Launching My First SKINCARE LINE | Behind the Scenes of BeautyNut Skincare!

Launching My First SKINCARE LINE | Behind the Scenes of BeautyNut Skincare!

[upbeat music] – We got the shot. [techno Music] [Laughs] [uplifting music] – So we’ve got food
expert, Nikole Goncalves, in here joining us. Thanks so much for being here. – (Nikole) It’s great to be here. – (Crowd) HealthNut! – So, welcome back to the vlog. Today’s vlog is really exciting because I’m gonna basically be
sharing, with you guys, the behind the scenes of this project that we’ve been working on for almost a year now. Behind the scenes, behind
the book stuff, behind uh… the HealthNut pup stuff. This has been a project uh… that Matt and I have been
kind of thinking about in our minds for so long
and then about a year ago, we started actually
creating it and working towards where we are right now. Sorry, there’s some elastic on my floor and I don’t want Cashew to eat it. So, today is Saturday and
we’re prepping because Monday we are shooting. We’re having an all-day shoot. It’s gonna be really busy. Uh, we’re gonna to have both
Conner and Kailey here as well, helping us. They’re part of the
HealthNut team and basically, we’re coming out with
a skincare beauty line. I am so excited. This has been like a
dream of mine for so long. You guys know I’m really
into natural, uh… skincare and it’s changed my skin
using natural products, things that are clean enough
that like you could eat them. You don’t want to eat them because they don’t taste that good. I mean, some of them do. Some of them are sweet and
salty so they would be good, but just things that
you can feel good about putting on your skin
and some of the products that we’ve created are
just really like they’re just a little unique from
what’s already out there and I’m just so excited to
share them with you guys. I already have a bunch
of ideas for new products that we’re gonna be adding to the line, but this is gonna be the initial launch. We’re uh… gonna launch
with five products and I love them, they’re amazing. We’ve been using them for months. Months! And so I can tell you guys
100% that they’re amazing. You guys are gonna love them. So, the name of the line
is BeautyNut Skincare and- You know what the weird thing is? Is that I had the idea
for this name back when Matt and I were living in Australia. I remember being at this like little cafe. I was jotting notes down and
ideas in this little notebook. So, this idea, this name was something I had in my mind years
ago and it’s so crazy that it’s kind of finally coming to fruition. So, we are currently-
Chloe and I just ran and did some errands. We had to get some botanical
like flowers for the shoot. Uh, they’re closed
tomorrow, so we want to get- we wanted to get them today. Uh, we had just to pick up
a couple of the other props and then some white paint,
uh because Chloe and Matt are downstairs right now in the garage. They are prepping some things
that we are gonna paint and spray paint. So, I thought I would start
vlogging today, so I’m gonna take you guys downstairs,
I’m gonna show you guys what we’re doing to DIY stuff because, yeah, we just couldn’t find exactly what we’re looking for so we
thought we’re gonna DIY it. So, we’re bringing you
along behind the scenes and gonna show you guys
the process of shooting for BeautyNut Skincare. First, I’ll show you
the flowers that we got. I have to put these in some water. So cute! That middle one is white kale. So cute. Look at that little yellow one. Okay, I’ve got put those in some water, but let’s go see what the- What Matt and Chloe are up to downstairs. [Upbeat Music] Wow! So, Matt and Chloe just
painted this board white and then we also got these little spoons. So, basically what’s
happening is we needed like little pedestals to put
some of the products and we wanted them to be cement,
but we couldn’t find them and if we did, they
were just too expensive. So we got these little
cardboard gift boxes and we’re gonna spray paint them. So, this is the spray
paint that we’re using. It’s supposed to look like that. – (Woman) Okay, be careful.
