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member of the crew welcome back let’s get to the video first up he made these
awesome Keto Asian chicken meatballs adapted from a recipe by Kyndra Holley
over at peace love and low carb as always I will link it down below first
off to a bowl he added two pounds of ground chicken a tablespoon of toasted
sesame oil two cloves of minced garlic and a tablespoon of fresh grated ginger
but by fresh ours came out of a jar in the refrigerator to that he added two
large eggs and two stalks of green onion that he just thinly chopped up also a
teaspoon of sea salt and a half a cup of coconut flour and in the original recipe
she also adds cilantro but he skipped over that because he knows I’m not
usually a big fan of it after he got all of that added together he just got in
there with his hands and you’re just gonna mix it until it’s all well incorporated went
ahead and got a cookie sheet and lined it with some parchment paper and then
he’s just rolling these out into about half an inch diameter balls has his oven
preheated to 400 and he’s gonna roll these all out and then pop them into the
oven for about 15 minutes or until they get 165 internal temperature while those
are cooking he’s making this spicy dipping sauce with a tablespoon of
liquid aminos one and a half tablespoons of rice wine vinegar a tablespoon of
sriracha one tablespoon of brown sugar swerve a clove of minced garlic and a
fourth of a teaspoon red pepper flakes which
definitely gave it some kick he’s just gonna mix that together until it’s all
incorporated and stick it to the side and here it is all plated up these were
so so freakin delicious oh my goodness this also was really spicy but I really
liked it like that these also stored in the refrigerator and
reheated really really well so you could even make them as a meal prep if you
were you know making keto lunches to take with you during the week to work or
what have you next up he made some bacon-wrapped
mozzarella cheese sticks now for these you’re gonna need the store-bought
pre-cooked bacon check the carbs on it and it is expensive we bought it on sale
but you’re basically just gonna take three strips of bacon per cheese stick
we made twelve cheese sticks and you’re gonna start wrapping it around the cheese
stick and where one slice of bacon ends you add another and you just
kind of tuck the ends in on either side he didn’t even use any toothpicks or
anything we are using a broiler pan that is ancient ancient ancient I think it
was one of my mom’s from like probably one of the first ovens that her and my
dad ever bought that’s that’s how old it is so he did spray that with a little bit
of olive oil spray and he’s just gonna wrap all of those up stick them on top of
here I could use a like a wire rack for this but I don’t have a wire rack that’s
not coated so this is the best thing that we had he has his oven preheated to
425 and after he wraps these all up he’s just gonna stick him in there for I
think he cooked them for eight minutes the recipe says six to ten here’s what
they look like when they’re all wrapped up and here they are when they come out
of the oven and we just plated them with a little bit of marinara sauce to dip
them in this is actually a three cheese marinara that I made and froze in like
half cup portions but you could use a low-carb marinara like Raos he loved
these I actually didn’t like them that much because the bacon had like that
fake hickory smoke flavor to it and I don’t like that I like just straight
bacon so the next time we make these I will try to make the bacon myself and
just not fry it hard and then they’ll be better next we have these awesome
cinnamon cocoa roasted almonds from Beauty and the foodie so to start with
he took a cookie sheet lined it with nonstick foil and put two cups of raw
almonds on there and roasted them in the oven for about 10 minutes on 375 while
he was doing that he got a kind of a large saute pan over medium heat and
went ahead and melted two tablespoons of coconut oil added to that a teaspoon of
cinnamon 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt and a tablespoon of granulated swerve and
he’s just gonna mix that all together until it’s all melted and almost like a
little syrup and then he did go ahead and cut the
heat off on that now that almonds are out of the oven he
just poured them all into the pan and he’s using a silicone whisk to make sure
that those are all mixed together and evenly coated with the syrup that he
just made and just on that same cookie sheet that he had you just kind of
dumped those all out and he’s taking another tablespoon of granulated swerve
and a tablespoon of cocoa powder and he is ahm trying to sift that on there
but this sift wasn’t fine enough for the cocoa powder so as he told me it just
kind of glomped out there so he is gonna go ahead and take that whisk and mix it
all back up just to make sure that the seasoning is evenly on all the almonds
and then he’s just gonna leave them on the cookie sheet to actually cool and
harden so they’re like candied almonds these are so good oh my gosh these are
reminiscent of like Jordan almonds not as good as Jordan almonds really but hey
they totally quenched that craving that I’ve had of candied nuts so there you go
next up and lastly this week is this awesome brilliant recipe from Carolyn
Ketchum over at all day I dream about food mini taco bites these are another one
that make a perfect keto lunch for these he took a pound of ground beef and this
is actually pretty lean I think it’s like 88% lean ground beef and you just
go ahead and start browning it and when it is mostly browned
you’re gonna go ahead and add your taco seasoning so I do believe he probably
made a batch of Carolyn Ketchum’s taco seasoning for this and added three
tablespoons of that to the meat but when I make things like this I just wing it
and basically put in a whole bunch of cumin a little bit of oregano a little
bit of chili powder a little bit of onion powder a little bit of garlic
powder some paprika mostly cumin a little bit of cayenne you know just the
usual suspects for your taco seasoning whatever you got put that in there
and he’s just mixing that up really well and after that’s good to go he just took
it off the heat and set it to the side and in a separate dish he’s taking 6
large eggs and he’s just gonna whisk those up until they’re nice and
scrambled and then he’s gonna take that taco meat that he just cooked up and
just pour it into the eggs and he really took his time with this part I would
have just like plopped it on in there and had egg splashing everywhere so and
then he added about a half a cup of thinly shredded Mexi blend cheese
you know there are some carbs in pre- shredded cheese because they add a
little starch to it to keep it from sticking but it it really didn’t add
that much and so for us that worked but if it doesn’t for you shred your own
took a mini muffin pan sprayed it with some olive oil spray and then he’s just
gonna spoon the filling into the pan and now he’s just topping each of them with
a little pinch or two more of cheese and he does have his oven preheated to 350
and he just popped these in there for 15 minutes and this is what they look like
when they come out he just plated them up with some sour
cream some taco sauce and a little bit of chives in the middle and we just
dipped these and like I said these stored and reheated beautifully we
actually ate them for lunch all week there you go guys that’s this week’s
keto recipes video and ideas for you for some quick and easy appetizers if you’re
looking for ideas for keto party food a keto brunch or like I said just some
things to pack in your lunchbox during the week if you’re following a keto diet and
living a keto lifestyle if you like this video please give it a thumbs up
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  1. YES to those almonds! The Diamond brand cocoa ones have sugar, so these will be perfect! And the taco bites look perfect for lunch. Thank you for sharing, and thank the "Mr." of the crew for cooking. 🙂

  2. All looks great! I really like how you give just the right amount of video and description for viewers to be able to make the recipes. Thanks for the ideas!

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