How to Start Keto – The Ultimate Beginners Guide, Watch This!

How to Start Keto  – The Ultimate Beginners Guide, Watch This!

hi guys my name is Ashley Salvatori and
today I am talking to you about a beginner’s guide for how to follow
ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting if you are just barely getting started into
this lifestyle and you want to learn how to do it what it is and how it works
here it is so I don’t know if you guys caught my
video my husband and I we lost a lot of weight following ketogenic diet low carb
high fat diet after the birth of my two kids and I’ll pop that little card up
here you can check that out after this one’s done but I lost over 75 pounds and
I’m feeling amazing and it’s all thanks to following a low carb lifestyle and
I’m gonna go through with you the beginner’s guide on how to get started
if you are just learning about this and you want to give this a shot to see if
it can really change your life like it has for me and many many other people so
welcome to my channel this channel I have tons of tips and tricks for you
following the ketogenic diet low carb high fat and intermittent fasting so be
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so let’s talk about a beginner’s guide so there are many many reasons as far as
why you might want to get started on the ketogenic diet but weight loss is one of
the huge ones and so a lot of people get going for that reason alone so I’m gonna
help you make this super simple for you so that you’re not confused because I
know a lot of people are so confused when they first learn about this type of
lifestyle and it’s really not as confusing as it seems I know for me when
I first started learning about the ketogenic diet I was still confused
about macros micros what the heck they are how you count them all of that it
seems so confusing to me as well as net carbs and all of that stuff but to make
this really easy for you guys basically what it is when you’re following a
ketogenic lifestyle which this is a lifestyle so many people follow this
type of way of eating forever for me I have adopted it into my lifestyle I
didn’t lose all of this weight and then went back to eating junk no this became
my life and I love it I love how you feel when I eat ketogenic if I fall off
track you know every once in a while yeah it happens I mean I’m human I go on
vacation sometimes there isn’t the type of foods that I need to eat we lost
power right here in the Northeast so we lost power and you know it is what it is
so I had to eat what I had to eat but anyway it happens so that’s life and
that’s okay and you’re gonna find in your life too a way that works for you
but when you get going on this type of lifestyle really you want to wrap your
mindset around making this a true lifestyle not just a diet not just
something you start and plan to stop this is something you can literally do
forever and you you can do it easily in your lifestyle and it’s gonna make it
it’s gonna make your life great because you’re gonna see you’re gonna feel
amazing on the ketogenic diet so basically keto means you were eating
high fat moderate protein low carbohydrates now if you have the
standard American diet you’ve probably been eating carbs like forever and
you’ve been told you need to eat low fat you need to eat low calorie you need to
eat all the foods that you’re eating in carbs and protein and so your diet might
be full of a lot of carbs cereals things you think are healthy but I’m here to
tell you those types of foods are not they’re not good like I feel like they
were like two forever because this is like a huge thing this whole shift and
you have to shift your mindset around that too because I know a lot of people
get started in their stall fraid to start eating fat it’s so scary because
you’re told you fat it will make you fat right and you believe it but the
complete opposite is true if you feed your body fat and your body
starts running on fat as its primary fuel source you know what happens your
body is burning fat for fuel it burns your body fat when it runs out of the
foods the fat that you’re eating and there is no way that
can eat enough fat in your day to run your body your body like you would be I
mean I can’t even you would be eating so much fat it would be ridiculous and
that’s not even possible so that’s where the ketogenic diet works because people
get full unless because the food is satisfying you’re never hungry
you’re never deprived you don’t go without you know eating unless you
aren’t hungry and so you don’t eat and that’s the other thing you can actually
follow your body’s lead and start learning when you’re actually hungry or
if you’re eating for other reasons like stress eating or just eating – because
you’re bored or a lot of those other things you’re gonna find with the keto
diet when you get going on that you’re not going to have the same reaction to
eating or at least you’re gonna learn to eat when you’re hungry because you’re
gonna find your you’ll be more in touch with your body and that’s amazing okay
so how do you do it how do you do the keto diet this is what I recommend if
you’re just getting started into this I don’t recommend that you get going
tracking your macros right away and there’s a reason for that the main
reason is because you don’t want to get overwhelmed and it can be super
overwhelming when you first start getting going into this and learning
about things and trying to do it all at once and then if it’s too overwhelming
you’re gonna give up so and you can get great results doing it the way that I
