How Much Should You Exercise?

How Much Should You Exercise?

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  2. If you've got a job + kid(s) the crucial change you can make is diet, NOT exercise: I do push-ups and run staircases during 10 minute breaks at work —most people do not have time (and, thus, a vegan diet is even more important).

  3. Walking is not enough for me. Are there any studies out there about the benefits of strength training and higher intensity exercise, like HIIT?

  4. Because of school its hard to find time to excercise.
    But when its a holiday I go to the gym and excercise up to an hour or more.

  5. NINETY minutes! Well that is what I used to think. It is actually easy to accomplish. I have had ninety minutes 90 percent of the time for the last month, wish it were ninety days, and plan to keep it up indefinitely. I use an elliptical and I an under he desk bike to use while watching YouTube. Thanks, Dr. Greger, for giving us what you know we should and CAN Do.

    I'm currently in the process of losing 50 pounds.

  6. This is why I wish I lived somewhere with more things in walking distance. I love squeezing activity in any way I can (I say as I lie in bed on my phone lol)

  7. The average American already walks 160 minutes per week ….. walking from the couch to the refrigerator and microwave.

  8. I cycle to work everyday, so that is 40 minutes 5 times a week, plus I stand and walk around the shop where I work all day too. Now I added an evening workout routine which is between 30 and 45 minutes 5 times a week, in a mix of cardio, hiit training and weight lifting. I think I'm pretty covered now lol

  9. So it looks like being overweight ranks higher for cause of death than lack of physical activity. I would think that the more overweight a person is, the more physical activity is needed. Throw in the fact that diet is the number one ranked cause of death and I would think a person who eats healthy, is not fat, has normal BP, probably needs a lot less exercise than a person with poor diet, high BP, and fat.

  10. How does training intensity affect this? I imagine if you HIIT or weight training you don't need that many minutes of exercise per day.

  11. Excellent work Mr. Doctor ! You'd deserve Nobel prize for peace – for all the effort you always put into world health and well being !!!

  12. You know Vladimir Putin swims 2 hours every day. In Russia… Like you can't even talk me into getting a cold shower let alone in a freezing lake in Russia… Dayum.

  13. Humans are built to move and be active not sit down for hours a day. When we sit our bodies metabolism slows to an almost halt and we stop burning fat efficiently. I run 70 miles a week and im perfectly healthy, to all those "too much is dangerous" couch potatoes.

  14. There is a threshold for Excercise, too much Excercise creates oxidative stress, if you plot Excercise to nitric oxide release in blood vessels, moderate Excercise had highest nitric oxide promotion, more nitric oxide is a indication of good arterial health, which is an indication of good health

  15. Audio levels seem pretty low on this one. I'm needing my speakers cranked all the way up to hear it well.

  16. Wow, nice video! Can anyone tell me, what kind of software to use to make these effects like in the video? They were really impressive.

  17. I have to challenge if those who exercised more, simply had more time to. Meaning, more free time, a less stressful life, less work hours, time stuck in traffic, commuting, etc. Sure diet and exercise are lifestyle choices. But less free time, longer work hours, etc., often is not. Putting a treadmill in my office, not an option. Still, I appreciate the science.

  18. I was disappointed to see in chapter 2 of How Not To Die you rate animal products as a 'yellow light' rather than red after a whole chapter of explaining that animal products contribute to the 15 leading killers. Isn't it a little hypocritical to make the finishing point of this video then?

  19. I run about 4-5 hours per week and walk another 1-2 on recovery days. Never felt better. A year ago I did pretty much nothing, sitting at my desk, weighing 25 pounds more than I do now…

  20. I have been a personal trainer and cycling and running for 40 years, the reason they go for 20 minutes is that once people get out there they look at the time and go,  is that it I can keep going.  Its also good to start out small and work up to what ever you are doing, cycling running etc. If people do to much or go to hard they wake up the next day and cannot move, and then go no way.  I think the ratio for diet and exercise is 80% diet 20% exercise. Thank You nutrition for the latest info

  21. or you could just exercise to you cant do another rep and wait till your not sore anymore like a normal person XD

  22. But I hate walking.Suppose I extend my lifespan 5 years by walking 2 hours a day from age 30 to age 70, but what would be the use, if I spend the same amount of time on walking (5 years * 365 days * 16 awaking hours == 40 years * 365 days * 2 walking g hours)? In either case, the amount of time I can spend on doing what I actually want to do would be the same.

