100 thoughts on “The BEST NUTRITION DEBATE Of All Time? [REUPLOAD]

  1. This sizzling plant-based nutrition debate created so much controversy YouTube took it down. But with this exclusive re-upload you can finally see these medical figures thrash out their arguments. What is the best diet? And is meat really killing you?

  2. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Dr. Garth Davis is a real practicing physician who cares so much about his patients and the public. He must have a photographic memory to be so well-versed in the literature – impressive! Didn't "The Doctors" on the show stop practicing decades ago? Travis practiced for a very short time out of school before he was recruited to the show. They are ridiculous! They need to just focus on their make-up and hairspray and let Dr. Garth Davis cite the research and prescribe the plan of care! I'm very grateful to everyone who promotes this lifestyle.

  3. It will take a long time to convince people to eat healthy,in between that time lots of people will die from the food they are eating,what is shameful are people who back up these unhealthy diets for there own gains,how can you live with yourself,

  4. Vegan for awhile my children in there 20s also vegan. Being vegan does not make you feel good being whole foods which is what we practice. The reason is we treat animals like shit! We love dogs and cats but what is the difference between cows and chickens and pigs. Trump passed a law to stop abuse for certain animals which is gr8 but what about factory farming. I don't want to eat a carcass of something that was kicked beaten for someone amusement. Not including all the crap they inject in them. Plant based whole foods only makes sense I have tons of food I can eat I get so full that I feel like I am going to burst but I have no high blood pressure no diabetes no inflammation. Money makes the world go round. I liked this video it made those doctors sound obtuse and money grubbing.

  5. I reversed Diabetes with Plants! Dr. Neal Barnard & Dr Garth Davisand many others are brave to go forward in this hostile medical enviroment. Thanks for all your work!!

  6. Garth Davis is full of it. He really believes that sugar and fructose are great for people with diabetes. wow. I guess that when you're an obesity surgeon, you've got to keep the revenues rolling.

  7. It sucks to see people with Harvard degrees citing industry funded studies that are meant to "debunk" massive meta-analysis based on scientific research without industry funding. It's just pure evil, or pure ignorance. And to me turning your back on science at this point and remaining ignorant is pure evil if you are going to be giving people diet advice.

  8. Market a vegan diet???? How about trying to make people not die, stop the unwarranted suffering of animals, reduce our carbon footprints…IDK like any one of a million reasons….what a dumb ass.

  9. The Vegan Agenda is not about nutrition it about making everyone stop eating animal based products. Vegans look like shit after a few years of their bull shit diet. Watch every vegans teeth fall out and have no energy after a few years; constantly eating and being hungry. Yeah Vegans are ruling…hahaha

  10. 10:10 Here is the study on sugar, could it have been the increase in fibre that improved health markers? They replaced the sugar calories with carb calories from starch which is interesting.

    Garth was right. Quote "33 reported that they were unable to consume all of the food provided for weight maintenance"
    "Despite intensive efforts to maintain each participant's body weight at baseline levels, weight decreased by 0.9 ± 0.2 kg (1%, P = 0.001) over the 10 days of intervention"

  11. this wasn't a debate, it was shout over each other garbage. Stop relying on studies to guide your life, most out there has some biased agenda in one form or another. Listen to your body, eat nothing but high sugar fruits and vegetables for a week and see how satiated you feel. This is the one statement that pissed me off most in this video, too much of any sugar in your diet will slowly poison you. That's why we produce insulin, without it we would die fast after eating even one banana. Humans did not evolve on a plants only or animal product only diet, animal food nourish while the plants cleanse and supplement. Balance is everything.

  12. Just because someone has an MD after their name doesn't mean they automatically know everything about every aspect health. Western medicine, especially in the USA is primarily based off the medical model which is more reactionary than preventative. Fix vs Prevent. As a society we need to do more prevention and less fixing. Ironically I was eating and egg while watching this…

  13. I know there right but just saying part of me hopes there partly wrong. If not Keto people are in for some troubles down the road.

  14. I have a freind that lived in Okanowa. Yes they eat tons of sweet potatoes but Dr. Garth was wront about the pork. They eat a little bit of pork
    Several times a week. Which is still prob no more than 10 percent of there diet.