recommend which is just start with your net carbs try to eat 20 net carbs or
less a day and you’re going to have some serious shifts happening you’re going to
get into ketosis which is that is when your body is burning fat for fuel it’s
producing this bhp which is causing your body to be running on fat as fuel it’s
like the byproduct when your body’s burning fat for fuel so it’s going to
you’re gonna feel great but initially you might have Paquito flu which is
normal totally common when you cut out all that sugar you cut out all the
carbohydrates so we’re talking about no more breads no more cereals
no more pastas these things are not good and you think like how will I eat if I’m
eating those things I’m telling you you’re gonna be eating green leafy
veggies you’re gonna be eating fresh meats cheeses olives these are the
things that you want in your diet you want your diet rich in foods that are
really good for you and so you’re not gonna be eating as much packaged foods
you’re gonna be eating more real foods so that is one of the reasons why the
ketogenic diet is so amazing for your health because the foods that you’re
eating is going to be loaded with much more nutrition and nutrients then a lot
of these bread you know pastas you’re getting a lot of calories but you’re not
really feeding your body so you’re gonna be getting a lot more here now the
question is all right so if you’re eating more meats no sugars which sugars
we’re talking about fruits as well now you can eat low carb low glycemic fruits
which would be on the berries the berries are okay like strawberries
blackberries those are okay but you want to count them and make sure that you’re
staying within your daily net carb ratio now once you get that initial loss you
start doing great and you’re feeling good and you feel like you want to start
balancing your macros you totally can do that at any time and so to balance your
macros I recommend you pick up an app I really like the carb manager app that’s
the one I use get that app start entering in the foods that you’re eating
and find out what your macro balance is and we’ll show you a little pie chart it
will split them up and it will just give you a percentage of fat which these are
the macros because everyone wants to know what the heck’s of macro Oh
fad macro protein macro carbs macro you need to be in a specific balance that’s
right for you for your macros now this could be different for different people
but the standard ketogenic diet typically it’s about 5% coming from
carbs 70% 75% coming from fats and the rest coming from protein so it’s a
moderate amount of protein a high amount of fats and a low amount of carbs so
you’re probably wondering if I’m eating all green leafy veggies I’m not eating
any carbs where are these carbs coming from well carbohydrates actually are
included in the veggies – so vegetable sources do have carbohydrates now what
you want to count is the net carb so a net carb and I’m feeling like I’m
sounding like I’m like giving you a like I don’t know like I’m a professor or
something I’m not it’s pretty good there’s no other way to explain this to
you but a net carb is basically when you take the total carbs you’re eating and
you subtract the fiber from that and you’re gonna get the net carb because
your body doesn’t digest the fiber so it’s not gonna increase the insulin so
you’re not gonna have an insulin spike insulin is a fat storing hormone that is
what you want to avoid the less insulin you have in your system the better
because that means your blood sugar is stable all of these things fruits spike
your blood sugar spike your insulin that’s where you want to just kind of
stay away from those you want to stick with those green leafy veggies the
veggies that are above ground not below ground is a pretty good you know
if you’re trying to figure that out that’s a pretty good way to think about
it you know potatoes are underground that is a really high starchy vegetable
that it’s basically like eating a little packet of sugar it’s basically
the same thing so no potatoes no carrots nothing that’s Underground cauliflower
is good broccoli is good lettuce is great you know if you go out to a
restaurant you can substitute some of the foods they have there for something
that’s lower in carbohydrate all of these are just kind of like little ways
so you start balancing your macros you add it into an app eventually what’s
going to happen is you’re going to be eating similar foods every day you’re
gonna get into a rhythm and you’re going to know basically what your macros are
without even putting it into the app but that comes a little bit later so you
want to use the app to kind of get you started to get you into it you can do
that whenever you want and that will keep you in your macro balance so that
is basically how you do the ketogenic diet so getting started you want to make
sure you have plenty of electrolytes now there actually is an electrolyte powder
that is really good that has potassium a high amount of potassium in it because
your body is going to be flushing potassium magnesium and sodium and so
getting electrolytes I was like essential you need to make sure you’re
salting your food because your body when it flushes out all of this water it’s no
longer holding onto water like it used to when you were very carb heavy in the
foods that you’re eating when your body is flushing out all of this water you’re
going to be losing sodium with it so you need to make sure you’re salting your
foods so I will pop a link in the description for the electrolyte except
like formula that I really I think is like really good when you’re just
