Revisiting Nostalgic PS2 Games In 2020

Revisiting Nostalgic PS2 Games In 2020

– [Robo Kash] This video is
sponsored by Surfshark VPN. Back in 2019 I made a
video where I picked up the old PS2 controller and
played some classic games that I hadn’t touched in years. I hit up “Sly Cooper,” everyone’s favorite “Simpsons” game, and of course “Tony Hawk’s Underground.” these were all games that I
played heavy when I was younger and they brought back a ton of memories. But we all know that little Robo Kast didn’t only play those three games. I may have lived in the middle of nowhere, but that didn’t stop me
from going to the game store and getting new games. I would hop on my BMX bike and ride my way over to Rhino Game Store to pick up the latest and greatest titles. Whether it was the “Over the
Hedge” game on the Nintendo DS or “MX vs ATV” on the PS2, you bet I’d be in line to
buy the latest releases. Wait, what? You’re telling me that
a new game is anywhere between 45 and $60? What is wrong with this wrong? That’s like a year’s worth of work. Well, I guess I’ll settle for
the used game section then. And that’s exactly what I did. So when it was 2008 and
“GTA IV” was coming out I was not playing it at launch. I mean, I was even a whole
console behind at this point. But don’t worry, I still got the amount of carjacking and prostitution
that all kids should endure. I had “Vice City” and “San Andreas.” Point is, I did end up playing
a lot of different games on the PS2 since I was
buying them all used for fairly cheap. So, because of this, and because of that fact that
I’ve been stuck at home lately since I broke my leg, I figured it was time to visit even more of these childhood PS2 games that started my journey into gaming. And we’re gonna be doing
just that in today’s video, revisiting popular PS2 games in 2020. Revisiting old games is fun and innocent, but having your personal information flowing out to the masses is not. When you’re using public
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day money back a guarantee, so there’s literally no
reason not to check it out. Now back to the video. When you think of a company
that consistently makes high quality games, what
company comes to mind? One of the first ones
that I think of personally is Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games sets a
precedent for developing large, interesting,
and overall good games. Pretty much every single
one of their releases has been a critical success. But before the days of
super realistic titles such as “Red Dead 2” that take hundreds of millions of dollars and countless years to develop, Rockstar was on the grind. They were releasing multiple
games every single year, and each of these games
was still outstanding. In the span from 2001 to 2005, Rockstar releases “Max Payne,” “GTA III,” “GTA Vice City,” “Midnight
Club 2,” “Max Payne 2,” “Red Dead Revolver,” and “San Andreas.” And this isn’t even counting
the less popular titles that they released
around this time as well. This is the era when Rockstar
Games earned this reputation that they have today, and one of the defining
games that helped to do this was “GTA Vice City,” one of the most memorable
games from my PS2 days. Set in 1986 in the city
of basically Miami, “Vice City” had a great story. It followed a man named Tommy Vercetti, who was sent to Vice City by his crime family boss, Sonny Forelli. If these aren’t Italian mafia names then I don’t know what is. Anyways, Tommy is there to
do some illegal business, if you know what I’m talking about. He’s there to set up an illegal lemonade
stand without a permit. Joke’s on you, YouTube bots. I’m not getting demonetized today. Anyways, he goes to buy the ingredients for this lemonade stand and
the deal doesn’t go very well. There’s a shoot out, three
of the people involved die, and the ingredients and money
from the deal are taken. The first part of this game
is you playing as Tommy working to get both of these things back. Obviously the story takes its turns and there’s some plot twists later on, but we’re not actually
going to be going into depth about the entire story. Loading up the game for the first time since I owned a PS2 was a
nostalgic trip down memory lane. We get the Rockstar logo with the sound of the
beach in the background followed by the second intro sequence with the smash hit “Video
Killed the Radio Star” playing in the background. If that doesn’t speak 1980s Miami then I don’t know what does. But that was just the start, and when the starting game credits came on I instantly smiled. You know it’s gonna be a good game when the credits are shown in
the beginning and not the end. From here it gets into the
story with a long cut scene and then the game begins. It was now time to barely play the missions and just mess around the whole time. I did do a few missions
to get the game rolling, but my main goal here was to
play exactly like I would have back in the day. So I did the missions, questioned why every single character has really bad arthritis, and began to unleash the chaos. There was nothing that beats
vibing to classic Latin music while being in a high speed car chase in a Cheetah that you just stole
from an unsuspecting victim and then stealing a cop car
