Low Carb Desserts – Should You Eat Them? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Low Carb Desserts – Should You Eat Them? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat Edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we make these videos
so that we can share with you some of the Articles that Patrick finds
sometimes the information is really amazing and other times well it’s we’re
talking about it because we want you to know not to be fooled by it so I’m not
sure I’m never sure what kind of informations get me thrown at me so I’m
gonna pass it over to Patrick so he can tell me what we’re talking about today
this week we’re talking about dessert food okay like specifics I mean I know
we always talk first we talked about snacks and now they didn’t really fit
into a keto lifestyle you should like not into the category of still part of
the meal okay and so I’m well it’s in the sense that
I’m not having a second or third spike it’s added to my day so that part okay I
can I’m following you so so so so like my first question was like yeah you
answered it like is there room for dessert on a keto lifestyle all the ways
they really need to be super super low carb obviously if you want to stick to
your 28th birthday so here’s the thing but everything it
all depends on what’s a dessert you know before I started this lifestyle I
remember being very surprised by the fact that my little niece one of her
favorite snacks sorry hmm okay and janicoo cumbers thank
you fellas okay yeah mine stuff like this like no there’s just like that just
okay if you give her a piece of lettuce she’s happy right like she was the
happiest kid abut so you know like dessert means something different to
everybody so I’m waiting here we’re going to tell me the dessert is but for
right now as long as it as at the end of that meal okay yeah so the article that
piqued my interest is titled make room for dessert these nine dietitian
approved low carb treat will satisfy your sweet tooth last week I said
nutritionist should be addition approved dessert on a keto lifestyle even in the
title that got my attention if you want to satisfy your sweet
two on a keto lifestyle you probably didn’t make it to the keto lifestyle yet
if you still have a sweet tooth yeah even me that’s on the moral low throw
low carb I don’t I don’t think I have a sweet I had this with two before but
like I don’t think so but anyway so so we’re gonna go over a few dessert and
comment maybe comment on it and see like what they’re supposed to be keto approve they say low carb treats so yeah so
you’re not gonna go we’re not gonna go over all the recipe we’re just gonna
give you like the idea you can probably like Google I just want to make sure I
understood the premise of this article they’re talking to keto people no no
these design dietician approved low carb treats will satisfy your sweet tooth so
are so low carb so some of my feeling is that we’re we’re not gonna have anything
like above 25 30 grams okay so – I probably nine tens I’m right now I’m
adjusting my thought process to 125 grams of carbs or less because that’s
low for now so I’m just I’m saying that out loud
so everything you’re gonna hear me say right now going forward is from the
perspective of okay 125 grams of carbs or less okay okay the first one the
first recipe and I’m not sure if we already made it though an avocado
chocolate pudding okay so let me just like see yeah like I said you if you
want to make an avocado chocolate pudding you probably gonna fire so don’t
I’m just trying to see if they give and they don’t even give members on this one
like I’m just trying to get like a number with net carbs oh you can try
this recipe let’s go see this this recipe from from from from from pop
sugar pop sugar okay so there’s two avocados one cup almond milk so far so
good the quarter cups of maple syrup that’s like 3/4 country quarters I make
maple syrup so we have three quarter cups of cocoa powder
so that’s good once teaspoon vanilla extract cinnamon pinch of salt okay so
only sugar and there’s made of maple syrup okay
so we have 158 net carb net for the total recipe no 3/4 cup oh that’s not
bad no yeah two point one point four for a
cup yeah net we’re talking that carbs here
that’s numbers I’m giving here’s net even if you say it made six like you’re
sitting at 25 hmm think that’s not bad yeah 25 grams of carbs on low carb and
that’s your dessert that’s not bad hmm so like I would I’m totally fine with
that like like I’m not even trying to like Quito fry it like it’s not that so
yeah okay second carissa P I actually feel like nutritionists and dietitians
do better on low-carb oh yeah yeah I think so yeah because I because they
they need that shot I think no yeah no nutritionist I don’t think for them that
there’s enough publicly available information and governmental
governmental information about like the negative effects of carbs to promote
like keto lifestyle like we already thought about talked about that in the
in the past Pete that’s like that’s why I think nutritionists are usually not
pro keto people per se and they will advise with a more balanced diet a no
carb so ok second thing second thing like actually actually there is a little
there little chocolate Liz balls like little balls made of chocolate let’s go
