Keto Athlete – Is It a Fairy Tale – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Keto Athlete – Is It a Fairy Tale – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat the reason
we make these videos is because Patrick finds interesting articles online
sometimes good sometimes confusing and we like to go through them with you guys
so just dispel some of the misinformation that we can find online
or promote the good information that we find online I’m not sure it’s coming to
me today so I’m gonna let Patrick take over this one like today this is this
article when I read it like I did find it frustrating like with the bunch of BS
there wasn’t that article like this is a perfect example like how you should guys
be careful when you read that kind of article since a short article but like
and it’s missing references and stuff but like it’s missing reference yeah
yeah let’s go through the ideas because it’s like it start with what while once
embraced by diet culture the low-carb craze has begun to elf to infiltrate the
nutrient regiments of athletes oh yeah so we’re talking about more athletes
like like we already did like in the past but so first thing instead of using
the most convenient and natural form of energy carbohydrates those who follow
this diet 5 philosophy predominately relying on animal-based fat and protein
stores to get them to their workout well the first thing that I would say is that
how convenient were carbohydrates 500 600 mm thousand years ago before we had
agriculture how can be or carbohydrates actually the more convenient form of
energy was to catch some kind of animal and eat it and eat it right so we would
have more than likely have been focused on animal proteins and fats so it’s
pretty insane but the other thing I’m gonna say is that is it because
something is convenient that is what we should be doing
hmm you know a lot of us would that would mean for a lot of us that we
should be eating at fast food restaurants every day rather than
cooking because it’s much more convenient that would mean that well why
the heck bothered to do any exercise because lazing around the house is much
more convenient I don’t I don’t try ever to do what’s can be
and I try to do what’s better for me mm-hmm so I wouldn’t encourage anyone to
do what’s convenient unless it’s convenient and better for you if it’s
convenient but putting you in a bad metabolic situation in a bad financial
situation in a bad work situation in a bad relationship situation don’t do it
mm-hmm so that’s my comment on convenient okay
so while some may claim to make gains in the gym with the keto those who take
this idea to okay those who take this idea too far not only can hold
themselves back in regards to performance we already covered that
wasn’t like super true either but also wreak long-term havoc on their bodies
without any like yeah so I’ll connect keto wreak havoc on our bodies I’m being
sarcastic you I think the thing that I find interesting there is are talking
about getting gains in the gym so we have so many examples of keto people in
the space that are doing well physically so we have keto savage and his wife
Crystal who you know what’s funny about crystal and I only learned this recently
so when crystal met keto savage she was not a bodybuilder okay she’s only been
working out could I say this you’re gonna like three years okay and she
looks how she looks mm-hmm three years being on keto
obviously yeah so but it’s like it’s a combination right because when she met
him she was typical you know like whatever she wasn’t working out so it’s
it’s amazing to me that she’s able to accomplish what she’s accomplished the
other person I would point you towards his good he beats the other person I
would point towards his Jason would work although Jason does clearly state that
he was not doing keto initially he was doing a regular diet and he was already
doing weightlifting etc but he’s maintained doing keto um another person
Logan Logan Snead sorry Logan’s need another one that does a
ketogenic lifestyle my point being and these are you know I just gave you four
different people and they’re all slightly different five people including
Crystal slightly different body types so you can have the look that you were
trying to look if working out is what you’re trying to accomplish and still be
doing a kid Janek lifestyle I think it’s a fallacy to believe that there’s only
one way to get games and Jim than that you have to be eating carbs to get gains
so at the end of the day you have to ask yourself about what you’re trying to
accomplish this is about being healthy or is it just about looking a certain
way and even if you’re trying to look a certain way you can accomplish it doing
here I’m gonna say it again like just go on youtube and watch videos
of bodybuilders like in the 70s versus bodybuilder is like now the guy is like
at the time especially I’m thinking about almost Rose Nagar like he was just
eating steak and eggs like most of the time so they were more likely to diet
like going more towards fats than than carbs and and you like see the
difference like in their their waistline and like it’s incredible so it may be no
it must be noted that while the orders represent a well-rounded pool of
perspectives and specialties this analysis was sponsored by the Alliance
of for potato research and education so this is Canada sign for you guys to see
if like the article is biased or not so you have an article promoting carbs
sponsored by some kind of carbs producer I I have nothing to comment so next next
