Is the Keto Diet Really Healthy, NuSI Research Review – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Is the Keto Diet Really Healthy, NuSI Research Review – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat weekly we come
to you guys with articles that Patrick finds online or videos sometimes where
we’re talking about either positive things about the kids in a clay style or
things that need to be you know get out so I’m not sure what’s coming to me as
usual Patrick’s gonna take the floor it’s about like studies you know like
Quito is a really new mainstream like lifestyle and like you see your bunch of
studies it’s an article from the diet doctor so it’s from a doctor that’s
interests I just I know that website okay yeah and so so the title was like
in the new sea and us I study raised potential concerns about a keto diet
it’s the nutrition science initiative it’s a nonprofit medical research
organization dedicated to reducing the individual economic social cost of
obesity diabetes and related metabolic diseases by improving the quality of
nutrition so just basically as one asks a question you’re saying this article
you found on the diet doctor site yeah and it’s part of me that feels like this
is gonna be a good article but okay the intro paragraph is a new study from like
that organization suggest that a key toad a ketogenic diet worsens lipid
inflammatory and glucose markers and tests may be a health concern so that’s
it’s a study like that so I’m gonna describe the study and let’s go with
what may be like does work or don’t work like we look like and what you think and
elated and compare with like with what the doctor is saying the scope of the
topic enrolled seventeen overweight subjects without diabetes okay and kept
them in a metabolic Ward for eight weeks so really really control like nutrition
for eight weeks so my first question is when they said without diabetes did they
check for pre-diabetes that’s a okay and the second thing is
that evidence is not long enough okay these are my just like spitballing this
is what comes to my head first yes but that doesn’t matter so for the first
four weeks all the seventeen like is a person’s been by subjects I guess they
hate a controlled 15% protein 50% carbs 35% fat so we’re
doing high carb high standard American diet for for first week but control
standard American diet okay then they transition to a nice low calorie
isochoric would mean like the same kind of calorie but like 15% protein still
like you always say you put in with our pivot so 15 percent protein we didn’t
change the protein but five percent carbs and eighty percent fat so
basically they went four weeks on a controlled standard American diet and
then move for four weeks in percentages okay so okay what like the the study
showed is that after the the the eight weeks so just can I just say one thing
that like when you first started said was eight weeks I was like not long
enough and now I’m really saying first like but like you can escape the the
order of the article because like this is where it’s coming to but it’s two
weeks there’s no way in four minutes you’re
gonna get any kind of meaningful information yeah okay so the okay so but
the study show like inflammatory markers see if you know what they mean like just
feel free to to to describe them but did like they don’t but like inflammatory
markers CRP and il-6 increased on a keto life so they increased in the second in
the second part like the four weeks teen so their inflammatory markers so
basically they in the like in the the second part of the study like in the
second like four weeks inflammatory markers like increased LDL cholesterol
increase going from 125 milligrams per deciliter to a hundred 150 but the HDL
increase to going from 44 to or this is 446 but the overall insulin levels
dropped as the triglycerides the overall insulin dropped of course and the
triglycerides dropped okay so here’s the like just like just a little bit of
information because they only did four weeks mm-hmm so I’ve said the
in other videos when you first do a kid during lifestyle the first few weeks is
your body getting into ketosis which means it’s starting to break down so
first the first two weeks is you getting over that ketogenic what we call flu but
like it’s like that that that transition where your body is looking for carbs and
you’re not giving it in it’s kind of pushing you and you’re kind of this
little addictive reaction fight with your body mm-hm
once you get past that your body starts to pull fat off you to kind of make up
that difference in energy that is looking for that process of getting
regulated so if I and these are just numbers and I’m throwing out there for
you to understand if I was eating 2,000 gram 2,000 calories daily and then I
take the carbohydrates out week one I’m gonna eat more fat so I’m gonna try to
stay around 2,000 but then in the next week I’m gonna eat normally so I’m gonna
eat the fat that comes along with my meat and nothing else so now there’s a
little deficit of maybe 200 maybe 300 whatever it is and my body’s gonna start
pulling it from me all of a sudden when I start doing that
I’m my body’s breaking down fat in me of course HDL LDL everything is gonna start
being released into my system cholesterol everything because my body
is breaking down internal fat it takes a little while for it to regulate it zone
and get back to stable that’s why I was saying like this even at eight grease I
didn’t think this was a long enough no you’re doing four and four it’s really
not a long enough study the city did show though that okay okay they also
measured the insulin glucose response to test meals like toasted Ariel so while
on a ketogenic diet which showed impaired insulin sensitivity to control
meal but improve insulin sensitivity to a keto meal so basically even in eight
weeks they managed to show that like the the insulin response was better on the
keto meals compared to the control standard American meal so do you think
that’s understand about life son like why we end up in trouble at the doctor’s
office is that you have to consider like if I’m going if I’m eating a standard
American diet my body is used to getting hit by sugar every so the
insulin is right there waiting and ready to manage the sugar that mean eat today
