Keto Diet: What to Expect (Part 2) – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Keto Diet: What to Expect (Part 2) – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness of Violet Pat Chat edition
I’m Violet and I’m Pat this week we’re having a continuation of the topic
Keto 101 mm-hmm so we’re gonna start right in with
Patrick giving us some more information about keto so remember last week we did
like the do’s and don’ts and we covered what was keto
so we didn’t cover side effects so basically kedo flu the kid of the famous
keto flu or infamous keto flu and and and how to minimize like the side
effects so what kind of effects can we expect when starting keto actually okay
so most people have will have a withdrawal from the carbohydrates and
that looks like withdrawal from any drug so hey you get like a headache
some people get a fever some people get like the shakes some P it’s it’s really
a withdrawal throwing up in nausea and like the whole shebang now there has
been some evidence that if you increase the amount of fat that you’re eating and
increase the amount of salt that you put in your food you can minimize the
ketogenic flu so the the withdrawal symptoms from what I understand it works
I did not know about that one I did it so I lived them to the full extent and
it was not a fun two days part of actually wetness of happening to is you
feel extremely hungry ready to last in two days it’s not for me it lasted two
days for the majority of people it seems to last two days if it’s lasting more
than two days there’s a high probability that you’re cycling in and out of being
in ketosis and therefore your cycle you’re reinitiating your withdrawal
every time so sort of like if you’re an alcoholic and you you kind of yourself
to dry out a little bit go through some of those withdrawal symptoms and then
drink again you’re gonna have to do it again so I keep though genic die can
also change the water and mineral balance of your body so adding extra
salt like you just said and minerals for minerals but like they recommend try
taking 3,000 to 4,000 milligrams of sodium a thousand milligrams of
potassium in 300 milligrams of magnesium that will help minimize zoom but that’s
him Graham and thousand milligram Wow what I think for some reason I had this
feeling it was three thousand yeah like a burger yeah but I think I think that’s
a little bit low in terms of potassium okay
so Liam and the magnesium sound okay to me but that potassium number seems low
okay sodium is easy to help refer like the pink Himalayan salt actually if you
have a salt mine in your particular city or country and you can get salt directly
from the mine so that means it’s not it’s a mind not coming from the sea
apparently that salt is older than the damage we’ve done to the sea so if you
can get yourself on a salt mine apparently that’s better this is new
information that I was just learning I watched a video from dr. berry I believe
it was right now I’m currently still using pink Himalayan salt but I think
the Himalayas the location makes that salt a bit better but my next batch I’m
going to try to get some okay salt sources of potassium cream of tartar
just trying to remember the name of that site you never remember the name of that
stuff hilarious cream of tartar is another good source
of potassium okay magnesium you can get that from Epsom salt so just taking a
soak in Epsom salts will give it to you but you can also take I want to say milk
of magnesia and I’m sure there are other sources of magnesium in in from food of
course your vegetables vegetables our girl eats all of them you can get from
vegetables by the way but getting potassium of potassium from vegetables
is a little tricky and I like that conclusion of the of that section at
least in the beginning it’s important to eat until you’re full to avoid
restricting calories too much there’s no need on a keto lifestyle to restrict
calories usually a ketogenic diet causes weight loss wear out into intentional
calorie restriction so it’s not a calorie restricted lifestyle you’re not
going to feel hungry you need to until satiated and I just I’m
interesting and he said without an intentional calorie restriction and just
pointing out that you’re not actually having an intentional or unintentional
because you’re still using the same amount of energy you’re pulling it from
your body hmm so it’s like an interesting you’re not
eating the energy but you’re still using the energy so you’re not restricting
energy at that point just pointing that out so yes you’re eating fewer calories
sometimes sometimes I don’t eat fewer calories okay so it’s not gonna be a fun
to first base but it’s possible there’s gonna be a couple harder days there but
like the next section you’re gonna like what we’re gonna like because they’re
talking about supplements okay so I think it’s pretty clear that only keto
lifestyle you don’t need any supplements but like the section is really short
although no supplements are required like I just said some can be useful so
let’s cover those so intensity oil well I’ve never actually used MCT oil and for
the very basic reason that MCT oil is the medium chain triglycerides from
coconut oil so but if you take coconut oil your you get not only the medium
chain triglycerides but then you get the other benefits so the other health
benefits of coconut oil which for the life of me I can’t remember the name of
some of the stuff in it right now but there’s there’s other elements in in
coconut oil that’s healthy so you know to me the cost first of all of em CTL
which is quite high to get only part of what you get from coconut oil it didn’t
the logic wasn’t there for me hmm so I’ve never personally used it if you use