paragraph is titled our body needs carbs so we already know
that our body produces carbs so do we need carbs and you know I’ll just put it
to you like this um if you build a house and then you put solar panels on the
roof and you put enough solar panels to be able to feed your house and you know
your batteries and you have enough batteries that you can feed your house
and then store enough energy to last you a week do you need a hookup to hydro hmm
no right like if I can make it myself I don’t need hydro to give it to me
right if I can make hurts myself I don’t need to eat carbs
from outside right but could I decide to have a hook up to hydro and use hydro
even though I have solar panels in the room
I can also decide to do that right would it be smart would it be efficient for
myself to write would I be wasting money sure right like we eat carbohydrates
because we’re told to eat carbohydrates because we don’t know most of us don’t
know that we don’t actually need to eat them now they also taste good I’m gonna
leave that part out right but we go back to that first thing is it better to do
what’s convenient or is it better to do what’s better for you I push people to
do what’s better for you I’ll tell you right now if I had if I had a bunch of
solar panels on my roof I would not be giving my money to Hydra okay so next
next sentence that caught my attention however there’s no denying that
carbohydrates are essential for sustained daily athletic performance we
know that’s not true of the tree macronutrients carbs are the most
efficiently metabolized converted to energy and the only macro that can be
really utilized for energy to supply the fast-twitch muscles used during period
of intensity exercise workouts so first of all so yeah
carbohydrates are always used first because having them floating around in
your system is dangerous at the same time if I allow myself to eat
carbohydrates my body is in a position where it’s looking to utilize
carbohydrates so then it seems as if they’re the more efficient way to go
because my body looks to use them first does that actually mean that that’s the
best thing for me to be doing again if I have a hookup to my house from hydro and
I’ve got solar energy coming from the sky into batteries using my batteries
means I’m depleting my energy for the evening right so I have to wait all the
way till tomorrow before I can replenish those batteries I could see that there
might be some people who might be scared of that and decide to use electricity so
spend money deplete their batteries cuz what happens
if it’s cloudy tomorrow but will it be cloudy for a week right I said I had
enough for a week will it be cloudy for a week not likely right we have the
ability to produce carbohydrates we have the ability to produce enough
carbohydrates to fuel our body period as long as you have fat on your body and as
long as you have your body structure you have enough on you to produce
carbohydrates and I will tell you that your body is not so stupid because I
know that’s probably coming next your body’s not so stupid to burn heart
muscle rather than take a little bit of excess fat or skin muscle that skin that
you might have laying around your body goes for the protein on you that’s
useless first your body is gonna take dying cells your body is gonna take
cancerous cells your body’s gonna take the stuff that shouldn’t be there point
in fact when we’re constantly eating carbohydrates we don’t have the time our
body’s not able to metabolize so do our tofu G and clean up those cells so you
know how much you have on you that probably could be converted into sugar a
lot yeah so he’s planning the glycogen store is not the issue replenishing your
glycogen stores is not an issue because your body will keep you in a position
those fast twitch muscles are going to be replenished because your body is
still thinking that we live on the Savannah and a lion can be coming for us
at any point in time it’s gonna keep them topped up because if I need to run
I need to run and if you go and exercise in the gym and deplete them your body’s
gonna go to work to replenish them whether you do keto well whether you do
standard American diet you’re still gonna get replenished and what would you
say to somebody that would say that would tell you that carbs are necessary
for a proper and speedy recovery what about the recovery part after the
workout do you have more growth hormone when you are working out in a fasted
State so right away they don’t know what
they’re talking about growth hormone is is what’s gonna help you to do your
recovery and it doesn’t happen because you’ve eaten carbs hmm so I would say no
that’s what I would say that okay researchers cited a study which found
carbs deprived at least to experience impaired cognitive performance and mood
perceptions of fatigue and an inability and an ill nobility to focus of course
and I’m gonna say yes to that because I’m gonna guarantee that those Kardos
carb deprived athletes were athletes who were regular people regular athletes who
then they took their carbs away and said go perform they didn’t use I’m 99.99999%
sure that they didn’t use keto adapted athletes no all right so again you know
it’s like if you’re trying to prove something you’re gonna be able to skew
the evidence to prove something but the thing that they need to think about and
just to give you the example because if you want you can go check out Kido
Savage has a video where I think he gave himself like a month maybe two months to
prepare himself for our marathon and he ran a marathon and yes by the end of the