when I do a ketogenic lifestyle for a long period of time like so for myself
after a year and a half and being on keto if I went to do a glucose test at
my doctor right now I’m gonna fail because my body is not looking for a hit
of sugar anymore it’s looking for 20 grams or less right a sugar test I can’t
remember how much it is but it’s a heck of a lot of sugar that they’re making
you drink the point being it’s a large amount of sugar that you’re drinking in
one shot and so your body’s not ready for it you haven’t been doing that for
months yeah so yeah there was one like concern that the LDL was actually
calculated and not measured in the in the blood of the subjects so this was
like yeah calculated like they didn’t measure it all this to point out that
it’s sometimes even if their studies they’re actually can be like some
weaknesses or slowly yeah they took other numbers and then calculated what
the LDL would have been rather than actually I’m gonna say they probably did
that because the LDL test is expensive oh maybe and that’s probably why they
did that okay but they should have measured it this is if this is research
there should have been money for that so and it’s only eight weeks for crying a
lot yeah so ready for the doctors coming on
that study yes so first one first concern it was only a four-week study
like that exactly like what you said so as a physician I’m not interested in
what I’ve been over four week period of starting a new diet four weeks is not
enough so he’s saying at 4 ma I’ve at 4 months I might start to get interested
at 4 years like you yeah so so all that to say that if you want to try a keto
lifestyle give it a chance like don’t I have colleagues that tried for three
days because I they were not able to do it anymore because was too restrictive
to see to to like they were hungry all the time like just give you yourself
time to adapt to that new lifestyle and and then research your information watch
Wilde’s videos and like but you have to give yourself some time I do I do agree
that there we live in a a scenario like the world like now I
want I want results now and like I feel like that’s why we failed a lot of
things because you people don’t recognize that well I might want to lose
20 pounds in a month but is it healthy for me to lose 20 pounds in a month
right and you know even with keto like and this is where I get I get frustrated
because you have people like me the outlier who lost 70 pounds in like five
or six months I don’t remember how much it was now but like I’m an outlier I’m
not your typical person I don’t know why I lost it that fast except for maybe
that I was that committed to getting rid of my pain but beyond that I don’t know
why I’ve lost it that fast and there are other people who say that they’re being
as strict as I was being and lost it like it took years for them to get it
off mmm right but this is part of where we’re all different and I feel like
we’re such a now Society that the thing that we lose track of is that if in a
month you lost half a pound can you please pay attention to the fact
that before you started keto you were gaining half a pound a month or a year
or whatever it is like you lost half a pound in a month why is that bad mm-hmm
right like you I I think we’re losing perspective because we want everything
yesterday and that’s not how this works your health is so important that however
you get to it get to it right commit to doing half a pound a month if that’s
what you need to do mm-hmm I’m getting real getting rid of carbs is
about how you say that and it’s like you know but I want to hear what else to say
it’s well established that the body takes time to transition to a
fat-burning metabolism so no like it’s not gonna happen in two days we’re gonna
happen in a few weeks so I can study that short like still like what’s
interesting is that they’re they looked at the inflammatory markers like the CRP
analysis and aisle six and actually they decrease your products interleukin 6
okay but like they actually see who is from the weak numb from week
number three to week number four of the keto lifestyle so they they raised a
little bit in the first two weeks and then started decreasing already the
article that the research was not long enough yeah and like what he’s pointing
out is studies have shown that initially like elevated LDL can return to normal
after six to twelve months not two to three weeks so so a study like like that
times two is too short to time which is where the reason that a lot of people
get into trouble with their doctors right because let’s say you have
something happening where your doctor is like it’s time for you to be on
medication and you’re like oh I don’t want to so what does your doctor
typically do or at least here in Canada what your doctor’s gonna do well instead
of seeing you next year I’m gonna see you in six months
but by the time you come back in six months if you started keto your numbers
are horrible and the doctor is just like ah now you really need it even if you’ve
lost weight they don’t they’re not looking at that they’re looking at like
your numbers right and I think this is where if you understand what you’re
doing it’s still important for you to say no give me another six months mm-hmm
give me another seven or eight months all right let me let me get through this
because guess what and this is something I say all the time because I lived it
okay I I know that doctors will tell you absolutely good information like you
should really stop smoking because you have diabetes and it’s just adding
complications or you should stop doing alcohol because you have this condition
and it’s causing complications you should stop doing drugs because of
causing this complication of that and people will say yes yes yes and walk out
the door and keep drinking keep smoking keep doing drugs because guess what the
doctor can’t force you so if you know and I say no if you’ve done your
research don’t take my word for it right I say it all the time I’m a psychologist
I’m helping you to understand the mentality that you need to have to do
what’s best for you and it always starts with research understand what the
information means I’m trying to help you understand it but at the same time I
know if you take all this information and you go to your doctor and you take
each piece information say doctor this part
