KETO ON A BUDGET | CARNIVORE DIET ON A BUDGET | Cheapest Cuts of Meat | How to buy meat on a budget

KETO ON A BUDGET | CARNIVORE DIET ON A BUDGET | Cheapest Cuts of Meat | How to buy meat on a budget

hi guys welcome back to my channel so
today I want to talk to you about budget there’s a misconception out there that
Keto diet and the carnivore diet is expensive primarily because of all of
the whole foods that you consume like the meats and the cheese’s and dairy
even some vegetables and fruits like avocados can be expensive and so a lot
of people don’t think that it’s in their budget to eat this way all the time so
I’m here to tell you that that’s not the case and today we’re gonna focus on
meats and these are going to be some budget-friendly meats that you can eat
on the either the keto diet or the carnivore diet even if you’re on a fixed
income and you don’t really have a big food budget every month you can still
eat good on the keto diet and carnivore diet and I’m not talking about
hamburgers and eggs eating those all the time I mean you can certainly do that
those are very inexpensive choices but I’m gonna give you guys some ideas where
you could have a wide range of meats that you can consume on either the
ketogenic diet or the carnivore diet so keep watching if you want to hear all of
these money-saving keto tips tip number one is to reach for fattier
cuts of meat now some of those when you’re on a budget I’m not talking about
rib eyes you could certainly do the hamburger in this case but other ideas
for fattier cuts of meat are like a chuck steak or chuck roast if you’re
going to eat beef for pork you could reach for a pork shoulder a lot of those
are really fatty on the outside especially even some pork sausages have
a lot of fat mixed in there with them when it comes to poultry you want to go
for the thigh meat any of the darker meats like thigh or drumstick even wings
all the wings don’t really have that much meat on them those are gonna be
better options or fattier cuts of meat and fat is what keeps you full so if you
eat those items you’ll tend to eat less of them because they keep you full more
and tip number two it just kind of goes along with that first tip when you eat a
keto diet or a carnivore diet you eventually get to this place where
you’re just not as hungry as you used to you can actually just spread out your
meals and maybe just eat one or two meals a day and so if you’re eating less
often because you’re so full from your meals from a lot of the protein and fats
that you’re eating because they’re sustaining you throughout the day then
you don’t really need to buy food for snacks or breakfast or you know that
third meal or fourth meal that you might have throughout the day so it’s gonna
stay to you money there too tip number three is to buy in bulk and buy when
it’s on sale maybe you should get like one of those food saver devices those
are great for if you buy a lot of meat you can cut them up into individual
portions about what you think that you would make meal wise for each meal if
maybe a pound of hamburger or a couple pounds of chicken thighs things like
that so if you buy in bulk you actually save money in the long run and
especially if you have a freezer to put these in so maybe a freezer is a good
investment option for you to to do you could easily get a inexpensive chest
freezer that you could stick either in a pantry or garage or laundry room things
like that you can definitely do when it comes to fish you could buy in season
there’s certain times when certain cuts of fish or actually in season a lot of
the fishermen are out catching them so they go on sale especially if you live
in a coastal town also when you’re at the supermarket
look for manager special so these are discounted meats that might be half off
it’s still good meat it hasn’t expired yet it just might expire in a few days
but it’s a good way to save on money when it comes to meat also stock up on
meats during the holidays like around Christmas and Thanksgiving the holiday
season there is a good time to stock up on turkey turkeys a really good
inexpensive cheap meat that you can buy for the carnivore diet or keto diet
there’s lots of different recipes that you can use with it and speaking of
which when it comes to buying like a whole turkey or whole chicken you really
just eat the entire thing that it comes with because there’s organ meats that
come with it to provide lots of nutrition you get the meat itself and
then after you’re done eating the meat then you can take that carcass of the
chicken or the turkey and make it into a bone broth so you can get more nutrition
from that a lot of the collagen and minerals and stuff like that that come
in there you might even want to consider purchasing meat from a local farmer and
maybe go in on like a half a cow or a quarter of a cow they even do that with
hogs too and if you don’t have a freezer and that’s just too much meat for you to
consume you might want to consider joining a CSA which is a Community
Supported Agriculture group in CFA’s they actually give you like it’s like a
monthly subscription sometimes you can do weekly or bi-weekly if you want to
but for the most part it’s a monthly subscription to meat where it’s you and
other members of the community that belong to the CSA it’s like you’ve
purchased into like a cow and so every month you get certain cuts of meat at
discounted price so since these are locally raised animals a lot of times
they’re grass-fed and sustainably raised you can do beef pork chicken lamb goat
anything like that a lot of local farmers will raise and do a CSA program
for you those are my four tips to save you money when it comes to your meat
options on the keto diet and the carnivore diet now I kind of want to
into some cheaper cuts of meat that you could pick out if you’re at the
supermarket and trying to figure out ways to save money for the week
besides hamburger and eggs these are your go-to
for those cheaper cuts of meat all right let’s talk about these different meat
options that you can find at your local supermarket and these are just prices
that I found at Fred Meyer which is a Kroger type supermarket it’s more
mid-range in terms of prices but you could probably find things cheaper at