marathon were his feet killing him because he’s not a runner but did he get
through the entire marathon not having carb loaded the day before and not
having had her and I didn’t never did another handful he’d never done a
marathon before but on top of that he didn’t have a loss of clarity he was
fully aware as he were hurting him okay also participate in extended physical
challenges need to explain it with carbs as our buddy
as our bodies require more carbs as they become dehydrated when you are a car
burning person you automatically have water retention because carbohydrates
hold water so when you are exercising and you sweat out the the water of
course your body is desperately looking for water right it’s normal that it
would be doing that does that mean that like I’m not really sure what the point
is for that like it it’s like we need carbs because
we like this is really it’s actually the opposite is that you were not eating so
many carbs when you sweat you wouldn’t become dehydrated I mean yes and no if
you sweat profusely for hours and hours any person will become dehydrated but if
you just need to drink but you just need to drink you don’t need carb exactly you
don’t need to replenish carbs because again your body can make them I’ll take
this article a step further when you’re fat adapted the carbs that you do ingest
and the carbs that you do produce are preferentially sent to the parts of your
body that need carbs so rather than having carbs being stored away in your
liver and your pancreas and in places that is gonna harm you the parts of your
body that will actually use them are given them and then your glycogen stores
are filled up right it’s efficient right you know it’s so hard to help people to
understand that it’s kind of like if I go to the store and I buy groceries and
I bring them home and I so I buy enough groceries to last me for the week and I
put them in the fridge and I put a bit in the freezer then next week when it’s
time to buy groceries I bought for one week when I go to the store and buy
again for one week when I come home I will be able to put them in the fridge
and put them in the freezer but if I go to the groceries and buy enough
groceries to last a month even though I only have space in my fridge and freezer
for a week guess what happens I’m gonna get home and I’m gonna try to put these
things away and now I’m gonna have groceries in the fridge and groceries in
the freezer and groceries on the counter and groceries on this on the table and
then next week when I go and buy another month’s worth of groceries but I don’t
have space for it I’m gonna have groceries on the counter and groceries
on the floor and groceries and guess what’s gonna happen to my groceries
they’re gonna spoil and disgust my house because I keep over buying groceries
rather than just buy enough that I need your body is smart enough so if you
don’t ingest too many carbs it will get what it needs put it where it needs to
be and say yay but if you over ingest carbs
it puts it in where it needs to be and then it puts it in your liver and it
puts it in your pancreas it tucks it under your skin and it tucks it in all
these places that it shouldn’t be and eventually you get I problems cuz it’s
putting it is putting it in places where it’s not supposed to be all of this is
happening why because you have too much sugar and it’s shoving it places that it
should it doesn’t deserve to be we need to understand our body creates
carbohydrates we don’t need to eat them and if you’re gonna eat them eat 20
grams of carbs or less because that’s what your body can manage to put away
safely in regards a to we’re going to strength athlete those who emphasize
protein proteins often consumed this macro in place of carbs leading to an
unnecessary sir pool of protein and a significant carb deficiency leaving them
eirick leaving them to be weaker not stronger but like what happened when i
already brought proteins so i feel like i don’t even understand what they’re
talking about there because first of all if i over so if I overeat protein what
that means is I’ve eaten more protein than my body needs what’s my body gonna
do with it it’s gonna turn it into fat and it’s
gonna turn it into thanks it’ll put it away and he’s gonna turn into carbs and
use so most carbs and say I turn it into fat and put it away is it is it like
toxic to overeat protein no is it difficult to overbeat to eat protein
kinda like if you’re eating a real protein so this is where I come back to
are they talking about people they are doing shakes and all this other stuff
that’s easy to overeat and again it’s gonna be turned into some of it we turn
to the car so I’m gonna be put away as fat like I think it’s just a normal that
your body’s gonna do something with it that’s part one but the other thing is
that they’re saying basically remind me what was the last bit of that oh yeah
it’s just like leaving them weaker not stronger yes why would that leave me
weaker so I mean if you’re talking about the fact that I’m any weaker cuz I’m me
fatter okay yeah I could go there with you but
am I gonna be weaker because I ate you don’t have
to finish here oh my goodness out what is supposed to be yes I’m sorry okay
that’s the key that’s kind of part of the interesting thing is that it takes a
lot more energy to turn protein into carbs than it does to turn fat and and
and and well I mean you’re gonna need a little bit anyways it takes that it
takes to turn fat into carbs so chances are even if I overate my protein my