getting started on the ketogenic diet I actually just barely started adding
this in because I just found it I think it’s it’s great because before
it was like trying to find different electrolytes in different areas but the
potassium is the big thing and that’s the hardest thing to get into your diet
when you’re doing the low carb diet and so there’s lots of potassium in this so
you need to make sure you’re getting your electrolytes I personally take
extra magnesium at night before bed just a pill it’s just you just take magnesium
I do 250 milligrams I do it before bed because sometimes when people get going
on the ketogenic diet they can notice that they’re tired during the day and
that is it typically assignment magnesium you you have an issue with
your magnesium so taking it before bed is really good it will help you sleep
through the night because that’s the other thing
some people find their sleep gets impacted they wake up early but that’s
okay too because guess what you don’t need as
much sleep anymore because when you’re following a ketogenic diet you’re eating
these real Whole Foods your body’s you’re losing weight your body is
starting to function the way it needs to function all of a sudden you’re going to
be thriving off of less sleep just naturally and so if you notice like you
might be waking up earlier go with it just get up and start your day you know
if you’re waking up at like 3 a.m. obviously that will eventually level out
and and you’ll start sleeping like a good amount but don’t worry about it
don’t stress about too much take that magnesium before bed it will help you
sleep a little bit longer if you do have that issue so that’s what I would
recommend you guys get started with you’re getting going on the ketogenic
diet you’re making sure you’re taking your electrolytes you’re making sure
that you’re staying within your the 20 net carbs are less a day which you can
use that app to that carb my manager app I I told you about
that’s for iOS if you have Android My Fitness Pal is great too okay so you’re
staying within your net carbs learning how to do that for your day get
everything out of your refrigerator that you can or your cabinetry that is going
to be a trigger fruit food for you so if you have like Girl Scout cookies lying
around you know you’re obsessed with Girl Scout cookies give them to the
neighbor give them to someone at work get rid of them get them out of the
house like don’t and don’t just like go on a binge of like all of the sugar in
your house because you’re starting and you don’t always don’t do it guys
like you can do this get rid of this stuff that you think is gonna be a
really big temptation for you another recommendation I have when you’re just
getting into the ketogenic diet is exogenous ketones exogenous ketones can
help to get you into ketosis quickly so that it eliminates the keto flu effects
there they won’t be as intense so like you might be getting headaches with a
keto flu you might be feeling really really tired run down all of these
things as your body is shifting metabolisms exogenous ketones can
definitely help you in that situation because they’ll put you in a ketosis
right away and they’re going to help you also lose the cravings for sugar which
can be really really intense as you’re just barely trying to get out of that
and get rid of that side effect of that so I put I have a 10-day experience that
has exogenous ketones you can get started on that you can try it out see
how it works for you while you’re getting into the ketogenic diet to get
going on this lifestyle will help you ease into it I’ll put the link for that
in the description as well so you can check that out but you can do this any
way that you want basically you can get started on the keto diet the main
factors though are there and and the best thing is that you have success with
making this really a lifestyle change so that now let’s get into like
intermittent fasting because you’re probably wondering okay
I’ve heard about intermittent fasting I’ve heard about the ketogenic diet
is something I have to do intermittent fasting is amazing guys because what it
does is it allows your body to go a longer period without food so that when
instead of your body working so hard to digest and what to do with this what to
do with that now it’s putting the you know you’re it’s it’s basically healing
your body in other areas because it’s not working so hard digesting and so
you’re going to you know like loose skin all of these things can be prevented or
healed through intermittent fasting and it’s also a great way to help with fat
loss and weight loss and and all of those things so in a fasting the way you
do that is basically you start eating a specific time during the day and then
you stop eating eight hours after you start eating and then you go sixteen
hours without eating and then you eat again in the morning now this is the
sixteen eight hour fast this is the way that most people get started there are
different fast but for this beginners little guide on the whole ketogenic
intermittent fasting the easiest way for me to explain this to you is eventually
once you get going on your ketogenic journey you’re gonna find that you’re
just naturally not as hungry and a lot of times we’re not as hungry in the
morning so you can use that in your benefit to follow an intermittent faster
type of lifestyle now the way that you guys that you do this is like I don’t
recommend you start this for at least two weeks into the your keto diet to
your kita lifestyle but when you’re ready to do it and when you find that