Walmart sometimes Costco has really good
high-quality meat that you can buy in bulk it just depends on what area of the
country you’re at and so what are some of the good bargain stores that you like
to shop at but Fred Meijer is my go-to place for buying a lot of my meat
products all right so the first category is beef now we all know that hamburger
is probably one of the cheapest meats out there and you can certainly go that
route I know that we probably use hamburger and our meal like maybe like
one or two times a week but there’s other options that you could purchase
when it comes to buying beef you could buy a brisket which is around like 329 a
pound or so depending on if you get it up say on sale or not and this is a
large chunk of meat it’s great if you roast it on the grill you could do it in
the oven too but it does give you a lot of meat for your buck and if you’re
looking for a roast you could do something like a chuck roast those are
pretty inexpensive as well – they’re about five to six dollars a pound
depending on if you can get it on sale or not I like to do chuck roast that’s
one of my favorite roast because it provides a lot of fat and if you’re
wanting steak as an option you still can do steak and stay within budget one of
my favorite Poorman steaks is a chuck steak very delicious its fatty – and
they’re about like six dollars or so a pound and especially if you find them on
sale or buy them in bulk they’re a lot cheaper you could also try different
types of steaks like a flat steak like flat iron steak hanger steaks just skirt
steak those are all really good options for for fajitas but they’re good just
kind of sliced up on their own and eat it just like that and they’re a lot less
expensive than say buying a ribeye or a new
take anything like that when it comes to chicken or poultry so I’m talking about
Turkey – there’s a few different options you can do I mentioned before that you
want to buy like a whole chicken or a whole turkey this is gonna provide you
with you can have the meats there’s the giblets or the organ meats inside that
provide a lot of nutritional benefit but once again you can take that carcass
after you’ve taken all the meat off of it and used it and then make a bone
broth out of it so great option there and a whole chicken is very inexpensive
– they run about like you know about five dollars for a whole fryer chicken
and if you’re wanting a different cut of chicken meat I would again go with the
darker one just because it does provide more fat and more flavor but it’s also
less expensive and particularly if you go with like a bone-in thigh or a
drumstick those are a lot less expensive so drumsticks are probably around like
88 cents a pound whereas the thighs are like a dollar 50 a pound the bone-in
ones it’s a little bit more money if you do the skinless boneless variety but if
you do the skinned and bone on cheaper plus you get all that flavor from the
fat on the skin which is great for you and then there’s minerals in the bone
and collagen in the bone – that can come out into your meat – so you’re getting
more nutrition there if you buy bone-in meat if you’re wanting to eat pork
there’s lots of different options there besides just sausage and baking’s I know
bacon can actually get a little expensive
you could buy pork ribs and they’re normally around $3 a pound especially if
you get them on sale they’re delicious they have a lot of collagen in them and
besides the meat protein and fat as well – you could also go the pork shoulder
out like I mentioned before those are really bigger cuts of meat so they can
you can use them for different recipes throughout the week it’s a really great
option to do you could cook the shoulder on the slow in the slow cooker or even
on if you have a trigger grill it’s great smoked you have all day just
on a Sunday and and enjoy its meat throughout the week but a pork shoulder
is about a dollar fifty a pound and if you like pork chops you can still eat
those they’re actually relatively inexpensive especially if you get the
bone on variety they’re about three dollars a pound you could also try a
pork tenderloin that does provide a lot of meat too usually can get like one or
two meals out of that and feeding a family of four and it costs a little
under five dollars a pound for the pork tenderloin and if you’re a fan of fish
there’s different options that you can choose I’m not just saying that you have
to stick with cans of tuna fish or Kansas sardines
sometimes sardines can get expensive especially if you’re looking for more of
the wild caught or sustainably raised types of sardines those can be more
expensive they’re like two dollars and 80 cents per can which might be fine for
a meal every now and then especially if you are running out of time and you’re
on the go a lot but if you’re wanting to incorporate more fish into your diet
I suggest you stick with more of the white fishes like cod or tilapia or
catfish is another cheaper option to go with they range anywhere from like eight
to twelve dollars for a 32 ounce bag and of course organ meats are a really good
option especially if you’re on the carnivore diet and need to get a little
additional nutrients and minerals from your meals you can talk to your local
butcher about setting aside some organs for you a lot of times they’re cheaper
if you do it that way what I like to do is around the holidays they actually
sell a lot of chicken organs like the heart and the liver and they’re very
inexpensive you can get a little package of chicken hearts for around $2 and
the liver is even less than that so it’s a good time to stock up on organ meats
around the holiday so there you go I hope I’ve given you guys some options
when it comes to saving money on your meat budget if you’re on the keto diet
or the carnivore diet let me know down below if you guys have other ideas as
well – I’m gonna be coming out with a video very soon
about what you can use with these budget-friendly meats and like how you
can eat them two different recipes for organ meats I’m gonna do some chicken
some porks and beef just so you can see how we can save money and still eat
delicious meat throughout the week so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t
miss that video coming out have a good day guys