body’s gonna do is probably gonna put that away and then pull some fat from
storage and make some carbs so why would I be weaker hmm like it’s not a really a
logical thing that they’re saying that and you you said they didn’t have any
citations and make us understand where they getting that information from so I
I think sometimes you read articles like this first of all it’s coming from a
company that sells carbs so you know you have to be very cautious about like the
validity of the things that they’re throwing out there as reasons just
knowing how the body works that last one doesn’t make a lot of sense
because if I overeat proteins is gonna get put away is that gonna make me
weaker like I said maybe it cuz I’m fatter but beyond that is it gonna make
me weaker no I still ate right I’m still gonna have energy from the food that I
ate if I still had protein so if I’m if there was the possibility to build
muscle because I did go to the gym I’m still gonna build the muscle so I even
that last point there trying to say that because you’re doing keto you’re more
likely to focus on protein which is wrong by the way this is another example
of where they don’t understand what the ketogenic diet is about the kids you
know diet is not about eating more protein instead of getting your
carbohydrates down to 20 grams or less period that’s what it’s about that’s
what gets you into ketosis you should be eating especially if you’re an athlete
you should be eating the amount of meat that you need to feel the lean the lean
muscle that you have on your body which is probably gonna be much more than me
because I don’t have much lean muscle on my body right I’m not a big strong like
I’m not a crystal right so but that like you need to understand how what you’re
doing you need to understand what you’re doing
right so I feel like my goal here is to really help you to see that this isn’t
the last ditch attempt to scare you that if you overeat protein somehow you’re
gonna damage yourself you’re not gonna damage yourself would I suggest
overeating protein no because it will get turned into fat and your goal is to
be healthier if your goal is to be fit overeating protein isn’t gonna help you
you should eat the amount that your body requires yeah with just another example
of like you don’t know where we gave you where they got their information but
like the sentence go exactly like that low-carb athletes tend to seek out
animal-based sources of fat and protein that’s right relying on foods like milk
and whey protein to power to power their pre and post-workout meals milk like no
super high in sugar like no no low carb actually would you go with me to feel
they’re their pre and post-workout so I was when I read that I was like okay
seriously like this is this is crazy okay so in the the income in conclusion
the orders of this analysis concluded that whole natural foods are the best
choice for athletes especially that whole and natural pertain to fruit
vegetable and grain sources and I don’t even know any there’s not even like no
meat like in that natural like a source is so because there’s nothing that you
are we and and the last sentence is because there’s nothing natural about
humans drink drinking cow’s milk so what that has to do with being hero or being
like nothing to do with it was just like you know but I’m just saying like
they’re saying there’s nothing natural about humans drinking cow’s milk but
what does that have to do being low-carb they’re talking about they’re talking
about they’re basically bashing against like athletes that that they define as
low-carb drinking milk and there but that a post-workout them but it’s not
even like the keys but that’s exactly it’s like they’re they’re they’re
talking about low-carb without understanding what low-carb is and
making the assumption that you’re doing carve you must be drinking milk but milk
is not a low carb food so clearly they don’t know what they’re talking about so
be very careful you know sometimes you’re reading an article and things
might look like there might be some validity but then you see a few
sentences and you realize while these people don’t know they’re talking about
and that’s an interesting like final statement that low carb person would be
drinking milk yeah it’s a perfect example of guru poor people bashing on
something to promote their own interest in the having like general health and I
think that’s that’s hard right because the truth is if I’m writing this article
and all I’m doing is searching for ways to try to say that Keitel can’t be good
then what I’m really saying is for all you people out there where keto has
helped you to regulate your metabolic issues helped you to lose weight helped
you to resume living a healthy active lifestyle for all you people that might
not have started yet but be it might be helped by keto I’m gonna trick you into
eating my product because it’s more important to me to get your money but in
that case the product is an actual product they like use s potatoes but it
still not good but like you know the thing that makes me a little bit
frustrated with stuff like this is that for example there’s not a person on the
planet that would disagree that a chocolate bar that’s infused with
caramel and nuts and you know nougat and right there’s not a person on the planet
that would disagree that that is not a health food mm-hmm there is no one that
would have to come to me and say violet this is the healthiest way for you to
get energy right because everyone would agree would agree that’s not a health
food do people buy those things today people buy those things and they eat