it it’s not a big deal I just the other thing I want to make sure that people
understand is that it’s not because you take MCT oil and then when you measure
your ketones you see ketones that that means that you’re in ketosis like if I
well if someone is eating a standard American diet and you feed them MCT oil
they will show he comes mm-hmm right because it’s
because you ate them that they’re showing so it’s just something to keep
in mind I feel like sometimes people get the impression that if I take mc2 all
I’m gonna get the ketosis faster that’s not actually the case you will have
ketones to use but you’re not gonna get into ketosis any faster okay so
basically what they say added two drinks or yogurt MCT oil provides energy and
helps increase ketone levels but like you just said it’s not because you show
ketones that you’re in ketosis but basically I’m city walls just like
processed coconut oil yeah we’re always telling you to use both foods right this
is like you can cold press a coconut and get coconut oil right minerals added
salt other minerals can be important important when starting out due to shift
in water and mineral balance is there there’s our other situation we might
have minerals like side effects side effects but like for example example
cramps is does that show like an imbalance in course yeah I think it’s
interesting if they’re saying at the beginning I think that you should be
salting your food to taste and even spicing your food to taste I mean
honestly like although I’m asking you to prioritize your health over the way
through taste if whatever you happen to be eating tastes good to you it’s much
more likely that you will eat it so spice your food to taste the way that
you want it to taste I also think that if you’re adding salt if you’re adding
what else could you be adding whatever you’re adding to like potassium and like
those things we actually need to have in good numbers or ratios like for example
potassium and sodium they need to be in good ratios because almost every cell in
our body has that sodium potassium pump you want it to be functioning well and
also sodium potassium help maintain water balances inside outside of the
cell so it is an important thing to keep balance I don’t know if they mentioned
the like taking supplements supplements but I mean I’m not opposed to taking
supplements if you know that you’re men girls are out of whack oh let’s say you
if you’re having a hard time eating all the vegetables that you need to eat it
I’m not opposed to taking them I do take them sometimes although I try my best to
eat properly mm-hmm but I get you know sometimes sometimes you take a
supplement honey they put that in in the supplements for the for the keto diet
they’re talking about caffeine so if it’s for energy fat loss in performance
it’s it is actually boosting your energy so like it’s a stimulant so that’s the
things like it yeah it’s not a food I guess it’s a supplement I guess um I
agree I mean we’re talking about coffee obviously not those sugary drinks that
you’re gonna and you know I do I do know there’s a lot of people who do keto who
use energy drinks and you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do for me it’s really
always about is it processed because if it’s processed all right
like if you take your beans brine them in your grinder put some hot water like
that’s you doing that you know exactly what’s in it right you’re gonna add
whatever cream or fat or whatever you want to add to it you know there’s a
difference between doing that and like going to Starbucks and then are ordering
a double you know like I mean and again people do it you’re gonna do what you’re
gonna do for me I’d rather make my coffee at home and know exactly what I
put in it and know that there wasn’t a pump of sugar in there that I didn’t
know was gonna Kim there what about dodging is ketones going back
to the same things empty tea oil I mean if you take exogenous ketones you’re
gonna have some energy but I still want people to be conscious of the fact that
it’s not necessary if you take the number of carbohydrates that you’re
eating down to 20 or less your body be producing ketones and you will be fine I
think people do this because they’re scared they’re scared to not have energy
they’re scared to not be in ketosis but again taking exogenously tones will not
put you in ketosis all its gonna do is have
you have a sergeant as ketones floating around your system your body’s gonna use
them but you know the other thing I want to be careful about whether I’m taking
MCT oil exogenously tones coconut oil butter like everything you put into your
food and you eat it that’s fat that your body isn’t pulling
from you so if you’re in the weight loss stage you probably shouldn’t be doing
any of these things yeah right if you’re well into the process and you’re trying
to maintain yes like what I do I do add fat to my coffee because I’m trying to
maintain if I didn’t do it I’d keep losing I want to lose anymore mmm right
but you have to be conscious about what you’re doing this is the next one I’m
kind of surprised like I’m gonna go with the sublimity creatine creatine so it’s
that’s for muscle building mm-hmm so basically this is for people that are
working out and yeah it’s a muscle building so it’s a what he called amino
acid okay creatine provides numerous benefits for
health and performance this can help you this can help if you’re combining a
ketogenic diet with exercise again and what about way like whey protein again
basically basically it’s music for people this is for people who are trying
to gain weight like so gain muscle I think the thing that I’ll point out
there though for both of those is that it’s it’s taking the assumption that
