[Preview] Should you eat keto or low carb?

[Preview] Should you eat keto or low carb?

As I mentioned
ketogenic diets are huge and I firmly believe that they can be
very beneficial for weight loss, for all kinds of health conditions,
but so can low-carb. I think sometimes we forget about low-carb. I think some of it may have to do
with how do you define a ketogenic diet. There’s different definitions. From the people I’ve talked to, let’s say most people would… maybe 20 g
or less per day as a ketogenic diet. I don’t know, some people would say
it depends on the individual, and that’s kind of how I feel because people will produce ketones
at different carb levels, depending on lots of things,
insulin sensitivity and how active they are. But let’s say 20 g or less per day. And over that it would be like a very low-carb
to low-carb diet. So I think they can both be beneficial. You need to find what works best for you. You know when we do diet studies
comparing low-carb or ketogenic diets, it’s always compared to a high carb diet
whatever it is. To the Mediterranean diet or to the Dash diet
or to a low-fat diet. It’s never comparing less than 20 g per day
to 50 g per day. I don’t know if that study
is ever going to get done, I think we’d all be interested in it, but I think also I would suspect
that if you did like a crossover study where you had people follow each
for a month with the washout period in between, you would find that some people did better
in terms of blood sugar, weight, just how they felt overall, with a very,
very low-carb ketogenic diet and others would do better with a little more
moderate intake of carbs and then some would have
really no difference. And I just think it is important
to keep in mind.

4 thoughts on “[Preview] Should you eat keto or low carb?

  1. All I know is that I'm not pricking my finger everyday to do a math problem. So I won't be buying Mojo Meter or an Xtra precision. Just will enjoy a good slab of bacon and eggs lunch or dinner.

  2. In my life, I actually think it defines my way of eating better to say I eat LCHF rather than Keto. To me, if I'm not in ketosis, I'm not eating Keto. And if my goal isn't to be in ketosis, then I'm not eating Keto. I don't have a goal to get into ketosis. My goal is to minimize carb and sugar intake, and maximize the healthy fats I consume along with a pile of dark green vegetables, herbs, plants and proteins. That said, Keto is current buzzword and I have a lot in common with Keto folks. So I may buy Keto cookbooks or listen to Keto podcasts etc… But I don't really claim the label. Because the purpose of my diet is not ketosis. chucks some cents

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