you’re just you’re waking up you’re not as hungry you have your first meal at
noon so you make it 12 anything that is over 50 calories within your fasted
window is going to break your fast that’s my personal opinion some people
will say a hundred calories will break your fast some people will say water
only personally if you’re Eve if you’re drinking and consuming 50 calories or
less within SiC that 16 hour window from the time
that you stop eating until you start eating again you’re not gonna break your
fast and so that means if you’re having coffee in the mornings there you can add
a tiny tiny bit of creamer to that half-and-half is what I would recommend
because it’s lowering calories so you can do that and you can have that coffee
and you can have plenty lots of water if your drinking is dodging is ketones the
proof exhaustion is ketones are only like 40 calories each some are a little
bit less but if you have that it’s definitely gonna help you with your
intermittent fasting so I would recommend that you drink that when you
wake up in the morning as your first thing you just have your your ketones
they will give you energy some of them have caffeine in them so you can get
them caffeinated if you want if you’re used to having coffee in the morning you
want to swap it for this go for it do the caffeinated and then that will allow
you to take your fast dog to noon have your first real full meal at noon and
then you have your next meal which ideally you want to eventually just kind
of cut it down so you have only two meals a day because the less you are
snacking in between your meals the better I know we love to snack right
sometimes we snack because we’re bored whatever don’t do it don’t snack if you
can just don’t do it so I would say you have your your first meal at noon you
want it to be a big meal because you don’t want to be hungry you don’t want
to be snacking in between your meals and then you have your meal for dinner at
about 7:00 if you’re stopping eating at 8:00 and then you go the 16 hours again
and make sure you’re getting plenty of the electrolytes plenty of vitamins I
also take a multivitamin which I would recommend you do that as well I will put
a link to everything that I’m talking about in the description here of this
video so that if you need a multivitamin if you need electrolytes whatever you
need it’s there for you but that’s basically it that’s the intermittent
fasting thing so anyone can do in a man fasting you just
have to follow your body and see what works for you don’t force yourself to
intermittent fast if you don’t if you’re hungry if you’re hungry just eat eat
follow your body learn how to follow your body and some people really like to
just push their window back slowly so if you normally wake up and have your first
meal at like 6:00 a.m. let’s say try the next day to do 7:00 a.m. and then the
next day to do 8:00 a.m. and just kind of try to slowly shift it so that it
moves now the really cool thing about your body is if you get started an
intermittent fasting and you’re hungry let’s say you’re hungry your first day
but you push past it like I would say the first three days you’ll probably be
hungry if your body’s used to eating at like 7:00 a.m. and all of a sudden
you’re eating at noon you’ll probably be hungry initially but what happens is
your body produces the hunger hormones when it gets the hint like that foods
coming at noon now and not 7:00 so I’m not gonna I’m not going to produce those
hunger hormones so you won’t get the hunger pains you won’t get the hunger
signals until about noon when you would normally eat once you get going on that
lifestyle so I would say I know I’m kind of contradicting myself because I just
said if you’re hungry eat but in the beginning the first like three days
you’ll probably be hungry as you’re starting to move that and that’s okay to
kind of like push past that until you get going on it and then beyond that
once you’re into the lifestyle of it if you do feel hungry within that time then
I would say that you should probably eat something now the other thing is some
people intermittent fast every day some people do it three times a day some
people only do it on the weekend whatever works best for you is is great
so really you can do it however you want and if you hear someone snoring behind
me that is my dog Connor I’ll see if I can turn this around so you he’s sorry sometimes he likes to sit
next to me while I do my videos pretty much every time I do my video so if you
hear someone snoring I had someone in one of my videos they were like it’s
someone like moaning behind you I was like oh that’s my dog like every time
every time okay so back on the subject um yeah so that’s it
intermittent fasting do it later on don’t do it right away as you’re just
getting into the keto lifestyle get past the keto flu because once you’re past
the keto flu it’ll be so much easier for you don’t think it’s gonna be like that
forever feeling tired all those things make sure you have the things that you
need the tools that you need the electrolytes all of those things the
vitamins everything that you need the magnesium so that you set yourself up
for success with this because that is the most important thing that will lead
to your success now thanks guys for watching this video
I hope that I helped you in some way um be sure to if you like this like this
video if you’re know a friend that is following a ketogenic diet or just
getting started share this video with them so that it helps them out and
thanks guys for watching this video if you’re new here be sure to hit that
subscribe button take care

