18 thoughts on “OC Health Officials Declare Coronavirus Emergency; 1 Confirmed Case Countywide

  1. Democrats politicians using coronavirus politically. Drug addiction, homelessness, drug overdose should be also under emergency.
    Thousands of Americans died yearly of flu last year 45,0000 and that’s under emergency.

  2. Somebody buy that judge a big gift card!

    Stop being stupid on purpose people; not OC, not LA, not SD, not RS.
    All these places are packed with people, open your eyes.

    Should never have came to mainland, until healed, to begin with.

  3. Guess we found Walldo… California is going to kill the country one way or another.. Where is that big earthquake that's supposed to push them off into the ocean.. That would be perfect timing right about now.. lol… Thanks to the Democratic party and this biological warfare weapon they released on China we will all suffer..

  4. Read page 18 of Scenarios for the Future of Technology and international development. It's called Lockstep and it's been well planned. Even world Scientists agree we need depopulation. It's absurd

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