Keto for Kids, is it HEALTHY? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Keto for Kids, is it HEALTHY? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we make these videos so that
you can understand keto low-carb basically living a better life
and Patrick finds interesting articles videos podcasts we discuss them to try
to help you guys to navigate the world of information that’s out there on these
topics I want to make sure that you guys have the best mental health and physical
health to enjoy your life so what do we have today Patrick today we have today
we’re gonna talk about kids like you know in past videos we already chatted
about like our teens yeah we try to bring them to like having a better
health and I did find an article like that piqued my curiosity and I thought
we would discuss it today okay so children so it was an article
from The Insider label the titled the keto diet is becoming more popular for
kids but nutritionists wine it can be incredibly risky for them so let’s see
if really I’ll risk it can be you know like okay I’m waiting to hear yeah so
the the three like three starting points of the article the trendy keto diet like
encourages eating lots of fats moderate protein and fewer carbs proponents says
it can help with weight loss by forcing the body to burn fat for energy so it’s
not high it’s not like a lot of fat moderate fat but like second hypothesis
the keto Tran as has become so popular some parents are encouraging it for the
whole family our tools for getting kids on the keto diet or popular online and a
cookbook keto kids was published this summer listening to the beginning of
this video this article is I doubt that they’re in
favor of this but the thing I’m gonna say is and and this is where every
parent you know like I said this is a channel about being healthy in general
so this is for every parent if I know that eating processed sugar is bad for
me why would I heat it to my kid if I know that over the course of years
eating a lot of fruits and vegetables caused damage to
my body why would I push that on my kids right I’m not gonna say you’re never
going to feed your kid a vegetable or fruit of course not they’re not in the
metabolic situation that adults are in because first of all they’re still
growing so their bodies are actively seeking energy and using large amounts
of energy compared to us and one of the things that always amazes me you know I
used to work in a daycare and when I would see the amount of food that a
three four-year-old kid could put away sometimes it would blow my mind and then
like a few days later you start to see like you know the kids in a growth spurt
right and when kids are no girl spurt like the food they’re putting down and
then the next month like months or two that you see like they just kind of inch
packages right so our body knows what to do with what we give it so I think the
thing that we make them in I’m sorry did they mean we make the mistake of doing
is we don’t follow our kids appetite if I’m feeding my children and and so I
mean I feel like my history allowed me to do this better than a lot of people
because when I was a kid I was force-fed and I hated it so I never first fed my
daughter if she wanted to eat she ate and she didn’t want to eat she didn’t
eat and guess what there was never the story that I ever found where she ate
nothing she always ate some and then you’d see she just wasn’t hungry anymore
and she stopped eating and she’d go do something else and my daughter didn’t
chase candy my daughter didn’t chase sweet things at all so I feel like if we
just follow our kids we wouldn’t do so much better at this but we think were
smarter than the human body and we push foods on our kids because we are told
it’s better for them without any real hmm
like I mean honestly the evidence right now is playing out that all this carbs
was not better for us so I was just about like to point out that we still
cannot deny that the the proportion of obese kids like we
have nowadays compared to maybe 20 years to include 30 years ago even like his is
the way I hear it’s much higher we have and the problem is that we start them
off on a formula instead of breast milk the fat ratio of formula is almost zero
the fat ratio of breast milk is much much higher like 50% I believe like
again you know we are doing things that are against our physiology and then
we’re getting upset that we’re overweight it doesn’t make a lot of
sense yeah okay let’s mean let me continue with
this article’s I think that they’re trying to help I hope that they’re
trying to help for us to get our kids on a better track I’m just worried where
they’re gonna take the third hypothesis okay the third like starting point of
the article however a nutritionist says okay nutritionists say it can be
dangerous dangerous to put children and teens on such a restrictive diet leading
to nutritional deficiency deficiencies disordered eating and long term health
problems so that’s one thing I would add to that is that although my daughter was
a healthy weight and is still a healthy weight I have worked with people who
have young people who their doctors have told them that their young people are
overweight and what’s the first thing they tell them they’re eating too much
fat cut the fat up so again it’s it’s selective when you’re saying take sugar
