[Preview] Achieve ketosis through fasting — Ivor Cummins

[Preview] Achieve ketosis through fasting — Ivor Cummins

Is ketones going down
really such a big problem? Yes, then you’re into the whole how
important is it to stay and sustain ketosis. Now we know that a very keto,
very low-carb is very beneficial for people with insulin resistance
and diabetes and insulin resistant obesity. So it is a good idea to try
and stay in ketosis for those people but more insulin sensitive
overweight people may not get near the benefits
of staying in hard ketosis. So again, it depends on the person. I personally would focus on getting into
ketosis through meal skipping and fasting. So myself and Dr. Gerber stay low-carb,
we’re moderate protein, possibly high-ish protein from the meat,
fish eggs and all those things that we eat, grass fed of course and pastured, but we tend to get into ketosis
by not doing something, by not eating. So keep low-carb and then spread out
your meal intervals to burn your body fat. And to be honest under those
circumstances of a low-carb regime where you’re mainly going towards ketosis
by fasting and intermittent fasting, I really don’t think the data shows that
moderate or even significant protein causes a major problem there. And I wouldn’t be quite so worried
about protein except for the exception I said about people
who have sensitive physiologies. And even then it’s more about disease
rather than kind of weight loss.

7 thoughts on “[Preview] Achieve ketosis through fasting — Ivor Cummins

  1. Yeah, as Benjamin Bikman says, if you are keto-adapted, then protein does not spike insulin very much at all. It's all about getting the cells burning fat over glucose.

  2. He is absolutely right. If you are not diabetic, I wouldn't worry much about protein. Eat the amount of meat your body desires. Don't pay too much attention to the number of ketones.

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