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  1. Great flying and great editing as always. That turbulence in the mountains… phew I'd be happy to have caps onboard even if everything it does is ease my mind. Have fun in Venice! I wonder where your trip will take you next. But I guess I will just have to wait to find that out.

  2. What does Philippe say at the end is “not so nice”? I played it 5 times but couldn’t get it 😉

  3. Hi Stefan! Great video as always. On Friday, it was my birthday and I did my first solo and whilst I was preflighting the aircraft to go I saw N55557 taxi right past me, I did smile to myself thinking about the adventures it had been on. Anyway thanks for the gread video Stefan

  4. I've been watching a couple of weeks now and I must say. I enjoy your videos and the effort you put in them. Happy flying..

  5. Wow Stefan what a spectacular video. As I watched the whole video from the comfort of my grounded armchair I could feel your apprehension completely. Very well done sir.

  6. how did Milkshake feel is the question we all wanted to know. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL scenery. Thanks for sharing, fly high and safe.

  7. as always, this has been an amazing video. very calm and relaxing to watch, even with the turbulence. and views like this are the exact reason I have decided to get my pilot training in Austria.

  8. Hey Stefan, what was the departure airfield, Zell am See? Flying to Austria as well soon. Mmmm, thinking about the turbulence already!!

  9. You should fly around the Swiss Alps with passes at 9000+ feet. One piece of advice. Always approach ridges at a 45° angle. Like that you can always turn around should there be clouds behind the ridge (as an example). Never approach a ridge or pass at a 90° angle. 🙂

  10. Brilliant. I don't think I would have liked that turbulence. When I started sweating and went a bit quiet my instructor knew I was in a pensive state!

  11. I love this series of videos! Please keep em coming. Always sad when the video's ending cause I have to wait for the next one :O :)))

  12. Stefan,
    Is it beautiful but bumpy, or bumpy but beautiful?
    Not unlike a day being partly sunny or partly cloudy.
    I didn't see any white knuckle flying , but then again you were there , not me.
    I would have loved it!
    As usual, Philippe was relaxed and grinning, most of the time.
    Rik Spector

  13. Your vlogs are improving even more, always loved them!

    I’m gonna fly the SR20 for a longer time this summer, so you know, if I may record the ATC just by plugging the iPhone to the headphones via adapter without the expensive GoPro adapter? I’ve already seen your videos about this topic, but couldn’t find any cheap alternative on the internet, maybe there is none..

  14. Umpa … bumpy … ups … ouch 😀 but you made it. Great fun to watch. I am going for my Alps introduction in July and to LOIJ as well.

  15. Can I give two thumbs up? One for Stef for sharing this grand content, and one for Philippe wearing shorts? <3

  16. Hey Stefan. I did a mountain flying course around the Southern Alps in NZ and got to experience what mother nature can throw at you. I found the flights mentally knackering so I know what it's like. Not necessarily a lot of fun, but great experience (oh and my hands got a little sweaty at times as well!)

  17. I saw your trip on Flightradar24 and was wondering why you had these 180 loops, now I understand… well done you two

  18. Great video Stef. It showed Philippe at his best, cool and calm coaching even when it got really very 'busy' and you did brilliantly and the scenery was wonderful. Have you had a chance to look at the clips I uploaded of your presentation at Aero Expo? Hope it met with your approval?

  19. Good stuff!

    Here in British Columbia mountain flying training is the first thing most people do after their PPL.

  20. Wow does smaller jets will have more movement during severe turbulence? Can they counteract them? Just wondering………..

  21. Incredible video Stefan. The views are amazing and the camera facing into the cockpit gave great perception of how choppy it really was. Great flying… Awesome!!

  22. Great video! I flew on a C152 to Ushuaia (the southernmost city in Argentina, South America) from Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego. I got to cross the Andes with low ceilings, so I chose to fly eastbound searching for the suitable clearance as the mountains came lower, a 50+ minutes detour… finally after crossing, I resumed towards the west over the Beagle canal. Winds were 30/40 Kt from the northwest coming over/thru the mountains, so moderate to severe turbulence cought me all the way to the destination. Ground speed was 32kt, there were nowhere else to land but my destination 25 minutes ahead. It was like rowing in oil while being punished by Rocky Balboa … a very exciting and unforgettable experience. Good job Stefan!

  23. I would have liked a close up of the beads of sweat on your brow! Many internet points (?) tho' for bravery, adventure, brains AND broadcasting. Thanks, AJ in Oz..

