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guys and today we are going to be looking at the two new redeem codes so
in order to get both of them you actually need to read something first
and you can find this post on the love Nicki Facebook group so on the Facebook
page I put the link below so you can click on it it’s supposed to regarding
the official payment methods I think they posted it because there are
some other apps that are very similar to love Nicki and I guess they’re scamming
people or oh you know those like free diamonds and free coins hacks or cheats
people have yeah like those ones are like the fake ones I think I saw one
that went viral recently about this guy getting like five hundred thousand
diamonds or fifty thousand diamonds it required you to add in some info or
login info so that’s why I guess the developers are trying their best to warn
people about scammers like that so the purpose of the video is just to let you
know there are two redeem codes at first there’s only one but now it’s two and
you probably won’t be able to find the code anywhere except for this Facebook
post because the developers specifically asked people to not post the code
anywhere else the reason is because they want to make sure that people actually
read everything here so for Apple Store Google Play the Amazon App Store the
official Brasil payment website and there’s also something here so it’s in
Spanish and there’s also Portuguese over here so
basically it’s a very very short read like it even says here at the top it’s
like it’s a three minute reading time so if you could just scroll through it it’s
not that big of a deal it might help you in terms of protecting your account in
the future so it’s a good read overall there are two codes so thanks for
reading here’s your dean code to encourage everyone to read the stock
please don’t share and paste the code to the comment below or just anywhere else
one code is over there and the other code is in the box down there if you
guys didn’t realize that there was a second code today I here it is and what
do the codes give you let me just show you right now one of the codes gives you
60 stamina and it also gives you five wish coupons so those wish coupons you
can use in the home setting I personally like to use them in a book because
whenever you buy five you tend to get rare stuff like now so I just realized I
finished the Japanese pavilion over here as for the
other coat it gives you a thousand gold 80 stamina and five lucky bonus items so
these items can be used in the story chapters where you basically just
complete them and as you can see in the corner of the item there’s a number
usually that number would be anywhere from two to three I think so you can see
right now even though I only have two of these hairs that pop up it says that
there’s two on both of them so technically I just got four of these
hairs that’s it for today it’s just a short video to let you guys know that
there are some new redeem codes out and that it would be really helpful to get
because we have a stamina event right now so that’s an extra 140 Sam hopefully
be stamina came in clutch thank you for watching remember to Like comment and
subscribe and the top comment in the last video for why are dark makeups so
hard to get Perla Sotelo so if you already own the original makeup we
shouldn’t have to pay with diamonds for the darker versions that’s so unfair I
totally agree with you girl in the video actually provided a solution for how
they could make this recipe craft it and make it fair for other people who
actually spent diamonds on the original makeup so if you want to check it out
I’ll have that video linked at the end of the video thank you guys for watching
and I’ll catch you guys later bye

27 thoughts on “Love Nikki – 2 NEW REDEEM CODES (140 FREE STAMINA!)

  1. Tbh, I think the lucky item tickets are lowkey useless since they're used automatically, and you aren't even confirmed to get anything from them.

  2. When I came here I was almost late, but when I read the title, it said there were two codes? I only redeemed one code but not two. I read the doc or whatever that was, and I saw one code, if I was just rushing or blind please help me find where the second one is. I need some codes and I miss them. Thanks for the info, Effie. Love you. ❤️

  3. Effie, I'm kind new in the game. So I never participated in a hell event.. I don't know How much dias need for get the suits, can you Tell me? I have so far 7k dias..
    And I love your videos , It's really great!!

  4. eee thank you effie! you're the best, i didn't know there was another code! sorry i missed you! see you soon <3

  5. Tbh I lowkey am mildly infuriating how Love Nikki developers made the dark skin makeup recipes with having to spend diamonds on it, like I’m finding it lowkey discriminating. I would find it more acceptable if there was already many other dark skin makeups, like it’s okay to having things cost diamonds (well kinda, because I’m V0), but using your way through dark skin makeups is lowkey unfair and questionable. It’s hindering the diversity of the game. Colored people have already been discriminated enough, and to make colored makeups harder to get in the game I lowkey just contributing to it. Like I’m not trying to make anyone’s day bad, but like I feel like I need to share my perspective with y’all about this.

  6. Hey, I'm not sure if anyone said it yet but I found another "hint" that the next hell is Steps of Sorrow. If you look at Time-limited events, the diamond consumption event background is the black and while version of the cheapest background from Steps of Sorrow.

  7. thats cool, but i already got the girl suit the only thing i was going after for the event, i made the suit into nadeshko from shugo chara (yes i know nadeshkos secret im on ep 91)

  8. for me whenever I look at the FB post it doesn't show the second redeem code got some reason… it still says "👍Like this post! If we get 6K Likes, Momo will have another Redeem Code for everyone!!!" not that thing that says something about reaching the goal..hmm anyone have any tips as to what the problem may be??

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