rates caused inflammation your doctor is gonna say yes because they’re aware of
that if you say doctor poor quality oils do they cause inflammation your doctor
is gonna say yes because there were if you take each of the individual pieces
information that all the doctors and people are talking about and bring it to
your doctor and say does that cause of this they’re gonna say yes but then when
you say well then should I do any ketogenic last Milkha Singh no right so
this is where I’m saying to you do your research because if you do your research
then you are gonna know that hmm my doctor knows all these pieces of the
puzzle I put the puzzle together and I know I’m
feeling better and it allows you to do what’s good for you because guess what
the same way they can’t make you stop doing drugs guess what the same way they
can’t make you stop drinking guess what the same way they can’t make you stop
smoking they can’t force you to take a medication that you know is gonna harm
you they can’t force you right it’s up to you to be a wellness warrior and do
the thing that you know is better for yourself but to know what’s better for
you you need to do your research do not take my word for it do your research
I’m this confident because I did my research and I know what I lived live it
understand it then you’ll also be able to talk about it and research is more
than one article and get the pros get the cons get like everything do yourself
your own make yourself your own idea it was horrible
more than one doctor dr. Westman dr. berry dr. Berg dr. Beckmann doctor I’ve
watched so many doctors IVs I’ve watched and talked to and reached out to so many
doctors why because it’s important to do your research this is your health one
you just get one if you screw it up it’s over so do your research understand what
you’re doing like I said they can’t force you to take
a medication if you know what you’re doing is better for you but your doctor
is not on board find a doctor who’s on board they exist that’s going to follow
you properly that’s gonna check your markers that’s
gonna really understand your situation find your doctor you don’t have to stay
with a doctor that doesn’t understand you right but you need to do your
research right so I mean I like where this article is going I’m gonna right
now so you can get like the only thing I want to add is like health is a lifetime
process it’s not a four-week study it’s not like diet just to lose weight over a
couple months like it’s a lifetime process yeah right like we say today
that um I create happiness daily right and I work on being healthy daily I
think this is you know if you actually read what I write in my descriptions I
end with that you know you’re happy your health and happiness is something you
have to work on every single day right it doesn’t come by magic it doesn’t come
by accident right it comes because you see problems and you deal with the
problem because eating food is not gonna solve a problem unless what you’re
starting to solve is that you’re hungry if you’re trying to solve anything else
you have to actually address that anything else so yeah I I think the
thing here is understanding that you know they can’t make you do something
that you know is gonna harm you I’ll go back to the example that I give every
once in a while of myself because I think it’s relevant
I have fallacy Mia how many years were the doctors trying to get me to take
iron pills and if I wasn’t listening to my body I would have just forced myself
to take them and I’d be dead by now because the doctor that found out that I
had thalassemia and then I told him what was happening and he said no you died
because your body can’t manage the iron that’s why you’re anemic if you don’t
know what’s happening you do things that are mistakes right so this is where part
of it was me knowing that hmm I take this and I feel
horrible mmm doesn’t make sense to me right and I
had to fight that as a kid which parents from the Caribbean if anybody has
parents from the Caribbean in the comments below you know how hard that
was for me right I had to fight that as a kid it
makes me sad how much my parents money they throw away don’t think I’m taking
medication I’m not taking because I know how I was feeling I took it right that’s
sad I shouldn’t have to do that right they
shouldn have paper crap that was it actually gonna help me right but you
need the doctor to actually find out what’s really wrong right it takes
having that paradigm shift of knowing that hmm
these parents are telling me they’re feeding this kid beef every like five
times a week and she’s still anemic something else must be happening there
no they just assumed they were lying there so if I was lying right rather
than check is there anything other else that could be going on so that was a bit
of a rant mm-hmm but I so much want you guys to do well I just I want you guys
to do well and I think if our videos helped one person to change their life
and be like in a better situation to me that’s worth all of this
right because everybody’s valuable everybody every single person right
we’re not a number so I really I I this was a I started off I was happy about
this article and I feel like I’m even more happy about this article because
you know what please go out there and be alone this warrior do what’s gonna help
you to be healthier if you have studies that you found online just put the links
in the comments yeah we like like doing doing that stuff and and review them and
maybe you can sharing some new information with you guys you know like
if someone can give us something that we could look at and share some new
information that’d be amazing so um I want to thank everybody for you
know my wellness worries I’m always happy when you come by and all the new
people you can become alone that’s where you’re by subscribing
click the bellow and do all the things right because you we make videos every
week and I also have a video that I make on Mondays talking about keto and how to
do it well and how to keep your mindset good for everybody who might want to
contribute to the production of videos you can go to patreon supporter all the
information is there the perks etc I love making these really you guys I
can’t wait to talk to you guys again next week
yeah see you next week you