  15. LOL vegans are really hilarious…I lost many teeth, bleeding gums, arthritis, inflammation on vegan diet, then my glucose spiked to 500 mg/dl I turned Carnivore I am healthier, got rid of diabetes, gained muscles, lost tummy fat…getting better eating meats, avoiding carbs…never shall I thrive on veggies and fruits again…

  16. Well I saw the move and have Chang my diet to plant basis diet it's Ben 2 weeks and I fell better all ready it was not heard to Dow all my 52 years of life I eat meat chicken and eggs and all it died is make me fat as fuck I went to my Dr 3 years ago and my blonde and I was told to lose 100 lbs or I was going to be in trouble well I change. my way of life stared to cut out all bad foods and lose 125 lbs now going plant base well see living in Louisiana it's hard to Dow we eat everything but with God and my family ill live my last years helite 😀 👣 🐾🐊🇺🇸🙏

  17. Meat eggs and dairy KILL. People ad animals. Just have your blood taken before and after you eat meat…you can look at your own blood with your own eyes!!! SERIOUS STUFF!

  18. Wow, boys in the playground, while the meat and dairy industry funds the science studies to keep people eating animals, there's always going to be arguments.
    I've seen cancer websites and seen who actually funds them, the meat and dairy industry, that's who. When the world wakes up, the industry meat and dairy will stand to lose billions of dollars, billions! I'll never watch the doctor's again, their most likely funded by the meat and dairy industry.

  19. I was a “dirty” vegan for 25 years. Overweight and miserable. I’ve been WFPB since September of 2019. 20 lbs. lighter and so much more energy! Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

  20. Doctors show is a plugged up toilet bowl! I’m fueled by meats and fats! Plant based is carbage! The doctors panel are idiots and all have there own agendas! My body is proof meats and fats are good! The less carbs the better. I haven’t eaten processed carbs in 2 years. I feel better at 47 than when I was 17!

  21. This was awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! Also, doctors aren’t trained in nutrition – I no longer see a doctor for nutrition – doctors are just glorified chemical mixers.

  22. Thank you for showing this debate and talking about it as well. I have been cutting out the meat and dairy in my diet for years, but I have been eating eggs, not thinking that they are bad. Plant based makes so much sense and I have been trying to follow it, eating a lot of oatmeal. I have friends and family that eat "GRASS FED" meat. It seems that people think this is okay. They seem to think that it is the antibiotics that is bad when it comes to the meats. Grass fed seems to be more acceptable. It is still an area of conflict. Also, I see people on youtube who only eat fruit. They seem to be thriving. Of course fruit is plant based so I can see why!!

  23. I am 52 years old, I have led a really bad life, smoking, drinking and eating fat, sugar and salt, my meals when I was single up to 25 years old were chip shops and take away's and burgers.
    My circulation up to 2 months ago was really bad, when it was cold halfway up my fingers they would go white and numb, I suffered arthritis in my wrists, elbows and hands and shoulder, I had psoriasis and i was eating rennie tablets like sweets because I had bad stomach acid. I watched Game Changers, then Forks over Knifes and numerous interviews and looked at studies and papers from lots of people. Today is the 6th Feb 2020, My fingers don't go numb anymore, my psoriasis has gone, my stomach doesn't wake me up at night anymore for rennie. My joints ar so so much better, nothing in my hands and wrists and elbow. Another bonus is my thinking is clear, I can't explain this one, it's as if I can see out of my eyes and I am in the moment. It's a strange experience but great. I just need to stop drinking to much now…or maybe not ha.. I would say to people that read this, stop reading, stop watching, stop listening. Be a doer and try the plant based whole food thing for 2 months and see how you feel. I went into this because I want to see my grand kids grow up, I knew I was on the cards for heart problems. So…after visit to docs to take bloods etc, where do I stand. He said my resting heart rate is much lower, blood pressure is down, cholesterol is so so much reduced. He can't explain why my skin is healed without drugs or any other changes. He said continue doing what you doing. End of..

  24. Certainly entertaining, but not really. I find the show irritating because it sinks to the level of mud flinging. Whether one is trying to argue vegan or carnivore, the attacks will come.
    I would welcome a debate where all parties can beforehand "agree that some people thrive on a plant based diet and some people thrive on an animal based diet, and some thrive on a mix of the two, and some thrive on either one, but few (none) thrive on a processed food based diet." 🙄 and take things from there.

  25. Sick, I cannot believe the fight for unhealthy food habits. Mindblowing. I have eating plant-based for over a month now and there is no question my health is better.

  26. the epic study was a survey-based epidemiological study, and therefore, cannot bve used to infer (or proclaim as Davis falsely cries out) causality

  27. 1 egg =5 cigarettes????
    Lmfao!!! Dr Berg eats 4 eggs a day for over 20 years and has a score of 0 on his CAC test. Please explain…… I'm waiting.

  28. It is very difficult for me to believe, Travis, a Botox injected, plastic surgery, tv personality who sits on a chair dressed in a doctors suit. Not buting that. By the way, swam a mile the other day. At 62 I feel great on a mostly vegan diet.

