SUB) 이 맛에 이 칼로리 실화냐?! 다이어트 김밥 만들어먹기

SUB) 이 맛에 이 칼로리 실화냐?! 다이어트 김밥 만들어먹기

(2019.11.03. Sunday)
How to deliciously lose weight!!👏👏👏 Today’s menu is gimbap!
*Korean sushi roll (Diet Gimbap)
(By Yang Soobin) “Gimbap out of the blue? When you are on a diet?” …I see why you could think this way! (SRSLY)
But today is a special day! Well then, let’s get right into it! LES GERRIT~~ 😎 I’ve parboiled shrimp and squid beforehand Julienne cabbages and seaweed! And I’ll be using (‘Tis a diet gimbap)
brown rice for today’s recipe To make rice for gimbap, we add salt & sesame seed oil, right? (I didn’t forget it b/c I’m on a diet lol 😅)
but it so happens that I forgot salt… so I’ll only add a little bit of sesame seed oil to boost the extra fragrance of sesame seeds 😋 Nicely mix it like this~ Since I’ve seasoned the rice I’ll get right into it! It’s very convenient everyone! It’s a seaweed for gimbap! Regular nori seaweed~ Let’s place the nori~ Here comes a pro tip! I’ll roll the rice nice and thin Feel free to add your favorite ingredients! 😊 (※ If you literally add everything you want)
For instance, you could add beef, crab meat (expect it could look like
You could add salmon or avocado to make it like sushi You can customize different gimbaps~ And I’ll add some squid now I’ll cut them up first (Cutting in a size that’ll fit in the gimbap) Everyone, squid is full of protein so it’s perfect when you are on a diet For the shrimp, I’ll just pull the tail out~ You can add shrimps or squid in gimbap after stir-frying them with coconut oil in a frying pan (Tip) That’ll boost the flavor & make the gimbap taste better Next, I’ll add some cabbage on top for a better texture (+Texture lvl up)
I’ll place the cabbage like this too~😋 Pickled radish is full of sugar and coloring (Bye-bye pickled radish!😭)
so if you are a fellow dieter, say goodbye to pickled radish for a while (At least we could get a similar texture)
so, I suggest adding bell peppers or cabbage like I did Then, squid on top~ (Looks slightly(?) different than the common gimbaps we see😅)
place them in line~ (😋)
Alrighty~ Done! All we gotta do is roll now! (Come on, I need you to look good for YouTube) (Ok, somehow it worked! 🎉😭💃)
Oh!! OH!! I got it!! (Soobin the Narcissist)
I mean, come on! Why are you so good at everything Soobin? Done~ (The long-awaited aromatic flavor)
Ahh~ Then, perilla oil~ 😋😋~ (Getting(?) aromatic!!!!!❤) Alright, brush it here and there~ Wow! Looks so good! Then, all I gotta do is slice them into pieces! (Careful)(Careful) Carefully~ (Feeling the pain on behalf of the gimbap lol) Okay! All good to go (Sesame seed) And, it can taste quite bland if you just eat it like this (Ace in the hole ✨Sriracha Sauce✨)
I’ll eat it with Sriracha~ It’s calorie-free! ZERO calorie! (It’s a must) So it’s a must when you are dieting! “But I want to dip my gimbap in a better sauce” If you are one of those people I suggest eating them with chili sauce! (Ooh~) (✨Diet Gimbap✨)
(Finally done!) (How is it😁) Isn’t the cross-section gorgeous? Alright, I’ll try it with Sriracha Sriracha sauce~ (🥁🥁🥁) (Is it good?) First of all, thanks to squid, cabbage, and shrimp I added, the texture is amazing! The sauce is spicy which tastes great together! Personally, I think chili sauce is a better option over this though Hmm~ Delicious…! 😍 Then, we need our judge for the day, as always! (Production crew! I need y’all!)
Minjeong~ 😊😊 Hurry up~ (Um…..) (Awk) (Pretty please?) – How is it…??
– (👍👍👍) Is it honestly good? (Nod) What’s the score out of 5? 5~! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ LOL We’re still pretty awkward with each other Our non-dieter has praised(?) that it’s absolutely delicious!! (That nod says all) It’s even 5/5 too! (No, we aren’t close)
5/5… Hehe Alrighty! Everyone, I made a very delicious diet gimbap for today! Stay tuned for another delicious goodie for all my dieters out there! I highly recommend this recipe for those who have lost their appetite from dieting! (It’s a must try)
Seriously! Try it! It’s good~ 👍 Low calorie, but a delicious goodie! Bye now~~👋

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  2. いつも美味しいものを食べてるあなたが作る料理は間違いなく美味しい❣️動画見ながらよだれが…🤤日本から応援してます🥺❤️大好き😘😘

  3. 누나..ㅋㅋ 저 다이어트한지 4달되는데요ㅜ 4달동안 밥안먹었어요.. 굶고 기꺼이 2틀내지 3일?에 한번씩 닭가슴살만 어쩌다 먹을까말까하는 ㅇㅅㅇ..ㅠ 그리고 또 22시간정도 운동하고… 흠 ㅠㅠ

  4. Koreans is quarantined in a 4 stars hotel, fully supplied with food after 4-5 hours, and they just said:
    "After few hours i have a meal"
    Me be like: "wow they eat a lot like Yang Soobin"

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