out oh it’s a restrictive diet but when you’re saying take the fat out there’s
nothing wrong with that the truth is it’s reverse taking the sugar out is
healthy taking the fat out ends up causing so many problems because you
have to have sugar there it’s the only other fuel sources right because again
protein is not a fuel source it’s a building block we have to keep that in
mind so again I’m just pointing that exactly I always frustrated when I hear
that line saying it’s not something it’s not something that taking the fat out
isn’t gone it’s not something you’re gonna see like in two years and three
years with those teens probably gonna take like curse like maybe thirty years
of eating that way to get into some kind of of metabolic I’m talking about when I have people in
my office who have a seven-year-old that weighs over a hundred pounds and the
doctor is telling them stop giving the kids how much value and it doesn’t make
sense that’s not what’s making this child overweight it’s ugly I mean yes
there tell them not to eat chips and candy and whatever but they’re also
putting them on a fat restricted diet hmm not understanding that it’s not the
fat that’s causing the problem so this kid is still being loaded up
with potatoes and carrots and onions and their food probably worse yeah but I’m
just talking about the foods that are healthy it’s okay for them to have
mashed potatoes but they can’t have a chocolate were okay so an interesting
fact like like my I I think they said it in the opening and the opening
hypothesis but the search term Kido Kido for kids like it’s an all-time high for
Google in last last January of last year I’m not sure labeling this video so yeah
so I did find it interesting so so I think parents are becoming maybe more
aware and interested to better feed or at least like have kids that are in
better health that’s what’s happening yeah so like right off the bat like kids
kids and teens have different nutritional needs than adults like we
just like said that and registered dietitians we know like about those
warned that is generally not recommended for them then like for them talking
about Akito limiting carbs can not only deprive kids of necessary nutrients but
also increased risk of eating disorders interesting to say that conversations
that I’ve had with parents in my office and even conversations that I had when I
was working at the daycare so just like just you know balancing this out because
I remember talking to parents in the daycare and myself being concerned and
just talking to them about the fact that you know kid doesn’t really lunch like
the kid would like if we give them pasta with meat and what the only thing
leaving the plate is the pasta if we give them rice and boat only thing
leaving the plate is the rice and you know just
things that maybe talk to the new their diet their pediatrician is this okay I
remember having a conversation with someone who was telling me that you know
in their home they try to eat really healthy but in the other parents home
the kid could get away with having ice cream for supper the kid could get away
like this day I wanted to just eat junk food all day while their the other
parent it was no problem and having pediatricians say that’s not really
gonna do anything right now they’re growing but what about the building
blocks that you’re using to make your body why don’t we think this is
important if I’m building my body on cookies and ice cream half the time is
that really great is that is that not pushing me towards an insulin resistance
situation even if I’m a kid I mean there’s only so much of that you can do
if it’s your meal right am I saying that I’m gonna freak out if one day my kid
only had ice cream and that’s all they ate for that no because it’s one day but
if it’s a repeated thing that’s happening all the time he needs to start
to ask yourself what kind of first of all what kind of healthy food
relationship are you teaching your child to have is
that really a healthy food relationship but also what are the building blocks
that this child is this child young person eventually a young adult
eventually adult is gonna have to build their body are they gonna have the
strength the flexibility the joint strength and positives to be able to
live their life to 80 9100 house you’d intend maybe right like we’re getting
older and older as we move forward we want our bodies to last us as long as
medical science is able to push us forward another like point of that
author like I think she’s talking about like the keto flu at some point and say
lie and basically saying can you imagine like a kid in school with kiddo flu but
like more talking about like kiddo flu is something like permanent with keto
people like it’s gonna ask like a couple days I don’t know like how long it can
last in a teen or a young like young so here’s a funny
thing about a kid doing keto and and I’m just I’m sitting here thinking to myself
if my child so go back in time when my kid would have been you know four
because that’s when she started eating candy so let’s say back then if I would
have never pushed this idea that she could have candy she would have lived
her entire life not having any candy from mom hmm she would have probably
still been able to have candy at Grandma’s okay she probably would have