[Spray Painting] – Good morning. It is officially shoot
day and I am so excited. We did some prepping last night and then we moved some
furniture this morning. So, our place is like
upside down right now, but I’ll show you guys the set. Connor should be here
soon, he’s part of the team and he’s one of our amazing video editors, but he’s also a really
talented, um videographer and photographer. So, he’s coming to help
with the photos and Chloe’s gonna be doing the video, just
so we have two people on it and we don’t miss any shots that we need. So, this is the set up, as you can see, we moved all of our furniture. Chloe’s in the background. Say hey, Chloe. – Hello, – Here’s Mr. Matt. Uh, so we have two c-stands
here with the backdrops. These are just like rolled
up paper for photography. Uh, this is just a board
that we painted white. And these are those little gift boxes that we were spray painting. They kind of do look- I mean
they do look like cement. And then we ordered these
little bamboo spoons off Amazon, but we ended up painting
one of them white. So, uh we’re just setting up. I’m gonna drop Matt off at the train, he has to go to work. It looks like an actual set here. Doesn’t it, Chloe? What, what! HealthNut headquarters upgraded. I also still have to
finish doing my makeup. I’m just doing like a really,
really light-no makeup look. I still gotta come back
and do some mascara, but gonna moisturize [Lips Pop] my lips with the BeautyNut lip butter. So moisturizing and yeah,
I’m keeping it really simple. Luckily I got my eyebrows done recently from my friend Moreena. Uh, she just tints them and then just like clean them up a bit. So, I’m really leaving- I’m
tryna like really make it look like I’m not wearing makeup,
but I wanted just a little bit of cover up. Uh, so yeah, just
throwing on some mascara. When I get back, I’m gonna maybe put some really loose waves in my
hair, nothing too polished. And then wear my Mickey Mouse shirt. No, I’m just kidding. I’ll probably just wear
like a white robe or just do face shots. We don’t really know exactly
how much of my clothing is gonna be shown when we do shots of me, but I’m really excited. It’s gonna be so much fun and I can’t wait to see the final product. So, these are all the flowers that we got from a local plant store. Kailey’s here. She’s gonna be putting on the labels. – (mumbles). – (Nikole) So, I did
these ones, which are mine uh, not samples, but my products. So she’s gonna hopefully
do a better job than I did. No pressure. – I hope this is the right one. [Upbeat Music] I think she loves me. – (Nikole) Cashew’s giving
Kailey all the love today, aw. Okay, so I’m in a robe and we’re gonna do some lifestyle shots. We’re gonna start with the lip balm first. Wow, this- I love that we have- we should just film all
of our videos with these- you know like the beauty gurus, they like with the colored background, so. [Upbeat Music] Cashew, are people ignoring you? – (Chloe) That was really cute. [Upbeat Music] – (Nikole) Flash just
really softens everything. – (Connor) It’s not like as contrast here. [Hairdryer Blowing] – We got the shot. [Upbeat Music Continues] So, Kailey just left. She had a doctor’s appointment. It’s now Chloe, Connor, me leftover. We’re just doing all
of the overhead shots, any like flat-lays and stuff. The thing about it being October already is like the sun basically
goes down at six. So, we’re on a bit of a crunch time. Um, but we’re moving
through them pretty quick and it’s looking really, really cute. We got some really fun
food props like honeycomb. I cracked open this coconut. I wish I vlogged it,
but it was really funny and it tastes so good. The water in it was delicious. Basically, we’re just tryna
use some of the fresh fruit and ingredients are in the products and place them as props for the photos. [Upbeat Music] ♪♪I belong, I belong to you.♪♪ (Nikole) Oh, that’s cute. Okay and then we can- it’s either like really- – (Conner) If you want to
like crop in a little more. – (Nikole) Yeah. Good morning. It’s day two of shooting. I’m just getting myself ready,
doing my hair and make up. And we are just doing some like talking tutorial videos today. So, we got our background here. We’re just gonna like test
things out, see how it looks. Looks very bright because
we got a studio light. Um I’m wearing the same shirt
as yesterday because why not? Uh, but yeah, we’re just
gonna do a test shot right now and see how it looks before
I finish getting ready and Chloe finishes
setting my background up. [Upbeat Music] So, we’re on out last video clip. Um, my camera died, so I
had to charge the battery, but uh, we got the blue
background going on right now, I’m just gonna be talking about the lip butter and we’re
just filming like a really short little clip for Instagram. Oh my- look. How cute is the pink next to the blue? So, it’s been going good. I think we’re both just ready to wrap up. It’s been a long couple
of days of shooting and my inbox is crazy