to catch some high quality slow motion stunt air
just to get arrested. So I did some missions
and eventually stole my third favorite in game vehicle, the BF Injection, which
somehow started out like this and eventually became this. That’s like the equivalent of the Ford GT eventually becoming this. But don’t ask. I loved how in the old “GTA”
games when you took a car a billion other cars of the same kind would just slowly start
replacing all the other ones. It’s like the people saw
how cool Tommy Vercetti was in his beach buggie, so the whole town slowly got beach buggies so they can be that cool. I rode out in style to
the next few missions until I got the one where
I brutally destroyed some people’s cars. “Oh my God, some guy is
destroying my car with a hammer “that just fell out of the truck behind me “carrying a bunch of hammers! “Oh, no, what am I gonna do? “How am I possibly gonna
escape this situation? “Let me just run away
instead of using the car “I was literally sitting in
with my hands at 10 and two “for 10 minutes.” The next mission after
this though was amazing. This was when I got my second
favorite vehicle in game. The one, the only, pizza moped. Some people like super cars, but the pizza moped is the most
superior vehicle ever made. There’s nothing like puling up to beat up a bunch of grizzly construction workers on your beautiful
pepperoni wrapped scooter. And if you still don’t believe me, let me demonstrate the pure
power of this sexy vehicle. Gaining speed, adjusting
angle, and oh yeah. It’s time to fly. It’s okay, it may have been a
vehicle that you can only get like once in the entire game, but we still had one option: Our number one vehicle. Oh yeah. Okay, that was not my fault. Second try’s the charm, baby. What, you have a pink one? Oh, no, you will not be allowed to drive a superior color caddy. I’m gonna have to take that. Get back here. I will catch you, so stop running. Sir, stop the vehicle
or I’m gonna use force. You asked for it. – That’s illegal, sport! – [Robo Kash] Oh, Mr. Red
Guy, you want to join in too? You really want to go? You will not get away with this. All right, now it’s time to
go in with some strategy. I have a grudge now and I
don’t even ant your golf cart. So if I don’t get it, then nobody gets it. In fact, nobody gets any
golf cart besides me. Hey, ladies, you want to hop in my caddy? No? You sure? Come on, it’s super nice. It’s the hottest car of the year. (explosion booming)
(women screaming) But after this crazy adventure I played through the game
for quite a bit more. I’m not gonna show it all in the video because we do have more games to cover, but it was fun. I enjoyed playing “Vice City”
much more than I expect to. I love the arcade-y, fast
paced vibe of this game and I think that’s why
I enjoyed it so much. Realism is cool and all, but I honestly like stuff
like this a lot more. I play video games to
escape life for a bit. Sometimes I don’t feel
like dealing with hunger, and regeneration, and
stamina, and temperature, and grooming my horse, and
making sure my character eats a well balanced breakfast, and calls his grandma to check in. Sometimes I just want to play a video game and drift away from my
responsibilities for a bit. Because of this, I’d have
to say that “Vice City” is without a doubt one of my favorite “GTA” games of all time. I wish Rockstar could go
back and make some more casual arcade-y games
and not so many realistic hundred million dollar
online focused titles. But that’s just me, because
I like arcade-y games. I’m not saying these other games are bad, I’m just saying my personal preferences lean towards a little
bit more chill games. Speaking of arcade-y chill games, let’s go back to 2007. You just got home from school
and you’re not about to start doing your homework until
your parents get home. So you rush to your
room, pull out the PS2, and hop on “Smackdown vs Raw 2007,” the most epic wrestling game of all time. You hear “Money In the Bank”
playing as you load up the menu and you hop into a quick match
with your favorite wrestler. Ah, the days of good wrestling games. “Smackdown vs Raw 2007” was a great game. Published by THQ, it was one
of the most comprehensive and feature heavy wrestling
games ever made at the time. It was the first one with analog control and there were a ton of
different game modes to play. There were regular matches, tag teams, steel cages, bar brawl
fights, and so much more. It was pretty well received too, and the game got a cult-like following. But honestly, I kind of forgot it existed and I figured I needed to give it a try. So I hopped into a quick match without even glancing an
eye at how to play the game. It had been so long that
I couldn’t even tell you what the controls were, but who cares? It’s a quick match, so
I’m sure it will be easy. I’m gonna play as Rey
Mysterio, and just to warm up I’m gonna pick a
featherweight female opponent. This should be an easy dub. Oh yeah, here I come. This is gonna be a piece of cake. Candice, you don’t stand a chance. Okay, it’s been 17 minutes and
the match is still going on. Okay, well, you know what Candice? I’ll give you this one. Turns out Rey Mysterio was not good enough to take on any opponents,
