[Preview] Can you eat keto at Subway?

[Preview] Can you eat keto at Subway?

What can I eat here like… Eating like low-carb. Eh? No sugar or no carbs. -No sugar?
-Yeah. Salad? Cool. How does it work with the salad bowl?
Can I kind of just pick and choose? Yeah and more meat you pick,
the more the price goes up. I see… Ham, please. -And is this chorizo?
-Yeah. Duetto cheese. A little bit more cheese
and then some peppers. -Green pepper?
-Yeah. Any sauce? No sauce, no. You don’t have olive oil, right? Oh, no, we don’t. Alright, Ivor. Well, Bjarte, what have we got? That’s healthy hopefully, but we’ll see. Well, I tell you,
I’m positively surprised. I thought at Subway
they would only have bread, really. Yes, so they basically said, “Okay, if you are low-carb
then you’d have to take the salad.” And basically you could pick
whatever meat you wanted. Here we are. Actually that’s quite a substantial,
heavy salad with cheese, meats, pepperoni. I think this is pretty good
for low-carb, I would eat it. I certainly would too
and in fact I’ll begin to do… Hmm, and very fresh salad,
very crispy, very tasty. Chorizo, huh? -Chorizo, I like it.
-Nice. Well, this is a success
for low-carb at Subway. Excellent, will we hit the next place? Let’s do it.

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  1. I really appreciate these presentations, where you go to fast food restaurants and show how a person can do a low carb diet, even in restaurants that caters to high carb diets. While eating out at fast food restaurants is not ideal, I always tell people to live by the adage to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Telling everyone that they must restrict themselves to home cooked food, with organic vegetables, grass fed beef, free range chickens, and non-GMO products is impractical and cost prohibitive for a large segment of the population. Get the macronutrient ratios down first, and then as people improve their health, they can worry and even be more willing to improve food quality. Showing people, who are accustomed to eating at fast food restaurants, how to navigate that high carb minefield, so that they can stick to the low carb lifestyle, is a useful skill. People are often surprised to hear that the vast majority of my 97 lbs of weight loss (going from 230 lbs to 133 lbs) comes from eating 90 percent of my meals at restaurants. Now I focus more and more on food quality, now that I surmounted the hurdle of weight loss.

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