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so Patrick brings interesting articles podcasts videos what do we have today
Patrick what do we have we have an interesting one our carbs good or bad
like here are 13 reason why you shouldn’t be afraid of them I shall not
be afraid not be afraid of them this was an article that appeared on the off-post
oh well ago um February 2019 so like a while ago and and yeah let’s go we’ll
just to give you the tone of the article carbohydrates get about a bad rap these
days diehard keto adherence those people who in your Instagram feed posting
photos of bacon-wrapped cheese sticks and tagging them with ashtag LT
lifestyle swear off all carbs give you an interesting tone I call keto people
do that I’m saying everything myself have I ever eaten anything bacon-wrapped
hmm I’m actually doing I’m going through all the things I’ve ever tried like oh
you know what hold on hold on the only thing I’ve ever had that was
bacon-wrapped I had before I did keto tornados that you get in the store okay
the chicken with the the bacon around it oh yeah and that I bought as a regular
something that you can buy in the store so it’s not even a keto item and that’s
the only thing I’ve ever had that was bacon-wrapped mmm-hmm but yet they’re
claiming that as key it’ll be us keto people are the reason yeah we wrap
everything in bacon can I just point out that if you’re being encouraged to wrap
everything in bacon the person who’s telling you how to do you don’t might
not be the best person to be following I’m just saying that about yeah okay but
okay yeah this one has been said let’s go with the 13 reasons why you should
you shouldn’t be afraid of carbs and maybe he said like it’s an article we’re
gonna set sting straight I think or like show show that
it’s also like like all the 13 reasons like it’s possible to do the same thing
on on keto but like it so sugars and starches or carbs that
give you energy like I’m not gonna disagree with that no but like it’s like
the only thing that gives you energy you know no I’m not gonna disagree that it’s
true I saw the Sun most cells in our body are powered by glucose the main
building block of carbs so it is true that most for most people their body is
so all the cells in their body are powered by glucose because we overeat
them and I’ve said this a million times I’m going to keep saying it until people
like really get it in their head our body will prioritize using carbs as
energy to get it out of our blood system because they’re if it’s it’s it will
kill us it has two options use some as fuel store the rest is fat it wouldn’t
make sense for it to store all of it as fat because it does need fuel so it uses
so much fuel and stores the rest is pot but yes considering that the average
person eats between 3 250 and 400 grams of carbs per day that’s almost a pound
people 454 is a pound and the average person is eating half a pound to almost
a full pound of sugar per day yeah your body has to get rid of that because we
can only serve in any moment right now as I sit here I have 5 grams of sugar
circulating in my blood as I’m sitting here so of course my body is working
really hard when I eat out of sitting 150 mmm to get it out thing is isn’t the
only energy source it’s not the only energy source for sure there’s fat and
and your body would preferentially use fat if it was available so it is
available it would preferentially use fat if the amount of carbs coming in was
lower mm-hm yeah second reason fiber is a carb it doesn’t give you energy right
but it’s super important I think right – but like it’s important I don’t know why
is it super important because the the the Canadian guide the food guide says
he so people think is supreme on the road
to the bathroom people people think it’s a super sport to go to the bathroom yeah
but here’s the interesting thing is that what’s the other thing that makes you go
to the bathroom have you ever eaten too much fat yeah a river been a normally
eating person and then has something that was super high in fat what happened
to you Shh right carbon fiber is not the only thing
that makes the bathroom every morning after my coffee so can I just point out
that he doesn’t even put extra fatness coffee the only thing he puts in there
is cream so compared like comparatively speaking to those people were doing
bulletproof coffees he’s only putting cream like regular you know like 35% so
again it just makes you understand that it’s a fallacy that they say the only
thing that’s gonna help go to the bathroom is its fiber in all fairness if
I look at my last week and a half the amount of fiber that I ate maybe I have
two days that I actually I was I’ve been a pretty heavy carnivore in the last
week and a half to be fair so it needless to say that the all grain and
legumes are not the only place you will find fibers like you’re gonna find a
good amount of fibers and avocados you’re gonna find a good amount of fiber
in your vegetables vegetables in your salad so this is your that’s frustrating
with people that talk about keto and don’t understand keto is that eating
keto does not mean that you’re not eating vegetables so you are still
getting fiber right because as long as you’re eating vegetation hmm you’re
getting some level of fiber do you need fiber for the bathroom it’s a whole yeah