especially Candice. You know it wasn’t me. I blame it on the character. I knew what needed to be done though. If I want to stand a chance
against anyone in the ring I’m gonna have to pull of
some genetic engineering and create a wrestling
superstar unlike no other. Introducing the one, the only, Harold “Meat” Meatsauce. Weighing in at approximately 100 pounds, this 5’3″ beast of a
human can take on anyone. You may notice that the only
muscle group he’s ever hit in his chest, but there’s
a reason for that. Striking this monstrosity in the chest is like punching a steel beam. He will not flinch. Is that tough enough for you? With his signature outfit people will know that he’s one who
shouldn’t be messed with. I honestly love the create a
wrestler feature in this game. There are so many potential
options for what you can create and you’re free to do whatever you want. If you want to go my route and make a guy who looks identical to what
you look like in real life you can do it. Or if you want to make a 6’4″
300 pound monster of a human you can do that as well. You can change everything
from your face shape to your body attributes,
clothing, tattoos, and even leg hair. It made for such a cool experience
seeing your own wrestler fighting real wrestlers in the ring. But you can go even further than that and create move sets and ring entrances and all types of crazy
stuff to make your guy truly feel like your own. I made Harold to be the best of the best, so of course he’s gonna be going a bit outside of his division. With a whopping overall score
of 33, he can handle anything. So I put him up against
the 487 pound 6’9″ Viscera. I mean, look at this dude,
I can easily take him, especially in a match where tables and chairs are being thrown. All right, Harold, you can do this. Nice hit, nice hit. Just land like two more
of those and it’s over. Oh my God, he just him in
the legs and knocked him out. It’s okay man, get up. Get up. Get up, he’ll literally chop you in half. You’re lucky you still have
your lower body, get up. Honestly, I wonder why they call him the world’s largest love machine. I don’t really get it. Oh, what’s he doing? What is it? Oh, oh no. Oh no, Harold. Harold. Harold. Ah. Oh, okay. Uh, I don’t, okay, this wasn’t gonna work. Viscera was a bit bigger than me so I had to use other resources. All right Harolds, you guys got this. I have faith in you. I think you can do it. There you go Harold three, oh. Knocked him right on the ground. Nice elbow to the face. Harold two back in with a hit. Flip him over, come on. You can almost get it. Oh, Harold three is back on the ring. Get him Harold three! Oh, you missed. All right, Harold one
coming in with the kick that didn’t do anything. All right, Harold two. Oh, Harold three. Oh no, Harold one got hit and the knock. Oh my God. Oh my God, this is going downhill quickly. Come on Harold one, lift him. Lift him. Uh-oh, Harold three is
back up on the ring. He’s gonna go for it. Nice, he easily kid of scraped the back- Oh! Oh, air kick! The wind knocked him over. Oh my God, did you see that punch? Oh, elbow to the face. Oh, he keeps falling. How is he doing that? Oh! Another falling punch. Oh, another one! How is he doing this? How, what? Oh no, he’s bouncing. He’s done, it’s over. It’s over. Harold two is dead. Harold one flying kick. Oh, he just hit Harold two. Come on Harold three, it’s up to you. Okay, he’s leaving. Come on. Go, go, go. Go, go. Oh, nice. Oh, keep going. Keep going, keep going, you got this. He’s not even feeling it. Oh my God. I’m gonna lose because I can’t get up. My character’s just laying on the ground. Get up, get back in. Get back in. Oh my God, we lost. Three Harolds didn’t work either so I guess it may have
been something to do with the fact that he’s
5’3″ and 100 pounds. He can’t fight anymore though, because he needs to recover after almost being chopped in half and dealing with this situation. So instead of training we got
to make him look intimidating. It’s time to make him an intro. I learned you got to
look tough to be tough, so we’re gonna give Harold
the toughest and coolest ring entrance of all time. I changed up a few things here and there and ended up with what is without a doubt the coolest WWE intro of all time. – [Announcer] The Fitness Gram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more
difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test
will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly
but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. – [Robo Kash] If he uses
this he can definitely get into the Salty Spittoon. But for now we’re gonna have
to find a different approach. That different approach
will probably take place in Bikini Bottom. Well, it would, but there’s
a robot attack going on and we need to save the city first. Enter “SpongeBob Squarepants
Battle for Bikini Bottom,” one of my absolutely
favorite and most played games of my childhood. Also developed by THQ, this
game is an absolute gem that was released in 2003
in the early PS2 days. It follows the story
of everyone’s favorite Bikini Bottom residents and their quest to save Bikini Bottom from a group of destructive robots that
were created by Plankton. It’s a platform arcade style