because I haven’t done emails in like a couple days. So, uh we’re just going, yeah, wrap up. P.S. I just love the eucalyptus flowers. So cute. There’s something about
fresh flowers to a shoot that really, that really
make a difference. Um, but yeah, so we’re
just about to wrap up, I’m getting hungry. I only had like toast and
almond butter for breakfast. Um, but yeah and I keep having
like a frog in my throat when I’m talking, it’s really annoying. Let’s do this. Hey, HealthNuts. If you’ve been searching
for the ultimate lip balm, but just can’t seem to find the right one, I’ve got the answer for you. Our lip butter is so amazing. It is by far, the best
lip balm I have used. And it has nourishing
ingredients like mango butter and sea buckthorn, which are my favorite. They are so softening and
nourishing to the lips. Uh it is made with a vegan-friendly
wax and it is infused with essential oils like
tangerine and blood orange which make it smell so good and give it a really beautiful orange hue. [Lip Pop] Did I mention it lasts all day long? It’s amazing. This is one of your must haves
if you’re on a desert island. Get yourself a lip butter. That’s a wrap. We are done. My lips feel nice and moisturized. I just finished up putting
the lip butter on my lips. [Lip Pops] So nice. It’s my favorite. I carry it with me everywhere. It’s always in my purse
or with me in the house, wherever I’m working. So, we’re gonna do a
little clean up right now and wrap things up. It’s been a great two days of shooting. I’m also sick of being in this robe. Although, it’s kind of
cozy, but I’m just scared I’m gonna dirty it ’cause it’s white. So, let’s clean up, shall we? Hey HealthNuts, I just want to pop in here and close or end the vlog. This is actually- I’m filming
this the day it’s going live. So today is Friday. Uh, yeah so, crazy
news, obviously you guys probably know by now,
because we filmed this vlog while we were shooting
for BeautyNut skincare. But our- most of our
collection, I think only, I think 90% of our, uh
collection is sold out which is kind of crazy and I debated on putting up this video,
uh because you can’t really buy anything. I think there’s like
a couple of items left of two of the products. Um, but, I just wanted to
share it with you guys. Just behind the scenes,
putting everything together. I’m just so proud and
happy with how everything turned out. Like Connor and Chloe did an amazing job. Jazz did an awesome job editing the photos and doing all the graphics
and then Kailey was there, helping us behind the scenes. She actually vlogged a lot of this video. So, just- it’s great
having such an awesome team that can just get things
like this together and we can do it all
in-house which is so crazy. And thanks to like our design- I feel like this is an
Oscar award uh speech, but thanks to like our designer, Rachelle. She killed it with the
labels and our skincare team who helped formulate or who
did formulate the products. We worked side-by-side with
them to make sure it had all the exact ingredients we wanted and it was the exact
product we wanted to sell and bring out into the world. So, it’s just so crazy,
but I wanted to pop I here and let you guys know,
if you’re wondering when we’re gonna be restocking,
we’re working on it. We just got some new
containers in that we’re gonna hand over to the skincare
people to create new uh batches, but it takes a while because
it’s all done like in Toronto. It’s Canada-made and it’s-
just takes longer because yeah, we make it in small batches
because it does have an expiration date, um because
there’s no like preservatives and stuff in the products. So, stay tuned. If you guys wanna know
when we’re gonna be getting new products back in,
make sure you’re following the HealthNut shop newsletter. I’ll have a link down below. You’ll get updates, also just follow us on HealthNut shop Instagram account. And last, but not least, uh you can also go onto,
find the product that you’re looking for
and if it’s sold out, there’s a little option
to get notified by email when the item is back in stock. And that’s a really awesome
way just to be up to date. When it is in stock so you
can be the first to grab it, because I feel like the
next round is gonna sell pretty soon, too. Anyways, thank you so
much for watching, guys. Uh, all the information will be down below about the skincare line
and we’re just so excited to be launching it, so stay tuned. More will be coming. Also, stay tuned for next week. We have something exciting
happening on HealthNut shop. So, once again, follow the newsletter, you will be the first to know
and um that’s gonna be it for today, guys. I’m gonna finish drinking
this, I’m going to yoga, and then we’re actually heading
to New York this weekend. So, we’re vlogging, so you’ll
see that eventually, too. Have an awesome day. Don’t forget to subscribe,
we post videos on here every single week and I will
see you guys in my next video. Bye guys. Ow, I just hit myself in the face Okay bye. [Upbeat Music]

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