37 thoughts on “KETO ON A BUDGET | CARNIVORE DIET ON A BUDGET | Cheapest Cuts of Meat | How to buy meat on a budget

  1. I am blessed that I don't HAVE to watch my food budget but these are STILL the same meats I buy, high fat is perfect keto/carnivore diet. Lord I just hate steak, it could be a prime cut and I would pass it by or turn it into a roast.

  2. Good morning sweet lady , I know we have talked before But I have to tell you This video Was excellent You hit that nail Right on the head , As you know I'm a retired butcher And Chef I also teach cooking But you really Presented Meats In a easy Way Of shopping I take my hat off to you Keep up the good work . Chef 🎅🥩🍳🥑🥓

  3. My God..meat is so much cheaper where you live! 😲 I can't believe the prices you say, it's insanely different! It's atleast ten times more expensive here. Liver, ground beef and farmed salmon on sale is all I can afford. I think that's good enough but it sure would be nice to eat a wider variety of meats and fish though.😊

  4. I LOVE pork neck bones. A big package is only maybe $8. Season, coat in bacon grease, roast in 350° oven uncovered about 50 minutes then cover and cook another 20 minutes. And the leftover bones make great broth.

  5. Coming from an amateur boxer (im 21 years old ) i have chosen a carnivore diet to gain muscle and intake protein at high volumes due to heavy training regiments , i appreciate all your videos you explain so well , cheers from Steve in New York keep doing Youtube your great at it!

  6. Thanks for the ideas, we live fulltime now in an rv and I wish I could buy meat in bulk but unfortunately I buy as much as I can

  7. I live in a food desert, food is old here. meat is better than the produce we have Costco and smith's which is called Kroger elsewhere.

  8. Thank you so much! This video was so helpful! I am new at cooking meat and I always get overwhelmed when i got to the grocery store to buy meat. I took notes on what you said!

  9. Veri nice video and ideas! Sometimes I wish I live in the US you have such a large selection of articles 500% when not 1000% more articles then we have in Germany. On the other hand the prices in the US are much higher then here. Look for more Videos from you! Greetings from Germany.

  10. Here in Brazil, if I ate only Ribeyes to meet my requiriments, it would cost a MINIMUM WAGE, so yes, for a regular personal in a shithole third world country, you simply can't, but for someone in a first world country, is just expensive in comparasion with other meats like chicken, but nothing that will impact much finnancialy. The alternative I found is to consume cheaper cuts of meat + butter, but still, insanely expensive.

  11. I just cut a big chunk of meat off of my leg and eat that and then when it grows back I do it again and again….Saves a ton of money

  12. Thank you very much for the food budget tips. I prefer using non toxic freezer paper (not the kind with a plastic coating) to freeze my meat to reduce plastic consumption. I usually use single wrap because I don't store meat in the deep freezer for a long time. Double wrapped meat should last a year in a deep freezer. My Mom had double wrapped beef in her deep freezer over a year and it wasn't freezer burnt and it still tasted good. My child nurses a lot so, my appetite for meat isn't small. I'm sure once I'm no longer breast feeding, I'll be able to get down to one or two meals a day. My blood sugar is so even. I don't snack anymore or wake up in the middle of the night looking for food. I'm not ravenous upon waking in the morning.

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