still been able to have candy she went to a friend’s house because I doubt I
would have said you’re never okay I just wouldn’t bought it from my house because
that’s not the way that we eat right now maybe there would have been some certain
rules about certain things because I didn’t allow soda whether it was my
house of my mom’s house it right I did allow soda that was a different story
but eye candy here they’re like but I was able to do that she didn’t like
candy and right it was a big deal I think the thing that’s really
interesting is that if you start your kid off like this their palate is gonna
suit whatever you’ve been eating again I I reference Asia the people in Asia find
things delicious that we tasted oh really
and vice versa when they come here they’re like really right so why do we
think it would be different for our kids if they were just raised eating this way
they just eat that way now the other thing I’m going to say is that again
flexibility young people are growing so even if they went to Grandma’s like my
daughter does my daughter goes to Grandma’s and she’ll have rice or pasta
or whatever interestingly enough I notice she’s finishing less and less and
less a bit because her tastes are changing yeah great and she’d much
rather eat the vegetables and and the vegetables that they are eating are not
even sweet vegetables because it’s not potatoes it’s broccoli and cauliflower
and cap so she well she’s my cabbage yeah but bean sprouts and she’d much
rather eat those things her tastes are changing we’re so worried that that
they’re gonna I mean they’re not gonna have keto flow
um so the only way that you’d actually have repeated bouts of keto flu is if
you keep allowing yourself to come out of ketosis and jump back in but here’s
an interesting thing I think that for the majority of adults do in Quito and
having a ketogenic style household we’re still not pushing our kids to be full
Quito they’re more likely doing a low-carb yeah right because first of all
their bodies are growing they’re gonna use the energy very quickly but second
of all like although I will I will say if your kid wants to be Quito and is
eating Quito and is happy to do it do it you have to keep in mind you need the
sugar the sugar affects you it doesn’t matter if you’re thin you eat the sugar
the sugar affects you so in all fairness when my daughter tells me like she did
yesterday that I just want me for supper I’m not mad I’m not mad because when you
eat the sugar the sure affects you but I appear you you bring this up because
like the next paragraph is talking about brain development you know brain like
still favors carbs instead of fat no we don’t know that actually what we know is
that the brain has small amount of parts of it so few parts of it that favor
carbs hmm your your whole brain the majority of it actually runs very well
on ketones kids think Alzheimers that’s why people who have Alzheimers when you
feed them ketones actually come back and can kind of can can be with us again
it’s because their brain actually can function on those ketones so she’s a you
know nice thing for people to know yeah and we know that like our body can make
the carbs we need so there’s no really issues even 14 in full development don’t
that don’t that doesn’t want to eat like carbs if your if your kid wants me water
yeah if your kid wanted to be carnivore their body will still produce
carbohydrates for their brain for their blood cells cuz the other thing that is
amazing to me people are so worried about our brain with your blood cells
hmm right like it’s important that everything that needs sugar needs to
have the sugar right but we we keep ignoring the fact that we make
it yeah okay what about like vitamin B vitamins folate potassium magnesium like
seems to say here that it’s all things that we would find in the legumes in
sweet potatoes foods that like vegetable starchy stuff first of all the idea that
we get no vitamins for me is false because animals eat vegetation so I’m
starting there but the other point out is when you’re doing a ketogenic
lifestyle you still eat vegetation I really I I find it so frustrating that
people keep confusing keto and carnivore there are two different things and even
when you do carnivore you still get the vitamins and minerals that you need
because the animals are eating those things right would I acknowledge that if
you’re doing carnivore it’s even more important for you to eat animals that
were pasture raised yes because you want them to have eaten the right foods
before they were slaughtered and the other thing I’m gonna point out is that
if you’re doing carnivore you would want to make sure that you’re eating nose or
nose to tail right you want to get the brain you want it you want to eat all
the pieces of the puzzle to make sure that you’re getting all the things that
you need we’re not doing that we’re doing keto and low-carb right and if
you’re doing this with your kids chances are you’re gonna be doing keto and
low-carb so but even if you were doing carnivore at all it means is that you
need to be giving that kid liver giving that give brain giving that kid kidney
like I think the truth is again like I said if you’ve been doing this since the
child was born they’re used to it it’s not gonna be a big deal thing that they
know actually yeah it’s gonna be what they know so okay okay the next leg
