How to Run Faster | Agility Training

How to Run Faster | Agility Training

Agility training is not just running
through a bunch of cones. It’s really about how you change direction and being
able to read and react and then effectively move there in a fast manner.
That’s what game speed is. The number one quality that every coach
and athlete seeks is speed and speed kills in competition and with
multi-directional speed there’s a physical capability but then there’s
also the reactive component to it so when we teach agility if they are
tight and stiff that’s gonna impede their their ability to move fast.
Secondly can they perform those movement patterns correctly? We will teach the
individual movement pattern, how to accelerate, how to shuffle, how to
crossover run and all the different cuts and transitions that an athlete will use to
decelerate and then re accelerate in a new direction and then third we’re gonna
work on strength and power to get us pushing in the right direction.
After they show the physical capability then we get into more reactive where now
they have to react off of what their competition is doing being able to react
and change direction. It’s really necessary to be able to compete at a
high level. I love the field of sports performance that for me it merges my two
biggest passions which are athletics and training. My whole job is to make
athletes better.

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  1. Hello dear, thanks for the video….I'm 44 years old and I do 100 meters in less than 13 seconds , I want to work on myself and join the masters' championship …I believe and I can do way better than this time …I need your experience
    By the way, I'm American Egyptian and live in Egypt right now, but I can come back to America any time

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