  23. Guess who's going to be walking 24 hours per day from now on to aid in his immortality quest? Give up? It's ME! Watching the Sun burn out is going to be a glorious event. Won't you join me?

  24. Does it have to be consecutively, i.e., 90 minutes in a single walk or are two 45-minute walks (or three 30-minute walks) as effective?

  25. Bottom Line: Why does Dr Greger and Dr McDougal, who both promote vegan living, both look so unhealthy, old, frail, weak, and sad? I don't mean this as a subjective view against veganism, I mean this question as a rational and objective view of their face and bodies. No offense, Dr Greger, or Dr McDougal!

  26. This TED talk is well worth a watch. "The dose makes the poison"
    James O'Keefe, Cardiologist and former long distance runner.
    There is such a thing as too much exercise, but most of us won't get near our limits.

  27. Once a day is fine, but twice is better 🙂 and if you can, do it outside in the sun get that Vitamin D.
    Two for the price of one and much better than supplement form getting it from source itself 😀

  28. Is there such a thing as too much exercise? I always wonder if athleticism could be considered actually unhealthy in biological terms. I mean, it is presenting your body with a great deal of stress, but it can improve lifespan and other factors, so what's the science on it?

  29. Thank you so much for giving it to us straight n not "tickling our ears" with only what general society just likes to to hear!!!

  30. So many factors not covered here such as intensity and various forms of exercise like muscle building vs longer endurance stuff. I sometimes think ultra endurance athletes may be decreasing lifespan with the load they put on themselves, could be wrong though.

  31. I come from a family of hunters and farmers, and i was wondering if there are any health benefits from eating wild game, venison, salmon etc. Or if all meat is just a no no. I would love links to different research about this topic and or a response from someone who can explain the nutritional science on this topic. thanks

  32. Let's not forget, that exercise doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym. It's also walking to buy groceries instead of using your car or going by bike if it's too far to walk to the next store, using stairs instead of elevators, taking breaks from sitting in the office and walking a little (maybe even walk every time you're on the phone if that is possible at your job). Little things like this do add up in the long run. Also how about doing some pushups before going in the shower, some squats during commercial breaks while watching tv, leg lifts while brushing your teeth etc. I don't have time to go the gym for 90 minutes, but nearly everyone has 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there to do a little something throughout the day.

  33. Do the times vary based on the type an d intensity of exercise? Running, walking, cycling, and swimming? Could you provide more info on that if there is? Thanks for all the great work!

  34. Try rebounding if you'd like to try something new! It's beyond fun and helps support your immune system by moving the lymph fluid around the body. Give it a try! 🙂

  35. Well, my job has me walking around for at least 7 hours a day. I guess I'm halfway to immortal then.

  36. I try to exercise every day. The physiological and psychological effects are unbeaten in my opinion. Thank you for the video Dr. Greger!

  37. there are whole categories of peoples which exercise more than 90 minutes per day, they are laborers in service Industries.

  38. In the study, the amount of exercise, was this in addition to a moderate activity lifestyle? Or were these people sedentary otherwise? Just wondering how this data changes if you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. Thanks!

  39. I'd like to see a study on just plant based diets and exercise. Does exercise have much of an effect on people that are eating really healthy plant based vs people that aren't exercising but are still eating super healthy plant based. I don't doubt that exercise has a positive effect on people eating like crap, but blue zone people don't do any strenuous exercise and they live longer than anyone. They do, however, eat mostly plant based.

  40. Go to animal shelter. Get rescue dog. Walk rescue dog every day for the rest of it's life. Problem solved!

  41. I exercise for 90 minutes 5 times a week and I would not have it any other way.I feel amazing when I am doing it and amazing for hours afterwards.If I don't exercise for a few days I get tired and irritable and I can feel myself starting to seize up.

