The 12 Surprising Signs of Mentally Strong People

Brainy Dose Presents: The 12 Surprising Signs Of Mentally Strong
People Mental strength isn’t something you are
born with – it’s a choice and an attitude. We all go through crap in life, but mentally
strong people are able to learn from negative experiences. However, that’s not ALL that it takes… The following list consists of the behaviors
of mentally tough people. This is how they think, how they act, and
how they treat themselves, and others. And if you identify with these traits, then
you’re one of them! Number 1 – You Can’t Be Taken Advantage
Of Living in a society means interacting with,
and helping others. You find it important to show sympathy, and
help people in need. However, you know when someone is trying to
use you. You can tell when a relationship is getting
too emotionally exhausting for you, and you handle things accordingly. You refuse to be naive and don’t let other
people step all over you. Number 2 – You Know How To Say No Sometimes, you have to say no. Mentally strong people are direct but pleasant,
and avoid phrases like “I don’t think I can,” or “I’m not sure.” Making choices that might upset others takes
courage, but living an authentic life requires bravery. Number 3 – You Ask and Give Constructive Criticism While you may seem firm and on track, you
realize that you have a lot of areas you can work and improve on. Thus, you appreciate when people give you
feedback and tips. Similarly, when you see an area another colleague
or friend needs to work on, you converse with them and give them constructive criticism,
so that they too can improve just like you. Number 4 – You Say Exactly What You Mean Mentally tough people know that the words
they choose to say, reflect back on them, so they say exactly what they mean. Putting real meaning behind your words is
a powerful tool for achieving happiness. You seldom encounter problems where you find
yourself tangled up in things you might have said, because you are constantly aware of
what you are saying. Number 5 – You Are Constantly Adapting Mentally tough people are flexible in all
of life’s situations. You understand that having a fear of change
is detrimental to success and happiness. Keeping an open mind allows you to see opportunities
where others see failures. Number 6 – You Find Solutions To Your Problems Instead of complaining about something that
went wrong, you try to figure out WHY it went wrong. This is how we move forward, and mentally
strong people are all about progressive movement! You refuse to give your energy towards anything
unproductive, and you thoroughly enjoy a good challenge. Number 7 – You Know That It’s Okay To Be
Wrong Some people always have to be right, and hell
will freeze over before they utter the words, “I’m sorry.” Mentally tough people on the other hand, have
no problem admitting when they are wrong. Apologizing for something isn’t a sign of
weakness, it’s actually a sign of strength! Number 8 – You Focus On The Brighter Side Things don’t always go the way they’re
supposed to, but you don’t let it get to you! Instead, you try to find the positive side
of such situations, and keep yourself and people around you motivated. Similarly, if the situation at hand is something
you cannot control, you stop worrying about it and focus on what can be made better, and
work on that. Number 9 – You Enjoy Solitude In a world linked together 24/7 by social
media, you sometimes like taking time off. Spending time alone doesn’t mean that you’re
lonely. You simply want to spend time improving yourself. Perhaps reading a book or doing an activity
you enjoy. This alone time is important for you to rewire
and reflect on things happening in your life. You also take this time to build on your character
and review priorities. Number 10 – You Are In Charge Of Your Emotions We encounter all sorts of different personalities
throughout our daily lives, and mentally strong people know this. You accept toxic people and inspirational
people alike, but you don’t let either of them rule your emotions. Setting healthy boundaries and taking responsibility
for how you think, feel, and behave, keeps the ball in your court. Number 11 – You Don’t Care What Others Think Mentally tough people are not people pleasers. You won’t go out of your way just to prove
yourself to someone. While you treat those around you with respect
and fairness, you are not afraid to speak up! You’re completely okay with some people
going against your point of view, but you don’t let them dictate your actions. Number 12 – You Are Patient With Achieving
Results Success doesn’t come in a day or two, and
mentally strong people understand that sometimes setbacks occur. Whether it is a financial loss or personal
health problems, having mental strength helps you push through the hardships and patiently
await positive results. You take tiny actions continuously and focus
on your progress. Mentally strong people are independent, and
they understand themselves better than anyone else can. But, the most important sign of a mentally
tough person, is the ability to accept and love themselves for who they are. Which of these traits do you resonate with
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