HOW TO TAP BIRCH SAP | Health benefits & a taste of spring

HOW TO TAP BIRCH SAP  | Health benefits & a taste of spring

100 thoughts on “HOW TO TAP BIRCH SAP | Health benefits & a taste of spring

  1. Imagine ur going for a hike in the nordic countryside and u come across these birch trees with pyrex jugs tied around them; witchcraft shit lol

  2. I am a follwer from Morocco. I love you, Jonna. I love all the people who give me a positive energy and who are spreading high positive vibration to this universe..
    Greetings to you, your kind husband and blessed family…
    Any Moroccan followers here? Click the comment

  3. Wow – I didn't know birch sap was tapped. We have birch trees here in the NY Catskill Mtns. I do like to chew the baby leaves for their nice flavor. I have had maple sap, before it's boiled down into syrup. It's also sweet and yummy. Tusen takk! Tack?

  4. I've just found your channel and I've been watching your videos all day, you are living my dream, what an incredible way to live in this overly modern superficial mind numbing technological era. I will live like this one day, I know it. Much love ✌️

  5. u can see the native russian method here

  6. Hola, no tenía ni idea de q se puede extraer la savia de los abedules y beberla directamente. Me encantaría poder probarla. Un saludo desde Barcelona 😍😍

  7. Hi from new Brunswick your channel. And yes we do this over in new Brunswick to. we tap maple to make syrup.some good, I never tryed birch sap but sure will.we get chaga from birch tree's some good tea and a lot of health benefits. Sure you guys got them to. I,m a fan great vedios. Cheers

  8. Hmmm 🤔 this is interesting. I would like to see another video like this! Very interesting indeed! What does it taste like?🧠

  9. I love how Jonna kissed the Birch tree before tapping into it and how she naturally plugged the hole she made. This is the first time I have even hear or seen a video of the health benefits of drinking Birch sap.

  10. In Louisiana we don’t have birch trees, one day I want to go to Sweden it all looks so peaceful and calm. It also doesn’t snow here it hails once every few years but that’s the closest we get to snow.

  11. A tree that never had to fight, for it's share of earth wind or light, never became a Forest King but lived and died a shrubby thing. And as with tree's that's how we know, inside us all good timber grows. Thank you for the video, the maple trees here left untapped will drip from the leaves. The nymphs gather on the underside and draw the attention of Dragon flies, were they fill themselves.

  12. Hi, I'm watching your clips from Romania, it's fascinating life you have. Congratulations, I want the same simplicity in the mountains.

  13. We used to do this with maple trees in upstate New York in early spring. We always tapped the trunk just like she does… this is how you harvest sap for real maple syrup….but us kids would drink the sap raw…like she does….and the Indians before us.

  14. Sorry! Mit Diesem Video Clip empfehle Ich Dir mit der Musik VỀ QUÊ von Saxophonist TRẦN MẠNH TUẤN. Also versuche mal JIJO (vielleicht) after go all best for you ,for me and all… Thanks you very much!

  15. Beautiful video Jonna…I never tasted birch sap..
    But wine made from here in 🇨🇦…😋👍🏽💕🇨🇦

  16. Now I realize while we connect so many miles away on this Earth you Medicine Woman very beautiful willow tree you get aspirin pecan tree you get iodine pork fat draws out poison spider snake bee and splinters do you know this Jesus he loves you very much always with you never forget you for all of your days that's a fact he is the one to give thanks for all that is and ever will be Jesus is very pleased with the way you helped so many that you do not know but one day you will I ask for nothing but one thing believe in yourself and the one that walks with you

  17. It may be a beautiful tradition, but I still think that you have to hurt the tree to get its sap… Therefore, what I have liked most of this video is what you do for closing the "wound," so to say. Anyway, thank you for sharing!

  18. No birch here! Just aspens. Damn! I wonder if it ferments? Maybe THATS the hidden benefit?BTW the woman in this video is 82….

  19. you can do the same thing with a pine/spruce tree too, I remember learning it than I was a child. Another thing you can do with the spruce tree is to make homemade spruce syrup. Always remember to plug the hole if you sap the tree, insects and other organisms can indeed make the tree to rot inside.
    About Birch Sap, You should try to make Glögg/Mulled wine with the sap in winter. 🙂 So warm and tasteful.

  20. It's very nice to use the nature, and also to take care of it. I never kissed a tree, but I have thanked for it's fruits or useful things it gave.

  21. My grandfather loved birch sap. I was very little then. I'm gonna try this as spring comes, in my forties…I still live in my grandfathers house, in Finland. Thank you Jonna for reminding me, this was beautiful!

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