third reason if you combine fiber with starch and/or sugar you’ll get sustained
energy and steady blood sugar levels steady blood sugar levels is where I’m
gonna disagree well yeah there’s Teddy but they’re so freakin high no actually
it may be steady you have to consider what happens when you eat high carb and
it’s like they’re saying just because there’s fiber there but it’s still high
carb your body still needs to quickly get
that out of your blood system right so it’s not steady like you’re gonna go up
you’re gonna crash and then you’re gonna be pushed to eat again
so is it steady in the sense that every two hours you’re doing that okay maybe
but it’s not steady in the sense that your blood actually stayed steady yeah
another point on another point of foam fiber fiber helps you keep regular we
discovered that right we know that like like you can yeah there’s always and
there’s like fat okay let’s talk about the fifties in prebiotic fibers has been
linked to increase immunity and LGI and and the healthy gut microbiome
– so prebiotic probiotics I did add so some notes that I lost but
like maybe yogurt maybe kombucha maybe kimchi maybe all
things that have been fermented we’re gonna give you that and they’re keto
friendly food so you don’t need like a lot of carbon this article is talking as
if people who do keto eat no vegetation that’s the carnivore diet and even
people who do carnivore still have a healthy gut flora because what do you
actually need in your gut you need bacteria in your gut that’s able to
digest whatever you’re eating and since what you’re eating is meat you only need
the floor for meat so there’s two positive in the dark processed carbs are
what give all carbs a bad rap oh yeah but added sugars we find a refined grain
other refined product like juice that’s like really like where the bad the
really super bad stuff is the only reason I don’t agree with that is that I
treat fruit the same way that I treat processed carbohydrates fruit is sweet
enough that you really should be trying your best to eat us a little of it as
possible leave that as a treat for once in a while it’s sweet enough for that to
have that labeling in my opinion so I kind of agree with that because I
do feel processed carbs are the main culprit but I’m gonna bust balloon
because like I was also excited with like reading that point but the last
paragraph it’s worth noting that you don’t need to completely cut added
sugars and other processed carbs are out of your diet to be healthy so the
American Heart Association recommends getting no more than 10 percent of your
daily calories from added sugar so about 6 TSP for women 99 for men and the USDA
Dietary Guidelines recommend that at least half of the grains you eat be
whole grains so they’re bad but not so bad that you don’t need to let me need
to eliminate them completely so that was the treating they’re treating processed
carbs like alcohol yeah you know again you can do that I mean you know what I’m
not gonna tell you not to do that that’s like everyone has a choice to make what
I’m saying is if I have 20 grams of carbs to use in my day
cuz now we’re talking keto am I gonna give that to processed carbs I’m gonna
give it to Whole Foods I’m gonna give it to Whole Foods now am I gonna try to hit
my 20 every day not at all I’m gonna eat the satiation and I’m sobbing so if you
do that how does your your day end up looking these are question marks right
do I feel like this person is you know it’s funny because I’m listening to this
article and I feel it’s like somebody who wants to keep eating the way that
they’re eating and so it’s giving all the arguments why what I’m doing is okay
but you know like when an alcoholic is trying to tell you that but they’re so
stressed and they need to drink because they’re you know something the same
stuff you know like you have to look at yourself you need to look at how you’re
feeling and you look at your weight you need to look at your flexibility you
need to look at your joints you need to look at all the stuff you need to look
at circulation and then ask yourself do I feel good or not right do I have
mental clarity or not and if these things are then you need some question
do I just keep eating this way knowing knowing there’s so many doctors talking
about this today it’s hard to say that people don’t know
on some level that sugar since 1970 whatever
has been on the rise and our health on the decline it’s hard to pretend that we
don’t know this information so I’m just saying right violet always does but Kees
violet healthy right that’s my ultimate goal to live to 110 do whatever the hell
I want to be doing right and so I know I’m not gonna do that eating a bunch of
sugar yeah but violet what about iron B
vitamins and other important nutrients isn’t the one of the best places to get
iron from red meat from red meat even that that’s because even that that
you’re gonna get non heme iron from vegetables which is like such the
conversion rate of non heme iron – it’s like it’s this it’s it’s not even
helpful in a large scale right so the battery vitamins B vitamins you also can
get from yeah yeah so um you know if you don’t eat pork you’ll have to try and
get it from the other other meats which you still can get it in lesser amounts