  24. Great video as always, that was a fair bit of turbulence, i am as surprised as you were Stefan to find out the turbulence goes that high. stunning scenery. landing handled like a pro. great work

  25. Great video – even felt uncomfortable watching as you passed through the turbulence but you handled it like a pro !

  26. Great stuff again Stef and I can imagine after all the flying you have done in many places this would have been amongst the toughest given you are VFR and looking for the best tracks through the Alps…bit different to flying over Ayres Rock !! (Uluru..sorry) Magnificent scenery all the way…reminds me of a flight I did from Rio to Santiago…about 4 hrs and at least 2 hours of that is over the Andes…bloody amazing! Hope Milkshake was strapped in during the "rough bits"….well done mate!!

  27. Probably a bit nervy with those speed humps but i guess you just have to ride it out. Beautiful views and Philippe knows how to keep that Cirrus looking immaculate, good on ya Philippe. Thanks Stef

  28. You looked like you were shitting yourself. You could see the veins in your neck as you were swallowing like you wanted to vomit and were super tense !!!

  29. Was it not an option to climb up to perhaps around 11-12,000ft or more? Usually you’re all good when on top of the cloud.

  30. You both handled the fantastic! Phillippe was super cool which I think probably helped you through the turbulence and helped keep you calm and confident. I guess these conditions do not exist back home and so underline the skill you have flying the Cirrus.

  31. What was the wind direction with that severe turbulence? I remember once flying North to South commercially, and we changed level 5 times due to the bumps. Had all the passengers strapped in for the duration.

  32. It's so amazing watching you flying over my head in this video… The day you landed in Venice I was flying at my fly school 10km far from you…
    So proud having you here in Italy. Hope you enjoy our skies 😎

  33. So small the world!! Happy to see you routing over my home province in Austria! As a rather new but elderly pilot i would avoid flying under these circumstances…..🤢 but you both did it very well! Greetings to milkshake, hope, she had a safe place! 😉

  34. ‘Yeah! It’s bumpy’, he says with a smile on his face and then grips for dear life onto the grab rail…. 😂😂😂 Handled amazingly well though!
    Hope milkshake was safely packed away for that flight.

  35. Just below cloud base on a summer sunny day in the mountains plus mountain wave 🙁 why do you do that to yourself ;))) you did great!

  36. Looks like an awesome flight and the scenery is just fantastic, but very bumpy indeed. Did you hit the canopy with your head?

  37. Had a similar situation flying from Camden to Orange and had to turn back because it was as well cloudy everywhere probably broken at A50

  38. Cool video . those mountain up drafts and down are quite severe !!! . As a non pilot its good to see that even you seasoned pilots dont enjoy turbulence either , so its not just me . I can see though how easy it could be for it all to go wrong if you dont plan and know what your doing . When I used to fly gliders my club used to go to Wales and ridge ride , always got told about the pilots that got it wrong and ended up on the wrong side of the ridge and lost lift . At that point they could only fly down this valley to a lake !!! . And rather a wet landing !! , as far as a I know there are not any float Gliders lol . Thank for the good video .

  39. Couple of weeks ago flew over the Alps in an A321. Not a nervous flier and been through my share of turbulence without worrying but on that occasion I was genuinely afraid the pilots wouldn't be able to maintain control with the way the wings were dipping. Just watching this gives me the chills. Well held 🙂

  40. Hi Stefan. I noticed the cover to the ballistic chute handle was left open, is that standard practice over mountains? Great vid.

  41. That was a lot of turbulence. I've said it b4 I personally don't mind turbulence especially when I'm holding a cup of coffee. Good job. Fly safe.

  42. Nice, zero G's and all that stuff lifting and falling everywhere. I hate it 🙂 When the airiplane seems to fall away from me 🙂 geeze. But there is no time to whine and moan, got to get the attitude and speed correct.

    (On a related note, I don't think that the severe turbulence SIGMET for FL370-400 was really due to mountain waves. Looking at the cumuliform clouds on your route (as opposed to the lenticular shaped in strong mountain waves), there wasn't enough wind speed for that turbulence to stretch up from 6000-9000 ft AMLS to FL370. More likely the airliners were affected by a jet stream this time.)

  43. Great video and superb flight. I could feel myself bouncing around just watching it.

  44. Fascinating! Would happily watch a 2 hour flight over that scenery. Very good descriptive commentary for us who know nothing!

  45. Stefan,
    You were nervous, but continue to remind yourself of the Law of Physics. If the relative wind is passing over the airfoil and you have not over-exceeded the AOA, then all is well.

  46. Flew an hour trip over flat land, just very windy. We only had one pair of headphones, so the pops got the headset, and I was more of a passenger. So so much turbulence, with little hearing. Watching to comfort me lool

  47. just started my flight training and getting my first taste of a little turbulence right after takeoff, I puckered up real quick! You handled this like a pro, great work. Hopefully I will get to this point some day. I've started a VLog on here of my flight training to show what its like from step one… Hopefully I progress smoothly! Cheers!

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