  29. I went 100% Plant Based approximately 3 months ago. I can’t even fully explain how it changed my Health around. I absolutely feel great!!!! I will mention a few health advantages, my polycythemia is way down instead of going to get phlebotomy every week I can go every 2 months. My muscle mass is up and weight is slimmer. Like I said before so many great things changed in my life and health I couldn’t even list them all. I felt a huge difference about a week into becoming vegan.

  30. Hello everyone! I just started plant based diet very recently. Like everyone else, I watched 'Forks over Knives', 'What the health' and 'The game changer'. And I have been working out regularly for at least 3 weeks now. And among the biggest changes that happened to me are I feel more energetic, my mood has become better and I had stopped snoring! (which is my biggest concerned). To be honest, I feel sad that I "might" need to say goodbye to cheese, yummy Kentucky Fried Chicken and yummy buns BUT I am really excited to experiment this diet on my body and if it works, I want to convince my father that he should try it too! He is suffering from coronary artery, high cholesterol and gout for at least 6-7 years now. Seeing him eating 10 pills per day tears my heart away. I love him and I want to make sure that he would be able to see his granddaughter's graduation ceremony and even wedding someday!

  31. if it wasnt for gamechangers and "hope" I would still be eating anmal food. Now I eat plant based. I feel sooooooo good now after 3 weeks off crap food. Im actually starting hating meat. Like its real hate. I hate it. Its disgusting to watch people eating a dead body.

  32. oh my goodness , this reminds me of the awful highly flawed theory of HIV leading to AIDS, the HIV test itself actually tests for proteins that are not even specific to a killer virus , they are an indication of an activation of the immune system which can be the indication of over 80 different conditions , diseases or even drug abuse , if your interested in this kind of thing then I beg you to watch Neville Hodgkinson interviews

  33. Why are you siding so dogmatically with one side of the debate? You're not helping your cause. It just turns mature people off.

  34. Epic Oxford study & Adventist Study had 150,000 subject, data collection over approx 20 years.
    Heathiest, longest living ate the least animal products. As consumption of animal products increased, health risks increased and lifespan decreased.

  35. This was just stupid. And how amazing that a butter-bulked, meat-centric diet helped me lose half my body weight and completely reverse an autoimmune disease that destroyed my life for years. You people are sheep.

  36. Thank you for showing this. It shows just how badly people (including doctors) want to defend the Standard American Diet. So why the high rates of cancer in our country? Why the high rates of obesity in our country? Why the high rates of heart attacks in our country? Cleary those definding the current diet standards are lying. And no one even wants to talk about the animals and the enviroment being destroyed. Compassion and ethics have totally left the room. Very sad.

  37. NOTHING can ever beat 100% plant- based/ VEGAN lifestyle and diet. No logic in eating animal corpses, secretions, blood, eggs and fat!!! Dr. Garth Davis vegan ROCKSTAR. 👏🏻

  38. Bruh literally plants make carbohydrates through photosynthesis. LMAO. How could he say no plants have fat and carb at the same time? Has he ever heard of nuts?

  39. All these doctors on the show have back peddled since this aired. Kip and Garth are absolute hero’s and Grundy is an absolute marketing death machine

  40. Take it from a guy that used to drink kool aid by the gallons and was a moderate meat eater. Everything in moderation your body can tolerate. But in excess, those meats, processed foods, dairy, and fast food chain restaurants will catch up with you later on down the line. I changed my eating habits a couple of years ago with eating more salads and still ate meat. After watching those couple of documentaries, I completely stopped eating beef, pork, and chicken. My wife and I are Pescatarians. We eat Seafood and Veggies. Had my yearly blood work and EVERYTHING was in the normal range. Now even when I used to eat red meat and cheese, I purchased the better quality options, but knowing now that mass produced meat and dairy provides more harm than good, I'm out. All my protein, B-12, and other important vitamins and minerals are in Fish and Veggies. I don't believe I'll ever go full Vegan, but I know we don't do dairy, eggs, or any other meats than seafood. The food taste so clean, and your body will show so much love in the bedroom and out of the bedroom from getting away from these foods their warning you about. We don't eat out, we cook. So we control everything that we put in our body. Don't get me wrong, we may eat a piece of chicken once a month or have a doughnut or cupcake every now and then, but 95% of our diet is strictly Seafood and Veggies. Just look at videos from people who live to be 90 to 100 years old and move like healthy 60 year olds. It's the food. Your diet and lifestyle is everything. Food for though. Be blessed.

