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y’all today is kind of hot typically I
try to meditate like early in the morning but I was like handling some
business so didn’t get to do that so now we are about to meditate y’all literally
no one is here in the gym today oh my gosh so happy straight up the top to
show you know ain’t no stopping us ya see you’ve been watching us you could
try try try but you better off and respect say from the audience why you
hating from the bleachers chair leave is his life let’s grab a pom pom baby last
year we was last place this year we’re first we was hungry for the title now we
quench them that dose he was on your best behavior yeah we are not worse
killing killing the competition roll around in the house first meal of the day you also have the
pork chops I have two eggs some broccoli 100 avvocato and I did sprinkle my pink
Himalayan sea salt on top of that and I cooked everything in coconut oil so I
could get in a good amount of healthy fats for this meal and to drink I’m just
having my cherry coke Zero and I’m using my lazy keto cup yes hey y’all so I’m
about to head to Zumba class I really don’t want to go this happens to me all
the time like right before Zumba y’all I’m just like oh my gosh I don’t want to
go but when I get there I’m really excited so
we head over there and stop procrastinating like I always do okay y’all so just got done working out
I currently look like a Piton myself but I promise you I didn’t so um this is
what the body is looking like right now yep whatever and so I’m about to go home
take a shower and I’ll start cooking because I am so
hungry last meal for tonight I’m having some keto pancakes with natural creamy
peanut butter and my sugar free syrup this syrup I uses the Walden Farms
pancake syrup then I just have some bacon strips and eggs and I’m drinking
some water tonight I’m gonna have some so delicious dairy free coconut milk
no sugar added butter pecan ice cream just so good y’all I could
literally eat this whole thing and probably another one too but I’m not
gonna do it because we have goals 24 hours later listen my whole being is
just so sore right now y’all like what in the heck and Bob I’m doing today
here like I don’t know I’m just here right now
I guess I’ll stretch and maybe I’ll decide the end all but I’m just so sorry oh my gosh also I just got done visiting
my dad at a cemetery and what do I see a title okay I’m gonna leave him alone and
let him go back to minding his business okay also just got one of my keto shirts in the middle it is my living my best life own keto shirt but I mean if
you’re on keto or you know somebody that’s on keto um you can let them know
that I have some keto shirts and keto mugs first meal of the day I’m having my
keto pancakes with natural creamy peanut butter my Walden Farms sugar-free syrup
I have some smoked sausage some broccoli and eggs antigen I’m just gonna have my
cherry coke Zero and some water of course okay y’all so here is my
peanut butter keto fat bum this time I have like little bitty pieces up
occurrence in this fat bomb and I have it of course on top and I do have my
cinnamon on top as well so yeah okay so we got some progress going I
won’t over here don’t look at my toes I’m gonna block them out because honey
this is embarrassing sick good morning you guys so I washed
my hair and I braided it like I don’t even know who I am right now I’m
probably gonna wear it down tomorrow I’m probably lads myself I’m probably just
gonna we’re gonna puff like I always do yeah so let me stop talking because it’s
hot outside and just meditate good morning so first meal of the day I’m
having my keto pancakes with natural creamy peanut butter my Walden Farms
sugar-free pancake syrup then I have my smoked sausage one whole avocado I’m
gonna put pink Himalayan sea salt on top of that of course then tuple eggs with
salt and pepper and to drink I’m just gonna have some Coke Zero and really my
avocado is not ready to eat y’all I don’t think but I’m gonna eat it though
tonight’s dinner is just gonna be two chicken wings with okra one egg two
bacon strips and sugar free almost sugar-free syrup sugar free ketchup
maybe I need to try York with it who knows but and then to drink we’re gonna
have some Coke Zero hey y’all so editing version of myself
coming in I got to start meditating and maybe a good 10 minutes 10 to 15 minutes
or whatever and y’all I was so sick yesterday I took some nyquil I feel like
a brand new person I still look sick but I’m gonna take some more nyquil again
maybe like after I meditate but y’all yesterday I felt horrible just so
horrible so when this video goes out y’all it will be Friday
I hope y’all had a great week what are y’all doing for the weekend let me know
down below in the comments cuz yesterday y’all we went to go see Aladdin and it
was so good we went on like a low lunch date it was cute or whatever but um yeah
today we supposed to go see Dark Phoenix or Phoenix toric I don’t know whatever
we’re gonna go see that oh and of course I got my nose done y’all I just couldn’t
keep putting y’all through this like not even just that I couldn’t just keep
looking at myself like that so if you’re new to the channel welcome
to the film I’m gonna be here documenting my keto weight loss journey and your girl is sharing everything so go ahead and click that
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any future uploads here currently I am uploading three videos a week so you can
expect the video from me on Mondays Wednesdays
Friday and so far so good we have not missed and upload thank you guys to my
returning YouTube family thank you so much for watching this video as always
if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I will see
you in the next video which will be Monday I hope you guys have a great
weekend love you guys so much

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