it looks very small so there’s Sam so keep okay keep the carbs low at seven
grams per per balls like really like small small little like 7 pounds raw so
they told us what was how much yeah oh yeah the one that that’s like bugging me
with that like there’s almonds I fuck up almonds
cacao powder coconut oil chia seeds vanilla extract cinnamon shredded
coconuts the thing that’s but that bugs me is it’s like the half cup of dates
pitted and dried especially dried so that’s probably GI date dried dates so
that’s probably what give you even your seven carbs per little serving go check
like Africa dates because this at least we know that
makes sense servings okay I’m just pointing out again like this is one of
those situations where what it looks like to me is some Abal this about this
big and that’s seven grams of carbs the thing that’s bothering me about that is
that if you like the average person he’s not going to so you’re making ten each
one is seven but if I eat 321 so I mean 21 is still well within a
dessert so 49 okay okay afford to hold the recipe yeah so divided by 10 so 5
okay so that I’m just kind of wondering about half so not bad for low carb that
I would have trouble like to replace the the dates because that’s what I’ll put
the consistency of the so yeah but again you know what so far we’ve had two that
cannot low carb day it would actually fit none of these work for keto but in a
low carb day it absolutely fits so far we’re cuz like I said I think if it was
me I’m having three of those maybe four so like we’re talking 28 mmm probably so
we’re talking 28th so but 20 it’s still reasonable if you have 125 for your day
and this is dessert so I’m assuming this is your last the thing that you’re
having in the evening okay the next one something off the shelves perfectly free
frozen bytes so frozen bytes I am feeling that it looks like sorry a fat
bomb or some sort okay all natural you know the advantage like they they
refer to like here they’re portion control so if you can have one little
ball there’s there’s there are like little golf balls and how much 30
calories 5 grams of carb high okay 5 carbs fat 5 grams per little golf ball how can you order stuff like we can’t
order stuff frozen stuff and I’m zone like from Amazon about in the US you can
go to a store like in the Adyar this out check out stuff ok let me check the
ingredient dog coconut ok Water Co Queen ooh organ I hope you make rice
syrup solids organic rice syrup solids sugar caramel actually sugar fish
contain less than 2% of algin gorgon natural flavors picked in season so we
have fire guards no fiber so in five net carbs per one piece 18 gram so it’s
available available on Amazon perfectly free frozen bites vegan friendly frozen
treats are so oh but but it’s like $35 for how many in the box so it’s like okay so the next one frozen berries and
coconut milk I’m bit surprised with the coconut milk
so you checked the the the macros on coconut milk in its history it says it’s
three in my in my capillary net grams of carb okay so okay so be like my quantity
of like I guess I guess they making this themselves I did just yeah but look I
have something that that’s what I did find interesting with that so so so so
easy like this secret tip if you for them if you do frozen berries and pour a
bit of canned coconut milk it Arden’s and created those delicious shell so I
feel like it’s gonna be like do a coating it could be nice like unlike an
icy and I and so far I think this is the one of the lowest car be dessert
like depending on the amount of berries sure so this is one you can make
yourself you just buy a bag of babies and no I think the interesting thing
about that is is true basically they’re saying have some for dessert yeah which
is like you know I guess in terms of what we’ve had so far the least work
mmm-hmm just I’m always telling people be careful about fructose
mm-hmm but I mean if you’re just having it as a dessert you’re having it once in
a while it’s gonna be good yeah so so far I mean I can totally see someone low
carb no problem so far with any of these what’s the next one next one is dark
chocolate dark chocolate like yeah it’s good but like just if you’re doing 70
yeah all right – did 90 70 and 75 enough I would say yeah 70 70 on low carb or
probably 89 aeon on keto because like even the the 7e look at the especially
if you do like some some brands have dark chocolate and the one I do like
dark chocolate and sea salt but some have dark chocolate in raspberries and
some other like I don’t buy 70 because I mean I can fit two squares like to but
1770 would get like a good 10 grams of carbs or something ah how many grams
50 okay this is a this this would be like more than probably the real Irving
or maybe not so I’m just trying to see like when you do 78 because I know
there’s a number that once you get to the certain number it like drops
dramatically let me try 75 you’ve been here too so you know the other thing and
I did notice is of all the chocolates that you can buy there’s certain I’m not
gonna say the brand but there are certain brands that even though they’re
saying 70 75 80 when you compare them to other brands like some brands it’s they
are still adding sugar so like it’s you when you actually read the ingredients