in other meats but yeah you have to but again I come back to you can also get
the B vitamins from nutritional yeast because we do eat vegetation it’s not to
say that we don’t eat it so it’s very funny yeah and I don’t even know if
nutritional yeast is actually coming or is that I don’t use this like what is it
it’s like a is it a microbe or something I don’t even know like I know it’s like
a little flake when you have it in your plate but like where does it come from
somebody tell me in the comments where does nutritional yeast actually come
from I’ve always thought of it as some kind of vegetation but I saying it out
loud it doesn’t seem right so if you know where mutational yeast comes from I
would love to know like like is it like what is it I’m curious now I can look it
up on internet but I’d much rather one of you guys tell me mm-hmm
I like to answer your comment to be like thank you in the past video I remember
you were talking about like our teens and kids you talked about pregnancy he
is bringing a good point I don’t know if it’s a good point folate is especially
important for pregnant women and it’s mainly found in grains whole grains oh
wow I really don’t know where folate is I’m kind of curious to know if there’s
any other place that we can find fully vitamin B
it’s an essential nutrients leafy greens okay okay so we eat leafy greens so the
first one I tell me Luther focusing all that I’m sorry but the first one is
where we can find it so we can get folate in leafy greens
I mean seriously like I feel like they just say thinks asparagus we eat
asparagus okay okay are we gonna keep going for it I mean like I’m just like
Rock Lee I like Jesus Louise I mean like so far
not one thing that I don’t eat okay citrus fruits we would not be eating so
I would agree there that we’re not gonna get it from citrus fruits avocados I
mean okay so like honestly there’s I think I think they said there was 12 and
this is not a penis this is just how do you get out holy lentils beans and peas
okay you wouldn’t be eating that one but it’s like the sixth or seventh yeah
number seven season that’s season that’s okay another thing that we need yeah
okay case closed hold on I want to see there was 12 of them fortified foods
we’re not gonna go there that’s processed foods so there was eight of
them so that was it so out of the eight there were three that we don’t you don’t
have seriously what I’m gonna say right now is that is fair mangling mongering
right oh my god you poor pregnant women what are you gonna do because you have
to eat grains a green salad and you eat that’s me and I’m I’m guaranteed that
the person writing this article has to know because they had to have research
this article and knows that you can get folate and other things besides grains
right but they’re gonna say you get it from grains because how many people are
gonna do what I just did you’re gonna look it up and say okay
where else can I get my full eight from mmm right
no a pregnant mom is gonna be like there’s no way I’m gonna hurt my baby
I have to start eating grains again mm-hmm fear mongering and I hate it
because it doesn’t benefit the person who’s trying to take care of themselves
right if you want to tell me that grains have a higher source than these other
things let me know the difference and then I’ll decide am I gonna child out on
a bunch of them like every day to make sure I get enough or am I gonna lean on
grown grains but don’t try to trick me into thinking there’s nowhere else to
get it and grains wasn’t even the first answer
was it even answer lentils and beans I saw yeah I’m talking about here and what
I found was it was grains even an answer no it wasn’t even an answer like I’m
just I just realized that this moment it wasn’t even one of the answers it’s good
it took me eight reasons to get all you seriously but the next one a diet die
rich in whole plant-based foods has been shown to reduce risk of type 2 diabetes
and other problems but people we eat some plant-based food so that’s like an
on fruits and vegetable provide antioxidants which also good for your
heads right for your health weasel fruits and vegetables
antioxidants first of all glutathione and uric acid we make that you don’t
have to eat plant antioxidants to have antioxidants we make them that’s part 1
part 2 fruits and give you so much sugar for the potential antioxidants that you
possibly get if you and if you think about the amount of inflammation that
sugar from the fruit is gonna cause in your body the chaos is gonna cost your
arteries the chaos that’s going to cause to your the fructose is gonna cost to
your liver the antioxidants that you’re gonna get from that it’s not worth it
that’s like if they told me there’s antioxidants and alcohol like would it
be worth it to me to drink alcohol every day but no because of the damage it does
to your liver fruits was the same hmm so get your antioxidants if you really feel
like you want to get them vegetables above the ground play it safe and Google
you’ll grow you’re gonna find like a ton I think red cabbage is good I think
every vegetables that is colorful what guy has like more antioxidants so plants
when we make them the same way that we’re so worried about having
carbohydrates when plants when we make them like why are we so worried about