them right there’s not a purse on the planet that could would come to me and
say oh this is this lollipop this is the healthiest way to get energy energy
right do people buy those things yes you don’t have to lie about the
ketogenic diet to sell a potato because there will always be people who want
mashed potatoes there will always be people who want baked potatoes and the
road always be people who want french fries there’s no need to lie about a
diet to sell a product the same way that chocolate bars candies ice cream chips
and cheesy puffy things and chemical garbage is being fed to everybody I
can’t even say children it’s everybody okay and people buy it
so rather than pretend that your product is healthy sell it and the people who
want to buy it will buy it and the people who don’t want to buy it won’t
buy it very interesting idea could it be that the potato or cereal industry is
kind of scared about like versus like a candy maker they’re not scare because
then they’re like you said they know they do they’ll sell their stuff because
people are always gonna have like chips and grab even chips like potato chips
but but yeah maybe like cereal and potato industry the higher carb even if
it’s whole food like potatoes no food but like can can you be just scared but
I understand that and I do believe that they’re scared that’s not the point the
point is rather than you know back when we figured out that cigarettes cause
cancer the companies the tobacco companies were so afraid that people
would stop buying cigarettes that they fought and fought and fought to try to
prove that no we’re wrong that that right now fast forward how many years do
we know the cigarettes cause cancer and do people still buy cigarettes are there
new people learning smoke today and so I’m sorry I do not agree with the stance
that I have to trick people into believing that a diet is bad for you in
order to sell a product sell the product there will always be somebody who’s
willing to eat what you’re selling because in this
moment they’re not scared about their health the same way that there are young
people today starting to smoke because in this moment they’re not worried about
their health now will they be worried about a twenty thirty years from now
sure will they be struggling you got away from cigarettes at that point sure
our cigarettes still sold today yes they are right does the government know that
cigarettes are horrible for us yes they do have they banned cigarettes no they
happen look as a matter of fact not only have they not ban cigarettes they’re
allowing in marijuana hmm you will always have the opportunity to to poison
yourself with whatever you want to poison yourself with and if you choose
to slowly poison yourself with carbs you will have the opportunity they don’t
have to lie about the ketogenic diet to allow that to happen yeah I think this
is a good place to stop I want to thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and
Wellness with Violet Pat chat edition you brought you brought a good article this
time not you always bring good articles but this one like not okay I want
everyone to know that I do have patreon account if you are interested in helping
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  1. In my eyes, these are addicts that can't accept the fact that eating that much carbs is pretty much being a sugar addict. I'm now doing HIIT strength training and 4 to 6 miles of walking after. I know I will build massive muscle, because I eat high quality meats, organs and animal fats. I am almost carnivore now!

  2. Since allowing the healthy fats that my past heart doctor told me not to; for the first time in many years l have no more craving for dark chocolate…which l was utterly a slave to!!! ln fact l paid high dollar for it, and wouldnt even take it for free now…
    This fat-adaptedness is REAL folks. And if this also reduces inflammation generally, & edema etc., what a great thing!!!
    Smart bodies God gave us Violet…(not evolution imo).

    Bodies create carbs???!!! Wow thanks for teaching all this golden info …you're SO gifted in this niche for pointing us to wellness!!!
    Subed πŸ‘ (πŸ””)


  3. Love the Pat chats with his perspective and attitude! Like his accent and humor. He helps balance you and brings out your best. Nice chemistry between you two!

  4. Carbohydrates are good for short and intense "explosive" athletics. Anything more than that requires running on fat. But carbohydrates are NOT more efficient. Ketones require less oxygen to burn, leave less waste after burning and don't need water for processing. So, no, carbs are LESS efficient than fats. Yes, the Schwatka Imperative (adaptation) must be respected.

  5. Just on a side note about Milk, I thought being able to drink cow’s milk evolved from Africa people then went to the Middle East then Europe. But it seemed to have evolved in both Africa and Europe independently. So, for some people Milk must have been very important in there past. Not picking a fight just something to think about. Keep on Keto.

  6. These videos are so good and informative, I look forward to watching them. Great job to the both of you. "Pat Chat" is an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  7. If they are trying to convince us that carbs are the most easily used/ essential for energy, especially in the scenario of working out, then why are they all promoting and selling PROTEIN BARS for energy and workouts! Argh!!!!πŸ˜£πŸ˜‚πŸ’–

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