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    Why It Is Important To Drink Water On a Keto Diet
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  24. Also I'm on day 3 and my keto test pee strip says dark purple, but the scale hasn't moved. Is that normal for the first week before it comes off?

  25. I’m currently on Keto now (it’s my third day) and I’m pretty sure I’m going through ketosis but I’ve actually gained weight rather than losing it… And when I watched this video I understood exactly why I might have been gaining this weight.

    I was extremely overwhelmed about the whole process since I don’t know much about macros or how to calculate them… When u mentioned to focus on my carbs first then I realized I was so busy getting my fats I kinda forgot about the carbs a bit…

    So thank you so much for this video. This is definitely the best keto video out there and you made some really good points!

  26. When I was on keto in November, I lost weight so fast and I felt amazing. I didn’t feel depressed no more, never ever was bloated, no acne, my hair got thicker, I just felt so freaking amazing and beautiful for the first time ever in my entire life. I am 27.
    But, I failed at the diet because I started going to foods that I could afford and should have been more careful with the ingredients. Hidden sugars were the main cause. I am someone who is trying to get over a sugar addiction. Years and years of binging on sugar foods, my body is extremely addicted. The beginning of keto I was fine but as I started getting on a budget and had to buy cheap foods, I noticed my body getting more and more irritated and I started craving. But I didn’t stop. I kept going. But then I started getting stronger cravings and gave in.
    This time I need to be way more careful with the ingredients in foods. I have a better job and I will be able to stick to buying foods that are better for me and that doesn’t have any hidden carbs or sugars.
    I can do it. I loved keto and I felt freakin amazing, I can’t even describe how I felt. Just pure control and amazing feel. Never felt it before. No matter what lifestyle I tried, keto is my kind of life.

  27. I want to loses my baby weight, it’s been 6 months postpartum and I’ve been wanting to start keto. Can I keep taking my prenatal while doing keto?

  28. I'm at a point where I need something drastic to happen. I'm 42 years old, diabetic type 2 and cannot lower my blood glucose below 150 without max medication doses. With that said even with my medication I am starting to experience diabetes related symptoms, neuropathy, vision issues, etc. Has anyone here done the keto diet that is in a similar situation as I and been successful specifically in the glucose control? Thanks in advanced.

  29. I just started keto today is day 6! I use the carb manager app as well… before keto I was trying to lose weight by the standard calorie deficit and i was tracking calories using MyFitnessPal. I love keto so far because I feel so much less hungry and deprived!

  30. On keto and happy. I disagree with IF after 2 weeks- or forcing yourself not to eat. It can take 3 months to become fat adapted and lose that hunger- then IF becomes a natural consequence and you don't have to hold back.

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