there’s so there’s there might be 80% but they’ve added sugar so like you’re
taking away from the whole point of what people are trying to do so I would also
encourage people to do that so just double check your um you know what I say
to stick with 72% or more and you said the one you were doing was 80 right Suzu
90 I do that carb 16-8 okay so probably I ate four serving
like like I said but like that was actually the fuckin nose talking about
that ad sure okay so okay so that’s it for the chocolate but you know what
Charlotte is one of the first places that people like when you’re when you’re
looking to like cut down and try this chocolate on the first places because
most people are eating the chocolate is so high in sugar yeah yeah so chocolate
one of the first places and you’re struggling that you try to replace but
the funny thing I find at least for me anyways is that like there’s that
balance between it tasting like what you remember mmm and your ends and then the
value of eating something that’s a bit bitter but just funny if on you story
what what brand of chocolate allure what what brand of chocolate did you buy for
the kids like when we were on vacation and you did with the de s’mores was
there I think yeah I could even stand the smell of the chocolate bar oh yeah I
could even it’s like it was too I could like smell the sweetness of the
chocolate I couldn’t well I didn’t like it at all the funny thing is that like
comparing the two of us before I went keto addicted to something I would say
chocolate would have been the thing like mine like so the funny thing to me is
but I did I wasn’t addicted to dark chocolate it was milk chocolate so okay
like the idea of eating dark chocolate mmm nothing no interest to me at all
it’s gone hard to be addicted to dark chocolate though especially in ninety
percent like after two squares I’m done like I don’t know but that’s my point is
that that’s my point my point is that if you would have put chocolate in front of
me it would have been gone in two seconds but now it’s like if I’m looking
at eat dark chocolate or eating nothing I’m I’m eating nothing like dark
chocolates like and again I I guess for me if it like I have too good of a
memory for the things that I used to like to eat replacements of them that
don’t taste that way hmm like and I’m and maybe again maybe it’s just because
I am NOT a person who cares about food so if there was something that I liked I
liked it because it tasted a certain way so our replacement isn’t gonna do
it it’s either I’m eating that or I’m not eating it hmm so happily for me most
of the stuff that I eat now are things that I didn’t you see before anyways or
that or or that still tastes the same because meat is meat is meat so but like
a lot of these things that were looking at here like I couldn’t imagine eating
these things because they don’t fall in line with what my taste buds one anymore
like all of this stuff that we were naming except for the dark chocolate are
sweet things and my taste don’t want sweet anymore so that’s another thing
that I think happens to keto people yeah but these are local people they still
chasing so there’s these are gonna be amazing for them but for cheeto people I
feel like especially once you’ve gotten far into your into your journey I mean
I’m only a year and a half in and I already feel this way I already feel
like trying to think what the last sweet thing was that I actually had oh you
already talked about this tropic reading but that was such a long time ago that
was like that was four months in when I had that reaction to the strawberry
speaking of desert like you you did us a few a few times some interesting dessert
no you know what the last main thing was I had I just remembered what it was the
keto doughnuts that I made I remember I couldn’t eat them hey Charlie I try I
made keitel doughnuts and then I couldn’t even finish it it was like ah I
know yeah even it was like I couldn’t do it it was like too much never good no
but you see this is the things like I’m so far away from sweet stuff that it was
sweet and it was like I didn’t eat half of it I don’t remember look like not
much anyway did like the little like tart like avocado chocolate with peanut
butter that was good that was really the relatively low carb but for sure little
is lower it was low carb but like it was yeah I don’t know you had to work your
day around that so yeah of course like because I mean when you like it was
probably half of your allowance I think it is then I think it was yeah okay
but I mean that’s beet see now this is again where I come back to you you can
fit anything in that you wanna fit yeah right so now if I remember correctly on
the day that I made that I had a car over day hmm
so okay next thing on the list a little treat
you can buy of the Shelf like there’s a halo halo top pops okay it’s an ice
cream it’s an ice cream treat and now they’re making them on the stick so L o
io top pops have eight to nine grams of carbs with two grams of fiber so six
seven net carbs is halo top the same company that okay 28 bucks for four
boxes so another relatively yeah yeah that’s the thing if you want to have
like your a little sweet treat once in a while I think people like charge a
premium for that so how many is it like they talked about 48 bucks sorry that
