Keto Breakfast Casserole – Keto Breakfast Meal Prep

– Hey guys, today on
Low Carb With Jennifer, we are going to make a delicious
keto breakfast casserole. It has spinach and mushrooms and bacon. And you can find the link to
the recipe in the description below or you can go to and search for breakfast casserole. Okay, for our breakfast casserole, right now I’m finishing up
the bacon that I’m gonna put on top before we stick it in the oven. And this bacon, I got four pieces of bacon and just cut ’em into one inch pieces. So I’m just keep finishing
up cooking the rest. Okay, our bacon is finished
cooking so I’m just going to pull it out of the pan onto this plate. We’re going to set this aside to go on top of our breakfast casserole. And I’m gonna leave the
bacon grease in here so we can cook our sliced mushrooms. We’re gonna get those softened and then we can add in our spinach. And these are gonna absorb
all of that bacon fat and be super delicious! I’m gonna season these with a
little bit of salt and pepper. (grinding) Now really, for this breakfast casserole, you can use the egg base,
it’s got a dozen eggs and half and half and Monterey
Jack or Cheddar cheese. And you can use that base and you can put any vegetables that
you want you could put, I’ve seen broccoli, you could just have it plain with no vegetables, sometimes I like to keep it simple like that. Or you could even cook some bacon, chop it up and mix it into the casserole, then it would become
like a quiche I guess. You could put ham in it. You could put whatever
kind of cheese you want. I’ve put Brie in mine before,
it’s really good like that. Just whatever flavors you like or any vegetables that you have on hand. It will all work, so our
mushrooms are getting nice and cooked, so I’m gonna
add in all of this spinach and I know it looks like a ton of spinach, but you all know already, it’s going to turn into nothing. I’m gonna let that wilt
down just a little bit. It shouldn’t take too long. I keep having spinach going overboard, ah! It’s already starting to wilt down. And that big pile of spinach has already wilted down into this little bit. Okay, I set my spinach
aside and now I’ve got a dozen eggs here and I’m
gonna add in some half and half and some garlic, some minced garlic, some salt and some pepper. And I’m gonna whisk these all together. I’m gonna make sure that
I get all of the eggs combined and whisked really good. (splashing) And our eggs are whisked good and now, let me get our casserole dish. Here’s our casserole
dish, I already sprayed it really good with cooking spray. I’m gonna add that cheese to these eggs. I’m gonna add this spinach and mushroom into this casserole dish
and then I’m just gonna let it sit for a few
minutes because I don’t want the eggs to start to cook as
these are still really hot. Okay, our spinach and
mushrooms have cooled down enough so I can add in the eggs. Now I’m just gonna use my
whisk just to kinda smush it all around, get everything
evenly distributed. Okay, and now we can put our bacon on top. And I like to just make
it look a little pretty. Isn’t that just beautiful? And now this casserole
is ready for the oven. Okay our casserole is out of
the oven and look at that, it looks amazing, perfectly cooked. We did 30 minutes at 375 degrees. And now, let me cut a
piece just so you can see how delicious it is, and cheesy, oops! Oh look at that, that looks great! Look at all that spinach. Look at that, that looks great! So excited to dive in. Big pile of spinach right there. So guys, you’ve got to make this recipe for your, I don’t know,
brunch or whatever. Show everybody how delicious keto can be and you can find the link to the recipe in the description below or
you can go to and search for breakfast casserole. And I will see you guys later, bye. (bright music)

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