getting things from outside of our body that our body make okay and my goings with the other one a low-carb diet may lead to weight loss
but but but that’s likely because of fewer calories not fewer carbs because
like a 2018 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found no
inherent benefit in the low-carb diet for weight loss I’m sorry
in fact I don’t know while all study participants were on specific calorie
restricted diets they were already on calorie restricted the amount of weight
loss bar varied greatly independent of whether a person was following a low fat
or low carb and some participants actually gained weight so here’s the
thing so they don’t give you any details that yeah so the first thing I’m going
to say is how long was this thing because a low-fat diet versus a low carb
diet they’re both going to work initially because as I’ve said a bunch
of times anytime you do something different your body’s going to react to
it and you’re gonna see some results
whether it’s eating clean so taking the junk food out versus whether it’s
cutting carbs or it’s cutting fat and how you do something different your
body’s going to react however if the study is only three four weeks if the
study is only two three months if the study is anything less than a year but
you’re not going to see is that that six month period where your body normalizes
to what you’re doing and then what happens in the following six months so
every person who’s ever tried to diet that did a normal diet any person who’s
ever done a diet that wasn’t Kido has seen that you lose the weight and then
about six months later you stop losing weight and then about eight months later
you notice your weight is going up because your body is made to adjust what
they’re they’re saying oh but some people lost in some people yeah of
course because first of all not everybody’s gonna follow the guide is
not the way he told them to yeah and second it’s all unless this the other
thing that’s hard about do diet studies unless the person is living
in a space where you can actually monitor everything they’re eating
monitor how much exercise they’re doing monitor how much sleep they’re getting
how much water they’re drinking there’s so many variables right
if you can’t monitor all that stuff then you have a really hard time saying that
the diet failed because hmm right I encourage people if you’re gonna do a
diet to track everything so that when you’re comparing diet a to diet B at
least if you’ve tracked everything then you can realistically look at a cell how
old that I am here to this one have all that I heard of this one and how much
sleep was I getting but and you can like have a better idea like did I do this
what is are the results comparable now the other thing I’m gonna point out here
is that so he’s saying that there was no difference right okay so but here’s the
other thing that’s even more important when people do a low-fat diet so their
calorie restricting over time even if I’m gonna give you the benefit that I
would say that you reduce your your calorie intake to a point where you’re
able to eat and you’re not hungry so not you’re not hungry at some point
when your body normalizes you might have lost in that six months if I give you
the benefit of saying you lost two pounds a month which is usually or not
what happens but I’m gonna give you that benefit you might have lost 12 pounds
most people lose about five or six but I’m gonna give you extra me say you lost
12 pounds the only way that your situation now is complete is if that’s
all the way you had to lose the average person who’s going on a diet has more
weight than 12 pounds to lose the difference being when you do a ketogenic
lifestyle and you remove so they’re talking about calorie restriction so
initially when you remove those carbohydrates from your your your your
your meals what do we do or what do we tell you to do add fat you didn’t
calorie restrict you took carbs out and you added fat on purpose this is on
purpose why because if I do that I’m gonna be hungry and I’m not
gonna make it through the adaptation phase so right away I’m calling lies on
that because if you did it the way that we told you to do it
you took your carbs down you brought your fats up everything stayed the same
and then what happens next you start eating this way normally and you realize
I can’t finish oh okay what’s happening now you’re eating external energy to get
the building blocks your body needs protein why does your body need protein
to build muscle to repair because guess what’s happening now guys you’re eating
clean it doesn’t have inflammation to deal with every five seconds it doesn’t
have arteries being damaged every five seconds so what does your body start to
do repair and as soon as your body starts repairing guess what else happens
I don’t need to eat as much fat because the other thing my body is doing is
pulling fat from me but I still need to eat protein so I guess I’m gonna get
hungry yes my body’s gonna want me to eat to get the building blocks to
rebuild this because let’s be clear if you’re building a house you don’t take
the bathroom downstairs and take it and take it out and put it in the bathroom
upstairs as a remodel you go to the store you buy a new bathroom you bring