that’s US dollars for four boxes but they there’s there’s there’s there’s
there’s only six pops so it’s it’s two dollars each two bucks two bucks per pop
I’m trying to find the company I’m not sure if it’s halo top that has that is
the company is just the one to try to save the whales like the link from the
article like send me two to their website so yeah so four boxes for 48
boxes six buck six pups per pax and they seem to have it’s like which is not
super bad like they they look small but like so good and you also sell them by
the point as well okay point is a little container yeah a small they have a large
number of flavors what’s the what’s the calorie count on that 50 years 50
calories 50 sorry st calories did I say Cal yeah I’m sorry what’s it what’s the
carb count than that huh carb like 6 or 6 to 7 net 6 to 7 yeah six to seven six
seven depending on the flavor because we have this absolutely fits it this could
even could possibly even fit into a keto day if you wanted to make it fit 6 yeah
Sixers no never and I mean if you’re if I’m assuming that the size of that is
the typical size of a little ice cream thing then
that’s that that’s I would say that’s reasonable even if you were doing keto
yeah I do like I was do is a dessert that we’re talking his hurt so it’s
right at the end of your meal it’s rounding up your rounding up the
carb count for the day if you track it then for sure that’s like totally that’s
totally doable for most people if they want to have a dessert yeah I feel like
though the next one is probably even better it’s a recipient so not something
you buy so I made strawberry yogurt pops so 1111 grams of carbs in each why is
that better than five I’m not sure I didn’t see but let’s see let’s see so so
what they put like only four ingredients a quarter cup of nonfat Greek yogurt
that’s probably the problem you should mom maybe the full fat wouldn’t like fat
because that’s more sugar in there like I’ve seen Greek yogurt with like very
low carbs like the equivalent of my iPad but okay but one quarter cup of
strawberry halves but in like four like this half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon
and I hate of native vanilla extract but then blender puree that people
infuser so I think legs probably related to that the card count is gonna be
influenced by the yogurt you choose and also the strawberries yeah yeah of
course how much some season they were because
the more they were ripe the more they’re sweet but the other thing that I would
point out about this is that because it’s um it’s yogurt there’s probably
another one of those ones there since your since you’re doing low carbon hot
to make you know if you put a little bit of milk in the each of the containers
and just like wet it a little bit before you throw that stuff and it probably
come out easy that’s just a little baking tips like I used to like like but
like anyway so yeah there’s always be fruit and cottage cheese but like not
through babies I more say so blueberries like the image
here I have is like more like blueberries in a strawberry and cottage
cheese so maybe what are they saying the okay
okay two ounces again to again no that makes no sense
two ounces of light cottage cheese you wanna go probably with the full fat
cottage cheese like they’re the highest and – fresh – fresh figs like they’re
talking about figs but the image is like showing a strawberry in debate so two
ounces of light cottage cheese and two fresh figs like go go with the berries
instead equal ten grams of carbs so maybe you have some numbers for the
cottage cheese I can only find what it says regular or Korean for seven net
carbs per cup okay okay that’s not bad so if you have a cup of 4% cottage
cheese yes you babies 1414 yeah so you don’t want none that’s surprising
horrible I feel like those recipes are low-carb because okay so these are
nutritionists mmm so it’s not surprising to me that they’re saying to go use a
low fat right because the nutritionist even though they’re aiming at low-carb
they’re still gonna send you 20 low-fat sure but the thing is is that in this
case going for the going for the low-fat puts your carb count so high anybody
who’s actually trying to do low-carb it would be better for you to go for the
regular fat – really because the cottage cheese is gonna be much better for you
at the regular fat level and this is you talking difference between you’re
talking difference between like zero percent 1 percent of 2 percent of 4
percent like is like the percentage is low compared to us with the benefit of
not having the fat I’m sorry of having the fat is gonna give you okay the last
one yes it’d be okay gingerbread smoothie that’s why I was
surprised I let’s go with like what’s in that yeah again okay 1313 carbs per
serving 13 that’s a bit high okay so we have one frozen banana
one cup of unsweetened almond milk 2 teaspoons of light molasses so sweet one
teaspoon of vanilla extract 1 teaspoon of ground ground flaxseed half a
teaspoon of cinnamon ginger and half a scoop of protein powder probably to help
hold it like all together if you can me if you make four and probably put that
in blender in well you have the banana it’s like why do molasses if you have
banana because my son is gonna like because sweetener what I mean is 13 and