actually I’m not gonna go into into details but like if you’re concerned
about your child or teen obesity then in maybe like we’re not promoting keto for
kids routine like that so I think that’s pretty clear abut like what would be the
best way or its a good way to do it if you’re concerned I know the ends about
your child yeah your child wait we honestly you know here’s what I find
funny because either you I’m not pushing anybody to push kids to be Quito first
per se because they’re growing and they’re gonna use the energy like I said
they’re still eating the carbs so yes it’s affecting them however I’m
so much more worried about young people having processed carbs than vegitation
carbs because I think that if you’re if the only thing your kid is eating is
vegitation carbs the chance that they’re gonna over eat those especially if
you’re giving them above the ground it’s really hard sure we can do it potatoes
sure we can do it with carrots and onions and those who root vegetables but
at the same time and now it’s about teaching your child to be moderate in
how many times a week they let them sell have potatoes or carrots right and I
feel like this goes back to teaching my kid good practices regarding food so
that they can learn to be independent in their food later right obviously I want
my kid to grow up to be an adult who makes good choices right and we’re
already seeing it you know we take our kids out to the restaurant and they have
the option of salad or or fries and it’s amazing to us how much times they pick
the salad and as a matter of fact I’ll even give them credit that before we
started doing this they would sometimes pick the salad right um or want both I
remember the times what they wanted both is we had the salad together and get a
fries for the middle of the table which which was fine right but at least they
were having the salad so yeah it’s it’s about teaching them healthy ways of
eating I I do believe that if you force feed your kids or you force restrict
your kids that’s more the time where you’re gonna end up with a kid with some
kind of eating disorder then when you allow them to eat to satiety and then
encourage healthy eating in your home and if you’ve been encouraging healthy
eating in your home from the beginning you’re gonna have less problems with
that if you were one of those families that had soda chips cookies and all that
stuff early in their lives well now we’re dealing with the
repercussions of that right but you need to take responsibility for that too
because I’m guessing if he had solder cookies chips in their lives that
because was in your life you want them to take it out there you their life
guess what you need to do you take it out of your life right our kids do what
we do stop pretending that they do what we say they do what we do so if you are
showing them the good example of eating healthy and not cheating on your diet
they will learn to eat healthy and not cheat on their diet yeah definitely can
we can say that without even pushing kiddo
we never like pushed it all on them but like yeah you’re right damn they’re
making better choices my son the other day was like oh I’m not gonna have that
and that for dessert because that was like that that has a lot of sugar
already so I can ration off like you said he’s like preferring the Caesar
salad like instead of the fries with the burger so and to be honest like in one
of my kids like just just because I still cook for them but just making
smarter choices like removing the rice replacing with vegetables removing like
not having pasta as often I I saw we saw a drop in in Gabriel I can wait like I
made an amazing drop in is it is waistline so a combination of factors
with your family not necessarily pushing keto on them can make a huge huge
difference I get rid of the the pizza the fries all the time the pasta all the
time bring them like more meat more vegetables and you know I want to add to
that too I think the fact that my daughter sees me every once in a while
doing a fast day hmm today’s gonna be one of those so the fact that she sees
me do that every once in a while I think the other thing that it’s allowed is
that every once in a while she’ll choose to do a low-carb day and she’ll come to
me today I’m doing a low-carb day and she’ll be like try to keep her number
under 120 and she like she has a little app and she checks and she makes sure as
I am eating this and this and she doesn’t do it all the time you know but
she’s very conscious of the fact that sugar is in things
right and that she should probably know how much sugars and what she’s eating so
again like both of our kids have had scenarios where ours all three of our
kids have had scenarios where us being healthier has helped them to either
think and live healthier in the case of Kyler and Jacob or Justi we see the
results in Gabriel right because of the choices we’re making for him right so
it’s it’s great and I’m I’m encouraging all of you if you allow yourself to eat
healthier and show the good example your kids are gonna see first of all the
energy you have they’re gonna see the weight that you possibly lose if you had
some lose some weight to lose and they’re gonna see that your mood is
gonna improve because the other thing it’s like it’s so nice to be able to do
what you want to do to be have your hormones be leveled out and stable it’s