your body needs that are that you you think you want your body to have that
will I be able to gain muscle without that so if I just workout in the gym
doing he didn’t absolutely it’s not necessary but you know people like to
have an advantage hmm it’s still protein so I guess yeah okay
all right let’s go with the FAQ frequently asked questions okay you can
ask questions you go ahead with the yes because I do find the question are
interesting really interesting okay so can I ever eat carbs again you’re still
eating carbs you have to stop eating cars if you’re doing keto if you’re
doing carnivore carnivore then you’ve stopped eating
carbs and then that’s a decision that you’re gonna take if you decide to eat
carbs again or not but you’re eating you know yes you’re sleeting carbs I think
the question they’re asking is can I ever eat processed carbs again yeah and
yes guess what the answer is yes I mean honestly I can tell you not to eat
something would I suggest you ever any processed carbs again
no do I plant the process cards get no but I can’t tell you what to do
right these are the healthy to eat process carbs no but you’re not gonna
die but are you gonna die from eating one
processed carbs no are you gonna put yourself back in the situation that you
are we’re in if you resume eating processed carbs like like normally yes
you’ll go right back to that way and Beyond because that’s what happens when
we go to buy it we gain the weight back plus well I lose muscle no so you’re
only gonna lose muscle if you stop living and working out so like if you
were the person who was working out before then you’re not gonna lose muscle
if you just keep working out if you’re the person who was not working out
before and you just keep living your same life you’re not gonna lose any
muscle um the idea that you’re gonna lose muscle is a fallacy as a matter of
fact if you do Keadle efficiently you’re very likely to get into a phase where
you’re eating to maybe once a day and if you end up in that situation where
either you’re doing a time restricted eating window of some sort then that
means you’re gonna have more time or you’re not eating which means you have
more human growth hormone so any exercise you do during that period of
time that you’re not eating you’re gonna actually grow more muscle okay so can I
build muscle on the do I need to repeat or carb-load your body makes
carbohydrates this idea that we need to repeat car blah blah is like it drives
me nuts your body makes carbohydrates yeah you don’t have to give your body
something that is already making okay how much protein can I eat whatever
amount of protein you were eating before you started a catering lifestyle if it
was a healthy amount you continue to eat the typical number for every lean pound
of body mass you have on your body you should be aiding between point eight and
one gram of protein so you need to do the math and figure
that out but chances are like for myself I was eating about seven ounce piece of
meat beforehand and I still need about a 7 ounce piece of meat now what if I’m
constantly tired weak or fatigued you’re not doing heat up if you’re constantly
tired and fatigued and you’re actually doing hitos because you’re not eating it
yeah you’re eating low carb low fat and you would have been tired dude but
that’s not keto just I’m putting it up that’s not you know my urine smells
fruity what is this my urine smells fruity – in the article first of all why
would that not make you happy I mean most of time here does this smell great
but I’ve never heard of that before my guess again I’m just thinking like
that means that you’re outputting something sweet out of your body which
how can you be outputting something like it’s not a side because what they say
don’t be alarmed don’t be alarmed people it was there a
yeah I’m actually simply due to the excretion of by-product created during
ketosis so I don’t know breaking down the fat in my body well it depends on
what’s being stored in my body here’s a funny thing this is a thing that people
don’t understand when you when your body stores fat it’s to keep the things from
you that would be harming you so is it possible that is the fructose mmm that
is coming out right out of the fat so it smells fruity the fructose probably so
but I mean it’s interesting I’m actually just thinking what else you might have
eaten that would smell fruity but it means the fructose would be the one
thing that I could come to my mind mm-hmm and our any other toxins that
might possibly smell fruity because you have to keep in mind what’s hiding in
your fat is – are the toxins as well everything that needs to be right in
jail listen rattles okay and I was I was laughing a
little bit because the next one is funny to be so obvious to me like my breath
smells what can I do yeah he’s funny because I’ve had another
person ask that question like on on line they talked to me and they were saying
that their bucket is smelling and they weren’t sure and then when we kind of
went through the liquid alright my first thing was Kido shouldn’t make your
breath smell any different cuz you’re just eating food you’re eating real food
so my first thing was make sure you’re drinking enough water because if your
mind is too dry your breath is gonna smell poorly my next thing was
double-check that you don’t have some kind of that can be the situation
happening because men don’t think they can get that but they actually can and
it makes your breath smell that yes woman oh and then the third thing I said
to him was make sure that you don’t have some kind of internal mouth something
happening there might be a sister might be like just a beginning of something
