Ranveer Allahbadia of Beer Biceps busts myths about Keto diet

I feels like carbs gives you happiness and I personally I am not a fan of following keto all the time I only follow keto’s I want to get really ribbed for a photoshoot or a video shoot or something. Now keto showed a massive drop in weight initially okay but the other side. Case B which has a normal diet. It had a steady, slow and steady kind of drop in weight I am Ranveer Allahbadia from Beer Biceps we began as a pure Fitness channel and that’s why I am going to be educating all on little bit on fitness today. So Keto honestly is one of those diets I only recommend if your trying to lose fat very fast for see an event or a photoshoot. Personally I always suggest that you try going the tried and tested way. First which is that you just cut your calories a bit. You eat healthier. you eat lesser junk food. you eat lesser process food. But in saying that, people are more likely to be stricked over their diet when they follow the strick regiment like Keto. so whatever suits your mind. Um no actually there’s been alot of reports Abroad where people have actually had a alot of heart disease issues. Some people have got cancer after following keto for years so it’s almost always link to their diet that contains things like baken like refined fat, like things like that Personally, and this is from a personal experince. Even if you are on keto which is a pure fat and protein based diet keep both your fat and protein clean. You can’t just deep fry some package bake and eat it and think that you’re being healthy Yes. You might be in a state of Ketosis You might still be burning fat but health is both external in terms of how you look and internal on how your body feels So please keep your food clean. Um, so okay. I will tell you where this myth arises from Basically, they did a study. Where they studied like a weight loss patterns of someone on Keto and they studied the weight loss patterns of someone on a normal calorie deficit diet Now Keto showed a massive drop in weight initially. okay but the other side case B which is the normal diet. it had a steady, slow and steady kind of drop in weight Now Keto as time passes by the drop in weight kind of become slower So eventually you get the same results over the same time span It’s just that keto at it’s initial weight loss is very fast. okay in saying that So, i will tell you.Both work equally well But the thing with keto is that the moment you eat any kind of carbohydrate okay. Your keto diet breaks off and you go out of the state of ketosis so you as person following a diet as kind of forced to follow a very strict version of eating. Like you don’t even eat like one package of lays. You don’t even eat one sandwich Where as it you are just following a caloric deficit diet that aren’t that strict restrictions. So you guys are allow self to eat like a little bit of junk and that’s why you know. You may not follow your diet that strictly So totally depends on your state of mind If you are someone who can discipline themselves really well go for a normal kind of a diet. But you are someone who lacks that little bit of self discipline. Go for something like keto. No infact, I think exercise is important You will see alot of long distance runners actually following ketogenic diet. In order to go about long distance running Personally i used to do a lot of powerlifting. when I had followed keto myself And i looked like that But I personally feel that it is important. Especially when you are in any kind of a weight loss diet to workout. Because if you are in a caloric deficit diet and you don’t workout , you will end up losing alot of muscle mass. Honestly some people see when they do keto and they see good fat, they’ll see alot of Skin benefits, they feel like their hair gets healthier. I feel like Carbs are beautiful. I feel like Carbs gives you Happiness. and I personally I am not a fan of following keto all the time. I only follow keto I wanna really get ribbed for a photoshoot or a videoshoot or something. If i just wanna lose a little bit of weight Get fitter. I will just follow Caloric deficit diet. Um I agree only beacuse um, You know carbs are beautiful again I don’t feel you should restrict yourself from eating carbohydrates. Especially, if you are trying to put on any kind of muscle mass. If you are trying to put on any kind of strenght I do believe that we need some form of Carbohydrates. And moreover, the first thing you ate in your life wasn’t some deep fried steak It was probably a bread or a some kind of a fruit. which is carbohydrate. So you know go back to your roots you began eating carbohydrates than not your enemy. So guys that was Ranveer Allahbadhia From Beer Biceps and that was all from my end. I hope you enjoyed this episode with PINKVILLA. untill next time guys Subscribe to PINKVILLA Subscribe to Beer Biceps. Subscribe to Ranveer Allahbadhia we will see you later.

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