amazing the impact that has on just how you feel physically and emotionally and
I do feel that when we allow ourselves to eat well then we get all the benefits
I’m gonna say this out loud because I feel like a lot of times people say oh I
did keto but I didn’t get the result so going back to the whole thing of the
keto flu being an ongoing idea if you are doing Keadle not doing keto doing
keto not doing keto doing heat or not you are not gonna get the mental health
benefits because your hormones need to stabilize for you to get that part so if
your on off on off on off and then like don’t blame that on keto that’s you not
doing what you’re supposed to do to get the benefits that you could get from
eating properly and it frustrates me when I see people say that oh but I
didn’t get any any mental health benefits or any mental clarity it’s
probably because you weren’t sticking to it hmmm alright so I just want to say
that out loud and maybe what about that doing doing
what we just like said there’s no worries really to have about eating
disorder or our stuff like that with our kids so because our household is eating
healthy and this is you know that basically regardless of what kind of
healthy you’re eating so insert keto insert low-carb insert
paleo insert vegetarian insert like no matter what kind of healthy you’re doing
if you do that within your home and that’s the expectations within your home
according to them then I can walk out the door and have an eating disorder no
it doesn’t work like that you’re teaching your child something the
same way that you teach them is not good to steal the same way that you teach
them that is not good to hit people and the expectation is they’re gonna go out
there and live their life and they’re gonna make the best possible choice if
your child is having an eating disorder first and foremost that’s usually not
about food that’s usually about self-esteem that’s usually about social
pressure that’s usually about bullying and and and or or negative things
happening within the house like if your kid has an eating disorder you need to
be looking wider than what food did we feed them because eating disorders are
not about the food it’s how it the bad thing in their life is playing out
mm-hmm yeah basically you want to give them the tools to when they don’t eat at
home to choose a salad to choose something healthy instead of the the
fries and sauce and pizza and burgers and McDonald’s in but you know it’s the
flip side of the coin is you’re also giving them the knowledge that eating
healthy is about building your body well into the future
and I say this all the time because I really do believe in it and so you know
although on the one occasion every four months that I’m gonna decide to have
some kind of cake or some kind of maybe when I decide to buy some nuts and have
some nuts in the house for a week or like I’m the one occasion every few
months that I decide to do that I’m taking a conscious decision that yes for
this little bit of time I’m not eating healthy it’s a conscious decision you
want your kids to know if I choose to eat that I’m taking a conscious decision
right now that right now I’m feeling myself with something that’s not healthy
now here’s the thing if I know that it’s not healthy how often am I going to do
that for my to myself right I think the thing that puts people in trouble is
pretending like it doesn’t matter oh it’s just one time it doesn’t matter but
then that one time that would have been every four months if I thought it
mattered becomes once a week right because
matter yeah it matters right that’s why the frequency of them times that you do
something like that you need to pay attention to like I said I’m never gonna
say never have a cookie ever again or never eat ice cream ever get because I
think that’s unrealistic right do I see myself doing that anytime in the near
future no but that’s me right I can’t say that
because that’s the way I’m living my life that you have to do that can I say
that I see myself in the near future probably having some nuts because that
still falls inside the the kita way of life but hmm higher on the carb count so
I don’t do it all the time yeah I see myself doing that right would I do it
every week no I’ve tried that it doesn’t work are
we allowing ourselves to be honest with ourselves about what food does to us and
our kids right because the same way that as an
adult when I was at a party and my little munchkin was circling around I
made sure I didn’t have more than two drinks so that she could see that mommy
always stays in control so that she could grow to your person that
understands that yes you always stay in control your alcohol why am I not doing
that with food hmm right it’s just logical mm-hmm right and so this is the
thing and as a matter of fact today I had to cut it back to one drink because
keto and hang right so it’s like you have to be you have to again what am i
showing her pay attention understand your body react to your body not to the
social that says though you can have four drinks while no I have if I have
one and a half right so I have to know that right and when she’s there I have
to show her that right so it’s important like I really feel like Keadle four kids
can definitely work can it work don’t what you do I think it has to be no four