it in you build a new bathroom my point is this when you eat you’re not calorie
restricting because the fact that you are not eating it’s coming from you your
body’s caloric use if we’re using that word I hate that word but the energy use
that you’re using is the same at the beginning we tell you to raise a soul to
be the same and then when you’re no longer able to eat is because your
body’s taking it from you it’s the same that’s why six months later you don’t
get the dip you don’t get the you know the the slowdown in energy or sorry the
slowdown in weight loss because you never actually restricted calories
calories quote-unquote you never use check the amount of energy your body was
using that makes sense okay because like it drives me nuts over speakers the
calorie restriction I eat more calories today then I’ve ever eaten in my entire
life and I haven’t we gained any weight right but I vary it
all over the place sometimes I eat more energy in a day then he does think of
that look at the difference in size of us
I will pile meat on my plate and eat it because I know that’s gonna help me in
the long run right but it’s meat I can get through it it’s meat right I’m not
doing it with um a bunch of veg I wouldn’t be able to do it and I would
put me over my carbohydrate number right I only ever do it with fat protein 12
reason the keto diet is a very extreme low carb high fat diet and it can have
negative side effects keto wasn’t designed as a weight loss diet in the
long term ketosis and carbs deficiency can be an LT the D or the I guess a
nutrition you just said effects of long term ketose it and then again like they
don’t didn’t do they read the research effects of long term ketosis and carbs
deficiency includes fatigue bad breath constipation hunger dehydration and
headaches all that like the two days the two it takes to adapt – why would you
have dehydration the first two days it’s like I mean again why would you’re not
drinking enough water and you become dehydrated that’s about you’re not
drinking enough water and as a matter of fact if you’re doing keto and you’re
allowing yourself to eat 20 grams worth of carbohydrates from vegetables you’re
eating a heck of a lot of vegetables and what a vegetable is mostly made of water
so why don’t you be dehydrated why would you be constipated mmm this is my two
questions now if you’re doing teto and you’re eating bars and and and fat bombs
and and and and so you if you’re getting your your carbs in the wrong place yes
you’re gonna have a problem or if you’re at a cheese sticks and bacon and maybe maybe that’s what’s happening I
think this is a question mark for me I don’t understand why they’re saying that
you’re gonna have the always the other at synthase fatigue fatigue people who
live a ketogenic let’s don’t have more energy not less so again i feel like
this is people who have no idea what keto is throwing ideas out that they
think would be like because you the idea being if you didn’t even hydrous where
the hell would you get your energy yeah and if you’re not eating carbohydrates
how are you gonna retain water mm-hmm but do you realize you don’t want to be
retaining water by the way that retaining water is a bad
thing it’s part of inflammation about headaches so I don’t know why you would
have headaches more on a keto lifestyle than you would have again maybe in the
first two days when you try to I would I would agree with you if they’re saying a
big in the beginning this is long-term effects so not in the long term like
what can you remember the last time I had a headache no you know actually
think about it no no really not and before it was happening like relatively
like once in a once in a while and honestly like I know I have my had a
headache in the last year and a half I haven’t had anything but that’s
triquetral awesome you complain about it no holy cow sure like Boris okay honey
we thought about that for you I used to get migraine headaches and I haven’t had
a headache and then like the longest of long time hmm the last one the last one
yeah just one more and the last one number 15 guys bear with us if you’re
active carbs are especially important so the more active you are the more carbs
you need because you know we watched keto savage do a race that he’s never
raced a 5k before and he just practiced for I think two months and completed the
race and the worst thing that happened to him is he had come
blisters on his feet hmm but he made it through the race and energy-wise he was
okay a completely keto adapted person did a 5k so
you need carbs to do these no you don’t need carbs to do these things you know
and again even my body needs some carbs to do these things guess what I do my
body will make them yeah so it’s just like – again another article to warn you
guys what sometime you can come across like in in your newsfeed and stuff if
you come across stuff like this your newsfeed just next because it’s so wrong
are you read it – laughs I have to do a YouTube video about it I would love to
see that actually I want to thank you guys for watching my employee health and
wellness with violet Pat chat addition we just love making these videos for you
guys it’s a good laugh it’s a little bit of frustration but it’s a good laugh I
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