9 thoughts on “Is the Keto Diet Really Healthy, NuSI Research Review – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. Normally, on keto your overall cholesterol will increase and your triglycerides will fall. This happened to me. But it's been shown that cholesterol numbers have little or no effect on CVD….I have always had cholesterol levels through the roof and my arteries are clear (angiogram test results)….the whole cholesterol thesis is a spoof prolongated by big pharma companies.
    Sugar, refined carbs, lack of exercise, processed food and too much alcohol are now shown to be the big culprits much to the discomfort of the giant food corporations… short, eat a clean keto diet with fresh foods and keep active….

  2. Good advice! I gad a small stroke after being keto for five years my LDL and triglycerides were not high but my doctors wanted to start me on Lipitor. I refused and talked with my nurse practitioner and we decided Lipitor was Not needed. So I only started plavix and continued my low carb keto life.

  3. You are very right. you can get anything you want from the way you look at a study. This study is too short and not too many people to make it worth anything.

  4. Awesome message!

    IMO, triglycerides, A1c, fasting insulin and CRP are the big deal, and how you get there varies from person to person and at different times in your life. I had to get really strict on healthy oils and organic to bring down my inflammation over and above low carb and losing weight. Weight loss only came with extended fasting, but keto allowed me to maintain. I still struggle with electrolytes, even with time-restricted eating.

  5. Keto apparently may be dangerous, if you're prone to cheat.

  6. I've heard that the Keto diet definitely works but many people have lost their hair or began loosing hair! I've read a lot of reviews and this worries me!

    Have you heard anything about this? If not will you look into it and get back with us in a video?

  7. Hi Pat and Violet, I have come to believe that the rate of weight loss for each individual is directly dependent on how insulin resistant they are when they start, and then how well they maintain the lower insulin levels that keto gives us. Plus how damaged the liver is when they start. What do you guys think ?

  8. I know about 2 years ago I tried Keto it did feel very restrive and I decided I no longer want to do it. Now 2 years later I decided to try it again. I now realized that I didn't have the right resources out there for me to stay on keto and continue. So now I have the resources, videos apps, recipe website, I feel this time around I can stay on it successfully.

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