kids I don’t believe that either I think there’s a progressive diminishing the
sweet and the sugars and like bring them to heat healthier don’t push kiddo right
off the bat to the kids okay no do you think that’s the best difference hmm if
you are pregnant keto right away right like you go there right away you
feed them to suit the situation that you’re living so going in with this like
not restrictive but just vegetables that are above the ground that you know that
they can eat a large amount of those without pushing themselves over and
maybe trying your best to limit potatoes carrots onions and all those below the
ground things if I was doing it over that’s what I would do and I would and
this I’ve been limited because she she didn’t want it I just listened to your
kid if you put things in their mouth and go it’s because it’s too sweet start
doing that yeah like I did that to my daughter I’m so I think I’m so unhappy
with myself that I did that to her because now she does enjoy sweet
although she’s learning that it’s not the best thing in the world she does
enjoy it so my suggestion is if you’re pregnant or your kids are still young
enough that they haven’t really indulged in a lot of sweet I would start right
away but if you have children who eat the typical standard American diet
standard Canadian diet then what I would suggest to you is just slowly slowly
diminish the amount of junk food you have in your house and the way that I
would suggest doing it is every time you go to the groceries instead of buying
all the things the kids have to pick something what are we having this week
is it cookies is it ice cream is it chips pick something right if each
kid picks a different thing then that’s your thing for the week that’s your
thing for the week you don’t eat each other’s thing and just let them pick
something I feel like over time they’re just gonna get used to that
yeah but the junk food isn’t the thing right but you have to show them and you
have to be willing maybe to put up with a little bit of a Mattamy mommy in the
store mmm right but I mean that’s what we’re supposed to that’s our job right
our job is to do it’s better for them not to do what’s gonna not let them cry
right our job is to do it’s better for them so I definitely think you can do
that and if you’re talking teens I would live by example just do it
let them know what you’re doing don’t force it I would definitely though make
my Supper’s my suppers I never cook separate meals and
I will not cook separate mess today and that was just that’s always been like my
throughout my daughter’s life that was mom’s cooking this what I’m making you
don’t like it you’re not eating today and I’ve never wavered on that and you
know she she did always the same thing she’s hungry shade until she didn’t want
anymore so whether it was an amazing meal that
she ate the whole thing because she just liked it or whether it was I mean oh she
was like hey and she ate enough to be you know not crying tonight but but it
never killed her that day because I put something on the table that she didn’t
like this is really interesting article So thank you I want to thank everyone
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13 thoughts on “Keto for Kids, is it HEALTHY? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

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  2. People and Media are very quick to label someone who isn't following the Standard Western Diet or Vegan Diet as someone with an eating disorder. I know this from my own experience. Only the mention of leaving off carbohydrate-rich foods evokes connotations of being ill in some way or another in lots of people who have no idea what keto and natural eating actually is.

  3. Children die when fed a vegan diet. I know of no children who have died on the keto/carnivore diet. Eating sweets/carbs causes diabetes and obesity. Low carb eating leads to no diabetes nor obesity.

  4. But the increase in childhood obesity and in type 2 diabetes (supposedly "adult onset") is crazy. One of the things I regret most in raising my kids is that I let them drink all the fruit juice they wanted, thinking it was healthy for them.

  5. I enjoyed this video. Flexibility and a low to moderate carb approach would be healthy for growing kids . We are setting examples and they watch what we do. My only concern would be if a parent has a history of disordered eating, they might project some unhealthy eating habits onto their child (too restrictive).

  6. My wife decided to switch our newborn to a Keto/OMAD combo.
    It seems to be working. Baby's losing an average of 1 pound each day, even with the bullet-proof coffee she's having in the morning.

  7. Kids and adults do not need carbs and sugars. If that was the case we would have died off thousands of years ago. The big pharma, food industry and big sugar have a lot to lose soooo they are gonna push media to bad mouth Keto. If I had known about Keto when my kids were young, I would have so done it! 2 adult kids, one went keto with me. She started at 320 lbs and she is down 70 lbs. My son wont do it. Thats why you start young. He is so addicted the Standard American Diet which has shown us its deadly. When they took fat out of our food and added sugar, what happened? We got fat and sick!

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