years and she was living in the past
thinking about her daughter and the good times they used to have. And so literally she was unable to move forward
and heal and so we worked on that and her body healed. She beat autoimmune disease, not through diet. It helped, but it was because she healed her
emotions. And then anxiety. That’s your heart, small intestine, and area
of your nervous system. I was talking about this with again, I’ve
mentioned several times Dr. Chris Motley. We were talking about an ancient Chinese proverb
that says, “Depression is living in the past. Anxiety is living in the future.” We’ve got to live in the present. So here’s the most healing emotions. Now I don’t have a study on this, but this
is me in practice and knowing it’s joy, hope, and love. And what I do every morning in order for me
to stay healthy is I do what I call my “spiritual triathlon.” I spend five minutes in praise. I spend five minutes reading my bible, and
I spend five minutes in prayer. But my first five minutes every morning is
getting grateful to just say, “Thank you, God.” It’s putting on praise and worship music and
just thanking God for the body He’s given me, thanking Him for how He’s blessed me,
thanking Him for giving me an amazing family and people, and a mission that I love. So grateful. That emotion of joy, it references in the
bible in Proverbs. It talks about there’s healing and it also
talks about in the presence of God, there’s fullness of joy. There’s joy. So these emotions of joyfulness, having a
great outlook about your future, knowing God is for you, not against you. Love. Love is not about yourself. It’s about sacrificing yourself for others. Giving of others. Helping others fulfill their hopes and dreams. The root cause of depression is you thinking
about and meditating on your own problems all the time. Mother Teresa said this she said, “If you
want to heal depression.” This isn’t her exact words but essentially
she said, “If you want to heal depression, love and serve others.” I get so much more fulfillment about helping
others fulfill their dreams than fulfilling my own. So let’s talk about this. How do you beat these? I’m not here to give you a sermon. I’m just here to share with you what I’ve
done and what my mom did to beat cancer. That’s all I’m sharing with you. My mom had the emotion of fear, so she wrote
down these bible verses and she tape recorded herself and she listened to them of her saying
them to herself and at first I don’t know that she believed them, but by the end she
did. She believed and knew. And so I’m not going to read all of these. I’ll read a few of them. Joshua 1:9. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God
will be with you wherever you go.” I don’t have a lot of time so I’m going to
touch on this just really quickly. Here’s another thing that believing who God
is, is the most important thing about you. That’s an A.W. Tozer quote. And for me, I had a really good dad growing
up. I had a dad who told me he was proud of me. I had a dad who told me he loved me and so
for me, I naturally grew up kind of connecting God that way. Knowing God was for me. God loved me. God was proud of me. He wanted a relationship with me. But I look at a lot of people that end up
in really rough places in life. A lot of times they didn’t have a good relationship
with their mom or dad. And so they take that, how they feel like
their parents were and the bad relationships, and then they think, “God’s the same way.” And He’s not. And so again the more you can meditate in
knowing how much God loves you. Just reflecting on that. I’m telling you it’s the most healing thing
you can do. So meditate. If you have fear, write down all the verses
in the bible, or someone else, maybe it’s another famous person. The problem is most famous people, the stuff
that they think and say is so terrible. Its like you’re listening to this Miley whatever? You’re going to listen and follow her? Wow! Sorry I’m way too blunt probably but—
God eliminates anxiety. You’re worried about your future? Here’s what Jeremiah 29:11 says. “‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares
the lord. “Plans for welfare, and not for evil. To give you a future and a hope.” He wants to see you win and succeed, but if
you’re doing it all by yourself—You’ve got to partner with him. You’ve got to rely on your Father and know
that He’s for you. He’s got this. God heals grief. “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and
saves those who are crushed in spirit. Blessed are those who mourn for they are comforted. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their
wound, healing their pain and comforting their sorrows.” So knowing, you got a broken heart? God can heal anything. And you do this by just spending time with
Him and time with people that are going to encourage you and love you and impress these
things upon you. God removes worry. I love just meditating on Matthew 6:25-30. So write down these bible verses, these healing
bible verses and meditate on these everyday. Pinpoint what is that emotion your—excuse
me, whether you have cancer or not. What is that emotion you are personally experiencing
and combat it. Go at it.

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  2. Carrot and beetroot have been modified by man in LABS. They are very high in STARCH and Sugar.

    dandelion greens, nettle, kale, amaranth greens, quinoa, chickpeas….. that's powerful

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  4. Being depressed and emotional especially of incidents which happened in the past does no good for one's physical and mental health. If one lets go of the past, one might feel much better.

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