and you’re starting to have the smell coming through and I can’t remember what
his answer was but he did go to the doctor and he cut he wrote me back and
said you’re right it wasn’t the key I can’t be actual answer was but it wasn’t
the key okay anyway there’s always the sugar-free gum they can you can use if
you feel like but this is like but if you have poor breath something’s
happening because your breath is not supposed to smell bad so you really
should figure out what it is if you might have some kind of cut or something
in your mouth but if you leave it too long it can abscess and right or you
might have some kind of gut flora something that’s coming back up and
you’re right like you really I mean and obviously you know I don’t think it was
a garlic issue or something like it it seemed to be something but more stable
than that but like I said he did figure it out but I would encourage everyone if
your breath is not smelling correct it could be Candida and like that can
really be uncomfortable for women but if you are if it’s a man that is happening
with you often times the only symptom you have is that you have bad breath
right and that’s what’s tricky it’s the only symptom that you’re gonna have but
it’s in your internals wreaking havoc okay so that’s why I said go to the
doctor make sure okay I heard ketosis was extremely
dangerous this is true no ketoacidosis is extremely dangerous and almost people
don’t have that situation because a you have to be a type 1 diabetic to even be
able to get to the situation where you’re gonna have ketoacidosis but
ketosis is a natural state that guess what you get into every night when
you’re sleeping on some level mmm that’s why you don’t start with me
didn’t even read the answer you were like like mailed home ketoacidosis
acidosis tiny and even didn’t even know they were and I have digestion issues
and diarrhea what can I do you have digestion that that you’re eating new
vegetables that you haven’t eaten before because you probably were doing standard
American diet where most people don’t need a lot of vegetables mm-hmm and so
your gut flora needs time to get used to it also when we eat more fat we do go to
the bathroom more but again your body just needs to get used to it yeah they
like the the common side effects really passes after 3-4 weeks but like we think
small 3-4 days but if they purse if they if it persists try eating more i fiber
veggies magnesium supplements and magnesium supplements can also help with
constipation actually magnesium is really important for muscle function
it’s part of the reason that it helps for constipation because your your
muscle and your intestine is smooth muscle and if you’re not getting enough
magnesium yeah your your you know that Paracelsus thing that it does to push
stuff through you is not gonna happen oh okay so you might be low in magnesium
and experiencing constipation which isn’t not specifically about keto okay
conclusion like a keto diet is great but not for everyone like why is it everyone
no yeah that’s my question I didn’t even read the answer like I know what you
think is it like is there some but we covered like in the past maybe kids yeah
I feel like I feel like that’s the safe answer to give at the end of it yeah
everyone is like saying you know like exercise is good but it’s not for
everyone well actually yeah it is for everyone whether you do it or not that’s
a person choice hmm and I do feel like Quito is
good and it’s good for everyone but whether you’re gonna choose to do it or
not as a personal choice and I think that at least from my experience the
majority of people who end up deciding to do Quito decide to do Quito because
of something else so you know for me it was a hip issue for you it was high
blood pressure for for other people it’s weight for other people it’s mental
clarity for other people it’s the Alzheimer’s that they see coming forward
because they’re every other person in the family had it I think that it
doesn’t mean that it’s not healthy for everyone right eating Whole Foods and
keeping your sugar low is healthy for everyone right whether you want to call
that keto you want to call that low carb you want
like I don’t care what you call it if you eat Whole Foods and keep your
carbohydrates low it’s healthy for everyone yeah so even for athletes even
because like that’s the thing like it may be less suitable for elite athletes
or those wishing to add large amount of the muscle weight we just finished
saying that if you when you’re in your non feeding period you have more girl
human growth hormone so even for athletes you know what I’ll even say
something elite athletes have to endure exercise for long periods of time my
ability to go days without eating you would think would be a positive there
right like and that can only happen when you’re not constantly eating
carbohydrates right like what time is it right now it’s 3:20 we gotta get out of
here but it’s 3:20 and I haven’t eaten anything yet today right I’ve had a
glass of water I feel like we’re so programmed to think that we constantly
have to be feeding ourselves when in reality it’s not true
right so do I think it’s also good for elite athletes absolutely do I think
that they would get positive gains out of it absolutely are they gonna do it
well maybe not but they read this part of it yeah great great second part to
PETA 101 Tokyo yeah I hope that this helps you guys to understand how to do
keitel appropriately I hope she don’t understand when to use
supplements when you know like there’s a lot of things if you have more questions
about your specific situation please put them in the comments below we would love
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week next week see you next week

