L5 S1 Disc Bulge Exercises – Lumbar Radiculopathy Treatment

Radicular pain is caused by the inflammation or compression of a spinal nerve L5 S1 radiculopathy specifically follows a pain pattern as shown A common cause of radiculopathy is due to a disc herniation This can be confirmed via Slump Test in a seated position. Allow your upper body to slump forward and extend your leg slowly bend your foot back towards you then away from you perform this with both legs if the pain is Reproduced in either of these positions that is considered a positive test The extension based exercises are used to help relieve symptoms associated with disc herniation Begin by positioning yourself prone with a pillow or two under your chest Allow your low back to extend slightly Hold this position for five to ten minutes All of the following exercises should be done 10 times every two hours when you are awake It is important to follow the progression that will follow Start with lifting your chest off the pillows for 10 repetitions Extend at the low back keeping your hips and elbows engaged with the surface Next press up with your hands and allow yourself to extend further back keeping a slight bend in the elbows Again, make sure your hips are engaged with the surface One set of 10 repetitions is recommended now, press up with your hands and fully extend the elbows It is important that your hips remain touching the surface Lifting the hips off the table is incorrect and should be avoided Rounding the shoulders forward is also incorrect because it can lead to shoulder pain To add overpressure exhale deeply when fully extended If you have a left side herniation, you may extend back with the lower half shifted slightly to the left If it is on the right shift the lower half to the right and then extend follow the same progression as before This exercise can be performed while standing if you are unable to lay down You can apply overpressure by placing your hands on your back as shown L5 S1 Radiculopathy can also lead to tightness in the hip musculature A common muscle involved is the Piriformis Tightness of the Piriformis may compress on the Sciatic Nerve and also lead to pain traveling down the leg The Piriformis can be stretched in the seated position cross the painful side’s leg over the opposite knee To intensify the stretch push down the knee hold this position for 30 seconds and perform four repetitions To further intensify the stretch sit up straight and lean forward Rounding your back and leaning forward is incorrect if your radiculopathy is due to a disc herniation Rounding your back may increase your pain You can also stretch the Piriformis by laying onto your back Cross the painful side’s leg over the opposite knee and pull your leg towards you Hold this for 30 seconds and perform four repetitions To progress this stretch reach through completely and grab just below your knee Core strengthening should also be performed. Bird Dog is an excellent exercise for core strengthening and stabilization To begin start by being on all fours with your spine in alignment Maintaining a tight core raise your right arm straight out and hold for five seconds, then lower it back to the starting position Repeat the same step with the other arm Continue alternating arms while maintaining a straight spine work up to ten repetitions on both sides Next perform the same exercise but with the legs Maintaining a straight spine and alignment hold for five seconds then lower back down Repeat the same steps on the other side Be careful not to raise your leg too high that you are rotated To progress further raise your right arm and left leg simultaneously. Be sure to keep your core tight and to maintain proper spine alignment Try to hold for five seconds in this position Perform the same step on the other side work up to ten repetitions on both sides For additional resistance dumbbells and ankle weights can be used try to maintain optimal alignment and a tight core Hold still for five seconds in each position and work up to ten repetitions on both sides So we can contain free educational videos, please subscribe to our Channel

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