  41. Thank you! I’m 54 have T1 diabetes for 40 yrs. (full hysterectomy, severe accident, & recently breast cancer) My thoughts for “why” I got diabetes- diet, family stress, which caused a virus 🦠 that eventually weakened immune system! For last 15 years have changed what I eat after much suffering. Finally have the best digestion after cutting fat & removal of cancer cells. No chemo or radiation 🤗 When I do eat too much fat (yes nuts, seeds & beans are the worse) I have complications for several days afterwards. My food consumption is mostly fresh ripe fruit 🍉 🍎 & fresh or cooked vegetables 🥕 Much appreciation to everyone who is thoroughly explaining “why” about our food consumption throughout the world. Yes sugar mixed with processed oils & flour is destroying our bodies along with charred overly processed meats!

  42. That's actually a pretty terrible debate… Why is he defending "sugar" without mentioning the difference between complex carbs and refined sugar? oof

  43. Meat eaters are zapping our oxygen and killing animals, oceans, coral, fish and our planet. We need to fight to make this planet earth for plant-eaters vegan or we have max maybe 30 years before oxygen is zapped by animal production industries methane gases. Now 65 percent of world methane gas pollutants. Use google earth and to your calculations, soon tipping to 68 percent. We need to shut down all animal production industries and change them over to growing plants. Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson know we will be doomed otherwise, that's the main reason they are looking for other planets to survive on. All the vegan Billionaires will have a way to exit if they can't change or stop animal production industries. We all must help, right here right now, we can, everyone who goes vegan or plant-based is an immediate win.

  44. Meat eaters are zapping our oxygen and killing animals, oceans, coral, fish and our planet. We need to fight to make this planet earth for plant-eaters vegan or we have max maybe 30 years before oxygen is zapped by animal production industries methane gases. Now 65 percent of world methane gas pollutants. Use google earth and to your calculations, soon tipping to 68 percent. We need to shut down all animal production industries and change them over to growing plants. Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson know we will be doomed otherwise, that's the main reason they are looking for other planets to survive on. All the vegan Billionaires will have a way to exit if they can't change or stop animal production industries. We all must help, right here right now, we can, everyone who goes vegan or plant-based is an immediate win.

  45. Speaking of colon cancer before going vegan I was at a high risk due to severe constipation that's now gone on a vegan diet I now have bowel movements daily

  46. This kind of shouting and yelling debates are meaningless and I'm not giving them my time. I became vegan through a friend many years ago. He was not convincing me with veganism. He was just cool and I wanted to adapt this "coolness". Over time I have found out and read much more about it and I'm a eating vegan since ten years – without pointers or people who try to convince you. Just by health, science and very cool friends 👍.

  47. The doctors show stopped being good when Del Bigtree the producer who got an emmy left the show because he was forbidden from telling the truth about Vaccines. Everyone should go watch his movie Vaxxed. Same industry corruption that the meat and dairy industry do to make us sick. So do the pharma companies with their vaccines

  48. Dr Lustig – we are doing studies based on the detailed understanding of metabolic pathways. Here are the results. Garth Davis – cranky face, strong emotional response, and demand to only look at the junk "science" from 70s.

  49. Forget the health benefits for a second what about the poor animals and the effect on global warming and it's cheaper to eat plant based

  50. I think:

    Oreo and coke vegans are ethical and not health vegans. They are not healthy, so using them as examples of health is stupid. Vegan does not automatically equal health. Duh.

    Carnivore, Atkins and fat based diets are for weight loss, not health (even those that claim it “cures” them of ___ are misunderstanding how inflammation and gut health works 🤷‍♀️. They will eventually pay in poor health)

    Dr. Lustig is correct, fructose causes disease and people need to avoid processed foods like the plague

    A vegan/vegetarian whole food plant based diet is ideal, but just adding vegetables to your diet and cutting back on meat/eggs/dairy is extremely helpful

    Oils are up for debate, but no matter the oil (if you choose to use it) should be moderate, and used as a condiment… it’s still calorie heavy. I avoid coconut, but you do you

    Why these pompous asshole doctors are nit-picking shit is beyond me. Nothing in the documentary was incorrect, so just because these guys don’t like the delivery makes everything invalid?! No.

    I do like Dr. Lustig but he does drone and has a pretty big attitude. That doesn’t make him wrong 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  51. What the health set me on my whole-food vegan journey as well! I went vegan for the animals 1 month before and I lost 25 kg since that ^.^ healthier than I've ever been! no knee/lower back pain, high blood pressure down.
    Thank you!

  52. Interesting. For me, eliminating sugar was absolutely key. Even eliminating fruit has helped. Veggies and meat all the way for me. Feeling great

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