I’m looking at the size of the cup that they have there so like if she’s not a
very um I gotta cough yeah I mean I would guess maybe Africa maybe 125 mils
of that mix yeah it looks like yeah it looks like a good one I’m just trying to
see you said a darker you said dark molasses or you know like molasses oh
let me laughs – teaspoon 1 teaspoon gives 5.2 so 2 teaspoons is giving 10
those 10 10 if you make if you make 4 so you must be making more than one because
it’s at 13 right the whole thing oh no this must be makes 3 servings so
you get a turd of banana you get like 2/3 of 2/3 of masses must be pudding
powder protein powder so it’s like there was protein again it’s the same thing I
said of a protein powder before we are protein bars or protein whatever like
when you have processed protein is gonna be in absorb faster and maybe turned
into sugar so I’m not so sure about that one I think you there’s a bit that they
are bitter I mean in at the end of the day all of these do what’s unfortunate
which just pushes you towards sweet which pushes toward running more sweet
so we’re chasing sweet but again remember these are low carb people me
the good thing about low carb is that you can do low carb and keep it low
sweet at the same time Yeah right like you can do low carb and part of the
reason I didn’t want to start giving ideas and examples of how to do like the
avocado thing in a keto way or because I feel like one of the things that it’s
good to understand is that even though you
have a dessert that has actually no sugar in it so it’s made with stevia or
some other something that’s that tastes sweet but it has no carbs in it it still
can engage your cephalic response so the taste system and your body reacts as if
you ate sugar and so even though you didn’t you still chase the sugar so if
you’re already eating sweet things and you want to use some of these recipes I
think they’re great ideas because they are in terms of what you could mean that
you could be having a chocolate bar for dessert right so like in terms of that
like having this is a much better option any of the things that was on that list
actually is a much better option than a chocolate bar so let me go for it is
what I’m saying but the flipside of the coin is even when you’re doing Lokar you
can do low carb so 125 grams or less and it gives you such a wider range of
vegetables that you can eat such a wider range of like you can even add back a
few like grains and some again I still wouldn’t add fruit just because fructose
but but you can add that so many wings yeah and your budget budget then you can
yes then dessert this is my point you can do my dessert so I would definitely
say if you do low-carb even focusing your attention on allowing your carbs to
come from things that are less sweet tasting will help you hmm
right just because at least the emotional part of the sweet you could
start to work on you’re still gonna engage the dopamine
here there’s there’s no way of getting around that you eat carbs you engage
that dopamine hit but without the sweetness your step ahead right but I
did like I liked it because everything that they actually gave was less than I
would say 40 grams like oh here anything that even touched 40 grams no so even
when we did mean even we said we would have more than one it still didn’t come
up to like I think the hardest number was 30 yeah so to me that’s a win yeah
clearly actually so hey we actually have a few
positive article by a dietitian oh yeah that came in as a winner
I’m impressed here okay so oh yeah for those of you who’ve made it all the way
to the end I want to thank you for watching and let you know that I first
of all I’m pretty sure your wellness worries me at the end of the video so I
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8 thoughts on “Low Carb Desserts – Should You Eat Them? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. I concur, Patrick, "satisfy your sweet tooth" suggests the listener is not expected to be adapted to the keto way of eating. 🥴

  2. Nuts taste sweet to me on keto so for dessert I eat a hand full macadamia nuts at the end of my meal sometime and that's enough sweet for me

  3. Smoothies do not interest me in the slightest. Don't want to drink my macros. I'd rather eat a larger salad.

  4. I agree. I think I am so afraid of succumbing to the addiction aspect that I stay away from sweets entirely. I do have a square of 90% dark chocolate in the evenings with my coffee sometimes though; it is very bitter but I find I like it that way. Great video you guys!

  5. For me, having a low carb dessert still leads me down a slippery slope, of wanting more, even after 1.5 yrs on keto. Still insulin resistant. It's better for me to abstain.

  6. My low carb dessert (not always keto – depends on what else you ate in the day). Give it a shot… I've been messing with this simple recipe for awhile, and I narrowed it down something I find totally delicious:
    – Handful of a frozen berry combo (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries)
    – Two tablespoons of plain greek yogurt
    – Handful (or less) of walnut halves
    – 1/2 packet of stevia
    – 1-2 dashes of nutmeg
    – coconut milk (amount to taste)
    >> blend well

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