Nutrition Tips : How Does Muscle Milk Work?

Nutrition Tips : How Does Muscle Milk Work?

My name is Christine Marquette and I’m a registered
dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I’m going to talk to you about muscle
milk. Muscle milk is actually a product of the manufacturer Sido sport. And it’s used
for training. In that respect it’s actually used either before you are working out, or
after you are working out. And the thing with muscle milk is that it’s actually based on
human milk. The thought from the manufacturers are that human milk is the ideal milk for
humans and that it increases your muscle mass. Now this is true in infants and in infants
they do have very rapid growth and when they are breast feed, breast fed babies due tend
to grow a lot more quickly. They gain a lot more weight then formula fed infants. So these
particular manufacturers though hmm, maybe we should actually base our sports drink on
human milk. So that’s what they did. One of the ways that they did this is in the fats.
Most other drinks, protein shakes type of things, they don’t have a whole lot of fat
in them, but muscle milk has quite a bit more because again it’s based on human milk. One
of the ways that they are looking at using fat are using medium chain triglycerides.
There’s been a lot of research with mct’s or medium chain triglycerides in the sense
that the body will use a lot of it for actual energy. It won’t tend to store. So it’s a
good, it can be a good fat to use when you are working on weight loss, and that your
body is just going to use up those calories for energy. It’s not going to store any of
the excess fat. So that’s why muscle milk chose to use medium chain triglycerides as
part of their source of fat. They also used long chain polyunsaturated fats for the remainder
of their fats because some of these types have been shown to have anti inflammatory
properties. So again if you are working out a lot, you can have the tendency to break
down your muscle cause inflammation. So if you have an anti inflammatory in your sports
drink, theoretically that can help improve your recovery time. So that’s kind of the
basis behind the choices of fats. As far as the choices of proteins again they based the
amino acid profile on human milk in the similar ratio hoping that in an adult using this as
a recovery drink it will help increase their gains as far as increasing their muscle mass.
So that is how muscle milk is purported to work.

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  1. @1971ojoalparche1971 i agree 100%…just go have a glass of chocolate milk after an intense workout and save yourself money. Food knowledge > supplements.

  2. @D4RkxGAMING of course. if u dont use your muscles they start to deteriorate because your body doesnt need them as much now that you stopped working out

  3. @D4RkxGAMING i personally dont think you should work out the same muscle everyday because then the muscle never gets time to recover so it wont actually be getting stronger but rather just fatigued… but working out different muscles each day is fine i dont see a problem in that

  4. consumer reports found out that muscle milk had 7 METALS IN HIGHER DOSAGE THAN ALLOWED BY LAW. Muscle milk is the worst thing you can drink , worse than soda. do not touch.

  5. what about the msg? its loaded with that crap. if you want to grow muscles and kill brain cells go right ahead. i would rather have a fit brain.thats just me though

  6. If you do not work out everyday but every COUPLE days, is it still recommended to take Muscle Milk twice a day, every day? If you must know I weigh 110 and am 14. I am short and not underweight. I don't want to gain fat as I am trying to define my core while bulking my arms, etc. So, too much or too little?

  7. was you listening? she said she not 100% sure how it affect adults but its given to under wieght infints to gain weight ..but if you ask me i think its another form of insure and that drink puts weight on you i use to use it

  8. I cant believe the comments people leave !!!! =( i dont want to be stupid by association ! My point is… Good Video =)

  9. Guess that as long as you workout no harm is done. If you don't work out and just drink it all the time because its good its bad.

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  14. my new swim day breakfast.
    8 oz orange juice pre swim.
    3 tbsp uncooked coco wheats……cooked with 1 scoop of muscle milk powder mixed in post swim

  15. It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when these normal people accomplish it easily with Ultra Slimming Formula (search for it on google).

  16. DO NOT FOLLOW ANY LINKS REGARDING TRYING NEW ENHANCE PRODUCTS!!!! They don not work and can be dangerous to your health !!!!
    Please .!!

  17. Need help from the experts. If I take muscle milk will it help me lose fat? I exercise 5x a week and play soccer 2x a week different days. And yes I am overweight.

  18. It may be based on human milk and contain MCT derivitives but at the same time its still loaded with excitotoxins and artificial ingredients but it will help you bulk up fast.

  19. Yeah.. Glad it worked for you also..
    that site
    provides scientific nutrition about
    how you can get the body u've
    always wanted.. I was once a
    skinny guy here but when I took
    a bit on it, I was happy to have
    a muscle like this..:))

  20. Alright please answer my question @ehow , Can i drink muscle milk and not work out b/c i want to gain weightt instead of working it off.

  21. Babies gain that weight 'cause their brain is set up to stack lots of calories for their later development the milk from their moms is just a source of food is lot a holy grail to build muscle.

  22. Muscle Milk is Garbage…second ingredient is calcium sodium caseinate…aka MSG…along with other shit. wonder why they left that out

  23. Tip: drink muscle milk a little bit before a workout session. its good in protein, I reccomend not drinking the 45 gram ones for people 14 and under, it would make you throw up if you have a weak stomach.

  24. drinking a chocolate muscle milk as I'm watching this, now I just want to throw up the whole thing out !!! (spitting on laptop now jk) lol grossed out….never having this ever again

  25. the women you getting this milk from they better be hot as fuck lol otherwise ima stop drinking it😂

  26. Wait hold up … did they make it similar to human milk or did I actually just drink vanilla flavored titty milk

  27. Lol 🤣😂this was funny to me tho the first time i seen it at dick's sporting goods
    It cost $35$🤦‍♂️ for the kind thats not already made im like im stil lgoing to buy it so it will
    Help me with my workouts 😉👌

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