How to Take Care of Your Scalp for Healthy Strong Hair | Scalp Care

How to Take Care of Your Scalp for Healthy Strong Hair | Scalp Care

Today, I’m talking about strength. Strong hair, full hair, thick
hair, whatever you want to call it, it’s something that everybody wants. But to many people, it’s a
mystery as to how to get it. So, do you want to know my secret? It’s about this– yep, your scalp. It’s not about the hair itself,
but where it’s coming from. So think of it like a plant. If you plant something in dry, poor
soil, it’s not going to grow so well. And your hair is pretty similar. It grows out of the scalp and
the roots are anchored in there, taking up all the nutrients and
goodness they need to stay strong. So if you have a weak scalp, your
hair is probably going to be weak too. That means you could see hair
on your pillow, in your drain, and even on your brush
as it’s breaking off. So here are my tips for you
guys to keep your scalp healthy and your hair strong. First, go easy on the brushing. Avoid brushing your hair when it’s dry. This can cause breakage
and aggravate your scalp. So gently brush, starting from the
scalp working your way right down to the end of your hair. Next, look for some deep
moisturizing treatments. Oils like argan, shea,
and primrose can help make your hair softer and less brittle. They also lock in moisture,
so your scalp is healthier. But you have to wash them
out fairly regularly. Because if you don’t, they
have the opposite effect when they break down
and irritate your scalp. So use them absolutely, but
keep an eye out for buildup. Finally, use a good co-wash and shampoo
that actually cares for your scalp. And this is surprising, but I use
Head & Shoulders Moisture Care. They’re been on the
market for a while now, and they’re actually
designed for textured hair. There’s also a co-wash for those
days when you don’t shampoo. It has vitamin E, almond oil,
and coconut essence in it too. So it might be designed
to treat dandruff, but actually it’s amazing
at protecting your scalp. So give it a try.

10 thoughts on “How to Take Care of Your Scalp for Healthy Strong Hair | Scalp Care

  1. Just wanted to thank you , Courtney, for this incredibly useful video which I have certainly learned some new things from Xx

  2. Umm, all hair types are the most breakable when wet, when your hair is wet, gently go through with a wide tooth comb, then brush when your hair is dry

  3. Some people say comb your hair when it is dry and snow she is saying wash when it is wet what who should I listen to

  4. Brushing when wet can cause hair breakage and plus you need to start brushing from your ends and slowly work your way up to rem be knots cause when u start directly from the scalp u will rip out ur hair

  5. I have red scalp syndrome with red burning itchy scalp NO RASH OR DANDRUFF with hair thinning and I cannot not get help anywhere.I pharmacist is compounding my shampoo and it doesn’t really help that much.I have no dandruff at all too and Iam desperate for some relief

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