Take the FREE keto low-carb challenge

Take the FREE keto low-carb challenge

Do you want to start
a low-carb diet? Do you want to lose weight,
perhaps even cure your type II diabetes, but you don’t know exactly how to do it? We’ve put together a step-by-step guide with everything you need
to make low-carb simple. Take the challenge at DietDoctor.com and
maybe you will be telling your story soon.

3 thoughts on “Take the FREE keto low-carb challenge

  1. I can't see me going as low as 20gs of carbs a day, so i'm going to try 100g a day.. Which will be about 700gs a week, where as now my average is about 1400g per week

  2. I am developing my own program, Yesterday, I had 3 cups of coffee with one Tbsp of whole fat cream [ 50 ] cal and 0.4 carbs.
    through the day, then at 6:30 pm I ate two eggs and a 4fth cup of coffee, for a daily total of 360 calories and 2.8 gms of carbs.
    I lost one pound and I am going to do the same thing again today. I like cream better than butter.

  3. mixed info here. Can not cure anything LONG TERM if main body is not healed from mico genetic cells. is best to HEAL so body can produce it's own NATURAL KEYTO. longterm has SHOWN neg effects if you ever go off. to get stable, is GREAT. yes stablizes blood sugar.. weight, many things. DETOX to repair is the key and life of moderation food and lifestyle ang then eat more fruits and veggies than anything else. LARD FOODS. long term studies show not good. oils, even coconut NOT good unless fiber is ate with it in digestion.

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