Peppermint for canaries and exotic birds and birds. Hello fellow hobbyists,
Welcome once again to a new video. On this occasion as you could read
in the video title we will talk about the properties and benefits of peppermint
contribute to the birds, how often we can put peppermint and different
ways we breeders have to contribute it. Without more … we begin.
Peppermint is a very easy plant to identify by the shape of its leaves and by
the pleasant smell it gives off when we We approach the plant or touch it. As you see
It has elongated and pointed leaves that bring many properties and benefits
To our birds. And among the properties and benefits more
important we find the following: First, one of the benefits that
gives us peppermint is that it is a way natural and economic that acts as a dewormer
natural preventing the appearance of some diseases.
So, always using it in moderation and in small quantities, especially it goes
to help prevent and eliminate bacteria harmful bowel that in the long run
could cause diseases to appear in our canaries or parakeets.
Second, peppermint has properties analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory,
so we can also use some Peppermint leaves to clean and sterilize
wounds on the skin of the canary, parakeet or lovebird, on its legs and even on its
plumage. We can also apply it directly
about insect bites or small rashes on the legs of the canaries because of their
analgesic properties that help calm the possible pain, to its anti-inflammatory properties
that will reduce the swelling of the affected area and its antiseptic properties that as
I’ve told you before, it speeds up the process of wound healing.
Third, this plant is a way natural to combat stress situations
that could cause alterations in the organism of the bird, mainly caused by
changes of place of the canary or parakeet or changes of place of its cage, by the separation
of the birds that have lived together for a long time together and have a very strong bond created
among them, for the transport of animals from one place to another, etc.
Another one of the multiple properties that it brings the peppermint to our birds is that
It is a natural antioxidant and apart, it contains great digestive properties that will help
to treat digestive disorders naturally mild caused mainly by changes
in food or by the intake of some spoiled food. Apart from contributing
also to promote proper digestion of food since the bird assimilates
Well all its nutrients. Fifth, peppermint has an effect
decongestant and expectorant that we are going to help prevent and fight colds
of our birds or respiratory problems mild in its initial stages, which are mainly
caused by drafts. Finally, we can also peppermint
use in specific times of heat as for example the change or the summer, because apart
of providing all the properties that we have been seeing before will also contribute
to refresh the bird’s organism, fighting better high temperatures and ultimately
helping you maintain and regulate a correct body temperature.
However, peppermint despite having great properties and benefits to our
birds should always be used sparingly and without abusing, since as you well know from
I’ve repeated it many times in videos previous of the channel. We should never abuse
of any food or any product even though they have a multitude of benefits,
because in the long run an abuse could have negative consequences and cause the appearance
of possible problems. Having said and clarified this, in my case I usually contribute
Peppermint on specific occasions and no more once or twice a month in small quantities.
Peppermint as you have been seeing we can give it to the birds throughout the video
in different ways. Well directly hanging it directly with a clamp on
a place in the cage where the birds they cannot dirty it or become contaminated with remains
of feces or possible bacteria or chopped in small pieces and placing it in
a pasteur or biscuit directly. Another way we can use to
bring it to the birds would be next to the breeding stock that we normally use,
in my case I add it to this dry pasta, what I mix everything very well so that peppermint
it integrates well with the pasta and before putting it on I add some couscous to the birds
and some fruit or vegetables to make a Pasta much more appetizing.
And speaking of fruits and vegetables, another one of the ways you have to contribute it would be
chopped into small pieces next to the fruit or vegetable that touches him at that time, already
you know that it is recommended that the canaries, parakeets, goldfinches or lovebirds have between
two and three weekly contributions of fruits and vegetables to complete your feeding, and if you can
be varied fruits and vegetables so much best. For example, in my case, today it’s their turn
apple and what I’ve done has been chop the Apple in small pieces and I’ve added
a peppermint leaf also chopped to They eat it much better.
Finally, tell you that in the case of you can’t get fresh peppermint
you can also use small infusions at the rate of two parts of water for one of
infusion for one or two days, changing Water daily.
I hope as long as you like the video and I can serve you, if you have any questions
or do you want me to talk about a topic in future videos leave it to me in the comments. You
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in the next video



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    Espero que les guste y les sirva. Cualquier duda o sugerencia me la podéis dejar en comentarios. Un saludo a todos y como siempre les espero en el próximo vídeo. 😘

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