game with a lot of charm, a really nice art style,
and great gameplay. All the characters except for a few were voiced by the same
voice actors from the show and it made it really
feel like you were living inside of your favorite cartoon. It’s kind of a collect-a-thon where you spend a majority of your time collecting random items,
such as Patrick’s socks, or steering wheels for
boats, or golden spatulas. You have to switch
between characters to use their special abilities when needed. For example, SpongeBob
can blow special bubbles, Patrick can throw stuff, and Sandy can fly and swing
from things with her lasso. You got to switch between
characters strategically where you can overcome the
obstacles in front of you and collect golden spatulas
to unlock new areas and continue defeating the robots. I started out in SpongeBob’s
house for the tutorial and ended up going to Jellyfish Fields for the first part of the story. Squidward gets stung by some jellyfish and I, as SpongeBob, have to go up to the top of the mountain to get some of King Jellyfish’s jelly
to help treat Squidward. The starting area was pretty easy and pretty much all the
robots could be beaten with simple attacks. You only start with simple attacks and more complex ones are
learned as you progress, so I didn’t really have a choice anyway. But the first part was super easy and as I slowly got closer and closer to the location of King Jellyfish
it started to get harder and I actually had to
plan out what I was doing. All these little totem
things have something inside of them called Shiny. The Shiny is like the
currency of the game. It can be used to unlock checkpoints and special little
events that can be found here and there on the map. I collected pretty much all of these because I didn’t know how many would actually be needed to go anywhere, but I ended up having a ton of extras. Once I got to the cave
section I unlocked Patrick and was able to use his throwing ability to get through some of the challenges. The only thing I did get annoyed by though was that if you fell
off a part of the map, depending on where you
were you would end up going all the way back to
whatever part was underneath you. There were checkpoints, but
those only work if you die. The more I think about it
though, this is kind of cool. It makes the game more of a challenge. There was also a box teleport system, so if you unlocked both sides of the boxes that corresponded to each other you would get teleported
from one to the other. I always forgot about this though and never really used it, but I’m sure it would come in handy if I actually did use it. But eventually I got up to King Jellyfish and had the first boss fight of the game. It was cool and I really
enjoyed the way it felt to fight the thing. At first I didn’t realize how
you were supposed to kill it. I thought it would
electrocute itself to death if it went in the water, but
I didn’t think about the fact that it’s a jellyfish and it’s
actually already under water. But I did end up realizing
that I just had to hit it. It was a lot simpler than I thought. I ended up getting pretty
immersed into this game even though it wasn’t
really a game that tried to pull off a lot of immersion. I think it actually ends up
working out better for games. Sometimes forced immersion just
makes it a worse experience and the same goes for realism. Every single one of these
games that I revisited were not realistic in any means and they didn’t force feed mechanics that I didn’t want to use down my throat. I think this is something
that many modern games lack. Sometimes developers try
to make stuff too realistic and too over complicated and it just draws you
away from the immersion. As I said earlier, maybe
I don’t want to have to feed my character, and feed my horse, and wear clothing that keeps me warm when playing “Red Dead 2.” Maybe I just want to play
the game as Arthur Morgan and carry out my western adventures. Sometimes the simplicity of a video game is what makes it so great. It can be refreshing to have a game that actually feels like a game. That is why I love playing
classic nostalgic games like these, they all have the same vibe. What were your favorite PS2 games? Do you ever feel like some modern games try too hard to be realistic? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Anyways, it was a lot of
fun to make this video and I apologize for it taking so long. Part one came out like a year ago and I finally got around to part two. But I thought it made
for a pretty good video so I hope you guys enjoyed. If you guys did enjoy, feel free to leave a like and subscribe and I will see you guys next time. Peace.

100 thoughts on “Revisiting Nostalgic PS2 Games In 2020

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  3. Games that I played during childhood on my PS2 I went back to revisit now in 2020:
    Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne
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    I never grew up on this console it was a bit before my time, which is odd cause I actually grew up playing PS1, but still this console is amazing, and now it sits beside my PS3, and PS4 as the best consoles I own.

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