  42. It's infuriating that those making federal guidelines treat the public with kid gloves by advising the population to eat &/or exercise in a manner that those writing the guidelines presume the public can 'handle' or find 'doable'. Wouldn't disclosing the most optimal, honest facts be more ethical, therefore allowing for people to make the most informed decisions about their health?
    The work you put into educating the public by providing easily accessible resources to the research you decipher, cross-reference & share is invaluable, Dr. Greger! Thank you so much.

  43. I guess that's a big benefit to being on such a big campus. Everyone at my college has to either bike or walk a along distance between classes

  44. Went ahead and graphed all the data for "moderate to vigorous" "moderate" and minimal "(MET)" MorE Than sitting quietly?
    Trend.. Forecast.. Log..
    Where does the forecast meet your 5% chance of mortality from accidental injury?
    For vigorous activity, it's 3.75hrs/day. For moderate activity, it's 6.08 hrs/day. The MET activity would take 16 hours a day or all of your waking hours being active. It's almost like we were built to move or something.

  45. I'm guessing that if you follow a healthy vegan diet you can probably get away with a lot less exercise, since exericse seems to mostly confer cardiovascular benefits.

  46. Tbh I don't do much exercise because I work 13 hours a day. I just stick to my vegan diet and do exercise where and when I can.

  47. Exercice is just a waste of perfectly good human energy; just move naturally and with a constant purpose and you will be fine. Plant trees, walk or run to gun someplace, build stuff, garden, carry your child…

  48. i use my tread mill for walking 90 minutes a day….in order to avoid boredom ..i watch netflix…while on the machine…works for me 🙂

  49. Love you Dr. Gregers, your voice, your manner of speaking so comforting and down to earth your a cutie👍☺️😍😁🙋😘🌸🥑🥂💃🍇🍉🍌🍒🍏🍎🍆🍅🌰🥕🥝🍓🍍🌽🥜🍋🍈🍊🥒🍠🥔🍌🦋

  50. I walk about ninety minutes a day. During summer time I walk 120 minutes or more. I find myself in a very good shape. As I can climb stairs without losing my breath. Keep in mind I have not been to the gym so often the past year or so.

  51. As always, very interesting. It should be pointed out though that your definition of exercise is particular. If you take running, for instance, the recommendations of 120'/week appear in line with what most sport physicians would advocate for as a maximum for the average person. They usually refer to studies showing that endurance training itself may cause inflammation (in your arteries?) and increase the risk of heart attacks (during training). Hence three moderate trainings a week would represent the point of diminishing returns. Would be interesting to hear your take on this!

  52. I do a timed weight training routine that, at 30 years old, keeps my heart rate at a consistent 135 bpm. It involves an activation routine and mostly supersets so I can get more muscles worked.

    It works well for me since, as a CEO, I work about 120 or so hours a week to change the world. I strongly recommend that with a quick vegan diet (basically eat slow/rice cooked items all day) to remain healthy while also working hard.

  53. I believe there is value in not only exercising, but if possible, try to work up a sweat every so often. This helps in detoxifying the body.

  54. Great to hear that more exercise is beneficial.  "The Food," still seems to be paramount, as has already been mentioned.  Dr. Esselstyn did a video making a point that the Okinawan blue zoners don't exercise much; but they do eat well and have good social connections.

  55. Wow this 60fps video looks amazingly smooth. I never noticed any of your other videos being this smooth, was this a one-off thing, or did I just never notice 60fps before? (Or maybe YouTube didn't enable it by default for me before?)

    Anyway, love the 60fps.

  56. This is so true! When I was living in Florence I used to hike for two hours up in the hills and that is when I realized that they weren’t telling us the truth about how much exercise we needed back in the States. With those 2 hour hikes I could eat as much as I wanted and keep getting slimmer although I wasn’t trying to. I think we do need at least a couple of hours a day so the doctor’s recommendations are right on target.

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