14 thoughts on “Keto Diet: What to Expect (Part 2) – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. The breath thing is always quite common, when you first go into ketosis you will experience some bad breath for some time, it also is the cause for the urine smell. Its the ketones that you are expelling. The breath will eventually let up but it is absolutely normal for it to happen at the beginning.

  2. Redmond pink salt from Utah is easily available in health food stores. I switched from Himalaya to Redmond for many reasons. I switched to MCT oil because of my APOE4 gene, which makes me wary about unprocessed coconut oil. (80% long-chan saturated fat).

  3. I started keto using the Strongfit nutritional auto regulation system that said to only use carbohydrates as immediate fuel for exercising. Otherwise no carbs. After a month my need and desire for carbs was gone and I never had the keto flu because I think I gradually weened myself off them.

  4. When I went keto, I would drink a teaspoon each of moringa powder, spirulina, and wheatgrass in some water daily and it helped me avoid keto flu. At the time, I didn't realize what it was doing regarding my electrolytes because I was more focused on changing my habits toward feeding my body real food. I kept waiting for keto flu to come, but then I realized that I'd "skipped that part" when I started experiencing all of the other keto indicators that let me know that I was in ketosis. So for those who are scared of keto flu, if you focus on getting your electrolytes in you really can decrease/avoid it, but of course it will depend on how carb heavy your diet was beforehand, especially regarding your intake of processed carbs.

  5. In the beginning I used MCT oil in my morning coffee just so I could delay my first meal, and to have energy for morning exercise.

  6. I think for you to increase your legitimacy you should include links to studies or other authorities. Right now, you are repeating what everyone is saying. I want to hear new information…. not what I can get by tuning into Dr. Ecktberg, Dr Berry, Dr Fung, Dr Westman, Etc. Is there anything new?

  7. Violet I think you made a mistake. Fructose doesn’t smell sweet. I think it’s the acetone, which is one of the ketones produced from fat metabolism. It’s also the smell in your breath.

  8. If it’s possible could you please explain that kids can life and be healthy on keto. I love the way you explain things.

  9. Do some more research on creatine, it does a lot more than building strength & can be beneficial to more than just bodybuilders & athletes.

    Health Benefits of Creatine:
    Enhances Energy Production.
    Increases Exercise Performance and Strength.
    May Increase Testosterone Levels.
    May Reduce Muscle Damage and Fatigue.
    Improves Cognition.
    Protects the Brain.
    May Help with Parkinson’s Disease.
    Protects the Heart.
    May Lower Blood Sugar Levels.

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